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WEST VALLEY QUAKE IS “RIPE” * estimated 34,000 casualties

WEST VALLEY QUAKE IS “RIPE” * estimated 34,000 casualties
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By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
After the devastation caused by the recent 6.7 magnitude tremor in Surigao, PHIVOLCS issued new earthquake warnings “for the big one … that could kill thousands” along the West Valley fault, which cuts across Metro-Manila. A new earthquake is “ripe” since it happens every 400 years and the last one was in 1658, 367 years ago. (Source – philstar.prepare-big-one).  


MMDA “risk assessment maps” available at  this geoportal site).
This geoportal is a powerful tool to harness instantly detailed earthquake data, past-present-future, at any location in the world up to less than a square kilometer zone. Risk areas, such as fault lines, are color-coded high-moderate-low. It is not hard to use.  
In the above map, the 100-km. West Valley Fault extends from Sta. Rosa, Laguna to north of San Mateo, Bulacan. The West Valley fault cuts across “Bulacan through Quezon City, Marikina, Makati, Pasig, Taguig and Muntinlupa in Metro Manila; San Pedro, Biñan, Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao and Calamba in Laguna; and Carmona, General Mariano Alvarez and Silang in Cavite”. (Map source – philnews.-big-one). 
Subdivisions Affected
The above table shows subdivisions most likely to be affected by a West Valley tremor of 7.2 magnitude and above. These are science-based ‘estimates’ whose purpose is not to sow panic but encourage preparations. (Source – 2004 Study for Earthquake Impact Reduction for the Metropolitan Manila in the Republic of the Philippines (MMEIRS); raissarobles.homes-buildings-of-metro-manila). Raisa Robles also gives a quick earthquake preparation primer.
The JICA-MMDA 2004 study estimates that a 7.2 magnitude tremor can kill 34,000 and injure 100,000. Casualties can be higher if there is severe ground or lateral movements. Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Vol. 5 100-year Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

We feature here reruns of two disaster documentaries –
The mysterious appearance of oil on the floor of the Adoration Chapel of the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry was followed by major global disasters. It was also followed by instant healings of terminal patients. The God of Wrath is also the God of Mercy.
Part 1. History.
Part 2. Healing Testimonials.
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THE RUNAWAY GIRL * a true story

THE RUNAWAY GIRL * a true story
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amen I say to you, beware and be cautious
for you know not the day nor the hour
Matthew 25:12-13


By Bernie Lopez
BREAKING NEWS.  Unverified report. Urgent prayer request.20 Christian churches were recently burned. They want to destory 200 more churches in Olisabang Province and kill 200 missionaries in the next 24 hours. Christian are hiding in villagegs. Also, please pray for the 22 Christian families sentenced to death by Islmasts in Afghanistan.
I am seated on a crowded Metro Rail Transit (MRT) train, when this story happens. Dialogue has been reconstructed. A frail girl of about ten, with dirty clothes, beach sandals and a heavy backpack, enters. Teary-eyed and staring into nothing, she stands in front of me, clutching the train post. There is half a seat beside me, so I offer it to her. She gladly sits. I strike a conversation, and she begins to unravel her sad life to me.


ME. Where are you going?
GIRL. Cagayan.
ME. You mean Cagayan Valley in the north?
GIRL. Yes.
ME. You are going that far alone? That’s about 12 hours bus ride.
GIRL. That long? I can manage. (Casually) I’m running away from home.
ME. Oh oh. Why?
GIRL. (In a whisper) My stepfather rapes me regularly when he comes home drunk. Then he mauls me, so I don’t tell others about it. I can’t stand it anymore. (She displays her bruises on the left arm. She quickly wipes off tears.)
ME. Yes, you better run away before you go crazy. Have you been to Cagayan before?
GIRL. No. But I know the town where my grandmother stays. She will take care of me.
ME. Do you know what bus to take and where?
GIRL. Not yet. I will ask around. Perhaps you can tell me.
ME. Do you have enough money?
GIRL. I have some loose change.
ME. How do you expect to get there without money?
GIRL. I will ask the bus driver and conductor to give me a ride.
ME. For free? I am not sure they will do that.
GIRL. They will. People are kind.
ME. And if they don’t.
GIRL. I will ask passengers to pay for me.
ME. Do you know how much it costs?
ME. I think it would be about 500 pesos.
GIRL. That much? I will manage.
ME. Passengers can’t afford that much to give away.
GIRL. I will ask for 20 pesos per passenger. People are kind.
ME. I like your attitude.
GIRL. I have a guardian angel. The Lord loves me and takes care of me. (She takes out a tattered rosary and proudly shows it.) I prayed before I left the house. Nothing can happen to me.
ME. How about food? It’s half a day’s ride. You need to eat.
GIRL. I will be okay. My grandma will feed me.
ME. No, I mean during the 12-hour trip.


The girl does not answer. I squirm in my seat. I furtively give her a 500-peso bill. I am not rich but she needs this badly. Perhaps embarrassed, she grabs it quickly without a word. All the while, Jerry, another senior citizen like myself, is listening to our conversation. He stares in surprise at the 500-peso bill.


ME. You better put that in your bag so it does not get lost. (She does so.)
GIRL. You are very kind, sir. Thank you.
ME. (After a long silence.) You know what? Do this. When you get in the bus, talk to the driver and tell him you have no money for food. Ask him to take you with him when you make a stopover to eat. Drivers get free meals from the restaurant because they bring passengers to eat there. I’ve done that twice.
GIRL. That’s clever. Okay, I will. Thanks.
There is a long pause. I squirm again in my seat. I give her three 100-peso bill. Jerry grunts.


ME. That’s for your food. The driver may not like to give you a free meal.
GIRL. Thank you again sir. (She clutches the bills.)
ME. Put it in your bag. (She ignores me. Another girl, a teenager, sits beside us.)
ME. Hello there, miss. Can I ask you a favor?
ME. Where are you going down?
TEENAGER. Pasay Rotonda station. Why?
ME. Good. This girl needs to go to one of four provincial bus stations, the one where buses go to Cagayan Valley. She does not know how to get there. I am going down at Ayala. Can you take care of her? Just ask around what bus station to go to.
TEENAGER. No problem, sir. I will do it. (She looks at the girl and smiles.)
ME. One more thing please. Escort her to the station until she boards the right bus. Please get her a sandwich. I gave her money. Do you have time for this? Is it too much trouble?
TEENAGER. No problem, sir. It’s okay. I’m glad to help.
ME. Thanks. Okay, this kind lady will take care of you. Do not talk to strangers, only the bus driver or conductor. Is that clear? Put the money in your bag.
GIRL. Yes sir. Thank you again. You also have a guardian angel. I can feel it.
JERRY. (Arriving at the Ayala Station, Jerry and I leave the train.) Wow. That was something you did back there. Why did you want her escorted all the way to the bus?
ME.  Many predators looking for victims in the jungle of bus stations.
JERRY. Oh, white slavery. Never thought of that. In all my life, I never saw someone hand out 800 pesos just like that to a complete stranger. Did you notice she is a very brave girl?
ME. Yes, an innocent lamb unafraid of the jungle of predators.
JERRY. It’s more ignorance than bravery.
ME. Extreme despair makes you brave. Kapit sa patalim. (Grab the blade in despair.)
JERRY. It’s faith, not ignorance, not despair. She never sees it as a ‘blade’.
ME. Yes, she talks of her guardian angel. That’s why she is not afraid.
JERRY. Did you not realize she could be conning you?
ME. It crossed my mind. Benefit of the doubt, my friend. If she conned me, I lose 800 pesos. So what? If she did not con me, I give her a new life.
JERRY. Her guardian angel nudged you. You gave without hesitation and so quickly. Amazing. You must be rich.
ME. Are you kidding? Rich people do not take train rides. I earn a lousy 24,000 a month. I get by. Simple living. I live alone. What is 800 pesos to me? I would spend that in three days on food and transport. I would not die of poverty or hunger.
JERRY. I give coins to beggars. Rarely, I give a whole 20-peso bill to lame people. But I am not a martyr. 800 pesos? Wow. Tell me, what made you really do it?
ME. How old are you?
JERRY. Sixty five.
ME. I’m sixty nine. You and I are in the pre-departure area. We can go anytime. There is no time. When the rare opportunity comes, grab it. All my life, it’s just me, me, me. It’s a game changer really, this thing called death. When you see it hovering about you, you start thinking not me, not me anymore.
JERRY. Do me a favor. Take this. (He hands me a 100-peso bill.) Share your spiritual bounty with me. I need it.
ME. Why?
JERRY. I have cancer of the prostrate that has spread to my lungs. Take it, I beg you. From now on, I will look for children in distress. I think I also have a guardian angel. Look at me, giving 100 pesos. Never in my life.
ME. You better look hard. Distressed kids don’t come easy in trains. When the rare opportunity comes, grab it, and die for it.
JERRY. Are you kidding? They’re all over the streets. They’re everywhere. We are just too blind.
ME. The Lord lets the poor sanctify the rich.
JERRY. Correction. The not-so-rich. Sharing is not an option but an obligation. I mean, look at the rich guy who gave to the dogs instead of to Lazarus. Where is he now?
ME. Cooking barbecue. (We both laugh. He hugs me quickly. I take the money and we part ways, as if we knew each a long time.)


Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


almost everything–all external expectations
all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure
these things just fall away in the face of death
leaving only what is truly important


Steve Jobs, dying of cancer
as his empire lay at his feet




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Send email to sr.raquel.rvm@gmail.com

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Guidelines for Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors –

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How we handle Prayer Requests –

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  4. If you have been healed, email us your story to inspire others, no length limitation.
Bernie V. Lopez, email manager
Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry


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THE MIRACLE OF THE ROSE PETALS RELATES TO FATIMA * Vol 4 – 100-year Fatima Anniversary

Vol. 4 – 100-year Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima
By Bernie V. Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer Opinion Writer
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are the author’s alone.
Below, Our Lady of Fatima and the three peasant-children visionaries, etched on a soft rose-petal, relates the Fatima messages to the Carmelie Covent rose-petal miracles.
At the convent of the Carmelite Sisters in Lipa City, center for devotion to Our Lady Mediatrix of Grace, thousands gathered as rose petals rained from the sky like manna. On the petals were etched, like photo slides, religious images – the Holy Trinity, the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Fatima. That memorable day of the Miracle of the Rose Petals mimicked the famous Miracle of the Dancing Sun in Fatima in 1917, a hundred years ago. When Anacleta Trivino saw tears in the eyes of the statue of Our Lady Mediatrix of Grace, it was later learned that that was the day Fatima visionary Lucia Dos Santos was dying.
This article does not claim authenticity or veracity, but simply shows photos of the rose petals in their stark reality. Readers are free to believe or not believe, which the Church permits under no pain of sin.
There are six known visionaries in the Philippines who have experienced rose-petal miracles. For the record, the six are 1) the controversial Teresita Castillo, a.k.a. Sister Teresing, of Lipa City, who whipped up a storm that split the Church into pros and antis all the way to the Vatican; 2 and 3) Carmelo Cortez and older sister Puring Fruto of San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City, the focus of this article for their spectacular rose petals; 4) Lola Thelma, of a Lourdes grotto in Quezon City; 5) Lito Valero of Manila; and 6) an alleged stigmatist named Alan Robinson, now reportedly in the US. (Source – rose-petal visionaries).
Since these are extraordinary signs concentrated in one country, that makes the Philippines an extraordinary nation in the global proliferation of Marian messages. Vatican Marian scholars believe the Philippines plays a central role globally in Marian apostolate. After all, it is the only Christian country in the whole of Asia.Below is a painting of Our Lady Mediatrix by Joey Velasco from a dream vision. He had no artistic training then. He said the Holy Spirit painted it, not he. He was healed by Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM of kidney cancer years before he died.
Below, the Miracle of the Dancing Sun. Fatima, Portugal 1917. Tens of thousands knelt and prayed in awe. The Carmelite Convent Miracle of the Rose Petals mimics the Fatima Miracle of the Dancing Sun.
The intimacy between Our Lady of Fatima and Pope Francis is mirrored on this rose petal below.
Pope John Paul II is the so-called first ‘Fatima Pope’ because he revealed the Third Secret after many decades of Papal secrecy, which secret prophesied his failed assassination (see Vol 1). Pope Francis is the second ‘Fatima Pope’, as revealed in rose petal above. Foreseeing the hand of Our Lady of Fatima in the disasters in the Philippines, he dispatched a statue of Our Lady of Fatima to Bohol after the massive earthquake of 2013 (see Vol. 3). That statue trekked from village to village until after the Yolanda super-hurricane (see Vol. 2).The Holy Trinity

Last Supper

The Black Madonna (of Czestochowa, Poland), 13th to 14th Century AD painting

Compare above painting to the rose-petal version

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 12th to 13th Century AD painting.

Compare above painting to rose petal version, based on the crowns.

Crown of Thorns

Rose petal turned into Eucharistic bread with gold dust.

The Miracle of Gold Dusts

The phenomenon of sudden mysterious appearance of gold dusts or the sudden sweet smell of roses are now being reported by many. Again, this article offers no scientific evidence, only actual photographs. Readers are free to believe or not believe. The author conducted a simple lab test on gold dusts from the bedroom of Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM, of the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry. If the material bubbles in muriatic acid, it is not gold, as shown in the youtube video below.

Lab test on gold dust from Sister Raquel’s bedroom.


Gold dust on pilgrims visiting visionary Carmelo.

Interview with Carmelo
Say a healing prayer with Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM
Say a healing prayer with Fr. Fernando Suarez
More Fatima 100-year Anniversary articles to come.
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