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Miracle of the Flood in Compostela Valley * Mediatrix Saves Thousands from Mindanao Deluge * eastwind

Mediatrix Saves Thousands from Mindanao Deluge
A Story in Pictures
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by Bernie V. Lopez,


On December 4, 2012, 4 days before the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion, like an angel of death, super-typhoon Pablo ravaged the town of New Bataan, Compostela Valley. The photos tell the story.





Prior to the flood, a mysterious woman warned the four boys to pray to Our Lady Mediatrix, predicting that a disaster similar to that in Cagayan de Oro would soon take place. The four prayed devoutly together.


Andap ng Liwanag


A second miracle occurred at Barangay Andap, a few kilometers upstream of Kibinuangan. Two giant boulders split and weakened the flood, protecting hundreds of evacuees at the San Roque Chapel and at the marketplace downstream. The evacuees punched a hole in the ceiling of the chapel to reach the safety of the roof. A memorial shrine called Andap ng Liwanag (Andap of Light) was built in between the two boulders which parted the raging waters. A ‘tower of hope’ was built to mark the highest level of the flood.





Additional photos taken by author March, 2018









by Bernie V. Lopez,


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THE BANK RUN – A True Story

THE BANK RUN – A True Story
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Back in the old days, Equitable Bank in Chinatown was in the middle of a bank run from panicky clients. They were pouring in, demanding to withdraw all their money before the cash runs out. They had to close the doors as the unruly mob was getting out of hand. How do you turn panic into calm? That was the dilemma of the founder, the legendary Go Kim Pah.
Go Kim Pah thought for awhile, then, without hesitation, gave the order for all the bank’s cash to be placed on the counter, three feet high, six feet wide, three feet deep. He told his entire staff it was important to keep calm and smile, as these were contagious. Then they opened the doors. The angry mob poured in, then froze as soon as they saw the mountain of cash. There was an announcement requesting the people to please fall in line, saying all withdrawals will be honored. Slowly, the crowd vanished. Panic turned into calm instantly.
It is important to understand the power of communication that can stop a stampede in the blink of an eye. Always go for the heart to correct the illusion of the mind. It is like a goon approaching. Everyone backs away, except a child who intuitively knows what to do. She simply smiles and says ‘hi’ to the goon, and he is a goon no more. Smiles melt hearts and, like panic, are extremely contagious. Cold cash is the same, capable of turning fear into calm instantly. It takes wisdom (the cash) and courage (the smile) to turn a storm into a breeze.
By Bernie V. Lopez,
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Hubble Space Photos – Meditating on the Universe
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SLOW DEATH OF THE DOLLAR * EU-Russia-China-Iran to Ditch the Dollar * eastwind

EU-Russia-China-Iran to Ditch the Dollar
by Bernie V. Lopez,
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Here, in a nutshell, is the dangerous trend towards a full-blown currency war never before seen, which may result in the slow death of the Dollar. If the Dollar falls, the global economy may fall. 
When Trump recently ditched the Iran Nuclear Deal, which jeopardized tens of billions of dollars in trade deals between EU and Iran, the EU decided to ditch the Dollar in all future oil trade with Iran, in retaliation. The EU is now shifting from Dollar to Euro to pay for crude oil from Iran. This sets the stage for a full blown economic war between the US and the EU.
Meanwhile, in April this year, Russia was also considering replacing the U.S. dollar in crude oil payments on deals with Turkey and Iran. In March, China started pricing its imports in Yuan currency, resulting in the rise of interest rates for Yuan-backed oil contracts. Daily trade volumes hit a record high. The share of Yuan in global trading jumped from 8% to 12% in eight weeks. The move of China, one of the biggest economy in the world, may eventually be the coup de grace on the death of the Dollar. 
Trump’s obvious purpose in ditching the Iran Nuclear Deal is to force Iran to stop all its nuclear energy efforts. The not-so-obvious purpose, observers suspect, however, are 1) to weaken Iran, ally of the arch-enemy Russia and buffer to its border, by strangling its economy (invasion is out of the question); 2) a larger geopolitical control and presence in Europe and Asia, especially regarding energy sources.
The effects of Trump’s move include – 1) ironically, further growth of oil-gas trades between EU, Iran, China and Russia, and away from the US; 2) ironically, in this growth, the Dollar is alienated, 3) a band-wagon effect on other countries to defy the Dollar, gathering more momentum, 4) the further strengthening of the Iran Nuclear Deal in the eyes of the world, except the US, in the name of energy trade. 
It is not known how the US will try to save the Dollar, in case the trend worsens, but it may be radical, desperate, dangerous, and damaging to the world economy. Call it ‘survival instinct’. (Data source –
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TO DUTERTE – HOW TO DEAL WITH CHINA * Bread not bullets the key to peace * Lessons for the Underdog * eastwind journals

Bread not Bullets is the Key to Peace
Lessons for the Underdog
Recently, Mr. President, you declared you want a deal with China on joint exploration of oil-gas. This is your best move yet. The PXP-CNOOC deal (Philipppine and Chinese corportions) on joint exploration is now being negotiated. Both China and the Philippines know the PXP-CNOOC will open doors. It can be a model for future deals, hoping it is not one-sided, if we stand our ground. We have to insist. We, as ‘landowner’, deserve a just piece of the pie, and China as ‘tenant’ must consider this. Economic cooperation is the way to peace, not militarization.
Show fangs underneath our smile
Be agreeable and disagreeable all at once
In poker, it is called SIGN OF WEAKNESS. A player’s body language shows if he has bad cards, and the others can trample on him. We have shown China this ‘sign of weakness’, so in all future negotiations, they know we are under their thumb. 
Mr. President, we still have options of re-evaluating China policy to gain a better POSITION OF STRENGTH. What has happened so far? –
We did not protest when China ignored The Hague. Instead, you visited China, where they gave you a red carpet and adored you. They adored you for ignoring The Hague and offering the dove. China can now go to any disputed territory at will. They know there will be little or no protest from us. We have shown that The Hague is no longer important to us. 
We are implicitly giving up our territorial rights in return for economic favors. You came home from China, proud that you got agreements on billions of pesos in trade, their reward to you for being agreeable. China got its way on a mere promise of trade, mostly on paper and mostly unfulfilled to this day. True, trade will eventually bear fruit, but we did not have to tie it to territorial issues, which China did. They stopped millions of tons of banana exports from Mindanao when we filed the case in The Hague. They saw our weakness.
Mr. President, you told the press fighting a giant is suicide, and we have to court China – a major sign of weakness. We are not ‘fighting’ China. There is no suicide to talk about. There are no major military encounters. We don’t have to ‘fight’ China, just negotiate with some position of strength. China can smell our fear. We have to show some fangs underneath our smile. It’s a tight-rope walk. 
If China ignores our right to be ‘landowner, let’s cook up some belligerence, like what Vietnam did. When China put up an oil rig 200 nautical miles from the Vietnamese shore, Vietnam sent patrol boats. They had daily fire hose skirmishes. Then Vietnam launched an effective nationwide boycott of Chinese goods. China backed down. The oil rig was withdrawn eventually – too much risk for China to spend millions on an oil rig that Vietnam had the balls to shoot down. All this happened without US intervention. There is value in such David-Goliath kind of independent belligerence avoiding the help of giants.
Mr. President, it is not too late. THERE MUST BE A BALANCE BETWEEN ACQUISCENCE AND BELLIGERENCE IN OUR FOREIGN POLICY. It’s a tight-rope walk negotiating with a giant. So far, we have exhibited very little balls, and China knows it. That makes a lot of difference. China boycotted our bananas, whereas Vietnam boycotted Chinese goods. China can still push us around agriculturally, but not as much if we show some belligerence. Let us learn from Vietnam which had been at war with China for a thousand years. But we have to be careful. There are risks. We have study it well and be ready. It is a complex chess game for an underdog. It’s not a simple sling shot affair. 
by Bernie V. Lopez,
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