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Fatima Visit to DMZ Triggers Peace Pact – Key to Peace in Asia Part 2

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The Key to Peace in Asia – Part 2
U.S. Presence in Korea Prevents Peace and Invites War
by Bernie V. Lopez /


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Three months after the statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Rome was displayed in a concelebrated mass 60 miles from the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), attended by hundreds of Marian devotees, North Korean President Kim Jong Un and South Korea President Moon Jae-in signed a historic peace pact never seen before. Is there a message behind this event that perhaps the key to peace in Asia is more through goodwill than military deployments?


Earlier, on April 2007, 2017, Kim issued nuclear threats against the US and South Korea that North Korea was now capable of deploying missiles to the US continent, sending chills across the planet. On June 5, 2017, three months after the Fatima visit, Kim and Moon suddenly and mysteriously reverted their war-stance. Kim declared “a new history of peace and prosperity”. Moon said, “We made a new beginning of peace for the Korean peninsula and the world.” There was a historic signing hailed by the entire world.


Even if we argue that that ‘historic’ signing was not really that ‘historic’ because of subsequent actions of both Trump and Kim heading towards a confrontation, we become aware that perhaps there are better options than bullets.


Surprisingly, there was a noticeable absence of the U.S. in the Fatima peace pact. It seemed the US wanted war, not peace. It seemed peace was more reachable without an armed superpower hovering above, and South Korea and North Korea were left to themselves to forge peace. The US war stance would bring down Asia, but that is far from US soil.




The US pressured Sokor to build a controversial joint missile naval base in the sleepy village of Gangjeong in Jeju Island, South Korea, 300 kilometers from the Chinese mainland, labelled the Gangjeong Crisis, the Cuban Crisis in reverse aimed at China.


In 2011, construction was halted after seven massive people’s protests, saying the project was not a ‘defense plan’ for South Korea but an ‘offense plan’ against China, and would destabilize the region. The base would host US-made Aegis Combat System, an offensive and defensive missile-destroyer system all at once. Provincial representative Park Weon-cheol also added that the base could potentially host a nuclear US carrier fleet, which can invite future Chinese response. (Source – The Dong-a Ilbo News).


In July 2012, due to US pressures, the South Korea Supreme Court sadly upheld the project. The mega-base can reputedly accommodate twenty warships, not to mention secret missile siloes. If China plans an aggressive response, this may trigger massive covert escalation This US brinkmanship may easily usher in World War III in the blink of an eye.




Hypothetically, if we remove the US bases in South Korea, we are closer to peace, because North Korea will not feel threatened and may even abandon its nuke missile program. The Korean peace pact is thus a good idea. Bullets invite war and goodwill invites peace. However, US bases leaving South Korea is next to impossible because the hawks in South Korea and the US argue that this would invite a North Korea invasion. Sadly, the US bases, the key to war, will never leave Korea, unless there is a future South Korean ruler who will throw them out.


Even if geopolitics mandate a war stance, the peace stance of the Fatima visit is there to challenge geopolitics with goodwill, and sends a clear signal that peace is still somehow achievable. The word ‘somehow’ is the magic word, something only the Lord perhaps can plan. Here is where we turn to the Bible. The Lord was able to save Israelites from its many enemies dozens of times – the Lord of Mercy. But the Lord also punished them for abandoning Him, as in the Bayblonian Exile, where the Lord permitted their enemies to overwhelm and enslave the Israelites for decades – the Lord of Wrath.


So if we talk of addressing peace in Asia, we first have to 1) keep the powerful war hawks at bay, 2) let the doves move in, and 3) let prayer and goodwill rather than hatred and brinkmanship to reign over our hearts, turning to the Queen of Peace to do the impossible.


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Bernie V. Lopez
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China’s Electronic Jammers Worry U.S. * Part 1. Key to Peace in Asia

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The Key to Peace in Asia – Part 1
The Looming U.S.-China Naval Confrontation in the South China Sea
By Bernie V. Lopez /


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Filipinos are not helpless in dealing with giant forces in their own backyard. Filipinos cannot sit idly and just watch the giants wrestle, because they are the potential collateral damage in that looming naval war. Filipinos have the capability and the right to intervene and forge peace with diplomatic strategies in the name of survival. Filipinos can talk to the hawks and convert them into doves.


Reports, as far back as April 2018, revealed that China has setup electronic jamming equipment against warships and warplanes in most of its seven militarized reefs, virtually encompassing the entire South China Sea. US warplanes from the carrier USS Roosevelt on the way to the Philippines reported electronically jammed instruments. This is viewed by the U.S. as a forward preparation for a future naval confrontation, and a cause for grave concern.


Chinese Media reported that “US Growler electronic warplanes (flying over) the South China Sea were out of control for only a few seconds. All fighters withdrew. The U.S was at a loss as to why this happened. Finally, they mobilized reconnaissance satellites to discover that many electronic jamming devices appeared on the islands and reefs in the South China Sea.” ( July 27, 2020 quoting Chinese media, see bibliography).


Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. intelligence reported a network of “radar and communications jamming equipment being installed on Beijing’s artificial South China Sea island fortresses.” Such a network in the 7 known militarized reefs are capable of paralyzing enemy warplanes and warships within the entire WPS, which is what worries the U.S.


In April 2018, Australian news reported two Chinese Xian-Y7 at Mischief (Panganiban) Reef. These are rapid deployment warplanes for both troops and munitions. China is super-sensitive to the presence of the USS Roosevelt Carrier. “The news comes amid reports that electronic warfare equipment recently installed on the islands were last week directed at disrupting the passage of the United States Navy’s aircraft carrier, the USS Roosevelt.” US pilots of the EA-18G Growler (an “electronic attack version of the F-18”) from the USS Roosevelt on the way to the Philippines reported that their instruments were ‘not working’ and were being electronically jammed.


Jamming is more dangerous than shooting because it invites rapid escalation and a US deadlier response if it feels helpless. For example, the U.S. may decide to take out some of these land-based jamming equipment if their warplanes and drones are downed consistently, inviting Chinese counter-response.


Philippine Peace Initiatives and Options


First, media must be vigilant in reporting WPS events, especially those which are leading to a naval confrontation. The relative absence of media reports, partly due to China’s censorhip, has resulted in China’s extensive militarization unknown to many. We need to monitor the WPS to give an early warning system to the Filipino people. The U.S. and the Philippines must exchange vital information as they happen.


Second, Congress and the Supreme Court (Legislative and Judicial branches) must formally endorse the De Hague court decision nullifying China’s claims in the WPS, even in the absence of the Executive Branch. This sends a clear message to the international community and the United Nations that the Filipino people stand by the international court decisions in the name of survival. This will pre-empt a naval confrontation with predicted heavy collateral damage on the Filipino people. Both sides will hopefully think twice to begin hostilities and respect Filipino sovereignty and U.N. protocols.


Third, Filipinos need to form an ‘International Lobby Group’ headed by an ‘Ambassador of Goodwill’, a ‘Peace Czar’, to get the international community and the United Nations actively on our side, especially the UN Security Council, which formulates policies to pre-empt wars and foster dialogues and negotiations. The lobby group must regularly send emissaries to Beijing to court peace. It must make an inventory of supportive nations, and augment it actively with continuous diplomatic initiatives.


Goodwill and prayers, not bullets, can foster peace. Benevolence and belligerence are both contagious, and can coexist. If we initiate goodwill without sacrificing our ability to be belligerent if stepped on, China will reciprocate and respect us. The same is true with the U.S. We can initiate dialogues to prevent escalation and retaliation. Clearly, our options as David facing two Goliaths is diplomacy, never bullets. And the stones for our slingshot are our peace initiatives.


Bernie V. Lopez
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Daily Tribune columnist / ex-Inquirer columnist / Healing ministry


Bibliography quoting Chinese Media –


News Corp Australia Network / April 20, 2018.


Business Insider, April 19, 2018. // quoting Wall Street Journal and U.S. intelligence reports).
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Tormented by the devil, she sprinkled holy water and he vanished.
View photos of miraculous rose petals with religious images.
Woman with cancer of the bladder completely healed thru a rose petal.
By Bernie V. Lopez,
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The late Sister Teresing Castillo, the visionary of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace, wrote two diaries. The first diary was destroyed. This is the second one, typewritten by her a few years before she passed away (free download link at the end).


This diary is the only known existing first-hand evidence of the apparitions of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace, a name she told Sr. Teresing Castillo to be her title. Just like Sr. Lucia of Fatima, the Blessed Virgin appeared many times to Sr. Teresing to proclaiming her messages to the world.
P388 – Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace
DIARY EXCERPT NO. 1 – Tormented by the devil.
August 11, 1948. “At around 3:00 a.m. I was awakened by the shaking of my bed which lasted about one minute or so. He (the devil) also told me that I was wrong in loving and respecting the Bishop and Mother Cecilia. He was terribly ugly. He hit me and the marks (were) seen by Mother Prioress. His foul odor convinced me that he was something totally evil. With God’s grace, I was determined to win the battle. He disappeared after being sprinkled by me with holy water as I have been told to do by Mother Prioress.”
Note. The devil knew how important Our Lady Mediatrix was in the Church’s evangelical effort in Asia, especially in the ‘conversion’ of China (‘conversion’ not religiously but in the change of heart towards peace; read full blown article; link given below). In the devil’s panic, he instilled total fear on Sr. Teresing to prevent her from receiving the messages of Our Lady. But the Virgin prevailed.
DIARY EXCERPT NO. 2 – Miracle of the Rose Petals.
August 20, 1948. “I was in our cell, fixing our bed, when I heard a sound similar to that of a bird flapping its wings. When I looked up, I noticed a strong, sweet smell and I saw petals falling from nowhere because there was no hole in the ceiling. When the petals reached the floor, they formed into cross, so I said to myself: “O my Jesus, what is happening to me now?” Mother Prioress gathered the petals and brought them with her. Mother Prioress gathered the petals and brought them with her.”
September 1, 1948. “I was led back to our cell. I smelt a sweet fragrance again and immediately guessed that Mama Mary was in our cell. Yes, she was! Although I was blind, she told me to gather all the petals on our bed. I did. Before she left the cell, I begged her on bended knees to please allow me to kiss her feet. Much to my surprise, she consented. I could hardly believe, but it is really very true. I felt I couldn’t do it, because I felt so unworthy. But I did it: My feeling was beyond description.”
Note. Sr. Teresing wrote about rose petals, which is a preview to the Miracle of Rose Petals, explained in the book Mary Mediatrix of All Grace, by Rene de Jesus (available at the Carmelite Convent in Lipa). The rose petals bore religious images, such as the Holy Trinity, Our Lady of Fatima, etc.. There were people healed by the petals. (see photos.)


Petal no. 1 – p387
Petal no. 2 – p208
Petal no. 3 – 98B
BOOK EXCERPT – Healing of Cancer of the Bladder.
Pages 152 to 153. “Dear Julie (Hughes-Sikora, Filipino married to American), I was cured by your rose petals. I want you to know that it had performed a miracle on me. I was cured of my cancer. Please come and see me when you get to Chicago. Sr. Mary Angela.


“Sr. Mary Angela recounted that, when the rose petal was brought to her (by Julie), she was dying of bladder cancer, and a coffin was already on standby. (She was) alone in her room with the petal, praying. The Blessed Mother in her white veil dress and veil ‘came out’ of the rose petal and stood floating on a cloud before her. The Blessed Mother smiled at her. With her pain so severe, she fainted. She woke up the next day with all her scars from her past operations gone. She felt well and healed completely.”
Note. Julie got the ‘healing rose petal’ at the Mediatrix shrine in Lipa. A strong wind blew a shower of petals, and she picked up one. She brought it to the US, and eventually surrendered the petal to the Carmelite Sisters in Lipa after it healed Sr. Mary Angela.
By Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger / Daily Tribune columnist / ex-Inquirer columnist / healing ministry
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FISHBALL VENDOR – A Pandemic Story

FISHBALL VENDOR – A Pandemic Story
Discovering the Essential Filipino
Inspired by a boy the author met at the Singalong Market.
Bernie V. Lopez,
Sean, a senior British correspondent for 30 years, is in Manila on assignment to write about “the essential Filipino”. This is peanuts for Sean.
Suddenly, he gets stranded. No flights back to London due to the pandemic. For three days, he runs around searching. But the malls and business districts are empty. He heads for the crowded Singalong marketplace.
He spots a barefoot 8-year-old boy selling fishballs from a rolling cart. He has a dirty torn shirt which reads “I (heart) New York”. The boy dances, sporting wireless bluetooth earphones, mimicking quite accurately Michael Jackson’s famous gyrations, complete with a straw hat. A small crowd of onlookers applaud. He ignores them.
Spotting his story, Sean moves in. He had to scream into his ear due to the loud music. The boy removes the earphones.
SEAN – Hey, what are you doing? What’s your name?
JOEY – I’m Joey. Fishballs, sir, wanna buy?
SEAN – Nice earphones, huh?
Joey gives the earphones to Sean who puts them on, and instantly jerks them away – loud Michael Jackson music. Joey put his earphones back on.


SEAN – Hey, wait, I’m talking to you. (Joey removes the earphones, and shows his tiny mp3 player.) Where did you get these? These are expensive. It doesn’t go with your shirt. Did you steal these?
JOEY – No, not steal. I saved fishball income for one year.
SEAN – Why don’t you buy a new shirt and shoes?
JOEY – What for? Not important. Waste of money. Clothes don’t make me happy, only music.
SEAN – You kill yourself selling fishballs for a year just to buy those?
JOEY – Why not? What would you buy? Me, my dream is fulfilled. I don’t need shirts and shoes, just Michael’s music. You, what is your dream?
SEAN – (Caught off guard.) I guess I have no dream. I mean, all I do is write stories to survive. Or yes I have a dream, but I don’t know what it is yet.
JOEY – At your age? Boy, you must be very sad. Buy yourself an mp3.
SEAN – But that is not my dream.
JOEY – So what is your real dream. There must be something you really really like.
SEAN – I have been working so hard, I never really thought about it. My life is work, work, work.
JOEY – But I also work, work, work.
Sean, beginning to discern “the essential Filipino”, takes out his notebook and frantically scribbles, “The essential Filipino is a free spirit. Amazing how this boy is so ‘poor and happy’, as Ernest Hemingway puts it in his book Fiesta. Even in his poverty, he rejects the materialism that is destroying affluent Western society. He is driven by a spiritual dream. Perhaps it comes from his distant past, his Austronesian roots of nomads in tiny boats roaming the vast Pacific. Adventurer. Devil may care.”
JOEY – (Reading) Free spirit … poor and happy … spiritual dream … nomads in tiny boats … (grabbing the notebook.) I know this is your dream. You just don’t know it. What you write here is your dream.
SEAN – (Surprised at the boy’s perception.) I … I … I guess so.
JOEY – It is not a guess. You have found your dream. Once you know your dream, you must follow it, or else you will be very sad, and soon you will die because you have no more reason to live.
SEAN – Thank you for telling me my dream. (Almost in tears, Sean hugs Joey and gives him a hundred-peso bill.)
JOEY – This is too much.
SEAN – No, it’s too little. You help me find my dream that was right in front of my nose all the while. That’s worth a million pesos.
JOEY – (Laughing.) Okay, give me a million pesos. Yes, you cannot see things that are too near your nose. You have to move back to see.
SEAN – Go, buy yourself more music.
JOEY – No. My mom told me to stay at home because of the virus. No selling fishballs. But we have nothing to eat. So I sneaked out without telling her.
SEAN – How can you be so hungry and still dance away?
JOEY – You are a gift from heaven. The Lord is kind to me. Now, I buy food. Thanks.
SEAN – Thanks also for telling me my dream. Yes, the Lord is kind to both of us.
Sean tries to give another hundred-peso bill. Joey refuses. Sean stuffs it into his pocket and leaves quickly.
It took thirty minutes for Sean to write his story at the hotel lobby. In a few milliseconds, the story is at the editor’s desk in London. The title reads, “The Wisdom of the Poor”. Sean lingers for three months until the ban on flights to London is lifted, visiting more marketplaces, to fulfill his dream of writing a book about the true Filipino.  
By Bernie V. Lopez,
FB “Eastwind Journals” / “Bernie V Lopez”