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AFTER PARIS, A HUMAN CRISIS? the enemy within

Philippine Daily Inquirer
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eastwind journals 176
By Bernie Lopez

Two global phenomena are unfolding towards a human crisis. First is the massive exodus of refugees from poor or war-torn countries to rich countries in Europe. In their midst may be terrorists. Second is the intensifying terror attacks in European capitals – Madrid (2004), London (2013), Paris (2015, Charlie Hebdo in January, 6 places on November 13). ISIS says next stop is Washington DC and New York City. An empty threat? A social meltdown in Europe is emerging. There is a two-way human migration, the larger Muslims to Europe and the lesser Jews to Israel.


The enemy is now irreversibly within, no longer out there who can be hit with drones. These ‘citizen terrorists’ are in our midst, in our daily lives. A new type of ‘war’ never before seen is evolving that can slowly destroy society from within. ISIS says it has 180 operatives in 20 cells all over Europe. The US reports 700 investigations of terror threats last year. France reports 500 jihadists who are French nationals.

Click photo to blow up. A WAKE UP CALL.

 Click photo to blow up. A WAKE UP CALL.

The recent Paris carnage marks the beginning of the end and has a biblical character. After Charlie Hebdo, about 800 Jews from France, upon invitation of Netanyahu, migrated to Israel. They were mostly from the business elite and brought with them billions of dollars. The massive capital flight will shrink the French economy and prop Israel into a world power.


The recent Paris carnage may double migration of Jews to Israel, the return to the promised land from the millennium-old diaspora or ‘scattering’ of the Chosen People, which started with the 500-year Babylonian exile, Jahweh’s punishment for His people for abandoning Him. Refugees swelling after they saw others welcomed with open arms by rich European countries, have recently reached avalanche proportion. The same will be true with the migration of Jews to Israel, if terrorist attacks against Jews continue. The Book of Revelation prophecies that when the scattered Chosen People return to their promised land, it marks the beginning of tribulations and the ‘end times’.


The humanitarian heart of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in welcoming refugees with open arms is slowly crumbling from a mutiny among her own people, who refuse to accept more refugees. The same is true with France, Spain, Italy, Britain, and the Netherlands in different intensities. There is now a reluctance, a hesitancy to be humanitarian, seeing the flood of refugees as the dam breaks. The refugee phenomenon is indeed dividing European governments into sort-of bureaucratic civil wars.


There is a growing fear that, among the refugees, especially from Syria, terrorists, especially IS members, can infiltrate host countries and intensify terrorist attacks. Even if the rich countries decide to close the gates now, it may be too late. Enough refugees in the millions have been accepted which are irreversible. It may become a terrible ‘war from within’ that will destroy the social order. Anarchy will reign at every nook and corner of the big cities. It would be worse than a tsunami killing hundreds of thousands.


IS has two recent milestones. First is Paris, 127 dead, 180 injured, France’s greatest tragedy since World War II, and Europe’s since the Madrid carnage in 2004. Second is the downing of a Russian commercial plane which killed hundreds in retaliation for the intense and effective Russian bombings of IS enclaves in Syria. IS is showing signs of despair. The more desperate they are, the more vicious and risky their vendettas are, as against France and Russia. The more it is cornered, the more it bares its fangs.


After the recent carnage in Paris, France will never be the same. The carnage elevates anti-terrorism into new unimaginable heights. The French ask – how can we possible install security in thousands of restaurant and night club city-wide? They will certainly do so at concert halls and sports arena, but will they matter? Terrorists will target new unguarded places another day when everyone is asleep. “Over-security” will simply harass the public, a form of victory for terrorists that they are able to agitate their enemies on a daily basis even in their absence. The intense news reports of the Paris carnage serve as an effective propaganda for IS to its followers worldwide . To them, it is a form of ‘victory’. They celebrate in silence as survivors weep.


Even if France retaliates successfully in Syria against IS, even if her allies the US, UK, and EU help, even if IS falls, terrorism is not solved entirely. Already, the anti-IS forces are mobilizing for a counter-attack. Russia, the other anti-IS nation, has a different agenda. Whereas the West wants the vicious Assad out, Russia wants him in, because if the West succeeds in replacing Shiite Assad with a Sunni ruler, the next step is to neutralize Shiite Iran, the ultimate goal of the US and Israel. If Assad is simply replaced by an opposition Shiite regime, they do not have a stepping stone towards Iran.


Russia will go to war for sure to defend Iran because it is the critical buffer for the Russian border. The Russians fear US ‘encirclement’. So it is easy to say that the Syrian war now may lead to World War III tomorrow, if Iran is eventually attacked.


World Wars are preceded by intense polarizations to two sides. In World War II, it was the US, UK, Europe, Russia versus Germany, Italy, Japan. Today, World War III is brewing with Russia, Iran, China versus US, UK, EU, Israel, fuelled by the Sunni-Shiite war Middle East-wide, which is a tool of the West to weaken the Arabs. The sequel “Is the US pro- or anti-IS” comes up next. (The author is a senior columnist in the last 20 years, a radio-TV broadcaster, a documentary producer-director, and a former Ateneo professor.

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e-MUSEUM OF THE COSMOS – meditation / hubble photos

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RIOT RUTH a senior citizen blues singer



Senior citizen Ruth, 77 years old, who has sang blues for half a century, has triggered riots in 11 of 12 jail concerts in the last two years. Many wardens hate her. A late-bloomer, she became a legend at the age of 75, when she saw the “Light”. Before that, she was a blues singer in many insignificant waterholes for half a century, until Warden Joe discovered her. From utter poverty, she became one of richest blues singer ever, cutting six golden-award albums in just a year. She was at the level of Tina Turner and Joss Stones.


eastwind journals 162
By Bernie Lopez


Seeing her in her long flowing snow-white hair, skin as shriveled as crepe paper, her froggy voice belting out Joss Stone’s When Love Comes to Town, a radical idea flashed in Warden Joe’s mind. The slow beat made him tingle. It was a powerful soul song by a gyrating septuagenarian.


“What if?” he asked himself. The convicts just had two riots in the last six months. Maybe she could calm them down. What if she did a solo concert for them? Ruth hesitated, afraid of rotten tomatoes from tough murderers and perverts. But Warden Joe offered a deal she, in her utter poverty, could not resist


One day before her concert, she went to a church and knelt there for three hours, not praying, just looking at the image of Jesus on the cross. Then she said, “Lord, I am too old. I am of no use to You and the world. Let me just die a simple painless death. Just take me.” Then something odd happened. She felt a warm ‘embrace’ and she knew it was Him ‘talking’ to her. And she knew instantly He wanted her to do the concert not for herself but for Him. It was a big mistake, Joe quipped later. Instead of calming the inmates, Riot Ruth fired them and they soared to the stratosphere.


Warden Joe is interviewing Riot Ruth on a nationwide broadcast of a talk show.


            WARDEN JOE – This is your last chance, Ruth. Either you stop the riots, or we show you the door permanently. Not just here. Across America. You have a reputation.
            RUTH – I know, Joe. I promise.
            WARDEN JOE – You know what happened in Tulsa. They broke every chair in the auditorium.
            RUTH – But there was no brawl. No one was hurt, just chairs flying away. They were just releasing stress you guys have caused.
            WARDEN JOE – Okay, okay, blame it on us. But, really, it’s amazing how your music can bring out the adrenaline of people.
            RUTH – Gentle peaceful adrenaline, Joe, the kind that inspires.
            WARDEN JOE – Adrenaline is never gentle, grandma? But you mingled with them and they did not touch a hair of your body.
            RUTH – They love me. What can I say? And I love them back. Now I use monobloc chairs that I bring in myself in two 16-wheelers a day before the concert.
            WARDEN JOE – That way, you don’t get sued for breaking a thousand chairs.
            RUTH – Not even Hercules can break a monobloc.
            WARDEN – Of course you know I am a fan. Tell me, how do you do it? What’s your secret.
            RUTH – No secret Joe. I just whisper a one-minute prayer before I go on stage. I ask the Lord to touch these people through me. Then He takes over. It’s His concert, not mine.
            WARDEN JOE – Wow. It’s His concert, you say?
            RUTH – Sure, Joe. His concert, not mine. He takes over.
            WARDEN JOE – Okay, let’s watch this TV broadcast of your concert.


Cut to a jail concert. It is an open-air affair. The concert is broadcast live nationwide on television. Ruth has a portable stage that can be install and disassembled in two hours, which she uses in all jail concerts. There is a labyrinth of lights and microphones, a 24-track sound board, and mammoth speakers that would put Woodstock to shame. She had a giant electric fan installed, hidden at stage left, so that her flowing snow-white hair would fly in the wind. She has a 90-man crew, and three 16-wheelers parked outside. The prison jazz band is on stage right. Ruth has organized and funded 16 prison jazz bands in a year’s time, performing regularly for inmates. She plans a Monterey Prison Jazz Festival if security would permit it. Ruth has metamorphosized from a lethargic senior citizen to a charismatic blues warbler.


The California jail is a large one, 1,853 rowdy inmates, plus 220 security guards. There are 2,000 white monobloc chairs glimmering in the moonlight. Ruth is wearing jeans, nothing famous stars wear. She raises a hand, gives her legendary smile and there is instant silence, then total darkness.


At this point, readers are requested to listen to the song as you read along.


            RUTH – Hi, guys. I must explain to you why I sing blues. Blues is my god. Why, because it is, for me, an adrenaline-inducer. It brings out the best in people. It brings out the cosmic energy the Lord has put inside us that we sometime don’t even know exists.


She signals the rhythm guitarist to start in a slow beat. The laser lights explode. The lead and bass guitars follow. The giant fan creates a powerful eastwind and Ruth’s hair flows, turning from white to electric blue then to avocado green. Ruth raises a hand, dips, and gyrates slowly, nothing a 77 year old lady could not do. Then she comes in. As soon as she starts to sing in her croaky voice, there is pandemonium. The crowd screams. The auditorium trembles from a thunder of claps. The song cooks, boils and goes into a climax, and a riot is born, nothing Warden Joe could stop. After the first song, the monoblocs fly away, and everyone is standing. Riot Ruth tells the crowd to sit on the grass. There is a mountain of monoblocs on the sides. Her two-hour concert extends to 3. Riot Ruth quips, ”Next time, no more monoblocs, just grass. The kind you sit on.”


Riot Ruth became an evangelist of sorts. She would, for five minutes before the concert, give a homily, telling people that the Lord invented music for them to go to Him.


when I sing a song, Lord
it is my vocal chords but You are the singer
when I write a verse, Lord
it is my pen but You are the poet
when I paint on canvas, Lord
I am the brush but You are the painter




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filipinos in japan – true stories / BBL will displace lumads in ARMM

eastwind journals 138
By Bernie Lopez, columnist Philippine Daily Inquirer
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author’s alone.


FILIPINOS IN JAPAN True Stories – inquirer

Three heart-rending true stories of Filipinos in Japan.


In an exclusive interview, Jimid Mansayagan, Chair of the Lumad Mindanaw Peoples Federation (LMPF), which has about 8-million members Mindanao-wide, expresses concern that the Bangsamo Basic Law (BBL) would result in the displacement of 3 Lumad groups numbering 123,000* within the ARMM. (* according to the Institute for Autonomy and Governance or IAG.)


The LMPF plea is for the BBL to respect the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA) and to recognize the inalienable rights of Lumads. The BBL has no such provisions. The fear of the LMPF is – once the ARMM becomes a ‘territory’ of the Bangsamoro Government, what happens to the ancestral domain of three largest Lumad groups in ARMM – the Tendurays, Lambangians, and Dulangan Manobos, consisting of13 ethnic groups in 80 barangays of 12 municipalities, identified as the ‘ARMM Core Territory’.


The ARMM has a population of 3.9 million as of 2014 (NCSO projection, actual is 3.2 million as of 2010). Its complex demographics, a mix of many ethnic groups, is elusive because NCSO has no ethnic breakdown of Muslims, Christians, and Lumads. The number of Lumads is estimated at 500,000 by the IP DEV Project, which constitute a sizable 12.8%, needing recognition by the BBL as a key player.


In spite of many dialogues between the LMPF and Peace Panel Chair Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, no action is being taken. Both sides of the Panel, the government and the MILF, are ignoring the Lumad pleas. The verbal assurances from MILF Chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim that the Bangsamoro Government and the MILF will not oppress the Lumads, are useless. (Minda News Aug. 8, 2014) It must be put into the law to be effective. LMPF wrote President Aquino, but no audience, no reply.


In the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro of January 13, 2013, the LMPF Governing Council asserts, “It is unthinkable that by averring the inherent, inalienable and collective rights to territory and governance as distinct peoples is perceived as against those that should be given to the Bangsamoro, or demanding it from the Bangsamoro. People to people relationship shall depend on tradition and the principle of mutual respect and co-existence. We are neither requesting special treatment nor seeking attention, but only reminding all parties concerned of rights already granted by law.” The Lumads are not envious of the tons of goodies the Government will heap upon Bangsamoro. They just want their inalienable rights respected.




The basic flaw in the concept of autonomy is it induces separatism, and discourages co-existence. Communities are separate and distinct, instead of integrated and whole. The Christian majority, if discouraged to enter Muslim ‘territory’, can actually induce wars. There must be free movement of people.


The motive of government to grant autonomy is to discourage rebellion, which is not good for its image. Ironically, autonomy, if it induces conflicts, will make the government image worse. Autonomy induces special treatment and jealousy.




President Aquino has been fast-tracking the peace process because he wants that under his legacy before he steps down, the image motive. Unfortunately, fast-tracking will make the BBL a useless, inadequate, irrelevant, and dangerous law, a blunder that may actually induce war. The present BBL is a knee-jerk papogi (PR) move of Malacanang, whose effects are dangerously unknown.




Former Associate Justice Vicente Mendoza says the BBL is inherently unconstitutional. LMPF says the BBL contradicts the IPRA, and IPRA itself is a peace agreement. Last October 14, 2008, the Supreme Court rendered as unconstitutional the deal between the Government and the MILF. Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales ruled that the Peace Panel Chair ‘committed grave abuse of discretion’ by failing to conduct consultation as mandated by EO 3, RA 7160, and RA 8371. The ‘furtive process’ was branded as ‘whimsical, capricious, oppressive, arbitrary, and despotic’. (Wikipedia). The BBL may have the same fate when brought to the Supreme Court.




The Lumads have reason to fear dislocation from ancestral lands. A Norwegian Refugee Council Report says when the Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that a peace agreement giving the MILF control over 700 areas in Southern Mindanao was unconstitutional, fighting broke out which displaced 700,000 Christians, Lumads, and Muslims. This is how peace talks bring war.


Can BBL funds and arms end up with terror groups?


The BBL should pass through three critical processes. First is an updated population survey in proposed BBL areas complete with ethnic delineations. The BBL has added a lot of new areas. Second is a referendum to see if the people, even the Muslims, really want BBL governance. Will the minority Christians and Lumads accept BBL governance? If they don’t and the BBL is forced down their throat, will there be a resurrection of the Ilagas?


Third is an in-depth study by a commission on the complex ramifications of the BBL. Todate, there is no such study. In August 6, 2008, Senators accused Malacanang of failing to make MILF cut ties with terror networks such as Jemaah Islamiyah and Abu Sayyaf (now also ISIS). Will Bangsamoro funds and arms end up in the hands of terror groups.




Lumad ancestral lands have been shrinking rapidly in the last decade, under extreme pressures from powerful forces, agribusiness and mining multinationals in partnership with locals, which bring in the military to protect themselves from the NPA. Big-time farming and mining attract wars. Pro-AFP Lumads end up fighting pro-NPA Lumads. They are the pawns who are massacred. The massacres of Lumads is appalling, especially in Caraga, Region XIII, Agusan Norte/Sur, Surigao Norte/Sur, Davao Norte, and Compostella Valley. The Lumads have nowhere to go. They are the dying pure ethnic Filipinos who may become extinct soon.


By Bernie Lopez, Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer
See Inquirer version of this article –


the more you take
the less you have
the poorer you are
the more you give
the more you have
the richer you are




peace is not inherent to our spirit
it has to be acquired
we must work hard for it


from the book – wings and wanderlust


life is an opportunity, benefit from it
life is beauty, admire it
life is a dream, realize it
life is a challenge, meet it
life is a duty, complete it
life is a game, play it
life is a promise, fulfill it
life is sorrow, overcome it
life is a song, sing it
life is a struggle, accept it
life is a tragedy, confront it
life is an adventure, dare it
life is luck, make it
life is life, fight for it

Mother Teresa



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