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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author’s alone.


It is amazing how the US can twist global media with its fingers and accuse Russia of aggression when the US is in truth the aggressor in Ukraine. Now, the world thinks Russia is the rogue and the US the messiah, when it is the other way around. Very simply and very quickly, here is how and why?


The US financed and engineered the coup to depose the pro-Russian president. Instead of practicing what it preaches on freedom and democracy, the US intervened to get its way. They knew a new election would be dangerous. They had to make sure. In truth, the west is pro-west and the east is pro-east. Never will they change their positions. The US intervention has resulted in blood flowing in the east and a protracted war where the victims are Ukrainians in behalf of US geopolitical interests.


The US has recently sent mercenaries to fight the Russians and the pro-Russians Ukrainians. A female Ukrainian journalist asked, “Tell me what happened here?” Reply in thick American accent, “Out of my face.” (See and hear it on video –https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1421914688&v=jW1JdOXdJkU&x-yt-cl=84503534#t=31). Hacked US confidential files reveal US ‘lethal aid’ to the Ukrainian army. (Source – ZeroHedge.com/ABC Media, LTD / Tyler Durden).


The US intent is not to ‘save’ the Ukranians against “Russian aggression” really but to carve a piece of land very near the Russian border, mimicking the Cuban crisis in reverse. The Russians will of course not permit this. They would rather go one more step towards World War III than give eastern Ukraine to the Americans, as much as Kennedy risked a nuclear war in Cuba to secure the US southeastern border.


Ukraine, for centuries, was sanctuary for many Russians. After the USSR fell, Ukraine was split into pro-east and pro-west. The west, benefitting from a pro-west economy, and tasting western goods and ‘progress’, launched the Orange revolution, resulting in a pro-western regime. The east never benefitted from the Orange-controlled economy, only from its Russian-bound economy. After massive corruption was bared in the Orange regime, it was the turn of the pro-east to take over.


The deposed Orange regime obtained massive loans from the World Bank – IMF consortium, which benefitted the western banks. These loans were mostly pocketed by the deposed corrupt pro-west regime. The WB-IMF consortium does not care, as long as they get their pound of flesh, and the long term benefit of a pro-western Ukrainian economy. Then, the pendulum swings once more in the latest pro-west coup.


If you speak to the average American brainwashed by the western media, you see how sincere he is in believing who the real rogues and aggressors are. Americans are victims of their own regime-controlled media, who purport to be fair and unbiased, but in truth are subtly biased.


There is today an ongoing war between western and eastern media. Andrew Lack, chief of US Broadcasting Board of Governors, declared Russian news service RT as a terrorist organization equivalent to Boko Haram. In defense, a group branded “the Western presstitute media (as) Ministries of Propaganca for Washington”. The group says the media war has triggered more visibility to RT, Press TV, and Al Jazeera. (ags@biblebelievers.org.au)


The New Chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, Andrew Lack, has declared the Russian news service, RT, which broadcasts in multiple languages, to be a terrorist organization equivalent to Boko Haram and the Islamic State, and Standard and Poor’s just downgraded Russia’s credit rating to junk status . . . the Western presstitute media by becoming Ministries of Propaganda for Washington, have created large markets for RT, Press TV, and Al Jazeera. As more and more of the peoples of the world turn to these more honest news sources, Washington’s ability to fabricate self-serving explanations has declined . . .


What is happening in Ukraine is an ‘energy war’, a complex pipeline-bound conflict of geopolitical interests. The solution to the Ukrainian crisis is a deep incision to remove the cancer, namely split Ukraine into east and west like North Korea was split into north and south. Otherwise, there will be a never-ending war that may easily lead to World War III, depending on how ‘brave’ the Americans are to turn push to shove, and the Russians to resist. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Kiev Central Bank run by American rogue senior citizen bankster
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The Art of Listening PART 1
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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author’s alone.


there is hidden wisdom
the silent can teach
but you have to listen well
to unspoken words and furtive smiles
your heart must be open
otherwise you are blind
to a world of excitement and magic
excerpt from the book
wings and wanderlust
the art of discovering your inner self
(to get the book, email eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com)


At a tender age, Ruth and her parents, together with thousands of other Jews, were rounded up into the Warsaw Ghetto, living like pigs in a giant sty with very little food. The SS planned them to be ransomed by the world Jewry to raise $2 million dollars to finance the invasion of Russia. A Christian family smuggled Ruth out of the Ghetto by simply putting her in a coffin, which was thrown into a cart full of corpses headed for the cemetery. There, she was smuggled out in the dead of night.


Ruth was an attractive blonde who eventually became a Broadway actress in New York. But the memory of Warsaw would linger and time and again haunt her, until one day, it took its toll. She withdrew totally from the world, not speaking, staring at the wall. Silent tears would suddenly flow. No one could draw her out of her darkness.


This was her dire emotional state when she was brought to the Bet Tzedek (Hall of Justice in Hebrew) Legal Services in a Jewish community in Fairfax, Los Angeles, USA, which offered free legal services for low-income residents. Bet Tzedek was a prestigious international Robin Hood of a law firm known as far as Tel Aviv and Washington DC. The firm wanted the German government to pay Ruth war reparations as a holocaust survivor. For days, the lawyers tried hard to pry her open, but she was like an ice-berg, cold, unmoved, opaque, unreachable. When the lawyers gave up, they passed her on to Lisa, the only Filipino woman in the group, hoping she could thaw the ice-berg.


Lisa, trained in the art of listening even as a young child by her father back in the Philippines, did not think twice about how to break-in Ruth. She knew what to do from the onset. She sat beside Ruth and held her hand without saying a word. She caressed her hair and touched her face. Ruth stared at her, and for the first time, gave a faint smile. Lisa knew the magic of touch. Touch was better than a thousand words. Later on, after Lisa left, Ruth spoke her very first words in three-odd years, asking for the name of Lisa.


Lisa came back prepared. She had a dreidel (a Jewish toy), and like little children, Lisa, in her late twenties, and Ruth, in her late thirties, played together. In English, Lisa said she lived in Germany before. Ruth said, “Spreken sie Deutch?” (Do you speak German?) Lisa answered, “Nein” (no). Gradually, the ice-berg melted under the intense heat of a dialogue of children. Ruth said she was originally from Poland. Slowly, from a trickle of words, there was a flood of unspoken darkness deep inside her soul.


She recalled her harrowing experience. The lawyers got the information they needed to file a case against the German government. Finally, she won her case. She was awarded about US$3,000 a month for the rest of her life, a small fortune which insured her future. Today, she lives in the Los Angeles area.


The Jewish community lauded the team of litigators. Lisa was head-lined in a local Jewish paper. The story of her expertise in the art of listening was featured in the front page. She became known far and wide, and her good karma, the story of the maiden of Warsaw, would spread like wildfire and catapult Lisa to high places, until she had her own modest business in cultural exchange, that would bring her to every nook of Western Europe, from Casablanca to Paris, Munich to Madrid, Rome to Copenhagen, Istanbul to Cairo, and to Asia and Latin Countries.


Three decades after, when I met Lisa, she gave me lessons in the art of listening. Eye contact is critical. It is when you are eyeball to eyeball that you can measure each other’s psyche, that magical or dire things happen. At the moment she first met Ruth, Lisa established eye contact which paved the way to dialogue. When you listen, do not distract or irritate the speaker with your urge to speak. Just keep quiet. You have to have a sixth sense when to butt in. And the only thing you are allowed to do is echo the words of the speaker and prod him, saying “Really?” or “Go on” Or “Very interesting”. Not just saying them, but meaning them. The other can discern your sincerity. Show your excitement and genuine interest in what the speaker is saying. Put yourself totally in the other person’s shoes. You have to have a curious mind about the other. Lisa said our ability to dialogue is inherent in us. You just have to discover it, tap it, and train it. Finally, she said the touch is sometimes the greatest ice-breaker, except when some shy away to touch. But in Ruth’s case, it worked. There is something spiritual in the physical. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
is the gift of discovery
of people who are invisible
and places which are nowhere
is listening to the universe
and the souls
that whiz through time tunnels
is when a butterfly
alights on your shoulder
but only when you are not looking
are sudden friends
or sudden places
discovered in passing
excerpts from the book
wings and wanderlust
the art of discovering your inner self
to get the book
email eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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POPE ‘WALKS’ WITH YOLANDA SURVIVORS philippine papal visit

Papal Visit Philippines
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By Bernie V. Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.


Is it perhaps an omen, a reminder to pray during disasters, that a storm (signal no. 2) was brewing as Pope Francis landed in Tacloban to talk to Yolanda survivors? The Pope had to be whisked away earlier to Manila before the storm would arrive.
The soft rain during the final Papal mass at Luneta was like a baptism, a cleansing, a drenching of a mammoth crowd rarely seen, eager for even just a glimpse of the Pope. It is not known if the Church permits it, but for the first time in Catholic history (as far as I know), the sacred host was passed on hand to hand to the rear communicants who could not get near.
It is unfortunate that what went viral in the Internet was more the political and less the evangelical message on the visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines. The point is well taken that Noynoy messed it up, sure, but for that to become the primary focus, at least among Filipinos globally, upstaged what the Pope wanted to convey to Filipinos and to the world.


The Pope’s visit to Tacloban exemplifies the Theology of Salvation from Disaster, so visible in his papal mission, implicit in the messages of Our Lady of Fatima concerning looming global cataclysms. We must understand the storms that will come our way, that we need to pray every time there is a storm warning, to ask the Lord to save us from cataclysm.


Pope Francis met with a handful of Yolanda survivors, as he requested for. He said to the Tacloban crowd, “I walk with you in silence. Jesus understands us because He experienced all our pains in the cross. And beside Him at His cross was His Mother.” In his emotional homily at the Tacloban Airport mass, speaking in his native Spanish tongue, Santa Papa, in summary, said that –


fourteen months after Yolanda
the faith of the Filipino has not waivered
the moment he heard about it
the Pope decided he would visit Tacloban
he said that we should not be upset
because the Lord experienced and shared on the cross
all the pain of victims and survivors
of that historic cataclysm
we must seek comfort in the thought
that the Lord understands us
and weeps with us and walks with us
in our most difficult moments
the Lord is our ‘silent companion’ in the storms of our lives
He responds from the cross and no words are needed
the Pope said Mama Mary is our mother
and we must, like little children
grab her hand and tug on her tunic
in our moments of pain and crisis
for she is the loving Mother to the rescue
Jesus through Mary never lets us down


The Pope ends with a call to silent prayer to look at Jesus on the cross for He understands us. He said that from his heart, he has no other words to say except that Jesus and our Mother will never let us down.


As for our dear President Noynoy, let us perhaps forgive him for his naiveté that, at the airport, he sidelined the Church prelates who were supposed to welcome and host the Pope. It was better if he just waited for the Pope at Malacanang. He had the gall to permit government officials accused of corruption to shake hands with the Pope, when the Pope, in his Manila Cathedral homily, so clearly pointed out that the challenge for Filipinos was to address three important issues – poverty, corruption, and injustice. Finally, in his speech in Malacanang, in his naiveté, Noynoy again had the gall to reprimand the Church to get its act together. He did not even know he was being tacky.


Before the Pope flew back to Manila, there was an exchange gift. He was given an image of Our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion, and he gave a mosaic of La Madonna de Populo, Our Lady of the Masses. The Marian theme was very visible in the Pope’s Tacloban visit.


There have been predictions of worsening global cataclysms due to climate change. PAGASA warns of new Yolandas that climate change will spurn. The Philippines has a unique location in the Pacific typhoon corrider, sustaining an average of 20 to 25 storms a year, more than any other nation. We need our papal blest rosaries to plead for survival in this era of disasters. Pope Francis is coming up with a ‘climate change encyclical’ soon, according to Vatican journalists.

For the sick, visit the healing ministry


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papal blessing of rosaries vs disasters

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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.


the barest whisper is a roar
if it speaks of the Truth
never fear deceit and hypocrisy
repression and censorship
which are the enemies of Truth
when you bare the Truth with valor
yours is the Kingdom of Him who says
‘I am the Way the Truth and the Life’
He blesses and emancipates you
against the dark powers of falsehood


excerpt from the book foodforthesoul
available by email request




On Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, Jan. 15 to 19, for those who are attending the Papal Mass, whether in Luneta Grandstand or Palo Cathedral, whether via TV or radio broadcast, whether from abroad via Internet or Youtube, please hold up your rosaries for the final blessing at the end of the mass. The goal is to have 3 million rosaries worldwide blest by the Pope during his visit as a response to future global disasters. The Pope is visiting a nation within the Pacific typhoon corridor, beset by an average of 20 to 25 typhoons a year, which are becoming more intense and frequent due to climate change. 15,000 rosaries blest by the Pope will be given free to disaster survivors in Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, etc. Vatican Media reports that the Pope will come up soon with a ‘climate change encyclical’.




A true story


I met Sister Jenny (not her real name) at the healing ministry. She told me this story and said she hoped I could share this with other people. She said it was a story of ‘unexpressed feelings’.


Sister Jenny could not bend her right arm. She consulted several doctors who gave prescriptions which did not help. She asked a masseuse to rub her elbow regularly, but to no avail. The Mother Superior, who was her formator, noticed this, and decided to talk to her about it. (Formator is an assigned ‘spiritual formation’ counselor within a religious congregation).


MOTHER SUPERIOR. Looks like your ailment has been going on for two months now, Sister Jenny.
SR. JENNY. Four months, Mother. I have sleepless nights. I can’t stand it anymore.
MOTHER SUPERIOR. What’s bothering you, anyway?
SR. JENNY. (Hesistantly.) Nothing really, Mother.
MOTHER SUPERIOR. Come on, sister, out with it.
SR. JENNY. Nothing really, mother.
MOTHER SUPERIOR. Out with it, sister. You have to tell me.
SR. JENNY. Well, it’s Sister Rose. We had this conflict four months ago.
MOTHER SUPERIOR. Just about the time your arm started bothering you, right?
SR. JENNY. Right. She hurt me terribly. It happened this way ….
MOTHER SUPERIOR. I don’t have to know the details. You have to confront her in a nice way.
SR. JENNY. Okay, mother, I will. I can’t stand it anymore.


Sr. Jenny went straight to the chapel and prayed hard. She said, “Dear Jesus, please help me when I talk to Sister Rose. It’s going to be hard. I’m scared. Give me the grace not to fly off the handle.”


And so the dreaded day came. Sister Rose wanted to speak first. She also had ill feelings. Sr. Jenny held up her hand, then spoke first. Very frankly, and very calmly, she poured out her ill-feelings. Instead of anger, silent tears fell. Not even a sob. Tears had a way of melting angry hearts. Sister Rose also started to cry. They embraced each other and there was no more need to explain or to know who started it all. The problem solved itself instantly. Tears were a form of silent dialogue. The next day, Sister Jenny could bend her arm.


tears and anger are contagious
love and hate are contagious
forgiveness heals and anger consumes
wounds heal instantly
when ill feelings are expressed
but only if done gently
wounds bleed continuously
when ill feelings are unexpressed
silent anger consumes the soul
if your adversary feels ill against you
but you have forgiven and forgotten
how lucky you are and how unlucky he is
when you have healed yourself
walk away in peace
and pray for the other




for healing, go to www.sisterraquel.com 


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