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By Bernie V. Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author alone.
As reported by my global e-nomad friend Tony A., the last 3 to 4 years were supposed to be recovery years. Why are some big global banks losing 65% -75% of their value? Let us cite 3 big banks, as of September 25, 2016. (Source –
Deutsche Bank – from a high of 40 (DBK weekly) down to 10, 75% collapse.
Commerzbank – from a high of 14.5 (CBK weekly) down to 5, 65% collapse.
Credit Suisse – from a high of 30 (CSGN weekly) down to 10, 65% collapse.
Deutsche Bank
Credit Suisse
The same trend is happening in the US, Spain, Italy, Scotland, and a dozen other countries. Doomsday economic experts say that there is a silent omen screaming at us – global economic meltdown. This can happen once critical mass is achieved, and a domino effect ensues on other smaller local banks on a global scale.
When the rubber snaps, it will be quick and will catch the world by surprise. Experts say it will surely come. We just do not know when. The effects will be massive, worse than a hundred tsunamis, hurricanes, or earthquakes. There will be massive famines and energy wars killing millions. Global economic meltdown is the mother of all disasters.


there will be blood and fire
the sun will be turned into darkness
the moon into blood
on the great and terrible day of My coming
all who call on My name shall be saved
Joel 3:1-5




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CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016

CHILDREN OF WAR – Photo-Journalism Awards 2016
Youtube Version -
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PowerPoint version showing winning entries
plus other dramatic war photos.
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0 children of war ver2 PPS


Youtube Version -
(To follow)
PowerPoint version showing winning entries,
together with other dramatic war photos.
Click the link below to download.
0 children of war ver2 PPS
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US-RUSSIA-SYRIA ALL GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES * children of war photo awards

All Resorting to Genocide of Syrian People
CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016 -SEE APPENDIX
Philippine Daily Inquirer Letter to the Editor Oct. 17, 2016
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By Bernie V. Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer Opinion Writer
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author alone.
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Caption Verse to Second Place Photo Award -
from sheer shock
some of the children of war are tear-less
their faces have no emotions
but deep inside a hurricane rages
and they ask the wind
why are they killing us?
and the wind has no answer
except a deep long moan


Here are events and maps which prove US-Russia-Syria are committing genocide, which is escalating the Syrian proxy war for their vested geopolitical interests. The US keeps saying Syria and Russia are guilty of ‘war crimes’ in eastern Aleppo, but they are themselves guilty in their airstrikes in Deir-Ezzor.


The US agenda is to dethrone the pro-Russian Shiite regime of Assad and replace it with a pro-US Sunni one in preparation for the invasion of Shiite Iran. The Russian agenda is to keep Syria Shiite as buffer for Shiite Iran, which is in turn a buffer for Russia itself. That is the overall geopolitics.


The Syrian Proxy War is therefore a Sunni-Shiite conflict regionally, and a US-Russia conflict globally. The US is secretly hesitant to neutralize the Sunni-based ISIS because they can potentially help dethrone the Shiites. Once the Shiites are dethroned, then the US can run after ISIS. It is Afghanistan all over again – first a US ally, then a US enemy.


The UN condemns Russia-Syria war crimes but is silent on US-UK war crimes, a double standard that affects its integrity as a fair world organization. The US in fact controls sectors of the UN Security Council through discreet threats against non-pro-US members.


Rapid Escalation of Syrian Proxy War


First, during the ceasefire, the US bombed a Syrian position near Deir-Ezzor, which controls a vital road junction. They killed more than 60 Syrian troops, their real target. ISIS moved in quickly into the vacuum with a rapid ground attack. US said it was friendly fire, but it was obviously deliberate. The propaganda war between East and West is full of conflicting misinformation, leaving the public ignorant. Media is the tool for vested interests, not for truth. Only social media may sometimes bridge the information gap, but it may also full of misinformation.


In retaliation for Deir-Ezzor, Russia sent its carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with 24 strike aircraft and 30 helicopter gunships to the Syrian coast. Iranian media released an unconfirmed report that Russia destroyed a “foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers”. (Source – Russia and Syria also conducted airstrikes on a humanitarian-aid convoy to deny aid for the rebels, which aid was really meant for beleaguered civilians. This vicious war crime was tagged by rebels as a ‘scorched-earth’ campaign.


Both US and Russia went through the motion of a ceasefire for the media, but had no intention of following it, revealing their hypocrisy. Both  are guilty of genocide. The heavens cry out for vengeance for the massacre of innocent Syrians.
it is easy to see that the Lord has abandoned us
and hard to see that we have abandoned Him
it is easy to blame terrorists killing our civilians
and hard to blame ourselves killing their civilians
the Lord permits terrorists
to send His message to us as in 9/11
not to americans alone but to humankind
for our sins of pride and greed
the twin tower of babel
is the same as the twin tower of new york
the message is crystal clear
return to the Lord or face His wrath
CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016
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Bohol Earthquake Fulfilled Fatima Prophecy * Vol. 3 – 100-Year Fatima Anniversary

Vol. 3 – 100-Year Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima
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By Bernie Lopez
BREAKING NEWS – SSS wants to bleed OFWs
In the Bible, Jesus cited the tax collector as a sinner because he bled the poor. Today, SSS is the biblical tax collector out to bleed OFWs. Why is the SSS a symbol of greed and evil? SSS earlier proposed to Duterte an increase of Php1,000 or 1.5% per each of its 33 million pensioners, yielding tens of billions of pesos. Not satisfied, SSS now wants OFWs to pay SSS, yielding a staggering Php7 billion a month, on top of OFW payments to OWWA and DOLE. This is a form of immoral ‘multiple-taxation’ which feed corruptions. SSS says they are running out of funds, when its Board gave itself bonuses of up to Php10 million during Nonoy’s reign. Media has alleged SSS funds manipulated in the past, for elections and for questionable projects. Why should we induce corruption? We ask President Duterte not to approve this evil greedy immoral plan, and leave the OFWs alone to improve their lives. (Sources – Mar Salazar *
The Great Earthquake of 2013
On October 15, 2013, at 8:12 a.m., on the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, a powerful earthquake, 7.2 on the Richter scale, rocked the islands of Bohol and Cebu in the Philippines for 15 seconds. In Bohol, in that short time, 15 centuries-old churches were destroyed, ten of them totally, a first-ever in the history of the Philippine Church. For numerologist, note the number 15 marked in red above. 
if God extinguished His own houses of prayer
in the Bohol-Cebu earthquake of 2013
during the Marian month of October
what message are we missing?
never in the entire half a millennium history
of the Philippine Catholic Church
has so many churches been destroyed
in such a concentrated area in such a short time
what message is there in this bizarre cataclysm?
bohol has a strong Marian devotion
one bohol priest says it is a warning, a wake-up call
a bohol bishop says it is a message of hope and unification
Earthquake photos are courtesy of eastwind Archives, earthquake data from the book Pagsulay – Churches of Bohol Before and After the 2013 Earthquake, a joint project of the University of San Carlos, Holy Name University, the Diocese of Tagbilaran, and the Province of Bohol. Pagsulay is the Boholanon word for “A Test of Faith”.
Ten Bohol churches out of 15, razed to the ground by the 2013 earthquake, received 12,000 rosaries in April, 2016 to encourage prayer to avert future disasters. The diocesan churches of Tagbilaran and Talibon were spared.
Baclayon church, oldest coral church in the region, one of the oldest in Asia, and among the best-preserved Jesuit-built church in the Philippines before the earthquake. Centuries-old icons in a damp dimly-lit room awaiting church restoration. The famed 1824 baroque pipe organ of Baclayon, restored in 2008, the only one of its kind and one of the oldest in the entire country, survived the 2013 earthquake, but had to be disassembled to make way for repairs.
Maribojoc church. Zingzing Ramos poses beside ancient bells
Maribojoc church, without roof or walls to this day. (April 2016).

Clarin church. Feverish restoration.
Message from the Vatican
Immediately after the earthquake, discerning the role of Our Lady of Fatima, Pope Francis dispatched her statue to the earthquake area, which subsequently reached Samar and Leyte, which were devastated by Yolanda (Hainan). This is a Papal message of hope from Our Lady  of Fatima for the survivors of these two mega-disasters.
A Wake-up Call
Why would the Lord destroy a dozen of the oldest and most culturally-precious of our churches? A Bolhanon friend says the Lord must be very angry because of the thriving flesh trade in our tourism centers in Bohol and Cebu? That is one theory. Have we somehow desecrated His houses of prayer that He has chosen to destroy them? Why was the Santo Nino church in Cebu City, a pilgrimage center drawing millions of devotees nationwide, destroyed?
Does the Lord’s message go something like this “Bato lang yang mga simbahang sinira Ko. Gusto Ko ang puso at dasal niyo, hindi ang mga gusaling pang-dasal.” (The many churches I destroyed are nothing to Me. They are mere stones. I want your hearts and prayers, not your buildings of prayer.) The Bohol message brings to mind the Biblical Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah, destruction of edifices and cities.
A Message of Hope
In the town of Loon, where the church was completely razed to the ground, a Marian devotee, citing that the statue of Our Lady of Light (Nuestra Senora de la Luz) was intact (see photo), said that the people saw that it was a ‘message of light’ from Our Lady – do not be afraid; recover your faith. The people saw God’s mercy rather than His wrath.
Loon church. Nuestra Senora de la Luz (Our Lady of Light) untouched by the earthquake.
Loon church. Earthquake icon remnants.
Loon church. Totally ravaged, but restored quickly.
In the town of Albuquerque, the church of Sta. Monica escaped the wrath of the earthquake. The dozens of ancient crude wooden posts one-foot in diameter, holding the entire ceiling, withstood the tremor (see photos.) I asked the guide what kind of wood it was. “No one knows”, he said, “not even the priests or historians I asked”. The Romanesque archs were also perfectly done that they did not crumble. Perhaps it is the mysterious dignum wood, reported by friars of old to be a protector from disaster, revered in folklore as a powerful amulet (anting-anting), a wood so strong that nails bend and saws are useless. (More on dignum – inquirer-article / dignum-krus). Sta. Monica is famous for intricate altar carvings and ancient ceiling paintings.
Sta. Monica church. Earthquake-proof pillars made of mysterious hardwood.
Sta. Monica church. Intricate antique wood carvings adorn Mary Immaculate.

Sta. Monica church. Restoration artisan.
Sta. Monica. Wood carving close up.

Sta. Monica. Last Supper in wood.


In April 2016, in response to the Papal call, endorsed by Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, a small Marian group from Manila, which requested anonymity, distributed 12,000 rosaries to six of the ten parishes of the most devastated churches through the Catholic Women’s League (CWL). The rosaries were distributed through the mothers of families. The goal was to promote the family rosary to avert future disasters. The Marian group has given some 40,000 rosaries, the first batches personally blest by Pope Francis during his visit here, to disaster areas in Samar, Leyte, and Batanes.
Clearly, Our Lady is talking to us thru Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle and the disasters, to the people of Bohol and to the entire nation. For we are the only Christian nation in Asia, the beacon of Marian devotion, which relays her messages of light and of darkness to the entire chaotic planet.

Bernie V. Lopez,

Volume 1  The-Enmity-Between-the-Blessed-Virgin-and-Satan
Volume 2  Yolanda-Miracles-Fulfill-Fatima-Prophecy
Volume 3  Bohol-Earthquake-a-Fatima-Message
Unpublished –
Volume 4  Rose-Petal Images from Our Lady of Fatima
Volume 5  Our Lady of Poonbato and of Guadalupe – Parallelism
Volume 6  Global Cataclysms as Fatima Messages
Prayer for Peace
Lord, teach us and our enemies to break the vicious cycle of hate and vengeance. Inside all of us, a battle rages between good and evil, between love and hate. Help us make good win over evil. Lord, grant us peace in our troubled world. Teach us Your gentleness and forgiveness. Amen.
return to Me with your whole heart
with fasting and weeping and mourning
rend your hearts not your garments
return to Me your Lord your God
for gracious and merciful am I, slow to anger
rich in kindness, relenting in punishment
Joel 2:12-13
there will be blood and fire and columns of smoke
the sun will be turned into darkness, the moon into blood
at My coming, on that great and terrible day
all who call on My name shall be saved
in Mount Zion, there will be remnants
in Jerusalem survivors of My choosing
Joel 3:1-5

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