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RARE PINOY CUISINE – Pinaupong Kambing (sitting goat) * eastwind

Pinaupong Kambing (Sitting Goat)
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by Bernie V. Lopez,
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Pinoys know about Pinaupong Manok (sitting chicken), a popular ethnic dish where a whole chicken is made to sit on top of a bed of salt in a pot as it cooks slowly in its own drippings, resulting in very tender juicy meat, better for some reason than if you pressure cook it. 
In my travels to remote places as a journalist, I immersed myself with the Ivatans, ancient boat people of Batanes, the last northern group of islands in the Philippine archipelago. Batanes is very different from the rest of the country, mimicking the pristine Scottish landscape. Batanes is hit directly by a third to half of the average 20 to 25 typhoons passing every year thru the Philippines, Asia’ typhoon corridor. Since pre-Hispanic days, the Ivatans build their houses like a Romanesque church, with thick 3- to 4-foot walls to withstand the severest storms.
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The Ivatans have an out-of-the-box variation, using a young goat instead of a chicken, a type of pulutan (appetizer for drinkers). It is relatively new and unknown but gaining popularity. It is called Pinaupong Kambing (sitting goat).
After removing the blood, the hair of a whole baby goat is burned out with a burning stick until only the skin is left half-cooked. This is scraped until the skin is white. The shaved goat is made to sit on a large plate in front of the drinkers, who peel off portions of the skin with a knife. They dip the half-cooked skin in vinegar with chili, garlic, and salt, as they drink away. They consume only the skin until it is a skinless goat. Try it, you will like it, including daring non-pinoys. 
When they are finished drinking, the guts of the goat are removed, and it is chopped into pieces for a traditional kaldereta (special pinoy goat stew).
by Bernie V. Lopez,
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Eagles as Drone Killers – An Equalizer * Animal vs Robot * eastwind

An inexpensive way to neutralize expensive drones.
Low Tech vs Hi Tech / Animal vs Robot


The French Air Force has been training eagles to hunt down and kill illegal drones as if they were prey. The program was triggered by worries over illegal drones flying over the presidential palace. An eagle can spot a drone from a mile away. It can dive at 150 miles per hour. This is an inexpensive counter-measure against expensive enemy surveillance drones, an equalizer for poor nations against affluent nations.
Here are some dramatic kill footage –
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by Bernie V. Lopez,
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POPE FRANCIS – MIRACLE OF THE HOST * Host turned to heart muscle says forensics * eastwind

Forensics Showed the Host Turned into Human Heart Muscle
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By Bernie Lopez,
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The late Venerable Carlo Acutis, now being considered for sainthood, went around the world to document 136 miracles of the Host approved by the Church. This teenager put up an e-museum in the Internet for the world to see in 17 languages, including Filipino, Russian, Arabic, Chinese. This teenager put up an exhibit that travelled to thousands of parishes.
Carlo said the Eucharist was the “highway to heaven”. The closest intimacy with Jesus we can have on Earth is through the Eucharist. Carlo died at the age of 15 of leukaemia. Let us look at one miracle in the museum involving Pope Francis.
Buenos Aires, August 18, 1996. A woman came up to Fr. Alejandro Pezet after Holy Mass, and pointed to a discarded Host on a candleholder. He put it in a container with water and placed it inside the tabernacle.
On August 26, a few days later, he saw that the Host had turned blood red. He informed Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, who immediately had it photographed. On September 6, the photographs revealed that the Host “had become a fragment of bloodied flesh and had grown significantly in size”.  For years, the Host was kept secretly in the tabernacle. On October 5, 1999, 33 years later, Archbishop Bergoglio, seeing that the Host did not decompose, sent it for scientific analysis to New York City. (Pope Francis was ordained a priest in 1966, became an archbishop in 1998, Cardinal in 2002, and Pope in 2013.)
The request purposely did not give any background about the Host to Dr. Frederic Zugiba, a well-known cardiologist and forensic pathologist in New York, who did the examination. His findings revealed that it was “real flesh and blood and containing human DNA”. He testified that the material was a fragment of a human heart muscle.
He reported that the examined material was inflamed flesh containing a lot of white blood cells, indicating that the heart was alive at the time the sample was taken. Dr. Zugiba added that white blood cells would die in a matter of minutes if the heart was no longer functioning. The white blood cells had penetrated the tissue, indicating that the heart had been under severe stress, reminding us of the trauma of our Lord on the cross.
When informed that it was a Host, Dr. Zugiba was shocked and said, “How and why a consecrated Host would change its character and become living human flesh and blood will remain an inexplicable mystery to science.”
Forensics on a similar miracle in Tixtla, Mexico in October 2006 revealed the blood type was AB, the same as that found in the Shroud of Turin.
The Eucharist is a core element of our faith. It links us one-on-one with our Saviour who died for our sins. It is the sine qua non of our faith, ‘that without which there is nothing’. Only through Him can we weather severe storm raging inside us.


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by Bernie V. Lopez,
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Blogger/Columnist-Journalist-Broadcaster, 35 years / Healing Ministry, 27 years
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My hands are Your hands, Lord

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