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pope francis’ historic synod – Jesus warns bishops

Jesus Gives a Warning to the ‘Bishops’
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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author’s alone.


The upcoming Synod is a monumental affair for the Church and for Pope Francis. It is a global meeting of Bishops especially (not a regular affair) convened by Pope Francis, scheduled for October 5 to 19, 2014, to discuss ‘The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the context of Evangelization’. The decisions emanating from this Third Synod transcends the power of the Curia, which is the administrative arm of the Papacy. The ‘family’ as the basic unit of society is the focus of the Synod. (Source –


The Disintegrating Family


Back in 2005, when a teacher in Sidney asked her high school class how many were a product of broken families, 16 out of the 21 students raised their hands. It was a shock for her. Such statistics, if multiplied worldwide, is one big social tremor. How do we keep the family intact? How do we protect children from the violence of broken homes? How do we preach the theology of parenting? Certainly, the Synod must have answers.


Jesus Condemns the Prelate and Upholds the Prostitute


Pope Francis issued a global call to prayer on Sunday, September 28, for the success of the Synod. The prayer he composed is given below. Ironically, in the gospel for that Sunday, through a parable, Jesus sends a chilling message to the chief priests and elders (the Bishops of those days). He asks them for their opinion. A man asks his two sons to work in the vineyard. One says he will not, but later on changes his mind. The other said he would, but fails to fulfill his promise. Jesus asked, “Which of the two did the father’s will?” They all answered ‘the first’. Jesus said to them,


amen, I say to you
tax collectors and prostitutes
are entering the kingdom of God before you
when John came to you
In the way of righteousness
you did not believe him
but tax collectors and prostitutes did


Matthew 21


the issue Jesus brings forward is
practice versus promise
doing versus saying
deeds versus words
as the basis of our faith


This chilling indictment by Jesus of the ‘bishops’ of those days is perhaps a reminder to the bishops in the Synod to get their act together. Recently, Pope Francis fired Paraguay Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano for the cover up of a pedophile priest. He also ordered the arrest of senior Vatican diplomat Josef Wesolowski for sexual abuse of children in the Dominican Republic. Pope Francis echoes the message of Jesus in the gospel. Francis is the only Pope who has initiated a battle against pedophiles priests, which has been consistently covered up by Church officials for the last two decades.


Pope Francis knows that the pedophile issue promises to undermine the very foundation of the Church, that is why he means business. Definitely, pedophilia in the clergy, which undermines children and their future families, is a crucial topic for the Synod. Clerical pedophilia can only be contained by exposing it to the open, never by covering it up to protect the image of the Church, which is like chemotherapy. By killing good cells with the bad, they all die together eventually. By protecting the image of the Church, one destroys it ultimately.


It is for this reason, the Pope and the Synod need our prayers. Here is the prayer Pope Francis composed for the world to read. Let us all pray with him during these times of tribulations for the Church trying to cope up with a rapidly changing social environment, in which the family is the foundation –


Prayer to the Holy Family for the Synod


Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
in you we contemplate
the splendor of true love,
to You we turn with trust.
Holy Family of Nazareth,
grant that our families too
may be places of communion and prayer,
authentic schools of the Gospel
and small domestic Churches.
Holy Family of Nazareth,
may families never again
experience violence, rejection and division:
may all who have been hurt or scandalized
find ready comfort and healing.
Holy Family of Nazareth,
may the approaching Synod of Bishops
make us once more mindful
of the sacredness and inviolability of the family,
and its beauty in God’s plan.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
graciously hear our prayer. Amen.


More prayers at



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ISIS and the biblical factor / pope as ISIS target

The Propaganda of Beheadings
His blunder in supporting the US vs ISIS
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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author’s alone.


This Biblical quote has been posted
in this site repeatedly for the last decade
because of its prophetic and apocalyptic character,
which is related to the messages of Fatima,
and the ongoing ISIS blitzkrieg.


fallen is babylon the great (iraq?)
for all nations (industrialized countries?)
have drunk the wine (oil?)
of her licentious passion
depart from her My people
so as not to take part in her sins
and receive a share in her plagues
for her sins are piled up to the skies
her plagues will come in one day
pestilence, grief, famine
she will be consumed by fire (nuclear holocaust?)
for mighty is the Lord that judges her
the kings of the earth
who had intercourse with her
the merchants of the earth (oil multinationals?)
who grew rich from her luxury
will all weep and mourn over her
for in a single hour (nuclear holocaust?)
the markets for their cargoes will vanish
this great wealth will be ruined


revelation 18:2-17 excerpts


The ISIS Affair is very Biblical and apocalyptic in nature. The Lord permits the enemies of His people to overwhelm them in His anger over their sins of pride and decadence. Thus, the Chosen People were conquered and brutalized by their enemies, and sent in exile to Babylon for decades. He is the God of Mercy and the God of Wrath all at once. The 9/11 tragedy may be viewed as a message from the Lord that all is not well for His people. ISIS is even a more powerful apocalyptic message than 9/11.
Click photo to see panorama

 Courtesy of Life Magazine

ISIS beheadings are a powerful global propaganda tool.
They are a rallying point for the global Islamic community to join ISIS,
rather than just a ‘warning’ to the US and to Christians.


They are calling on all ‘victims’ of US and Western atrocities. It is a campaign of hate and vengeance, which many Islamic clerics know is not part of Islam as a religion. The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace’. Beheadings as a ‘battle cry’ against the US and Christians is secondary.


ISIS equates the US to the entire Christian world, a simplistic view that calls into mind the days of the Crusades and the Saracens. ISIS symbolizes the resurrection of the medieval wars between Christians and Muslims.


His blunder in supporting the US vs ISIS


We ask readers to say a Hail Mary instantly from their keyboard for Pope Francis, who is beleaguered by global forces, and for peace in the Middle East. The hope is that 5 million or so Hail Mary’s will bring Our Lady to the rescue of Pope Francis and of world peace.


Iraq Ambassador to the Vatican Habeeb Al Sadr told the La Nazione that ISIS has sent feelers that they plan to assassinate Pope Francis. Pope Francis earlier condemned the ISIS killings, and supported US efforts to take out ISIS, according to Al Sadr. ( Source – ).


The condemnation is okay, but support for US efforts to take out ISIS is a dangerous geopolitical statement that embroils the Vatican in the Middle East Wars. If the US kills innocent civilians in their airstrikes, this could be mistaken as having Vatican stamp of approval of such carnage, which is not so. The statement of Pope Francis wrongly equates US atrocities to the Vatican.


The Pope is on a travel binge, visiting Turkey in November and the Philippines in January after recent stints in South Korea and Albania. The threat puts a strain on security protocols on host countries. Upon the resignation of Pope Benedict, an alleged prediction of the assassination of the next Pope spread across the Net.


The Anti-Pedophile Pope


Francis is the only Pope who has initiated a battle against pedophiles priests of late. He recently fired Paraguay Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano for cover up of a pedophile priest. He also ordered the arrest of senior Vatican diplomat Josef Wesolowski for sexual abuse of children in at the Dominican Republic. Pope Francis had been accused of failing to run after pedophiles and their protectors. Today, he has ‘zero tolerance’ of pedophilia within the clergy.




the Lord of mercy


come to Me all you
who labor and are burdened
and I shall give you rest
take My yoke and learn from Me
for I am meek and humble of heart
and My yoke is sweet My burden light
matthew 11:28-30


the Lord of wrath


I will pour out My Spirit upon all mankind
and work wonders in the heavens and on earth
there will be blood and fire and columns of smoke
the sun will be turned into darkness the moon into blood
at My coming on that great and terrible day
all who call on My name shall be saved
in Mount Zion there will be remnants
in Jerusalem survivors of My choosing
joel 3:1-5


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typhoon ondoy’s message – God’s Mercy and Wrath

Ondoy’s Message – God’s Mercy and Wrath


Part 1
Ondoy’s Mysterious Healing Oil


Part 2
Healing Oil Testimonials


Healing Oil Photos
Part 3
Tsunamis and the Fatima Third Secret
after the days of tribulation
the sun shall be darkened
the moon shall lose its light
stars shall fall from the sky
the powers of the firmament shall be shaken
then shall all see the Son of Man
descend from the clouds in power and glory
with His host of angels
His followers gathering from the four winds
from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens
heaven and earth shall pass away
but His Word shall not
of that day or hour no one knows
neither the angels in heaven nor the Son
only the Father
mark 13:24-32
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PANGILINAN BLINKS revives coco chemical

Revives Banned Coconut Chemical
This article is being sent to Senators in the hope that they can intervene.
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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author’s alone.

The Pesticide Pyramid reveals that the multinational (in this case, Mitsui Chemical Inc. of Japan) orchestrates everyting from the top, that even Malacanang and government agencies (DA-PCA-DOST-FPA) are mere pawns in its drive for profits, to the detriment of the Filipino people. (click photo to blow up)

Author’s Note.
The author sent an open letter to Mr. Kiko Pangilinan, Presidential Assistant on Agriculture (, who has the final say on the use or non-use of the deadly chemical Starkle, a neonicotinoid banned in the US/EU, to contain an insect infestation of coconut trees. The letter was a query why he apparently changed his mind about stopping its use. He said earlier to the press it would be stopped, contradicted by PCA officials who said they would continue using it in areas of Batangas.


The Cocolisap thrives in dry hot weather, and Typhoon Glenda arrested its growth. PCA’s alibi was that Typhoon Glenda did not hit 12 Batangas towns so heavily to justify the further use of Starkle in spite of Pangilinan’s previous order. PCA did not present scientific evidence to prove this, making the identification of the 12 towns arbitrary – Agoncillo, Balayan, Cuenca, Nasugbu, Padre Garcia, San Jose, San Juan, San Luis, San Nicolas, Sta. Teresita, Talisay, and Tuy. PCA elements have been suppressing non-chemical solutions proposed by scientists in its drive for the deadly chemical, which would bring in a windfall of ‘commissions’ in the millions.


In the absence of a reply from Mr. Pangilinan, I assume he has blinked and is reviving the use of the deadly chemical. Contrary to PCA claims, a recent appraisal conducted by UPLB scientists within the 12 towns revealed that the Cocolisap is being parasitized, meaning a parasite is aggressively killing it. Parasitation in some sampled leaves were as much as 100%. This implies that infestation is under nature’s control and there is no longer any emergency or need for human intervention.


The drive to use Starkle has been stalled because contractors failed to submit liquidation reports by the deadline of August 22, 2014, which was a requirement to receive a new batch. This implies that many farmers and plantations are refusing the chemical. The move to open up the use in the 12 Batangas towns is apparently to unload unused chemical stocks to be able to get more. Is there a danger they will get ghost farmers and secretly dump the chemical somewhere to be able get a new batch? Otherwise, contractors and their agents in government, universities, or corporations, will lose millions in ‘commissions’. In San Pablo City, PCA reportedly offered cash payments to marginal farmers to entice them to agree to the use of Starkle.


In its entire history worldwide, the chemical HAS NEVER BEEN USED ON A MASSIVE SCALE as what PCA plans (trunk injection on 1.2 million trees, if not more). No one knows its long term ecological effects. Injection of a deadly chemical into the heart of the coconut tree, not just on leaves or roots, is another first, which affects the entire tree, including its fruits. Vendors complain buyers find coconut juice to be sour. PCA received the first trance of P38.5 million in June 2014 for the chemical option, out of a total budget of a staggering P700 million under EO 168. We request the Senators to please freeze the budget until the chemical is forever banned. And, in the absence of an emergency, we request the budget to be reversed back to the DBM to stop the pressure to get more ‘commissions’.


Pangilinan and PCA have been repeatedly warned that once worldwide buyers of our coconut oil discover that we will inject coconut trees with a banned chemical, our multi-billion market which supports 25 million marginals may vanish in the blink of an eye.


Here are background materials for Senators, links to previous articles –
(Note. No. 7 explains scientifically the massive ecological impact
of neonicotinoids like Starkle, that has triggered a global moratorium)


1. The Coconut Crisis
2. The PCA-SAGIP-UPLB Syndicate Suppresses Organic Options
3. Replies to PCA-SAGIP Statements
4. Did PCA-SAGIP receive allowances from the chemical firm?
5. 100,000 San Pablo Coco Trees chemicalized by PCA-SAGIP
6. ‘UPLB Mafia’ behind Coco-Chem?
7. Starkle will undermine food security by disrupting entire food chain
8. Save the Coconut Movement issues resolution in protest over banned chemical
9. This article. Pangilinan blinks, revives use of chemical.


it is hard to see the beauty in a beggar
hidden beneath rags
it is hard to see the monster in a beauty queen
hidden beneath elegance
to ‘see’ people as they are
look with your heart not with your eyes


i am the cup You are the wine, Lord
fill me to the brim
that others may drink
if you think you will not be healed
you will not be healed
for healing is in your faith
forgive and pray
for healing the body
is preceded by healing the soul




For those with terminal ailments
visit Sister Raquel of the
Mother Ignacia Healing Center



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