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eastwind journals 82 – A PHILIPPINE NO-FLY ZONE IN SPRATELY – power of perspective

HOW ABOUT A PHILIPPINE NO-FLY ZONE? – the power of perspective
eastwind journals 82
eastwind prophecies of doom


By Bernie Lopez –
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The idea of a Philippine no-fly zone in the Spratley may become the catalyst to a future US-China confrontation, but I am sure it has been floating around in the Internet. It is similar to that of China in Senkaku Island near Japan. South Korea recently imposed its own no-fly zone coinciding with China’s. With the mutual defense agreement between the US and the Philippines, there can be a positive response to Chinese incursion, or this can pre-empt Chinese brinkmanship. The way it is going, there may be new no-fly zones in Spratley by Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, India which all have claims. If this happens, China’s no-fly-zone strategy has become ridiculous and useless, a geopolitical blunder.


Meanwhile a mini-Subic Naval Base may soon rise. The Philippine Navy announced the bidding of a Palawan cove for a naval base in the west facing the Spratley with quick easy access to the capital of Puerto Princesa in the east, a carrot on a stick for the US to move in, if the VFA will permit it. Will Pivot to Asia bite? Most probably. It is a golden opportunity. In fact, it may have been originally an American idea. Everything is moving slowly towards a US-China confrontation.
(Source –


The last known news report on the whereabouts of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, sent by Pope Francis after the Bohol-Cebu earthquake, was in Dolores near Borongan in Eastern Samar. It was stranded there due to Yolanda, on its way to the Borongan diocese.
(Source –
I am requesting for field information from anyone who knows its whereabouts so this can be reported to the Vatican via CBCP. I have alerted the Red Cross which has relief operations in Eastern Samar, but there still has no response.


eastwind prophecies of doom
NBC News reports, “An enormous, brutal mass of arctic air is shoving south over most of the U.S. — threatening 32 million people for the rest of the week with snow, ice, wind and extraordinary drops in the temperature. Only the coastal states of the East are expected to be spared.” (Dec 3, It is a Yolanda wanna-be, except that its power is brute ice instead of brute wind. The four elements of disaster are air (wind or storm), fire (eruption and forest fire), water (ice storm or storm) and earth (tremors).


Perhaps only in the Philippines can you buy cigarette by the stick, vinegar, sugar and cooking oil by the ounces in short slender plastic bags. Coke got the hint and came up with the 8-ounce bottle. In World War II, the Germans built a super-tank that failed because it was too time consuming to build, hence too few, too heavy to cross bridges, too hard to transport. The Russians, on the other hand, built tens of thousands of cheap intrepid fast ‘tin-can’ tanks which took a lot of beating but eventually overwhelmed the Panzer units, like ants conquering a lizard.


Macro-economics is for the era of growth, inducing monopoly, greedy giant firms gobbling each other, vicious tycoons, the nemesis of the poor, and triggering financial crises. Micro-economics is for the era of decline, inducing the return into basics, dispelling luxury, wastage and materialism, the savior of the poor, triggering the solution to financial crises. When the global economic meltdown rears its ugly face, we all return to the extreme basics to survive. The monolithic will granulate, convergence will evolve to divergence. The era of the cave will ascend.


zen minimalism means
utter simplicity, the return to basics
zen minimalism means
a bare home of paper and wood
a single table for dining
zen minimalism means
total detachment from a material world
so the energy of the spirit
can emerge from a frugal body
and dominate your consciousness
zen minimalism grew
out of continuous wars
and sufferings in medieval japan
they made the zen garden
to lend peace thru its utter simplicity
christiian minimalism
is borrowed from zen buddhism
freedom from embelishment
freedom from worldly desires
freedom from too many worries
the way to the Lord Jesus
is a simple uncluttered life
total spiritual attachment
total material detachment
immersion in peace and prayer






perspective is wisdom
perspective is power
perspective changes us profoundly


Take this POWERPOINT micro to macro trip across the universe


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eastwind journals 79 – HAIYAN LOGISTIC NIGHTMARE – global food shortage looms

eastwind journals 79
BEFORE YOU READ ON – a one-minute prayer from our keyboards for the victims of the millennium storm, and for the looming global food shortage to be averted.
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A problem of distribution not supply
By Bernie Lopez


It is commendable that UN’s humanitarian chief Valerie Amos admitted that the rescue and relief speed is too slow. The tendency of Filipino government officials interviewed by CNN and other international media is to paint a pretty picture and not focus on the problems. CNN’s Amanpour cited many past cases elsewhere on this. Government pronouncements are contradicted by victims interviewed by media clamoring for food and water. The public has the right to get the naked truth rather than PR statements.


President Aquino’s verbal assurances must be supported by field data. He blamed local governments unable to respond quickly, silent on the culpability of the national government. He failed to realize the gravity of the situation by not ordering the military to launch mandatory evacuation days before the arrival of the storm. Instead, preparations were limited to refugee centers and relief goods.


It must be clarified that this is the only category 5 storm in human history. Katrina and Andrew were of lower categories. It is just logical that logistics will somewhat fail to cope with the massive devastation. We cannot blame the anger of people who remained un-serviced. The looting was caused by despair. The solution is not martial law but getting aid to move faster. The massive international support is in contrast to the logistical nightmare, which is now slowly being addressed. Is it possible that the policeman, who was sacked for telling CNN casualties may reach 10,000, might be right? If so, he must be commended and restored to his post.


Fatima warnings on a global disaster.


The global drought of 2012 triggered grain shortages on a massive scale – Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Australia, Mexico, to name a few. Instantly in the US, Soy, corn, and meat prices increased by 10% in July 2012. Grain shortages result in meat shortages. In the US, there is a media cover-up of looming meat shortages. The Ogallala Aquifer in the US, covering half a dozen states is reported to be shrinking fast. We don’t need a war to have a cleansing. Mother Nature will give it on a silver platter.


Food shortages trigger instant food riots, as in Benghazi, Greece, the supermarket raids in Spain. In the Tortilla Riot of 2007 in Mexico, 75,000 took to the streets, when wheat prices jumped overnight by ten pesos. In 2008, when food price indices soared, there were riots in 61 countries.


The catalysts to a global food shortage include a catastrophic meltdown of the US economy. A whopping 46 million are now on food stamps. Other catalysts include sustained climate-change weather aberrations, and the continuing leaks in Fukushima resulting in radioactive Pacific Ocean fish on a massive scale.


The most critical catalyst to food shortage is in the takeover by financial institutions in controlling food supplies and prices through speculative futures. Four years ago, 90% of food supply came from food corporations. Today, 40% are controlled by financial institutions. In 2012, Mexican President Felipe Calderon asked banks to stop speculating on food and grains, which have triggered social unrest. Jewish-controlled Wall Street actually caused the Arab Spring by purchasing wheat futures which triggered dramatic increase in prices in the Middle East. Finally, the American survivalist movement is growing rapidly, people stockpiling 5-year supply of food in their basements, in anticipation of a sudden panic-driven hoarding. They are protesting  against a new law giving the state the right to confiscate food stockpiles of citizens.


An omen of American food inflation is the rise of food prices invisible to consumers.  They do not change prices, only quantity. Kraft cheese has reduced a packet of 24 slices to 22. The 3 ounces of canned salmon is now 2.6. The 18 ounces of Skippy peanut butter is now 16.3. Lays chips have gone down from 16 to 14 ounces. This is to avoid food protests. (source -


there will be blood and fire
the sun will be turned into darkness
the moon into blood
on the great and terrible day of My coming
all who call on My name shall be saved


joel 3:1-5


Towards a disaster response model
Fatima statue stranded by haiyan – coastal ban inappropriate


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prayer request bulletin 114 – nov 11, 2013

November 11, 2013
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Appendix 1 –  Guide for prayer requesters, if it’s your first time.
Appendix 2 –
a) Prayer for Healing
b) Prayer for World Peace
Your prayer request is a form of prayer, because it implies you know He is listening. It will be more effective if you pray for others in this bulletin. Praying for others is praying for yourself a hundred fold. The more people pray, the more powerful our prayers.


The Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for each and every request in this bulletin, published regularly at We do not do automatic email replies. We read and pray for each prayer request. Subscribe as member at to get this bulletin automatically and to receive all inspirational materials.
Prayers are timeless and are never too late. If we pray for a successful operation even after the operation, the Lord listens in advance.
We are gathered in Jesus’ name in the internet. He is in our midst, on our keyboards, in our hearts at this very moment. Together, we are his global prayer army. We adore you, O Jesus, for You have redeemed the world.




For – Bernice massive heart attack, waiting for dye test. For Kenneth, diagnosed with cancer that is spreading quickly. For his physical and spiritual healing. For a 16 year old who was raped yesterday. In Jesus Name, we pull down the spirits of violence, trauma, stress, fear and anxiety and release the spirits of forgiveness, healing and restoration. Lord, what the enemy meant for destruction, we release to You, to turn it to good. And for her family, we pray, as well as the man’s family. For Rex, for healing of infection in his lower leg, and for his family’s financial needs as he has been off work for quite a while. For Doug, who lost one kidney to cancer and now has been diagnosed with cancer in the other kidney. Lord Jesus, they need your healing touch, show them your mercy and love. For Pat, having a heart transplant. For Liz, depression. Mary and Roger J, special intention. Loretta L, her son and grandchildren, healing in relationships. Please pray for Madeline (88 years of age) who has brain cancer – no treatment.
Please pray for Jeff. He had a diving accident and dislocated his shoulder. He will see a specialist and it looks like he will need surgery.
For Maureen who will be having her cat scan on Thursday morning. Heavenly Father, we ask in Jesus Most Holy Name to let the Precious Blood and Water that gushed forth from the Sacred Heart of Your Son Jesus flow through Maureen and touch all areas of her body that need Your gentle healing. I thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit for all your love and for all the blessings we have received through your mercy. Jesus, meek and humble of hearts, make our heart like unto Thine and allow our hearts to be your Perpetual resting place. God bless all. Please pray for my son who has to see a specialist on Friday morning. Jesus, we place all our trust in You. Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and Brother Andre intercede for him to Jesus. God Bless
Please pray for a baby girl born 2 days ago. She seemed to be in good health until they discovered something on the roof of her mouth like a marble and it is inhibiting her breathing. They have never seen it before; they are checking with other medical institutions trying to retrieve information with the hope someone will know what it is and that it is treatable. When she is turned on her left side she breathes okay. The grandfather is asking for prayer…less than a year ago the grandfather lost his only grandson in an accident…his only grandchild. Dear Lord, send your holy innocents to this family in this difficult time in their lives. This is their first child Dear Lord – come quickly, come to their aid and make haste to help them. Dear Infant Jesus, lay your healing consoling hands on this little baby girl; I beg You to heal her and give hope to the parents and grandparents…in love & compassion I cry out to You.  Gather her in Your arms and keep her safe and healed. Lord, hear our cry.  Hear our prayer. Love & Prayers
Please pray for Mary Tilley who has 2.9 cm nodule on her thyroid and has to have biopsy. We ask for the healing power of God to touch her and grant her peace as she waits to get biopsy.
For Mary M who had a procedure done last week and has had a bleed this morning. If it worsens she will have to go back to emergency. Lord, we trust the power of Your Word in Luke:8:43-48 – you dried up the woman’s blood when she touched the fringe of Your garment -
we ask in faith that You do the same for Mary who reaches out to You continuously for strength and healing. Jesus, in Your infinite mercy, look upon Mary.
dear sister raquel,
good day! please pray for me jessie for healing of chest pain and dizziness, so that i can work and help my family, thank you. GOD Bless
Please pray for Joey.  Will be going to healing mass on sept 1.  pray he may be healed of his anxiety
Dear sister please pray for Josh who has a bad concussion and suffers from anxiety and depression. Thanks,
Dear Sister,
please help me to pray that my children and my parents come back to Church , also for the conversion of sinners and for priests especially the ones who have gone astray, and for all the clergy, and for me dear sister as i am going through a spiritual crisis, thank you in anticipation.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please help my brother Juan P. be able to sell his Apt. soon to a worthy family, and that the tenant pay his overdue rents to sustain the medicines for my father.  Please pray also for the good health of Patrick and my Father Juan from his Ashma and other ailments. Thank you Sister Raquel for your prayers to Mama Mary intercession to her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
Good day, Sister Raquel,
My father is currently confined in the Chinese General Hospital since 15th July due operated on his sigmoid colon and prostate.  He had complications (i.e. leak in the first operation) and was again operated on his colon.  Histopath also reveals stage 3 cancer for his colon and the doctor recommends him for chemotheraphy after 4-6 weeks.  Above regard, I am humbly asking for your help to please pray for my father.  May he recover from all these illnesses.  With his current health status, we are not confident that he will be able to respond to chemotheraphy well and we are thinking that worst thing might happen if he proceed with the procedure.  He is not aware yet of the situation as we think that this might affect him very much. Please, Sister Raquel.  We are in constant prayers but I believe that the more people are praying the more effective the prayers will be.  Also, I have heard testimonials of those whom you have healed.  My spirit had risen and had gave me so much hope that this letter shall lead to the recovery of my father.  Much better for the total healing of all his illnesses.  No need for chemotheraphy or any other doctor’s prescribed procedures.  I am confident that the Lord had intervened for me to be aware of this Ministry. I am thanking you in advance and confidently look forward to the Lord’s miracles that will touch my Father’s life from this moment on.  I am also praying for this Ministry and for those who had seek help thru prayer requests like mine to finally obtain their much prayed positive results.  I know Everything is possible with our Lord. Kindly be requested to please also send me healing oil.
Carina C, Sampaloc, Manila
Please pray that I will be able to close big accounts from August to December 2013 so that I will be able to get big commissions and be financially abundant and be able to support my family since I am the only breadwinner in our family.  Please pray for my boss so that she will support me in all my deals/cases and help me close big accounts. I also pray for my boss so that she will realize her mistakes and do the right thing for the sake of her husband and kids. Please take care of my family, especially my wife, keep them safe and healthy. Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you have given us. And thank you to all the prayer warriors who have been praying for us.
1. Please take care of my father since he is in the hospital right now.
2. Please help me in my present job as Financial Adviser. Help me to be able to close big accounts and be able to get commissions so that I will be able to help other people as well and save for my senior years.
3. Take care of my wife and I so that we are always healthy and may we have a blissfull marriage and always be together until our senior years.
4. Please help me find a more stable job where I will be happy with the salary and the benefits. I hope the Lord will help me find a more stable job and guide me kung saan ba nya ako gusto talaga. 5.  Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you have given me.
Please pray for me that I will be able to get hired by a BPO company as HR Director. I have not had a stable job since 2010 and I am the breadwinner of the family. I am presently earning on commission basis and would like to earn again on a monthly basis with a stable income. Please pray for my wife and I so that we will have a happy marriage and protect me from any temptations that will come my way. Keep us always healthy. Thank you Jesus and Mama Mary for all the blessings that you have given us.
Dear Sister Raquel
Please pray for Deshen 33 yrs old, awaiting donor for kidney, very sick. Pray for me for solution with son Trenton, smoking marijuana, rebellious, studys, leaves studys, constant problems with him. Pray for a solution to my problem with left shoulder blade, healing of gums, also pain on shoulder blade when I swallow. God bless
Pls pray for me and my daughter Nicole. We are having a big family problem and my daughter have decided not to talk to me. She is full of hatred and anger. She needs help. She gave up going to church and ever since she have a boyfriend, her personality has changed. I ask the Holy Spirit to help us. Bring the communication back. Give us a good mother daughter relationship. Amen…
Pls  pray for me that God in His Mercy may heal me of my anxiety and depression. May God give me peace, joy and serenity . Thank you and God Bless
Dearest Sister Raquel, all Sisters, Bernie and co-prayer warriors,
Could you please pray for all of my health issues due to CFS. Please pray for healing of my ears, eyes, skin in particular. It worsened again. I ask and pray Jesus for healing with intervention of Mother Mary, Saint Joseph and Mother Ignacia, Amen. Warmest regards,
Please pray for Claire, age 30. She has an aggressive cancer that started in her abdomen. She has since had two brain tumors. She is on an experimental treatment. She is the only child of her parents, who love her dearly. Please pray that this treatment works and that Claire will be cancer-free, and that she will live a long and healthy life. Thank you,
Dear Sister Racquel,
Please pray for my dear friend Diana Jean A who has breast cancer. She is a born-again Christian. She is in need of blood transfusion due to very low RBC. My friend is full of faith and hope that God will heal her. She is holding God’s words and His promises for healing. Please include her to your prayers. God Bless. Thank you.
Dear Sister Raquel, here is the update of my friend’s condition Diana Jean. She is now in St. Luke’s Medical Center. Her cranial scan shows infiltration onto brain envelope thereby causing what happening to her face according to neurologist. She has very low platelet because her bone marrow only produces a small amount of blood in her stream. It is too risky for her to undergone other treatment. Series of doctors gave their opinion in some kind of sort of what treatment will be given to her and there is no assurance if her body will respond with the treatment / therapy or reject the by her body. It is only in God’s hands to extend and prolong the life of my dear friend. Please help me to pray for God’s mercy so that she will receive God’s grace & love for her healing. Let the Lord’s hands be the hands of her Doctors who look after her. Please pray for miracles and Divine Intervention to her serious illness. Prayer is very powerful. Sister, I really do believe in Divine Intervention and so my sick friend too. I believe in miracles because God is our Father. God doesn’t want us to be sick. Nothing is impossible to prayers. Thank you so much Sister Raquel and God bless to you all.
Dear Sister Raquel;
Praise be Jesus and Mary, I am requesting for a Prayer Healing of my Father Benjamin who is suffering in cancer right now. Thank you and may God Bless your Ministry and help more people through the Grace of our Lord..
Dear sis raquel,
Peace be with you. Pls pray for my wife, sylvia and me. She has back, head and stomach pains.I have a mass in my thyroid. Thank you and God bless you more.
Please pray for my daughter in law Rochelle M.  She has problem moving her bowel for more than a week now.  She will be confined tomorrow. Please pray that everything turns out well and her be relieved of this malady. Thank you.
Pls. Pray for Charmaine L to pass the initial interview in Food and Drug Administration for the 
position of Nutritionist- Dietitian III on Aug.5,2013 at 1:00pm pls pray hard for her. Pray for the souls of Estela B who died last July 28,2013 in tribike accident.Pray also for the souls of Boy E, Dong Y, Florencio M, Teodorico L, Gregoria L, Cornelio L, Liwayway L, Ansing L,Lita L, Loring L,  Felix L, Noelito R, Juan R and Corazon R. Pls. Pray for good and God fearing partner in life for Charmaine LPls. Pray for Roderick T to approve his Canadian Visa.Pls pray hard for him.Pls. Pray for the safety of Regalado L II on ship.Pls. Pray for the health of Regalado L who is stroke,Lediema L and Candida L and Dennis Y who is highblood.Pls. Pray for Dennis Y to have a permanent jobPls. Pray for financial blessings to Charmaine Luistro to be able to finish the house in Batangas Province. Pls. Pray for peace of mind and happiness to Charmaine L.Pls, Pray for the forgiveness of sins to Charmaine L and her family.Pls Pray all who borrow money to Charmaine L will pay her and pray for Rej L to return the laptop.
Pls. Pray to enlighten the mind of the one who changed the result of my application in FDA and failed me eventhough I passed. I need that job and it really hurts me. Let another decision happen for me to get the job. What she did is so unfair for me. Pls pray for me to find a permanent regular job. I had a hard time finding a job bec. of my age I’m 34 already.Pls. Pray for the approval of canadian visa to my brother in law Roderick T.Pls. Pray for long life to my parents (Rey and Lediema), tita (Candida and Begoniaand Mario and for their conversion also.)Pls. Pray for financial blessings for the house to finish in batangas, we really need money for theroof and finishing of the house and also for the windows and others.Pls. Pray for good partner ,God fearing partner in life for me. A good provider, good husband and good father to be.Pls Pray that God grant me to travel abroad for work and be able to go to pilgrimage.Pls. Pray for health to all my nephews and nieces namely Dave, Denise, Dawn, Cade, Callie and KC. Pls. Pray for peace of mind ,conversion and life to me-Charmaine L and my family.Pls. Pray for healing of the sickness of my father Rey -stroke patient, mother -Lediema -highblood and Denis Y- highblood. Pls. Pray for permanent job and conversion to Denis Y.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Pls pray for my mother who is suffering from terrible pain of neck and knee. May the good Lord heals her and bring back her good health and strength and also my father from hypertension and our family’s Financial difficulty. Thank you and May God continue to bless you!!
Dear sr raquel and fellow prayer warriors,
My family and i are praying or complete and total healing of my sister primaglor c. , of right shoulder. She is now confined and our immediate concern is for her complete blood count to become normal so she will not have blood transfusion and to rule out adverse cause of decline of her hemoglobin count. We are praying for natural remedies rther than transfusion. Her doctor is giving her a few days before final decision on transfusion. Thank you. In the name of the Holy Spirit, Son and Father God.


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The Lord sanctifies all who reads this bulletin, prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and readers. When you read this bulletin, you will realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Pain is an act of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
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I surrender myself to you totally, Lord. Whatever is Your will I accept. I offer myself to You for healing. You said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Heal me if it is Your will, as I prostrate myself here before You. Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen.
People have been healed in the Youtube by saying a healing prayer
with Sister Raquel –
with Father Suarez –
We may be at the brink of a global war or a mega-disaster. Please pray for peace and against disasters by saying 3 Hail Marys to Our Lady of Fatima everyday as soon as you wake up. Make it a habit. In a month, your 90 Hail Marys goes a long way for world peace.


The Lord reigns and heals in cyberspace.
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eastwind memoirs 04 – THE BEDOUIN GIRL

eastwind memoirs 04
The Bedouin Girl
By Bernie Lopez,


The Filipino author hitchhiked 25,000 kilo­meters, drifting through 18 countries in Europe and North Africa for 3 years. This is a true story, dialogue reconstructed, excerpts from an upcoming book on the eastwind memoirs Wings and Wanderlust.


in spain, you could be jailed for smoking grass
but you can drink yourself to death on scotch
it is a beverage to them
in morocco, you could be jailed for drinking scotch
but you can smoke yourself blue on grass (keeff)
it is a cigarette to them


         Wings and wanderlust are partners. I took a boat from Algeciras in Spain to Ceuta in Morocco. Morocco marked the beginning of Phase Three of eastwind­, the great leap to the unknown. Experience made me seek the essentials and discard the peripherals. Fear of the unknown was replaced by the eagerness to take risks. Self confidence was the gateway to true adventure. Danger was antici­pated rather than avoided. I wanted to kiss the ground because it was my first time in Africa. But I decided not to make a fool of myself.




         I met a chubby California girl, Cherry (not her real name) who played fantastic American folk songs on her guitar. We became instant friends and ate dinner together often. Only, one time, she suddenly shooed me away. She pointed to someone coming, her big Moroccan boy friend who always got jealous and violent. He had a nasty look in his face and was approaching like a steam roller.
         I had two choices. I could run, but he might run after me. Or I could just stay put and keep my cool. Finally, I jumped for­ward to greet him with a big smile, “You must be Cherry’s boyfriend. She says you’re really cool.” The ice was broken. He shook my hands. Whew, close call.
         They spoke in perfect French. Cherry was my interpreter.
         “Tell him that I am a musician like you,” I told Cherry.
         “Where is your guitar?” the Moroccan asked.
         “Nope, no guitar.” I said nervously.
         “Let me hear you sing. Go get your guitar, darling,” he said to Cherry.
         A played a simply Filipino tune. Cherry applauded “Great, just great.”
         The Moroccan was impressed. It was Cherry who gave me the idea to travel with a guitar. I would buy one in Las Palmas soon. Cherry and I had long talks. I probed into her inner life. I was curious what women drifters were made of.
         “Aren’t you afraid of being raped here?” I asked. “I mean, I, a man, am afraid. What more you, a woman? It’s very dangerous travelling alone in Morocco even for a man.”
         “Not really. There’s a secret to it. As a woman who travels alone, there are creative ways to get by,” she bragged.
         “Really? Like how?”, I asked.
         “Like a Moroccan boy friend. I sleep with him but I don’t get raped. He protects me. In fact, he is too protective. He gets very jealous and violent. But that’s alright. Better than getting raped.”
         Cherry and I smoked a lot of hash with a Moroccan friend, Ahmed. After all, society condoned hash and it was part of the culture – the days of hash and roses. Of course, I realize Western and Filipino societies do not approve, with some exceptions. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
         Cherry and I never spent money on hash. Ahmed just brought the stuff. Ahmed was friendly to backpackers and that made me suspicious that he might be a pusher. I was warned to be careful of traps. They would give you some hash, then tell the police. Keeff was harsh crude grass, but hash was pure and stronger. Foreigners could be arrested for possession of hash, but not Moroccans.
         But I didn’t care. I smoked with Cherry and Ahmed anyway. It was not good to be too cautious on the road. On the road, danger was an end in itself, otherwise, why travel at all. Sometimes I sought danger instinctively. I wanted to go on the brink and find out what it’s like.
the taste of danger excites the soul
there is no logic to it, only excitement
you cannot intellectualize excitement
you have to live it
danger draws the adrenaline
to untrodden heights
which is food for the thirsty soul
desperate to escape the absurdity of life
         Cherry had been on the road for three long years. That was quite a feat, compared to my four months That made me respect her a lot, although sometimes I felt she was cheap giving her body to men only to get free food and a free place to stay and to avoid danger. But that was survival on the road for her. Who was I to judge her? Cherry stayed in the desert with the Bedouins for three whole months. She lived in a tent with nomadic Bedouins who travelled with their animals across the inhospi­table desert.
         I said “Wow, that was something. They didn’t rape you?”
         “Why do you always ask about rape? You think all people here are just into rape? Gad, you’re a racist. Are you obsessed with rape?” she was actually angry.
         “They didn’t?” I ignored her sarcasm.
         “They didn’t. They are one of the most beautiful people in the world. A Bedouin family took care of me like I was their own daughter. They loved me and I loved them. It was heaven in the desert. I loved the desert. And they were the true ancient nomads of the cruel desert, masters of the Sahara.”
         There was a pause, “Better than my own family.” she said as her eyes started getting wet.
         “Ah, so, that’s why you’re on the road. You’re escaping from your family.”
         “Yeah, why not. My alcoholic father would maul me and my mom when he was drunk.” she quipped.
         We fell silent as more tears came. Like I, running from a career and from New York, the spiritual desert, Cherry was running from her family, and ironically, she found refuge in another type of desert, a real one, the Sahara, and another type of family more loving. I told her about my New York caper and my kind of desert. We had something in com­mon. She held my hand and put her head on my shoulders. It felt good to have an instant friend on the road, a real friend, even just for now. A few days are like years if you have good friends. I looked around for her boy friend.
         “Don’t be afraid. He’s not around”, she laughed.
         “People become drifters because of pain, not because of dreams”, I told her.
         “Drifters become tough and numb. Look at me. I get a boy friend not because I love him but to protect myself. Kind of using him, isn’t it? But I learned more from the Bedouins in three months than from my entire four years of college back home.” she mused.
         “Theoretical wisdom is nothing compared to experiential wisdom. Drifting can open up and warm your heart, like the Bedouins did.” I retorted.
         “Yeah, you’re right. After the drought, the deluge.”
         “After the storm, the lull.”
         “Like a roller coaster ride, right?” her hand went up and down like a wave.
         Eastwind headed south, intrigued by the stories of the Bedouin girl, crossed the edge of the vast Sahara to Laayuoune in the Spanish Sahara, then a ship to Las Palmas in the Canaries, the winter paradise for Northerners.


you must jar your ordered life
if you are to really live
order is a form of disorder
if it enslaves the spirit
disorder challenges you
to improvise quickly by reflex
disorder fosters order and harmony
within your searching spirit
order can bore
just as disorder can excite
order can limit your vision
disorder can open up the horizon
a galaxy exemplifies
order within disorder



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