Towards genocide, civil wars, anarchy, and street riots
Is it an inevitable human crisis of biblical proportions?
The Enemy Within
22 July 2018


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by Bernie V. Lopez,
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This article is neutral. It simply gives data from opposing views and a situational analysis.


The active ingredients of this looming seemingly inevitable human crisis are invasions triggering migrations and terrorism. What men do in self-defense sometimes trigger their tragic destiny.


The graph of the looming human crisis shown below is so simple and karmic. The question is how do we stop this unstoppable cycle that grows slowly everyday like cancer? Can we stop the invasions or the migrations? The invaders, even the heads of states, either do not even know they are causing the migration, or they just do not care. The desperate migrants see only survival at all cost, even death. The most powerful ingredients in this human crisis are the invaders, the migrants, and the terrorists. There lies the dilemma and the karmic principle of the war between good and evil. Is there a solution to this human crisis of biblical proportions?




The Western world has a deep dilemma that is tearing nations apart – how to deal with continued flow of Muslims in the largest most affluent cities. On one side are the humanitarians who welcome them with open arms as siblings. On the other are those in fear of being inundated by an Islamic flood.


Both sides have their points, but they are beginning to clash, inducing a potential civil war at the grassroots. Already, riots of pros and antis have been seen in both the US and the EU. On top of this is the growing resentment for the migrants. So its Germans versus Germans, and Germans vs migrants. The flow is slow and seems insignificant, but in time, if and when it attains critical mass, it will breed civil wars and anarchy. War is no longer an export. It is within everyone’s backyard, an invasion in reverse which does not need tanks and planes, only refugee boats.


It is seemingly unstoppable. When one hole is plugged, another somewhere else pops up. It is a dilemma leading towards a human crisis worldwide. The evils and tragedies and poverty in poor and war-torn areas are contagious, flowing towards new havens. It is the cosmic law of equilibrium. Heat seeks cold and vice versa. Low pressure seeks high pressure and vice versa.




by Bernie V. Lopez,
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This article is neutral. It simply gives data/links of opposing views.


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