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eastwind journals 84 – TACLOBAN AFTER 1 MONTH meralco rates highest in asia

millennium storm HAIYAN / YOLANDA
A first-hand tour of Tacloban city center one month after the storm.
An appeal to restore the role of hospitals in critical rehabilitation.


eastwind journals 84
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In a nutshell
By Bernie Lopez


The government, as part shareholder of Meralco, is guilty of conflict of interest. It will approve rate increases for its own profits. Government equity in utilities should be banned.
Incumbent politicians are beholdened to the power sector as contributors to campaign funds. Malacanang defended the recent Meralco rate increases. Covert campaign contributions from oligarchs and their corporations should be expose in the media.
There is an insidious partnership between local oligarchs who control the power industry and the World Bank–USAID–ADB consortium (the US-controlled international banking system) to control the Philippine economy. The power sector plays a critical role in the economy. Even Malacanang is a puppet to this partnership. It’s a all-powerful global thing.
The consortium authored the EPIRA Law through proteges, namely, solons, some of whom were power oligarchs, and USAID-funded study groups. In the guise of breaking up the power monopoly, EPIRA achieved the exact opposite, strengthening the  monopoly (oligopoly). A clear example is the latest rate increase. The WESM rate increased almost ten fold overnight on the pretext of the Malampaya shutdown just before Meralco purchased power.
The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has consistently approved rate increases which the Supreme Court has consistently reversed in favor of consumers. The latest increase is in fact a violation of the EPIRA because it was automatic. This requires approval and consultation first. Meralco and ERC consistently deny their partnership.
The modus operandi of Meralco to increase rates is to pile up one application with the ERC after the other, in the hope statistically even 70% are approved. These applications are so complex finance- and accounting-wise that no layman can understand the needles in the haystack to be able to launch a protest. Before the latest increase effective January, there was a previous one approved for November.
Meralco illegally imposed an ERC-approved fee to cover future potential default on payments amounting to a staggering P26 billion, whose interest, protestors say, belong to consumers, not to Meralco. If you are low-to medium consumer of about of 200 plus kilowatt hours per month, your new bill would mean plus P200 for default security payments (this is not consumption but insurance), and another P500, for the Malampaya shutdown increase. So your bill is jumping from P2,000 plus to P3,000 plus, an increase of 30% beyond the capability of the middle class.
Meralco is not afraid of protests for two reasons, 1) it controls the media and has a PR budget of millions per month. They can come out with articles justifying increase and suppress articles that say these are unjust; 2) the threat of electricity cut-off is a powerful force that make consumers helpless. If they opt to not pay for unjust rates, they will be cut off.
The European, American, and Japanese Chambers of Commerce report that Meralco has one of the highest rates in the whole of Asia, higher than Tokyo’s, strangling their businesses. Some are threatening to move abroad, and indeed some have.
The powerful oligarchy is complex and has tentacles reaching out to a labyrinth of other sectors such as mining, which uses up a lot of power. It has agents in Malacanang, including the all powerful MICC, which ultimately approves all mining applications. There are oligarchs in the Cabinet, Senate, Lower House, Chambers of Commerce, etc.


How do you kill the oppressive oligarchy? You don’t and you can’t unless you want to be a martyr. The only power that can kill the oligarchy is people power, but that is a tall order. People power rises only in crisis situations like EDSA. When power rates have increase three fold, maybe there is a chance. The latest increase is churning up a tsunami which is still in its infancy. We are slaves of the oligarchy. Greed and power are the name of their game.




the people who walked in darkness
have seen a radiant light
upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom
You have brought them O Lord
abundant joy and great peace
and they celebrate the new harvest
the yoke that burdened them
the pole on their shoulder
You have smashed as in the days of midian
and the Word was made flesh
and dwelt among us
behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son
and they shall name Him Emmanuel
which means ‘God is with us’
matthew 1:23 /pp255
the spirit of Christmas
is in the heart not in the world
not so much in giving gifts
but in giving oneself
from you o bethlehem
shall come a ruler
who is to shepherd My people
matthew 2:6
she wrapped Him in swaddling clothes
and laid Him in a manger
because there was no room
for them at the inn
and the angel said:
fear not, for behold i bring good tidings
of joy for all people
for today in the city of david
a Savior is born
who is Christ and Lord
and suddenly, a multitude of angels appeared
praising God and saying:
glory to God in the highest
and peace to those
on whom His favor rests
luke 2:13-14
He shall be called
the Son of the most high
the Lord shall give Him
the throne of david His father
and He shall rule over
the house of jacob forever
and of His kingdom
there will be no end
luke 1:31-33
caravans of camels
dromedaries from midian and ephah
shall fill you, all from sheba shall come
bearing gold and frankincense
proclaiming praises to the Lord
isaiah 60:6 /pp255
the Lord has made His salvation known to all His people
He has remembered His mercy and love
sing joyfully to the Lord all you nations
break into songs of praise
psalm 98:1-6
from abraham to david is fourteen generations
from david to the babylonian exile is the same
from the babylonian exile to the birth of the Messiah is the same
matthew 1:17 /pp255
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eastwind journals 83 – christmas anecdote – THE DERIVATIVE BUBBLE

A CHRISTMAS ANECDOTE – the derivative bubble
eastwind journals 83
by Bernie V. Lopez,


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BREAKING NEWS – 37 million bees dead in Elmwood, Ontario, Canada, after large planting of GMO corn laced with Neonicotinoid pesticide

Joey, a man of strong faith, was hit by a lightning bolt when he discovered he suddenly had stage-4 cancer of the lungs, when he had no symptoms. The thought of death made him pray hard. He went to mass everyday. He never missed morning bible readings and evening meditation. He pleaded to the Lord to heal him.


Alas, his case deteriorated. The cancer spread to his spine and liver. He started getting depressions. He lost half of his weight in ten days. His family was running out of money. He started blaming the Lord for abandoning him. From his bed, he would stare at the ceiling, waiting to die, tears rolling down his cheeks.


Freddie, his best friend since they were kids, began to visit him everyday, trying to cheer him up, but in vain. He did not laugh at his jokes. No one could make him smile. Freddie left disappointed, but never gave up. He was there again the next day. One day, Freddie did not come. Joey found out that Freddie had died of stage-4 lung cancer. He was worse off than him, but Freddie never told him.


Joey was surprised how a friend about to die, was so cheerful and was more concerned about him than his own sickness. Then he realized Freddie’s secret to life was not in one’s self but in the other. Joey stopped wallowing in his grief, and sought other cancer patients when he went to his doctor. He made friends, and comforted those who were desperate in the cancer clinic. They liked his jokes. He never failed to make them smile, unlike Freddie who could not make him smile.


Joey began to notice a change in him. When he left the clinic, he felt stronger. He thought how amazing it was that the body and the soul were so intertwined as to heal each other. So he made a resolve to go to the cancer clinic everyday, not to see the doctor but to see the patients. The day before Christmas, there was pandemonium. The patients gathered around Joey to hear his jokes. And he gave away apples. He ignored the nurse who asked him to tone down the noise. That day, there was a rowdy Christmas party of cancer patients. The doctors joined it. For Joey, it was his therapy, better and cheaper than chemo, which he no longer underwent. He threw his sickness to the wind.


His cancer was still spreading, but he did not care. The doctor gave him three months, but it has been a year, and he was alive and kicking. It dawned on Joey why the Lord made him sick. The Lord was teaching him that love can heal cancer. He realized he had a mission to fulfill to touch others, that was why the Lord made him sick. This terminal cancer patient found his heaven in a cancer clinic. He learned to surrender himself to Him by surrendering himself to others.


God’s ways are a mystery, but it always ends up a triumph of our spirit. In God’s love, there is no way we can get lost, because no matter where we go, all paths lead to Him.


every path leads to You O Lord
you make us sick so we can find Your healing
you teach us through pain, the greatest mentor
that the secret in discovering one’s self
is in discovering the other


When will it burst?
Prophecy of Doom
AUTHOR’S NOTE. This article was inspired by a talk by Mike Billington of the Asia Desk of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), during his December 2013 visit to the Philippines.
In the world of Investment Banks led by Wall Street, there is a trend from banking towards gambling. Greed reigns on short-term risks that bring in massive windfalls. They sell speculative derivatives at a dizzying rate, which will finally kill the financial Earth. It can either bring in a windfall or a crash, but they don’t care. They know the government has no choice but to bail them out in fear of the meltdown, as in the past. They are blind to the cataclysm, and see only the pot of gold.


Past derivatives in the food sector have caused havoc. They went into wheat derivatives, and when they finally unloaded, prices soared, triggering riots in the Middle East, triggering the Arab spring. In 2012, Mexican President Felipe Calderon asked banks to stop speculating on food and grains, which have triggered social unrest. Four years ago, 90% of food supply were controlled by food corporations. Today, 40% are controlled by financial institutions who speculate on food derivatives. They can easily trigger a global food shortage (see


The derivative bubble will eventually burst because there is right now a momentum of greed. It must be banned quickly. It is an addiction the speculators cannot get rid of. Some say it can happen in the blink of an eye when we are all asleep, citing how the case of the recent US government shutdown. Panic is the catalyst for a sudden explosion.
Today, the US government is printing $80 billion per month of worthless paper currency. Remember the war days when one can buy a can of sardine with a plastic bag of money? The Feds know they will eventually cause the meltdown but they fear more the profound short-term effects. Dam- if they do, and dam- if they don’t. The day of reckoning looms.


you hear His whisper amid the roar of thunder
you discern His wisdom amid the chaos and greed
He is the deluge in your drought
the Light in your darkness
our riches and greed have come between us
and made us too busy to love each other
if you grab the other also grabs
greed is contagious, nothing is left for all
if you share the other also shares
love is contagious, there is enough for all
wealth without wisdom is the mother of greed
if you are rich but foolish you lose everything you get
if you are rich but wise you keep everything you share


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eastwind journals 82 – A PHILIPPINE NO-FLY ZONE IN SPRATELY – power of perspective

HOW ABOUT A PHILIPPINE NO-FLY ZONE? – the power of perspective
eastwind journals 82
eastwind prophecies of doom


By Bernie Lopez –
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The idea of a Philippine no-fly zone in the Spratley may become the catalyst to a future US-China confrontation, but I am sure it has been floating around in the Internet. It is similar to that of China in Senkaku Island near Japan. South Korea recently imposed its own no-fly zone coinciding with China’s. With the mutual defense agreement between the US and the Philippines, there can be a positive response to Chinese incursion, or this can pre-empt Chinese brinkmanship. The way it is going, there may be new no-fly zones in Spratley by Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, India which all have claims. If this happens, China’s no-fly-zone strategy has become ridiculous and useless, a geopolitical blunder.


Meanwhile a mini-Subic Naval Base may soon rise. The Philippine Navy announced the bidding of a Palawan cove for a naval base in the west facing the Spratley with quick easy access to the capital of Puerto Princesa in the east, a carrot on a stick for the US to move in, if the VFA will permit it. Will Pivot to Asia bite? Most probably. It is a golden opportunity. In fact, it may have been originally an American idea. Everything is moving slowly towards a US-China confrontation.
(Source –


The last known news report on the whereabouts of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, sent by Pope Francis after the Bohol-Cebu earthquake, was in Dolores near Borongan in Eastern Samar. It was stranded there due to Yolanda, on its way to the Borongan diocese.
(Source –
I am requesting for field information from anyone who knows its whereabouts so this can be reported to the Vatican via CBCP. I have alerted the Red Cross which has relief operations in Eastern Samar, but there still has no response.


eastwind prophecies of doom
NBC News reports, “An enormous, brutal mass of arctic air is shoving south over most of the U.S. — threatening 32 million people for the rest of the week with snow, ice, wind and extraordinary drops in the temperature. Only the coastal states of the East are expected to be spared.” (Dec 3, It is a Yolanda wanna-be, except that its power is brute ice instead of brute wind. The four elements of disaster are air (wind or storm), fire (eruption and forest fire), water (ice storm or storm) and earth (tremors).


Perhaps only in the Philippines can you buy cigarette by the stick, vinegar, sugar and cooking oil by the ounces in short slender plastic bags. Coke got the hint and came up with the 8-ounce bottle. In World War II, the Germans built a super-tank that failed because it was too time consuming to build, hence too few, too heavy to cross bridges, too hard to transport. The Russians, on the other hand, built tens of thousands of cheap intrepid fast ‘tin-can’ tanks which took a lot of beating but eventually overwhelmed the Panzer units, like ants conquering a lizard.


Macro-economics is for the era of growth, inducing monopoly, greedy giant firms gobbling each other, vicious tycoons, the nemesis of the poor, and triggering financial crises. Micro-economics is for the era of decline, inducing the return into basics, dispelling luxury, wastage and materialism, the savior of the poor, triggering the solution to financial crises. When the global economic meltdown rears its ugly face, we all return to the extreme basics to survive. The monolithic will granulate, convergence will evolve to divergence. The era of the cave will ascend.


zen minimalism means
utter simplicity, the return to basics
zen minimalism means
a bare home of paper and wood
a single table for dining
zen minimalism means
total detachment from a material world
so the energy of the spirit
can emerge from a frugal body
and dominate your consciousness
zen minimalism grew
out of continuous wars
and sufferings in medieval japan
they made the zen garden
to lend peace thru its utter simplicity
christiian minimalism
is borrowed from zen buddhism
freedom from embelishment
freedom from worldly desires
freedom from too many worries
the way to the Lord Jesus
is a simple uncluttered life
total spiritual attachment
total material detachment
immersion in peace and prayer






perspective is wisdom
perspective is power
perspective changes us profoundly


Take this POWERPOINT micro to macro trip across the universe


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perspective is wisdom
perspective is power
perspective changes us profoundly
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