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BLOOD SANDS OF CALUYA big time tourism vs marginal peasants

Big Time Tourism vs Marginal Peasants
eastwind journals 102
By Bernie Lopez


This is a sequel to the previous article After Yolanda, a Bigger Storm – Ayala, which focuses on the planned takeover of Sicogon Island by a Godzilla, Ayala Land Inc., in a staggering P10 billion mega-tourism project that would dislocate about half of its marginal farmers and fishermen. Now we focus on two more Godzillas, Consunji and Filestate in Caluya Island. Whereas, the massive dislocation of Sicogon residents is potential, that of Caluya residents is actual.Read the previous article on Ayala
Sibolo and Caluya and other neighboring islands very near Boracay are the targets of big time tourism and coal mining expansion. Sibolo is a target because its sands mimic those of Boracay, snow-white and talcum-powder fine. Caluya is the target of Semirara Mining of the Consunji Group for its ‘expanion area’. Ironically, tourism and mining are oil-and-water.


Ironically, the seaweed farms are right in front of the very pristine beaches the Godzillas are drooling over. They cannot just be resettled because seaweed farms have to be near-shore and near their homes, and extremely sensitive to pollution. There are no known feasible resettlement sites. The seaweed farmers would rather die than move, but the Godzillas are intent on moving in. If you move the farms, you have to move the homes, a massive costly undertaking. Tourism and seaweeds are oil-and-water. This is the David and Godzilla story, an immovable object against an irresistible force that would end up in blood.


As in Sicogon, they promise thousands of jobs. If you place side by side the gain of temporary cash-economy-led minimum-wage non-skilled jobs for a thousand in one generation, to that of sustainable susbsistence-economy-led livelihood for tens of thousands in many generations to come, THE COMPARISON IS ABSURD. In this way, big time tourism is anti-people. It gives development to the rich and impoverishes the poor. Ironically, the government supports these anti-people initiatives for tax revenue purposes. They serve themselves rather than the people.


In Sibolo, there has been rapid land acquisition by Filestate at prices hungry marginals could not resist. But they later regretted it when the money vanished in the blink of an eye. Half have been bought, but the other half will not budge and would rather die than move. The reaction of Filestate was to fence and deny access. Lately, the buying spree has waned with Filestate rumored to be in a financial slump and looking for a Korean partner. But their security guards are in place. If Filipino Godzillas are too small, they turn to foreign Godzillas as partner, bigger and more vicious. They let Filipinos do the dirty work and simply give the funds.


In Caluya, there has been violent demolitions, bulldozing of farmlands, human barricades, arrests of protestors, harassments, and militarization. The court ordered the demolition of 84 homes based on questionable legal documents, but they demolished 104 by mistake. Orchestrating the takeover of Barangay Imba shorelands is Caluya Mayor Genevieve Lim, wife of a Consunji who is an executive at Semirara Mining. Here is a Youtube video documentary on the BLOOD SANDS OF CALUYA.


A prayer-song for seaweed farmers in distress
to turn to the Lord for help against all odds
King David’s famous thanksgiving song
for divine rescue from a vastly superior foe,
from insurmountable crisis and unbearable pain


i love you Lord my strength
my rock my fortress my deliverer my God my refuge
my shield my saving horn my stronghold
praise be to You Who has delivered me from my enemies
death was all around me, torrential floods inundating me
the noose of Sehol tightening
the snares of death awaited me in ambush
in my distress i cried out to the Lord
and from His celestial abode He heard my plea
the earth trembled, cracking the foundations of mountains
His wrath ignited, smoke billowing from His breath
kindling coals into flame
He then parted the heavens
descending with a dark cloud under His feet
flying atop cherubs, borne by the wings of the wind
the surrounding darkness veiled His majesty
a canopy of violent thunder proclaimed His coming
clouds and hail and lightning were all around Him
the Lord thundered from the heavens
His voice echoing, His arrows and lightning bolts flew
dispersing my enemy
the sea floor surfaced
the world’s foundation was laid bare
as the roar of the Lord, His breath like a storm
He reached down from the skies and cradled me
He drew me out of the deep waters
and rescued me from my mighty foes
too strong for my sword
they attacked on a day of distress
but the Lord came to my aid and set me free
He rescued me because He loves me


Psalm 18:1-20


in You o Lord i take refuge
i trust in You, You are my God
my destiny is in Your hands
rescue me from the clutches
of my enemies and persecutors
look with kindness upon me Your servant
in Your unfaltering love save me
take courage and be strong
all you who hope in the Lord
sa Iyo o Diyos ako kumukubli
lubos and tiwala ko sa Iyo
dahil Ikaw ang aking Panginoon
ang aking tadhana ay nasa Iyong mga kamay
iligtas mo ako sa kamay
ng aking mga kaaway at mang-aapi
basbasan Mo ako, ang iyong tagapaglingkod
nang Iyong kabaitan
sa Iyong walang-alinlangang pagmamahal
idulot Mo sa akin ang kaligtasan


lahat kayong umaasa sa Diyos
maging matapang at malakas 
Psalm 31:2/14-16/24


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eastwind journals 101


By Bernie Lopez


as if Yolanda was not enough
the people of Sicogon face
a new more powerful storm
Yolanda triggered an economic vacuum
now powerful forces are moving in


A new storm called Ayala is brewing which promises to make Yolanda look like a drizzle. Ayala Land Inc. is partnering with the Sicogon Investors Development Corp. (SIDECO), owned by the Sarrosa Family, for a staggering P10-billion mega-tourism project which will displace almost all of the resident farmers and fishermen of Sicogon. The project area encompasses 70% of the entire island, 809 hectares out of the total 1,160-hectares. It will have a 1.2 km airport, longer than that in Caticlan, to bring in development for outsiders and devastation for residents.


The powerful Ayala-SIDECO tandem is supported by a host of government agencies, such as NEDA, DAR, Iloilo Provincial Government, and its RDC. Because they are so confident they will get their way, they have started building 800 resettlement houses in Estancia town for informal settlers, in spite of the absence of an ECC, Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC), conflicts with 259 Agrarian Reform beneficiaries, and a growing people-power protest germinating from a large campout of the Federation of Sicogon Farmers and Fisherfolk Association (FESIFFA) in Barangay Buaya. The powerful private-public consortium faces a formidable civil group headed by FESIFFA, the Non-government Organization for Fisheries Reform (NFR), and journalists from Vera Files, The Daily Guardian, and Iloilo Metropolitan Times.


Jose Emmanuel “Junie” Jalandoni, senior vice president of Ayala Land promised 20,000 jobs but failed to mention that about one half of the entire island residents may be displaced in return.


The people of Sicogon need to have a quick and proactive disaster response against this new storm. Facing Godzilla, their best and only weapon is to achieve people power, to be united totally, and to get outside support, from the Church, lawmakers, international groups, media, because the next logical step of Godzilla is to use force to get their way. They must pre-empt way in advance demolition of homes, forced relocation, denial of access to fishing and farming, and the militarization of Sicogon, which is happening right this moment in other places near Boracay, like Caluya Island. Most critical is – the airport must not rise, because that would be the beginning of the end. As Boracay wanes, the pressure for new places mounts.




they wait for me to stumble and err
so that they can pounce on me
take their vengeance and prevail
but the Lord is with me, my mighty Champion
my enemies will not triumph
they will be put to shame
and wallow in confusion forever


jeremiah 20:10-11


there is a time for everything
a time to weep a time to laugh
a time to scatter a time to gather
a time to tear down a time to build
a time to love a time to hate
a time to kill a time to heal
a time to be born a time to die


ecclesiastes 3:1-8


I shall gather the remnants of My flock
from all the lands to which I have driven them
so that they need no longer fear nor tremble
and none shall get lost


jeremiah 23:3-4


His favors are limitless
His mercy unbounded
His love ardent
i am renewed each morning
my soul abides in Him


lamentations 3:22-24


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US-EU sanction boomerangs – US-China energy war – battle between Jesus and satan EJ100

US-EU Sanction Boomerangs
The Coming US-China Energy War
The Battle between Jesus and Satan
eastwind journals 100
By Bernie Lopez


The Emerging ‘New Silk Road’


After a decade of negotiations, Russia has finally inked one of the biggest energy deal of the century with China, a 30-year $400 billion gas supply agreement between Gazprom and CNPC. The US-EU sanctions due to the Ukraine conflict has left Russia with no choice but turn east, conceding gas prices lower than they expected. Britain warned of gas shortages in Europe. Aled Jones of Anglia Ruskin University reports that Britain’s North Sea gas will run out in three years, which will drive up prices in Europe. Russia supplies a third to a quarter EU’s gas needs.


Branded by many as the ‘New Silk Road’, the 4,000–kilomerter Russo-Sino pipeline promises to be the longest in history, transporting 40 to 60 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Russia offered tax exemptions for gas exports. In return, China will help develop Siberian gas fields and offer cheap credit to Russia. The Russo-Sino economic alliance is being complemented by military cooperation, evident from recent joint military exercises in disputed islands with Japan. (Source.


China’s Despair for Oil
Japanese historians claimed that Japan entered World War II as a pre-emptive strike against Western colonization, the British in Malaysia-Singapore, the Americans in the Philippines, and the Dutch in Indonesia. The Shoguns argued that if they did not attack, they would be attacked soon. If war was inevitable, it was better they had the initiative.


China’s mindset today is similar. When two carriers shamed China in the Taiwan Straits decades ago, China knew that someday push would come to shove, that a future pre-emptive strike against the US was becoming more and more inevitable. China considers that shame as a blessing in disguise. Now, US carriers cannot just move around freely in the South China Sea. China has done its homework. It now has a vast underground Air Force, Mac-10 missiles that can take out US carriers, pro-type twin-hulled carriers that can refuel nuke subs, larger stealth bombers and drones, and thousands of submarine detectors in the entire length of the China Sea. It has been preparing for the same inevitable war in the logic of the Shoguns.


China has become increasingly aggressive in Senkaku and Spratleys in its despair for oil, otherwise its gigantic economy will crash. They unilaterally annexed these islands, as they did Tibet, based on their mere mention in old Chinese chronicles. Yet they refuse to go to court because they know they will lose. It is now a game for soldiers not lawyers.


China believes the US may rattle its saber but will not just go into an escalated confrontation, what with its shrinking economy. Thus, China has been casually ramming Philippine, Vietnamese and Indian vessels at will, with little or no American reaction.


China knows the US has its own pre-emptive strike plans, the Pentagon’s Air/Sea Battle (ASB) scenario. It is now a matter of who is quicker at the draw. Observers say either a Chinese energy crisis or a US economic crisis or both will catalyze a deadly US-China confrontation in the Asia Pacific. In that digital war, the Philippines and Vietnam are mere collateral damage. Japan may be forced to rewrite its Constitution banning nukes and troops abroad. Both China and the US know a failed pre-emptive strike is dangerous. So, for now, no one is reaching for his gun. But energy is the catalyst for war.


The Coming Battle Between Jesus and Satan
I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian
brother will fight against brother
neighbor against neighbor
city against city
kingdom against kingdom


Isaiah 19:2


when the large heavy statue of st. michael the archangel
fell on a windless night at the healing center garden
sister raquel, cancer-healer for the Lord,
knew of the upcoming battle between Jesus and satan
they will grapple for the hearts of men as never before
she says the battle is both among nations and families
and within ourselves, each one of us
pope francis echoes this upcoming battle in his prayer –
weep not for what you have lost, fight for what you have
weep not for what is dead, fight for what was born in you
weep not  for the one who abandoned you, fight for who is with you
weep not for those who hate you, fight for those who want you
weep not for your past, fight for your present struggle
weep not for your suffering, fight for your happiness
with things that are happening to us, we begin to learn
that nothing is impossible to solve, just move forward


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yolanda village bounces back – tacloban 120 days after

tacloban after 120 days
eastwind journals 99
By Bernie Lopez


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Three months after Hurricane Haiyan (Yolanda, native name), bodies were still being discovered underneath the dozens of ships still stranded on shore. This is the second of a series of documentaries on Tacloban City produced by the World Surgical Foundation (WSF), which is helping in its long-term medical relief.


Part 2. (Tacloban after 120 days).


Part 1. (Tacloban after 30 days).


3-minute Meditation Corner
The Storm Inside Us


When Paul saw the spilt coffee on his desk and some of his documents wet, the first instinct was rage. But he recalled that he was praying just minutes ago while driving. He said to himself, “What for do we pray, if it does not change our lives?” Quietly, he cleaned his desk and worked as if nothing happened.


Martha, his secretary, came up to him in tears and said, “I’m the culprit. I’m sorry. I sit on your chair every morning, pretending to be a manager. If you went into a rage, I would have kept silent. But your serenity is just overpowering. It just got me.”


Paul replied, “No one can hurt us without our consent, Martha. It is a matter of will power. But if our will power is enslaved to knee-jerk rage, then we are the loser. I just did not let my rage take over my will. It’s not easy to do sometimes.”


Martha was notorious for having a chip on her shoulder. Everyone avoided her. She was the cranky witch out to get Snow White. The entire office was shocked how she changed overnight. Instantly, she was all smiles and friendly. She became prettier, for the body reflects the soul. She would bring coffee to Paul the moment he came in. A simple act of kindness has the power to change people. Gentleness is so overpowering, it can change a cold criminal to a lamb, and hurricanes into inner peace.


when you see a storm suddenly appear
and you remain cool
you will discover that the storm
really came from inside you
not from the outside world
Lord, teach us the power of Your inner peace




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Courtesy of National Geographic Archives

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