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prayer request bulletin 114 – nov 11, 2013

November 11, 2013
Apology for late bulletins, forever on backlog. We are swamped.
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Appendix 1 –  Guide for prayer requesters, if it’s your first time.
Appendix 2 –
a) Prayer for Healing
b) Prayer for World Peace
Your prayer request is a form of prayer, because it implies you know He is listening. It will be more effective if you pray for others in this bulletin. Praying for others is praying for yourself a hundred fold. The more people pray, the more powerful our prayers.


The Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for each and every request in this bulletin, published regularly at We do not do automatic email replies. We read and pray for each prayer request. Subscribe as member at to get this bulletin automatically and to receive all inspirational materials.
Prayers are timeless and are never too late. If we pray for a successful operation even after the operation, the Lord listens in advance.
We are gathered in Jesus’ name in the internet. He is in our midst, on our keyboards, in our hearts at this very moment. Together, we are his global prayer army. We adore you, O Jesus, for You have redeemed the world.




For – Bernice massive heart attack, waiting for dye test. For Kenneth, diagnosed with cancer that is spreading quickly. For his physical and spiritual healing. For a 16 year old who was raped yesterday. In Jesus Name, we pull down the spirits of violence, trauma, stress, fear and anxiety and release the spirits of forgiveness, healing and restoration. Lord, what the enemy meant for destruction, we release to You, to turn it to good. And for her family, we pray, as well as the man’s family. For Rex, for healing of infection in his lower leg, and for his family’s financial needs as he has been off work for quite a while. For Doug, who lost one kidney to cancer and now has been diagnosed with cancer in the other kidney. Lord Jesus, they need your healing touch, show them your mercy and love. For Pat, having a heart transplant. For Liz, depression. Mary and Roger J, special intention. Loretta L, her son and grandchildren, healing in relationships. Please pray for Madeline (88 years of age) who has brain cancer – no treatment.
Please pray for Jeff. He had a diving accident and dislocated his shoulder. He will see a specialist and it looks like he will need surgery.
For Maureen who will be having her cat scan on Thursday morning. Heavenly Father, we ask in Jesus Most Holy Name to let the Precious Blood and Water that gushed forth from the Sacred Heart of Your Son Jesus flow through Maureen and touch all areas of her body that need Your gentle healing. I thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit for all your love and for all the blessings we have received through your mercy. Jesus, meek and humble of hearts, make our heart like unto Thine and allow our hearts to be your Perpetual resting place. God bless all. Please pray for my son who has to see a specialist on Friday morning. Jesus, we place all our trust in You. Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and Brother Andre intercede for him to Jesus. God Bless
Please pray for a baby girl born 2 days ago. She seemed to be in good health until they discovered something on the roof of her mouth like a marble and it is inhibiting her breathing. They have never seen it before; they are checking with other medical institutions trying to retrieve information with the hope someone will know what it is and that it is treatable. When she is turned on her left side she breathes okay. The grandfather is asking for prayer…less than a year ago the grandfather lost his only grandson in an accident…his only grandchild. Dear Lord, send your holy innocents to this family in this difficult time in their lives. This is their first child Dear Lord – come quickly, come to their aid and make haste to help them. Dear Infant Jesus, lay your healing consoling hands on this little baby girl; I beg You to heal her and give hope to the parents and grandparents…in love & compassion I cry out to You.  Gather her in Your arms and keep her safe and healed. Lord, hear our cry.  Hear our prayer. Love & Prayers
Please pray for Mary Tilley who has 2.9 cm nodule on her thyroid and has to have biopsy. We ask for the healing power of God to touch her and grant her peace as she waits to get biopsy.
For Mary M who had a procedure done last week and has had a bleed this morning. If it worsens she will have to go back to emergency. Lord, we trust the power of Your Word in Luke:8:43-48 – you dried up the woman’s blood when she touched the fringe of Your garment -
we ask in faith that You do the same for Mary who reaches out to You continuously for strength and healing. Jesus, in Your infinite mercy, look upon Mary.
dear sister raquel,
good day! please pray for me jessie for healing of chest pain and dizziness, so that i can work and help my family, thank you. GOD Bless
Please pray for Joey.  Will be going to healing mass on sept 1.  pray he may be healed of his anxiety
Dear sister please pray for Josh who has a bad concussion and suffers from anxiety and depression. Thanks,
Dear Sister,
please help me to pray that my children and my parents come back to Church , also for the conversion of sinners and for priests especially the ones who have gone astray, and for all the clergy, and for me dear sister as i am going through a spiritual crisis, thank you in anticipation.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please help my brother Juan P. be able to sell his Apt. soon to a worthy family, and that the tenant pay his overdue rents to sustain the medicines for my father.  Please pray also for the good health of Patrick and my Father Juan from his Ashma and other ailments. Thank you Sister Raquel for your prayers to Mama Mary intercession to her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
Good day, Sister Raquel,
My father is currently confined in the Chinese General Hospital since 15th July due operated on his sigmoid colon and prostate.  He had complications (i.e. leak in the first operation) and was again operated on his colon.  Histopath also reveals stage 3 cancer for his colon and the doctor recommends him for chemotheraphy after 4-6 weeks.  Above regard, I am humbly asking for your help to please pray for my father.  May he recover from all these illnesses.  With his current health status, we are not confident that he will be able to respond to chemotheraphy well and we are thinking that worst thing might happen if he proceed with the procedure.  He is not aware yet of the situation as we think that this might affect him very much. Please, Sister Raquel.  We are in constant prayers but I believe that the more people are praying the more effective the prayers will be.  Also, I have heard testimonials of those whom you have healed.  My spirit had risen and had gave me so much hope that this letter shall lead to the recovery of my father.  Much better for the total healing of all his illnesses.  No need for chemotheraphy or any other doctor’s prescribed procedures.  I am confident that the Lord had intervened for me to be aware of this Ministry. I am thanking you in advance and confidently look forward to the Lord’s miracles that will touch my Father’s life from this moment on.  I am also praying for this Ministry and for those who had seek help thru prayer requests like mine to finally obtain their much prayed positive results.  I know Everything is possible with our Lord. Kindly be requested to please also send me healing oil.
Carina C, Sampaloc, Manila
Please pray that I will be able to close big accounts from August to December 2013 so that I will be able to get big commissions and be financially abundant and be able to support my family since I am the only breadwinner in our family.  Please pray for my boss so that she will support me in all my deals/cases and help me close big accounts. I also pray for my boss so that she will realize her mistakes and do the right thing for the sake of her husband and kids. Please take care of my family, especially my wife, keep them safe and healthy. Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you have given us. And thank you to all the prayer warriors who have been praying for us.
1. Please take care of my father since he is in the hospital right now.
2. Please help me in my present job as Financial Adviser. Help me to be able to close big accounts and be able to get commissions so that I will be able to help other people as well and save for my senior years.
3. Take care of my wife and I so that we are always healthy and may we have a blissfull marriage and always be together until our senior years.
4. Please help me find a more stable job where I will be happy with the salary and the benefits. I hope the Lord will help me find a more stable job and guide me kung saan ba nya ako gusto talaga. 5.  Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you have given me.
Please pray for me that I will be able to get hired by a BPO company as HR Director. I have not had a stable job since 2010 and I am the breadwinner of the family. I am presently earning on commission basis and would like to earn again on a monthly basis with a stable income. Please pray for my wife and I so that we will have a happy marriage and protect me from any temptations that will come my way. Keep us always healthy. Thank you Jesus and Mama Mary for all the blessings that you have given us.
Dear Sister Raquel
Please pray for Deshen 33 yrs old, awaiting donor for kidney, very sick. Pray for me for solution with son Trenton, smoking marijuana, rebellious, studys, leaves studys, constant problems with him. Pray for a solution to my problem with left shoulder blade, healing of gums, also pain on shoulder blade when I swallow. God bless
Pls pray for me and my daughter Nicole. We are having a big family problem and my daughter have decided not to talk to me. She is full of hatred and anger. She needs help. She gave up going to church and ever since she have a boyfriend, her personality has changed. I ask the Holy Spirit to help us. Bring the communication back. Give us a good mother daughter relationship. Amen…
Pls  pray for me that God in His Mercy may heal me of my anxiety and depression. May God give me peace, joy and serenity . Thank you and God Bless
Dearest Sister Raquel, all Sisters, Bernie and co-prayer warriors,
Could you please pray for all of my health issues due to CFS. Please pray for healing of my ears, eyes, skin in particular. It worsened again. I ask and pray Jesus for healing with intervention of Mother Mary, Saint Joseph and Mother Ignacia, Amen. Warmest regards,
Please pray for Claire, age 30. She has an aggressive cancer that started in her abdomen. She has since had two brain tumors. She is on an experimental treatment. She is the only child of her parents, who love her dearly. Please pray that this treatment works and that Claire will be cancer-free, and that she will live a long and healthy life. Thank you,
Dear Sister Racquel,
Please pray for my dear friend Diana Jean A who has breast cancer. She is a born-again Christian. She is in need of blood transfusion due to very low RBC. My friend is full of faith and hope that God will heal her. She is holding God’s words and His promises for healing. Please include her to your prayers. God Bless. Thank you.
Dear Sister Raquel, here is the update of my friend’s condition Diana Jean. She is now in St. Luke’s Medical Center. Her cranial scan shows infiltration onto brain envelope thereby causing what happening to her face according to neurologist. She has very low platelet because her bone marrow only produces a small amount of blood in her stream. It is too risky for her to undergone other treatment. Series of doctors gave their opinion in some kind of sort of what treatment will be given to her and there is no assurance if her body will respond with the treatment / therapy or reject the by her body. It is only in God’s hands to extend and prolong the life of my dear friend. Please help me to pray for God’s mercy so that she will receive God’s grace & love for her healing. Let the Lord’s hands be the hands of her Doctors who look after her. Please pray for miracles and Divine Intervention to her serious illness. Prayer is very powerful. Sister, I really do believe in Divine Intervention and so my sick friend too. I believe in miracles because God is our Father. God doesn’t want us to be sick. Nothing is impossible to prayers. Thank you so much Sister Raquel and God bless to you all.
Dear Sister Raquel;
Praise be Jesus and Mary, I am requesting for a Prayer Healing of my Father Benjamin who is suffering in cancer right now. Thank you and may God Bless your Ministry and help more people through the Grace of our Lord..
Dear sis raquel,
Peace be with you. Pls pray for my wife, sylvia and me. She has back, head and stomach pains.I have a mass in my thyroid. Thank you and God bless you more.
Please pray for my daughter in law Rochelle M.  She has problem moving her bowel for more than a week now.  She will be confined tomorrow. Please pray that everything turns out well and her be relieved of this malady. Thank you.
Pls. Pray for Charmaine L to pass the initial interview in Food and Drug Administration for the 
position of Nutritionist- Dietitian III on Aug.5,2013 at 1:00pm pls pray hard for her. Pray for the souls of Estela B who died last July 28,2013 in tribike accident.Pray also for the souls of Boy E, Dong Y, Florencio M, Teodorico L, Gregoria L, Cornelio L, Liwayway L, Ansing L,Lita L, Loring L,  Felix L, Noelito R, Juan R and Corazon R. Pls. Pray for good and God fearing partner in life for Charmaine LPls. Pray for Roderick T to approve his Canadian Visa.Pls pray hard for him.Pls. Pray for the safety of Regalado L II on ship.Pls. Pray for the health of Regalado L who is stroke,Lediema L and Candida L and Dennis Y who is highblood.Pls. Pray for Dennis Y to have a permanent jobPls. Pray for financial blessings to Charmaine Luistro to be able to finish the house in Batangas Province. Pls. Pray for peace of mind and happiness to Charmaine L.Pls, Pray for the forgiveness of sins to Charmaine L and her family.Pls Pray all who borrow money to Charmaine L will pay her and pray for Rej L to return the laptop.
Pls. Pray to enlighten the mind of the one who changed the result of my application in FDA and failed me eventhough I passed. I need that job and it really hurts me. Let another decision happen for me to get the job. What she did is so unfair for me. Pls pray for me to find a permanent regular job. I had a hard time finding a job bec. of my age I’m 34 already.Pls. Pray for the approval of canadian visa to my brother in law Roderick T.Pls. Pray for long life to my parents (Rey and Lediema), tita (Candida and Begoniaand Mario and for their conversion also.)Pls. Pray for financial blessings for the house to finish in batangas, we really need money for theroof and finishing of the house and also for the windows and others.Pls. Pray for good partner ,God fearing partner in life for me. A good provider, good husband and good father to be.Pls Pray that God grant me to travel abroad for work and be able to go to pilgrimage.Pls. Pray for health to all my nephews and nieces namely Dave, Denise, Dawn, Cade, Callie and KC. Pls. Pray for peace of mind ,conversion and life to me-Charmaine L and my family.Pls. Pray for healing of the sickness of my father Rey -stroke patient, mother -Lediema -highblood and Denis Y- highblood. Pls. Pray for permanent job and conversion to Denis Y.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Pls pray for my mother who is suffering from terrible pain of neck and knee. May the good Lord heals her and bring back her good health and strength and also my father from hypertension and our family’s Financial difficulty. Thank you and May God continue to bless you!!
Dear sr raquel and fellow prayer warriors,
My family and i are praying or complete and total healing of my sister primaglor c. , of right shoulder. She is now confined and our immediate concern is for her complete blood count to become normal so she will not have blood transfusion and to rule out adverse cause of decline of her hemoglobin count. We are praying for natural remedies rther than transfusion. Her doctor is giving her a few days before final decision on transfusion. Thank you. In the name of the Holy Spirit, Son and Father God.


Make your request short and do not post repeatedly as it results in confusion and double entries we cannot monitor.
English is better so non-Filipinos prayer warriors can understand your prayer requests.
Put a subject title “prayer request” to avoid being identified as a spam. ‘No subject’ are sometimes not read but deleted.
We protect the privacy of requesters. Email addresses and last names are not published. This does not change the efficacy of the prayers.
The ministry mainly accepts prayer requests from individuals. We cannot accept a large stream of requests from a single source which has its own prayer grouping and forwards requests to us one by one. We cannot handle this kind of volume. We prefer the requests to first be consolidated into one document and sent to us a single request.
The Lord sanctifies all who reads this bulletin, prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and readers. When you read this bulletin, you will realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Pain is an act of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to But first read about its history, healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-–blogsite-library-links/


As a prayer warrior, you become an integral part of the healing ministry. Subscribe as member at to receive prayer request bulletins automatically. If you do not receive it, inquire at You are free to choose your form of prayer. Suggested are 1) one Hail Mary per request or group of requests, or 2) say “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Mother Ignacia” per request or group of requests, or 3) three Hail Marys or your own prayer after reading the entire bulletin.


Browse thru the ministry’s extensive archives of inspirational materials –
Save this link for future readings. The link list may not be updated.


I surrender myself to you totally, Lord. Whatever is Your will I accept. I offer myself to You for healing. You said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Heal me if it is Your will, as I prostrate myself here before You. Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen.
People have been healed in the Youtube by saying a healing prayer
with Sister Raquel –
with Father Suarez –
We may be at the brink of a global war or a mega-disaster. Please pray for peace and against disasters by saying 3 Hail Marys to Our Lady of Fatima everyday as soon as you wake up. Make it a habit. In a month, your 90 Hail Marys goes a long way for world peace.


The Lord reigns and heals in cyberspace.
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anecdote 29 – “I’D RATHER DIE THAN FORGIVE!”

A Story Told by Sister Raquel
‘I’d rather die than forgive.’
forgiveness frees the soul
from hatred that consumes
forgiveness heals wounds
and untangles knots
transforming turmoil into inner peace


‘I’d rather die than for­give.’ This was said by Rica (not her real name) who had a fourth degree cancer of the breast which was starting to spread through her body. She had read in the newspapers about a healer who was reputed to have healed all types of terminal diseases like lupus and cancer. She decided to visit Sister Raquel.


She was so confident Sister Raquel could heal her. She had a strong faith, was very religious, went to mass often, and prayed a lot. But after the first visit, nothing happened. She called up Sister and complained that her sick­ness was becoming worse.


Sister Raquel said that the prerequisite for healing was peace of the soul. And peace of the soul meant forgiveness. Sister Raquel felt that this was the problem. She asked if something was bothering her. She replied quickly that her husband committed the gravest sin against her and she hated him so much.


“You must forgive him if you want to be healed,” Sister Raquel said.


Spontaneously, Rica replied, “I’d rather die than forgive him.”


That was how intense her hatred was for her husband. And so Rica left in tears because she could not forgive her husband. It must have been a heinous crime, that she could not forgive her husband.


After a month, she called up Sister Raquel to tell her the cancer was now spreading to her liver and spine and brain. She wept as she was dying because she could not forgive. But her hatred overpowered her fear of death.


Two months passed. Sister Raquel got a sudden call from Rica. She said that after all these months, she had finally learned to forgive her husband. She said she was ready for heal­ing.


And so Rica went to Sister Raquel who prayed over her. It was like her first communion. When she was healed instantly, silent tears flowed. Sud­denly, the cancer was small and contained. In a few months, it was gone totally. Forgiveness heals. Forgiveness heals the soul, then, it also heals the body.


To forgive is so powerful and all encompassing, yet it can be the hardest thing in the world to do.


Gerald Cruz (not his real name) was a rich doctor whose father and two brothers were all gunned down separately in a clan feud with another rich family, the de Guzmans. Their ancestors have been killing each other in the last hundred years. Hatred had reached such a high momentum, that the four-year-old daughter of Gerald, Sarah, knew all about it, who killed whom, or how gory the ambushes were. At age ten, she would rattle off casually both murderers and victims and the tales of horror.


One could not possibly imagine the storm that went on inside Gerald, losing father and brothers in separate ambushes. Terror mixed with hatred – that was what Gerald felt when his youngest brother of ten lay in a pool of blood in their common bedroom.


And so time went by. Sarah was now a lovely lass of eighteen surrounded by men. She was fresh, innocent, a blank paper ready to be written on by the world of men who surrounded her.


Cris de Guzman, a rich vegetable trader, also has deep wounds. His mother had been killed by a Cruz a year ago. The wound was still fresh. The thought of his mother lying face down at the market place, shot in cold blood in public still lingered in his subconscious.


Cris’s son Steve, about the same age as Sarah, witnessed the killing of his mother. He was so shocked he could not cry. He did not speak for three whole months, and just stared at the wall.


Sarah and Steve were good children. One could not see a trace of spirits battered by a cen­tury-old culture of vendetta and violence. On the surface, they symbolized youth, overconfident, decadent, intelligent, arrogant, irreverent, experimenting, tasting the feel of brinkmanship. But they were never vindictive nor vengeful. They were half in and half out of the world of family. The other bigger half was school life and then later a professional career.


And so the inevitable happened. Steve and Sarah met in a party and fell in love in the blink of an eye. They did not even know they were ‘arch-enemies’ and they fell in love.


And the other inevitable happened. They accidentally discovered they were ‘arch-enemies’, one Cruz and one de Guzman that were like oil and water, as dictated by their blood lines. Sarah recounted Cris’ uncle killing his father. Cris recounted Sarah’s grandfa­ther killing his mother.


Suddenly, they looked at each other, smiled, shrugged their shoulders, and embraced each other. They condemned in one act of love all the hate of a century building up into their lives, one act of love against a hundred years of ven­detta and hatred.


One day, Cris was shot by a rival who was jealous over Sarah. Sarah brought the dying Cris home to ask her father doctor Gerald to save his life. As Gerald looked into the youthful face of the bloodied Cris, he saw nothing but the viol­ence his family had endured. The storm inside instantly raged. He could not possibly ‘save the enemy’, not for a mil­lion pesos.


In tears, his lovely Sarah begged on her knees to save her loved one. The hurt of Gerald was two-fold. First was the killing of his family. Second was the enemy had stolen his precious daughter.


Sarah threatened to kill herself if her father refused to treat her dying boy friend. It was a Romeo and Juliet situation. He would not save Steve for a million pesos but he would save him for her beloved daughter. And so, Gerald suffered saving the life of someone he hated for his daughter, a feat not very many people could do.


Steve’s father, Cris, came rushing in to pick up his wounded son. And there it was, Gerald face to face with his arch-enemy Cris. Gerald wanted to pick up a knife and kill him on the spot. As they stared at each other, Gerald and Steve, for a millionth of a second, time froze into eternity. They both saw the violence and the hatred of a hundred years compressed into an atom of time.


Cris smiled and awkwardly thanked Gerald for saving his son. In that awkward forgiveness, in that fleeting smile, a hundred years of hatred vanished. Forgiveness is so powerful because it is the shadow of love. The chain of hatred was broken by a semblance of love, love of a father for her daughter, and forgiveness of a father for someone who saved his son. A hundred-year-old feud of vendetta and violence was stopped in one clean stroke by an act of love. /
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anecdote 26 – SUNSET GIRL

anecdote 26


A Holy Week Offering
Terence is a self-made tycoon. Rags to riches. He is called by newspapers as ‘The Octopus’, head of a multi-billion conglomerate which has his tentacles on almost everything from utilities to telecommunications, computers to cars, shampoo to ice cream. You name it, he owns it. He is in his sixties, gray haired, quick-tempered, bossy, and vicious. He is called covertly in the office as ‘Hitler’. Everyone is scared of him.


His office is as big as half a basketball court, with a glass wall-window overlooking the west side of Midtown Manhattan. His desk is as large as a pool table, glass and chrome, only one folder and a telephone on top, nothing else. He starts his day at 7 a.m. As the sun turns red-orange across the Hudson River, he drops everything and begins to relax. There is a knock at the door.


Yes. Come in Lisa. I know its you.


(Nervously). Sir, this is Therese, the new hire you requested.


Hi Therese. Welcome. Sit down. That will be all Lisa. Thank you.


Lisa leaves. Therese sits without a word.


I have a bad name of being vicious. Deep inside, I am really vicious. It’s my nature. Don’t be afraid.


I am not afraid. That’s a beautiful sunset.


You seem to be at home right away. I like that. Nobody is at home in this office when I am around. I am normally addressed as sir.


Would you like a little exception?


(A bit shocked). Whoow. That’s good for a starter. And for what reason?


It may be a good change of air for you. I mean, don’t you get tired of people at your feet? It’s about time you meet an equal.


Whoow. An equal. Wow. I could fire you right this minute for insolence.


(Calmly and with a smile.) Go ahead. I can take it. You want me to go?


Whoow. This is getting better and better. You are interesting. How old are you?


Nineteen. Believe me, it’s good to talk to an equal for a change.


And what is your position in this office?


I was told I am the assistant to the third assistant secretary. It’s my first day. I was told you hired me because you wanted a ‘sunset girl’ to help you relax when the day is done. That’s an easy job. I like it. I have a talent in relaxing people. And I hate office work. That’s the reason I took this job.


And you call us equals?


Yes. The only difference between us is your rich and I am not. That’s to your advantage. But your are old and I am young. That’s to my advantage. Pretty even, wouldn’t you say? We will both die one day. I might even die before you.


And what is your secret in relaxing people.


(Shrugging her shoulders) Oh, I don’t know. My smile, the way I talk. I’m just me.


(Leafing through her biodata). Hmmm. Summa cum lauda, Boston U. Top of the class. Marine biology. You’re actually way off the mark, do you know that?


Not really. I minored in Banking and Finance. You could use me. Aside from sunset duty, I am a genius in finance. Wanna try me?


I have a dozen seniors who can do finance while sleeping.


Then let’s stick to the sunset.


I hired you because, first you’re at the top of your class, second, your personality test shows you’re an intellectual rebel. Good combination. I want a young bright kid I can talk to at the end of the day.


About what precisely?


Oh I don’t know, anything. Corporate, business or even philosophy. I also need someone who is out of the box, a non-corporate person, a tabula rasa. You know what tabula rasa means?


Terence, may I call you Terence?


You already did.


Terence, don’t insult me please. We just met. You said I was a summa, right? Why ask a stupid question. Tabula rasa. You want someone who is pure of heart, not tinted, not biased, no scars, right?


Bulls eye.


You want an intellectual rebel. You’re tired of half of your VPs being intellectually subservient. You are basically surrounded by yes people, bright ones and not-so-bright ones.


There are a few brains here and there, but you’re right. Your first task is to tell me your first impression of me.


I don’t think you are really vicious. You’re pretending most of the time. Maybe you’re just insecure deep inside, which no one seems to have discerned.


Have you discerned it?


I’m not sure. I feel your soft spot though. You try hard to hide it for fear it would be discovered. And that would make you feel naked. You did not mind my insolence. That’s the soft spot. And your soft spot is out of despair to talk to someone your equal. But then again maybe you are afraid of equals. It’s a complex mix. You are threatened by me when I said we are equals, and yet you welcome it.


Wait, you’re putting me on the defensive.


Then don’t be. I think you sort of wanted a ‘sunset woman’ with no scars for a good reason. You see, you know I’m not like your other secretaries and assistant secretaries because I don’t care. You have no hold on me. That’s a nice feeling for me, and for you also, isn’t it? You want me to defy you, I mean, for a change.


Do you feel my despair?


Obvious from the minute I entered the room. So let me be your sunset girl for a week. If you don’t like it, fire me. If I don’t like it I resign.


Therese stands up, goes to the wall, pushes a button, and a mini-bar appears. She puts brandy on two goblets and gets two glasses of iced water, puts them on a tray, and places it on Terence’s table. She turns to him.


May I join you.


Stupid question. You brought two glasses.


I know. Brandy. Iced water on the side.


Lisa told you?


She is a good girl. Meticulous to your needs. Cheers.


Glasses clink. They both approach the window and look at lesser skyscrapers silhouetted against the now-deep-red horizon. Terence hands a pair of binoculars to Therese. Therese sees a seagull against the sunset.



Without showing you finance and market data, do you think I should buy Daily Globe? Let’s see what your tabula rasa summa cum laude brain will say.


What for? You have everything. It’s just to satisfy your greed. Oops, I don’t mean to be rude. I mean your ego. Oops, I mean your …. your …. (Pause). What the heck. Let’s not call a spade a clover. Let’s not be polite. Let’s lay our cards on the table. It’s your ego and greed, Terence. I am sorry to say. I mean, what do you want a newspaper for, to project your image? Power? Fame? Your image is over-projected already. I mean you were on the cover of Time Magazine three months ago, and Fortune Magazine  four months before that. You’ve been on the covers, what, six times in the last what, four years?


Seven times. (Laughs uncontrollably) Now I feel good.


You feel good being stripped bare by a teenager from nowhere? Bare naked truth?


Yeah, feels good. I was right getting a sunset girl. So what do I do?


Do you have to do anything? I mean can’t you stop. Stop acquiring. Stop merging. Stop this obsession for your empire. You’re busy but you’re bored. It has excited you all your life, but not anymore. You are addicted to it, like morphine to a cancer patient. You need to detoxify. You need to go cold turkey.


If I drop everything, I will get bored.


Not really, if you have some imagination.


You know we have been talking for 30 minutes and for the first time, and you’re changing me, my life.


Sunset girls do that.


This has been bothering me for a long time.


I know. I read so many articles about you as soon as I got accepted here. I can see through you. You are naked to me, Terence. All this velvet under your feet is nothing to you.


I have seen three shrinks in the last two months.


Terence breaks down without shame, the Octopus, the Hitler sheds tears for the first time in a long long while. Therese gets the bottle of brandy and fills the two goblets to the brim.


Yup, that’s the first step. Tears. Very medicinal.


This is not the way to drink brandy, Therese.


Sorry. I’m getting carried away.Okay okay.


Therese goes to the bar and pours tequila into two small glasses. They gulp it instantly.


Shrinks can’t help you, Terence. You are opaque to these guys because they do not understand what makes you tick. They go through the motions of knowing you, but they don’t. They just want your money.


And you know what makes me tick.


Yeah, I do. I felt it in my bones the moment I came in. That is why you couldn’t scare me.


So what do I do, Therese. C’mon sunset girl.


You won’t like what I will tell you.


For heaven’s sake.


Okay. Can I put it straight.


Wait. More tequila.


Now you’re talking.


She takes the bottle of tequila and fills the glasses. They are emptied instantly. She pours again. But just as Terence is about to have a second gulp, Therese pulls the glass away.


Wait wait wait. Here me out first.


Okay. What?


Get rid of your empire. Give it away. That’s the only way you get out of your rut.


My empire a rut? You’re kidding.


Yes, your empire a rut and you’re drowning in it.


There is silence. Terence yanks the glass from Therese and both down the tequila.


I mean your sixty eight right? You’re in the pre-departure area. Tell me, have you ever thought you would die soon.


That’s what I have been telling these shrinks. And they would argue against it and I would hate them for being hypocrites. They just wanted to be paid. This has been haunting me for the last four years, the thought of death.


What good is your empire when you can’t take it with you. Sell half of it. Give it way to whoever. Do you believe in God.


I do. I do.


You should if you’re in the pre-departure area. You know there is this Jesuit saint, Francis Xavier, who said, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his immortal soul.”


I was thinking of that actually, burning my empire, but I would not dare. I’m no Nero. And what would I do after?


Two key words, Terence – ‘profit’ and ‘immortal’. St. Francis puts it in corporate jargon, profit. And he compares your puny finite empire to the infinity of your soul, immortal.


Coming from my sunset girl, I have just made a decision. Thank you, Therese. Maybe I can put up a foundation to rescue the homeless, give them back their mortgaged houses, how about that?


Therese pours more tequila. They down it in two seconds.


Anything, as long as it’s not for you. It has to be for others. That’s the secret. Are you up to saying a prayer with me?


Without a word, Terence falls to his knees, facing the sunset.


No, no. Don’t kneel. Slouch in your chair and swing it to the sunset. Relax. (Terence does so obediently.) Okay, now, I will pray for both of us. Just sit there and listen. (Pause) Lord, teach us, Terence and me, how to give to others. Especially Terence, Lord, since he has so much to give.


Go on, go on.


Finished. You don’t have to elaborate. He knows. I have to go. It’s late, and I feel whoozy.


Can I take you home?


No, no. I live three blocks away.


But you feel whoozy.


Therese pours more tequila.


I want to walk home after this nice talk with you. I enjoyed it terribly. For the road?


They empty the glasses.


I will see you tomorrow at sunset?


I don’t know. You don’t need me anymore. I gave you your sunset, right?


But you have to help me plan to give my empire away.


He will help you. He’s good at that. Just don’t forget to ask him. I am not good at that. Bye. (She heads for the door.)


Wait, wait. Just in case you don’t come back, here take this.


Terence had a hard time writing the cheque. He had to tear the cheques the first two tries. Finally, he handed a crumpled cheque to Therese. Therese pocketed the cheque without looking.


Read the cheque, damn it.


(Stops at the door and reads it). You’re kidding. I can’t take this.


You’re doing me a favor. Take the damn cheque.


(Sobs and leaves). I won’t be back.


Hell, drop in sometime?




With the money, Therese bought a modest beach house in Long Island and a second hand Benz. She bought a second house for her sister to take care of their sick mother in Cape Cod, where she grew up. Terence was envious and bought a nearby beach house in Long Island.


Are you following me?


Nope. I’m following Him.


Oh. How nice. So we’re both headed His way.


Of course, their houses were facing west. They would watch the sunset often. Slowly, the corporate empire shrunk, and a new empire loomed at the horizon, bigger and more awesome than the first. Therese died at the age of 22, and Terence had to stay behind as there was a lot to give away. He died at the age of 89.


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anecdote 25 – depression, a disease worse than cancer / I burn your home so you can seek My shelter

anecdote 25


Two short healing stories
from Sister Raquel


Depression is a disease worse that cancer
A true story


Jessica is 75 and has stage 5 cancer of the brain. She will die anytime soon. She gets bouts of deep depression often. It is not the sickness that bothers her, but the depression. Because depression is contagious, the whole family is also depressed. There are only evenings of quiet tears. No one dares to talk in fear it will become worse.


Jessica knows she will die soon. She is just waiting. Even though she is resigned to it, she asks the Lord, “Please remove my depression, Lord. That is all I ask. Before I die, just give me a few happy moments with my children.”


And so the Lord granted Jessica’s wish. She would go out with the whole family and have fun in the best restaurants. Walang bawal kainin. They eat anything and everything. They would eat to their heart’s content and laugh. They do this feasts three to four times a week. Never is Jessica so happy. And happiness, like depression, is also contagious. Her children become happy because they see a happy mother. In the evenings, quiet tears become calm conversations. From darkness, there is light. From depression there is joy.


Then one day, during a routine check up with her doctor, Jessica is suddenly cancer free. Lord, how good you are that one asks only for happiness, and you give her not only happiness but life itself. Praise to Your goodness, Lord of everything that is.


The Lord burns our homes so we can seek His shelter
A true story


Jack had nothing to do that day. So he decided to go with his sick neighbor to the healing center. He was just curious what it was all about. He was the observer, the fence sitter just out to satisfy his curiosity.


So he followed his neighbor around at the healing center. After his neighbor was prayed over, Sister looked at Jack and said, “You. Come. Your next.” Jack could not say no.


“So what is wrong with you?” Sister asked, as she put her hand on his shoulder.


“Nothing, Sister. I am not sick. I just came to observe. Just curious.”


“But I can feel something on your soulders. Something is wrong with you.”


“Huh, what is wrong with me, Sister?”


“You have no faith. You do not believe.”


Jack became afraid that Sister knew. “How did you know that, Sister?”


“I just felt it. It’s not hard to guess. So what do you say we pray that you have faith?”


Jack was forced to say out of politeness, not wanting to offend Sister, “Nothing to lose, Sister. Okay, we pray.”


That day, Jack began to pray. He was healed of a spiritual vacuum, a kind of disease of the soul that made him cold and indifferent. Now, he was full of energy. He became warmer to people. He looked forward talking to strangers.


So Sister told him when he returned to the healing center, this time without his neighbor, “Jesus makes us sick so we can come to Him. His goal is really to make you closer to Him, for you to have faith if you have none, or stronger faith if it is weak. Just like in your case, Jack.”


My ways are harsh and soothing
My yoke is bitter and sweet
My paths are winding and straight
My Words are of fear and of love
I bring drought before the deluge
pain before deliverance
sickness before healing
hunger before nourishment
for it is in thirsting
that you seek my life-giving water
it is in grieving
that your soul is cleansed
it is in pain
that I draw you close to Me
it is in loneliness
that you seek Me to love
go forth and teach others then
of My cruelty and My kindness
My storm before the lull
My hell and My paradise
it is in suffering
and in grief
that My kingdom
comes to you
i empty your body
so I can fill your soul
I make you poor
so I can enrich you
I burn your home
so you can seek My shelter
I make you sick
so you can seek My healing
I make you lose your way in the desert
so you can find My path
I  bring darkness
so you can seek My light
I give deliverance
only after you carry My cross
I am the Hound of Heaven
in search of lost souls
first I sanctify you
by sharing My cross
then I make all things beautiful for you
in My time and in My way
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