August 2016

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hillary will cause ww3 -federalism will fuel corruption -LLDA can’t fix laguna lake – brexit ignorance no excuse

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By Bernie Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer contributing columnist




US politics has reversed. The liberal Democrats have become conservative, the conservative Republican liberal. At first thought, with his wild reckless shoot-from-the-hip comments on the Middle East, and anti-immigrant sentiments, many believed Trump would be the candidate to easily trigger World War III. But then again, Hillary, with her anti-Russian stance, may be a better candidate.


Trump leans towards dialogue with Russia. He wants to distance the US from NATO, which is planning to place more troops and missiles in Poland and the Balkans. On the other hand, Hillary’s first anti-Russian move would be to fulfill NATO plans, the best way to achieve World War III. Russia, extremely nervous of NATO missiles and troops building up near its borders, says it would not back down from any confrontation. There are reports both Russia and the US are planning ‘pre-emptive strikes’. Like a cowboy movie, the fastest gun wins, but there are no winners in a US-Russia war.


A Federal form of government is an American system of governance which will not work for the Philippines. Considering we are in the top five most-corrupt nations worldwide, federalism will decentralize and intensify corruption to the high heavens. Federalism will give local governments independent executive-legislative-judicial branches. They will double to quadruple their spending quickly based on loans from the IMF-World Bank Consortium before their term runs out. Runaway borrowings will dramatically increase our external debt. And the money borrowed will feed local corruption. It is economic suicide. Corrupt forces and the IMF-World Bank are the ultimate beneficiaries of federalism.


The status quo has its weaknesses and defects, but are we willing to risk irreversibly an unpredictable federal government system whose ramifications we know little about, which may be a jump from frying pan to fire?


Like Brexit, no one knows the deep implications of federalism until we get there. Ninety percent of British voters never knew what hit them until it was too late. They were carried away by the pro-exit propaganda blitz with its nationalism rhetoric. Those who knew the real implications were never heard until after the voting. In the same way, the pro-feds will launch a propaganda blitz for their own selfish benefits. And voters will react in the same way, ignorant of the reality and unpredictability of federalism.


I understand the sentiments of the Mindanao people and Duterte about the “hegemony of Manila”, which has been ‘fleecing’ and ‘impoverishing’ resource-rich Mindanao. But federalism may not be the solution but the problem at this time. Corruption will undermine federalism and divert Mindanao resources to corrupt power politicians. The absolute pre-requisite to good governance is no or little corruption. We are not there yet. Federalism is dangerous.


As soon as Duterte announced his dream that Laguna Lake had to be developed into an economic model, the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), within days, issued a press release saying they needed half a billion pesos to do it. LDDA is not in a position to fix Laguna Lake. Why?


First, in the last few decades, LLDA has been collecting millions in ‘environmental fees’ from firms along the Laguna Lake shore, numbering about 350 a decade ago. Yet LLDA has done very little to rehabilitate the lake. Where did the money go? LLDA has to give an accounting of this money before they are given more. Greenpeace quoted LLDA as saying the lake will die in five years (by 2012) if no rehab is done. Rehab will cost billions at this late stage when nothing substantial has been done, or cumulative pollution through the decades may be impossible to reverse. 
Laguna Lake is a ticking environmental time bomb because the 220-km. lakeshore population is a staggering 15 million in 2010 (NSO). Household waste accounted for 77%. Greenpeace reports that shore towns have been dumping garbage in landfills very near the shores, defying ordinances banning it. Laguna Lake is fed by 22 major tributaries in a massive 45,000 sq. km. catchment area, which hosts many export processing zones, some having semiconductor and other polluting firms. Heavy metals from industrial sites have settled on the lake bed cumulatively through the decades, which may be impossible or expensive to rehab this late.


Maynilad, which taps 100 million liters of water a day from Laguna Lake, may want to look for alternative water sources. It experienced a ‘manganese surge’ in water supplied to 1.2 million consumers at the peak of El Nino in April 2016. Prior to that, they rationed water due to red tide.




Many say it is the greatest blunder of the century, to isolate one’s self in a period when globalization is intensifying, when partnership and coalition are critical for economic survival. Ninety percent of British voters never really knew what Brexit was all about when they voted. The implications were gradually seen later – massive hemorrhages in international trade and banking. They were instead immersed in a media barrage of rhetoric on misplaced nationalism and independence. To think that in this greatest blunder of the century, the exit votes beat the no-exit by a hair.


Bernie V. Lopez,
Philippine Daily Inquirer contributing columnist-feature writer, blogger, Filipino senior columnist in the last 20 years, former Radio-Veritas and GNN broadcaster, former documentary producer-director for ABS-CBN, GMA7, and TVS of Tokyo, and former Ateneo University professor.


eastwind Meditation Corner


for every dunkirk there is a normandy
for every pearl harbor a hiroshima
for every 9/11 a thousand killer drones
ten eyes for an eye, a pail of tears for a tear
yet, vengeance is Mine, says the Lord


when you get to the top by stepping on others
you will discover that there is nothing up there
except emptiness and desolation
but if you help people along your way to the top
you will notice that there is nothing up there
except their support and your inner peace


My kingdom is not found
in lofty mountains or lush valleys
but in hungry beggars
reaching out a hand to you
in dark nooks of despair and distress
where you can bring a glimmer
of My Light and hope for Me


you do not need a palace to be happy
you do not need fame to be fulfilled
you can live in the middle of nowhere
with inner peace, and not feel alone
all you need are -
simplicity – sincerity – serendipity




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HOME-GROWN TERROR SYNDROME a vicious-cycle flowchart

A Vicious-Cycle Flowchart
eastwind journals 187
By Bernie Lopez
Without too many words, the flowchart below attempts to simplify the complex reality of home-grown terror. It hints of a vicious never-ending cycle, which may escalate into total anarchy and annihilation.
We have a human dilemma never before seen in the entire history of Mankind. War is no longer something we export. It is no longer just ‘abroad’ but here’, home-grown. It is in our marketplaces, stadiums, restaurants, in our midst. We invaded them and our soldiers went ‘into their midst’, and now their ‘soldiers’ are doing the same, going ‘into our midst’ in a much more serious way, in the Paris, London, Madrid street bombings. We are all in each others’ midst, bound together in an ever-shrinking world.
This flowchart does not take sides. It simply lays down the reality of it all. It does not offer solutions, only broad cause-and-effect information that may lead to a solution. It is a ‘mind map’ pointing to a change of heart among all stakeholders, peace on Earth to men of goodwill. Without that change of heart, without that goodwill, the quagmire remains a vicious never-ending circle.
                               CLICK ON IMAGE TO BLOW UP

Some people say there are no solutions. It is a dilemma. Others say yes there is, but it entails this change of heart among all stakeholders. It is a test for Mankind not to self-destruct, to transform the cycle of hate into forgiveness. Can old wounds heal? Can forgiveness restore what hatred consumed?

Some say it is impossible, arguing that hate-filled terrorists will never have a change of heart. But are we not ourselves also hate-filled, sending drones and airstrikes to massacre their innocent just as they massacre our innocent? Together, we hold the fate of humanity in our hands, all of us together.
A photo that went viral in the Internet of the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq, the ‘US torture chamber’, which had a dramatic impact on the rapid global Islamic radicalization, one cigarette butt burning the vast rainforest. Iraqi prisoners subjected to humiliation and rape.
On Forgiveness
we are all in the ‘pre-departure area’
no exceptions, it is just a matter a time
if you knew you would die tomorrow
you would forgive
the most unforgiveable sin against you
the father forgave his prodigal son
who squandered his wealth on wine and women
because he looked beyond the evil deed
overwhelmed with love and compassion
with the prospects of renewal and rebirth
forgiveness heals, hatred consumes
forgiveness strengthens, hatred weakens
forgiveness renews, hatred destroys
forgiveness gives peace, hatred brings war
Lord teach me Your ways
turn my hatred into forgiveness
my anger into patience
my indifference into sensitivity
my selfishness into generosity
my arrogance into humility
Lord give me Your light
let me not grope in darkness
and Jesus said – her sins
as many as they are
are forgiven
because she has loved much
Luke 7:44-