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eastwind journals 77 – theories about creation and the universe

eastwind journals 77


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Stephen Hawking


By Bernie Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


in death, as in an ocean
all our slow or swift diminishments
flow out and merge towards the Lord
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin / eastwind


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, was a paleontologist who came up with one of the most profound insights into Creation and Salvation. Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist who came up with profound insights into the Universe.




Chardin said that the physical evolution advocated by Darwin was followed by a spiritual evolution of consciousness. When Man came about, there was an explosion, a super-nova wherein Darwinian evolution made a giant leap from the physical to the spiritual with the birth of consciousness. Chardin predicted that the evolution of consciousness would eventually converged towards Christ. The internet demonstrates so profoundly this convergence of consciousness on a global scale. Today, the Church upholds this deep insight of Chardin’s Christo-centric theology.


Prior to being pedestalled, Chardin was condemned by the Church, just like Darwin, because of the naïve notion among the best Church theologians, that the theory of evolution disproved God as Creator. The theologian was trying to be a crude scientist. Evolution in fact so profoundly proves Creation, as the Church finally admits today. The myopic Church finally saw the light. Chardin’s book The Phenomenon of Man was banned yesterday but proclaimed today. He was threatened with excommunication if he continued advocating for his Darwinian leanings. The human Church can make such obvious blunders. But it can also reverse ignorance into insight.


Hawking was a renowned professor at Cambridge for 30 years. His contributions in cosmology and quantum gravity catapulted him to fame in the scientific community. He predicted that black holes emit radiation. Hawking is almost completely paralyzed, having a spinal ailment of progressive neuron deterioration.


Hawking, a celebrated atheist-scientist, committed his big blunder when he started to veer from science into philosophy, just as the theologians veered into science. Simply put, he says that in the big bang theory, there was nothing at the start. Therefore everything came from nothing. There is no God who created. This ridiculous statement fails to see that ‘nothing’ is a term in our minds rather than a reality, and that the ‘nothing’ he was referring to is today’s nascent theory of the mysterious dark energy and dark matter of the Universe. Hawking says “philosophy is dead”, then starts philosophizing guised as scientific proof. He says science is based on observation and reason. So is philosophy.


Hawking’s theory cannot disprove God, just as Chardin’s theory cannot prove God, because they are both theories. There is one more step after Chardin’s theory – faith, which is a ‘leap’ from the logical. Science frowns on things which are beyond logic. At this point, Chardin and Hawking are not contradictory because they are on different plains. Science and religion are not contradictory but complementary. It is Man as theologian or scientist who has contradictory beliefs based on theories.


The opposing views of Chardin and Hawking, just like Darwin’s evolution and Einsteins’ relativity, are all mere theories. Theories naturally evolve continuously and defy finality. Einstein’s relativity, are today being remodeled. Theories are based on Man’s inferences of both physical and metaphysical realities, both science and religion. Thus, the theory of creation will rage endlessly. Chardin and Hawking will forever be acclaimed and condemned by religion and science. There will be endless useless debates of people on different plains. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


To appreciate the grandeur of the Universe, let us end with an eastwind Youtube trilogy –
Cosmology 101
Man’s Cosmic Third Eye
Narrated by Fr. Peter Walpole, SJ, and Fr. Reuter, SJ
Meditating on the Universe, A Cosmic Prayer
Narrated by Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ


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eastwind memoirs 05 – jack daniels and the canadian belles

Jack Daniels and Canadian belles
eastwind memoirs 05 
By Bernie Lopez, eastwind@replyctr@gmail.com
SEE PREVIOUS eastwind memoirs –
06 – THE 25,000-KM 3-YEAR TREK eastwind overview
04 – THE BEDOUIN GIRL Tetouan, Morocco
03 – PILGRIMATE TO FATIMA the 7-day 80-km hike, Portugal
02 – BRAWL IN A PORTUGUESE BAR Vila Franca de Santo Antonio
Jack Daniels and Canadian belles
eastwind memoirs 05
By Bernie Lopez, eastwind@replyctr@gmail.com

The Filipino author hitchhiked 25,000 kilo­meters, drifting through 18 countries in Europe and North Africa for 3 years. This is a true story, dialogue reconstructed, excerpts from an upcoming book on the eastwind memoirs Wings and Wanderlust.
if you stand at the edge of a cliff
you can either look up
and view the golden sunset
or look down and view the dark abyss
what you view is what you are
and what moulds your destiny
on the road it is important
to head for the blinding light
and flee from the darkness
you have to have a sixth sense
make serendipity your friend
be able to smell mortal danger
from a mile away



         I never took notice of time when I was on the road. It was immaterial. Many times, I didn’t even remember what month it was. I never had a detailed time frame. I only looked at the seasons, fall in France with its exploding carpet of fallen leaves, winter in Morocco with its moaning desert sand dunes, spring in Portugal with its bulls and festive crowds, and summer in Amsterdam with its sea of backpackers of all races. Time was not minutes or hours or days, but seasons. Now it was spring in Portugal.
         I headed for the Algarve coastline. I stayed in a camping ground in Faro. This was my pit stop. I washed all my clothes and my entire backpack. I must have washed off a half kilo of dirt. It was hard to wash the heavy jeans. There was a tech­nique I learned from a lady drifter from Argentina. Wrap your jeans around a post and turn it tight to squeeze out all the water. It was the effortless way of doing it. Fantastic. But if you over-did it, it would tear your pants.
         I could not imagine how the sands of the Sahara were still in my backpack. My yellow ski-jacket looked yellow again. I did some sewing on it using black thread. There were so many repairs in black thread, it started to look black and yellow.
         I traded my pocketbooks and I was on two new ones. I was a brand new guy, ready for the next phase. Fatima, here I come, I said to myself.
         “Looks like rain, kiddo,” a Brit with a heavy accent tapped me on the shoulder.
         “I know,” I countered.
         “Looks like you got no tent just like me.”
         “Looks like.”
         “Listen, I got a plan.”
         “Fire away.”
         “See those two lovely Canadians? They share a tent, right?”
         “I got it, kiddo. We sleep right beside their tent, right?”
         “Boy, are you fast.”
         I abandoned having a tent because it was too heavy. I kept my backpack weight circa 3 to 4 kilos. At 5 kilos, it will start to strain you. Also, it was more exciting risking rain. After all, it’s just water and water cleanses both body and soul. It challenges your creativity when it starts to pour. I remember an American gadget freak I met in Florence who carried an 8-kilo backpack. That ties you down. Wings and Wanderlust required being mobile, lightweight, and sticking to essentials, discarding peripherals.
I appropriated weight on a mobile kitchen because it translated into savings. I saw books claiming “Europe for $5 a day” (this was in the 70s). One day, I computed eastwind’sper day cost. It was a resounding $2 a day. There are secrets Filipinos have that Western backpackers from affluent societies are not privy to. The secret is simple, you don’t need a book or primer – no restaurants, no hotels, only hostels, camping grounds, or starry nights, and hitchhiking. I could pig out in my mobile kitchen for a dollar.
And so, we talked to the two lovely Canadian beauties. My new found Brit friend took out a Jack Daniels from his backpack. The women went wide-eyed. This guy’s smart. He’s a pro with women. We had a nice time talking about soaring in the skies, the art of drifting. By the time we knew it, we had finished the bottle in about an hour. Nice high. We were laughing at the slightest ‘humor’. We couldn’t breathe any­more. Then, ‘it was time for bed’, as the song Norwegian Wood of the Beatles goes.
         “You guys don’t believe in tents?” one Canadian lady said.
         “Too heavy,” I said.
         “Too much fuss to pitch,” said the Brit.
         “Looks like rain, guys,” the other lady said.
         “We’ll manage,” said the Brit, winking at me.
         And so we went to bed at about 10 o’clock. Foreseeing the rain, I made sure all my gear was together so I could grab them easily. And there it was, about midnight, big droplets of rain. It was coming down fast and hard. The Brit and I scrambled. He shouted at the girls to let us in. They had no choice. We squeezed in. The smell of whiskeyed Canadian women and the warmth of their bodies blended with the rain, taking away my sleepiness. It perked me and the Brit up and we were giggling and talking as the downpour began.
         With certain types of light-weight nylon tents, if there is a downpour, you can’t touch the roof otherwise the water comes in where you touch the nylon. The tent of the Canadians was such. So the Brit and I had to squeeze the women hard to avoid touching the low-hanging roof and getting wet. If we didn’t do that, the rainfall would fall harder inside the tent than outside. It was nice sleeping in the warmth of drunken Canadian women inside a tent on a stormy Portuguese spring night.
         Here is a little flashback. There was another time heavy rain would come down on me, somewhere in a park in Italy, perhaps Milan or Genoa, I don’t even remember the place, perhaps Milan, but the incident was crystal clear. I was with another backpacker. He had a tent but was too lazy to pitch it. It looked like a rainless night. But it came fast and hard at one in the morning.  We dragged  all our gear and took  shelter under a nearby walk-bridge, shivering wet. But in all my 12-odd months without a tent on the road, rarely was there rain. The other times, my guardian angel managed to keep the stars visible whenever I slept with the sky as my roof. Recklessness and luck were the best partners, but only if you had a guard­ian angel. End of flashback.
            The next day, the sun shone like a torch. The ladies were having a tan at noon. One of them approached me and asked me to put some lotion on her legs and back. She noticed I was embarrassed, so she grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh, “Don’t be shy.”
         The Brit grabbed the lotion, “Let me do it.”
         “No, I asked him, not you,” the lady said.
“They don’t like aggressive Limeys. Move away,” I said, to cover up my embarrassment.
         There was electricity on her skin and it wasn’t the lotion. As I rubbed this slimy lotion on electric legs, she started talking, “Ever seen bulls out on the streets?”
         “Not really,” I said, distracted by the legs.
         She said, “There’s this place called Vila Franca de Xira. They have a fiesta where they let the bulls rampaging out on the streets.”
         I said, “Really? How can they do that?”
         My hands were melting into her skin. The sticky gooey lotion on white skin slightly browned by the sun excited me.
         She said, “They fence portions of the main streets and the central plaza and let the bulls out. It’s a free for all. Anybody can go into the arena.”
         I asked, “And many do?”
         I was not listening. My mind was on her skin.
         She said, “I don’t know. You gotta find out for yourself.”
         I had two things in mind. First was the fiesta of the bulls at Xira. I had to see that. Second was the much awaited pilgrimage I wanted to make to Fatima. Both would become mesmerizing experiences only because I had a fantastic gift of serendipity, the sixth sense to somehow stumble into mind-blogging soul-rending adventures beyond my imagination. Eastwind was heading north, towards the warmth of summer.
the only difference between
an atom and a galaxy is size
their primordial essences are the same
in the same way
there is little difference
between a tycoon and a beggar
you must see through the external
and absorb the internal
if you are to discover yourself in others


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prayer request bulletin 113 – October 20, 2013

October 20, 2013
Apology for late bulletins. We are swamped.
Pass this document to friends as a link –


Appendix 1 –  Guide for prayer requesters, if it’s your first time.
Appendix 2 –
a) Prayer for Healing
b) Prayer for World Peace
Your prayer request is a form of prayer, because it implies you know He is listening. It will be more effective if you pray for others in this bulletin. Praying for others is praying for yourself a hundred fold. The more people pray, the more powerful our prayers.


The Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for each and every request in this bulletin, published regularly at www.sisterraquel.com. We do not do automatic email replies. We read and pray for each prayer request. Subscribe as member at www.sisterraquel.com to get this bulletin automatically and to receive all inspirational materials.
Prayers are timeless and are never too late. If we pray for a successful operation even after the operation, the Lord listens in advance.
We are gathered in Jesus’ name in the internet. He is in our midst, on our keyboards, in our hearts at this very moment. Together, we are his global prayer army. We adore you, O Jesus, for You have redeemed the world.
TO JOIN, SEND EMAIL TO sr.raquel.rvm@gmail.com




Dear Sr. Raquel:
Greetings! I am writing to request for prayers for my brother L who is currently having problems with his kidneys. Below is the prayer that I wish that you can dispatch to your prayer warriors and which you all can recite for me during your healing sessions or whenever you find it appropriate. For the past several days, he can not urinate enough – a symptom I understand that his kidneys are malfunctioning again. He also has high blood pressure.
Prayer – Lord, I pray for my dear brother L who is back to his doctors again today because of his continued kidney problems.
He will stay with his doctors for the next seven days for treatment. Lord, I pray that you take a kind look at my brother’s condition. I offer him up to you with fervent trust  that you will have mercy on him and heal him. My brother has suffered so much already. His finances are dwindling and I am afraid that the time will come that he (and us, his family) can no longer afford his treatments. My brother has been very generous to us. Please be generous to him now that it is him who is in dire need of financial assistance for his medical condition. Lord, I stand by your word and I claim it now  that if I ask, I will receive; that if I seek, I shall find; and that if I knock, I shall be opened. Lord, I know that you will hear our prayers and you will not forsake us. Mama Mary, please pray for us. Saint Joseph, please pray for us. Amen. Thank you very very much. Sincerely, 


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
Please pray for the miracle of marriage restoration for me, for my husband’s conversion, and also that divorce will never be finalized but instead be cancelled for good. Please pray for my family and all families going through the heartbreak of marital breakdown, that God will be merciful and bring the prodigal spouses to the senses to return home to their spouses and children for good. Thank you and God Bless.


dear sis raquel.
please pray for my marriage that it will not be broken bcos of another woman who is also involve in our music ministry choir. that my husband will resist temptation. that i will be guided accordingly in my intuition. pray also that God will guide me in my present job. that i will stay longer here. give me humbleness and perseverance to my job. thank you very much always sis raquel for praying for all your people of God. in Christ.


Dearest Sister Racquel,
I want to request a prayer for the immediate healing of my goddaughter who is sick with infectious skin disease due to bacteria.  She is only two (2) years and currently confined at St. Claire Hospital.  Her name is Annika Danielle. God bless,


Dear Rev. Mother,
Kindly pray for Angela 7 yrs. has food allergy right from her childhood.  Since 6 months she has no control on her bowls, she is bed wetting and passes stools. It is very embarrassing to her & her parents. She is in the IInd Std. Doctors say it is something to do with her psychology, she is under medication. I am eagerly waiting for your favorable reply. Yours in Christ,


Dear Sr. Raquel, RVM,
Kindly include in your prayer intentions my brothers:
1) Gerardo G, who is undergoing treatment for cancer of the liver
2) Enrico G, who will undergo an 8 hour surgery on Tuesday, July 23rd for cancer of the throat.
3) My Aunt, Loreto C, who has cancer of the uterus. Thank you for your prayers.


Dear SIster Raquel,
I am in a new environment, a new country where I am not used to, just to work.  Being here, I really would like to help my family especially my parents financially but I just grow really sad everyday of my stay here to the point that I cannot anymore find the value of my life. It is as if I am only living to work and not working to live. Please help me to find happiness and contentment here and to become successful too. Please pray that I may become very good in my work and achieve happiness with my colleagues and clients. Help me pray to God that I will one day, while I am young, go back to the Philippines, stable and happy. I have so many dreams but my stay here in this country eat all those and as if I cannot have them at all. Thanks so much and God bless you.


Dear Sister Raquel,
Good evening to you and to all prayer warriors. Thank you for your prayers to our Mother Mary prayer to her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, I would like to ask for your prayers on behalf of my sister Victoria be healed of her psychological and emotional problem and also that she be in good health and financial situation. Please pray also for my father Juan Sr. not to suffer from his ashma and acid reflux and that he be in good health at the age of 88. Please pray for us to St. Mathew to help us financially to settle the estate of our Mother. Thank you for your prayers.


Please pray for my daughters, especially for those who are in need of conversions. Please also remember to pray for my family in your daily prayers, that we will all make it to Heaven. Thank you,


Dear Sister, Please I ask that the Sacred Heart of Jesus will heal me from this depression and that soon I will be feeling happy and peace on mind and body. Thank you so much for all your prayers.


Please pray for all people who are diagnosed with cancer, this dreaded scourge – and for all who have lost the battle. Let its causes and cures be revealed, not hidden or destroyed, in Jesus’ Name. Dearest Jesus, in Your Mercy, forgive us for any spiritual, generational roots that have brought this on our society, especially the sin of abortion, unforgiveness and bitterness.
Provide strength and revelation, alternative, personalized treatments.  And should that fail, we ask You to do the impossible, touch them with Your healing and loving hands in miracles, cures and wonders for You are an awesome God and worthy to be praised and glorified forever. Jesus, we place our complete trust in you. God Bless You Intercessors,


My brother had rectal surgery last June.  Please pray for his complete healing and recovery. May he not need another surgery.  Thank you.


Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pray for my illnesses to be healed:  heart aneurysm and kidney stone which hinders me from going back to my seafaring career which causes our family financial difficulties at the moment. Likewise with my wife who is suffering from painful arthritis. There is nothing impossible before God. Thank you very much.


Katelyn Gwen is a 1 year old baby girl.  In her early age, her gall bladder was removed, and she is now suffering from Billary Atresia (liver problem), We pray for her early recovery.  We pray also that some people with big heart will help her and her family because her medication entails a big amount of money.  Liver transplant will cost millions of pesos, Lord, please help Katelyn Gwen.
Dear Sister Racquel, please pray for my daughter Niña Mary Anne and her husband  Celso that they may  find happiness living together. May Niña successfully finish her thesis without any hassles, and may she be permanently hired at Christian College of Tanauan where is it working right now, and may Celso be hired permanently also at his present job in Ace Hardware.  I pray also for the intercession of the Blessed Mother, for good health for my family.  Thank you Lord for the Blessings.


Prayers for:
1.                   Successful eye operation of my mother, Andrea
2.                   Prayers  for my friend Sydney for her  enlightenment
Thank  you,


Dear Sr. Raquel and the healing ministry of Mother Ignatia del Esperitu Santo
My name is Shintar DR, im a 35yrs old man, who was just recently diagnosed of HIV positive, im a Physician that just graduated last year. In my eagerness to help one of my patient, i decided to donate my blood so that my patient can prolong his life, after those rigid testing i was called back to find out that i was HIV positive, i was shocked , i was devastated, but it did not make me mad, maybe because God is my strenght and that he has aplan for me. I have a 1yr old adopted son of whom i so much adore. I have a partner for 6yrs of which we both practice monogamous relationship. As a Physician, we are always exposed of blood and other bodily secretions, there was this one incident that a splatter of blood reached my eyes and we dont knw the HIV status of thta patient, needless that i know that the patient was HIV positive. When i got the news that i was HIV positive, i was schocked, i was sad, i was dissapointed, but i prayed hard and asked for our saviours guidance and help. I firmly believe that i will be healed, i know that God is the greatest doctor of all time, i know that whoever beleives in him will be healed. I know that God will touch me and will take this virus away. And i promise, that i will dedicate my life inhelping the sick and the needy most especially those that needed medical help. Help me please Sister,, to pray for me that i will be healed and that i will be free of this virus. With your help i trust in the power of prayers. I trust that you will help me pray to our Lord that i will be healed. I will be cured and i will be well, in Jesus name I Claim That I will be Healed! AMEN! And with the intercession of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo i will be healed AMEN!


Pray for Mr. Rowland – stroke // Allan – Just diagnosed with multiple cancers // Karl – Surgery on broken Femur; he will be unable to touch his foot to the floor for three months – please continue to pray for him and his family. // For Yvonne – to continue the work of the Lord with courage, endurance & hope in what the Lord is doing in her life and in the lives of those she brings to the Lord. // For two unborn babies that they will be healed; one baby is having surgery on the heart right after birth; the second baby has a spot on his head. We pray Lord that you hold these children in Your loving care and heal any afflictions they have. Bring them into the world healthy and strong. Also pray for the mothers to hold on to hope in Jesus & Mary. May all the angels gather around these mothers & babies and protect them from any dangers.   Holy Mary, you who carried Jesus in your virginal womb, intercede for these babies to be healed and made whole & complete in your Son Jesus. For all God’s little ones in the womb and in the world that they will be safe and secure in the LOVE of Jesus.


Please pray for my brother Noy for his “spiritual” conversion and healing of face, neck and throat. May the LORD almighty give him back his health and into full recovery. I also ask for the courage to forgive and strength and also for financial blessing.Thank you ! God bless,


Dear Sis. Racquel,
Please include me in your prayers, i have problem with my ankle swelling both left and right.
God will heal me in this health problem. Thank you. God bless!


For my two daughters to find their place in this world. For my wife who is adjusting to life overseas.


Make your request short and do not post repeatedly as it results in confusion and double entries we cannot monitor.
English is better so non-Filipinos prayer warriors can understand your prayer requests.
Put a subject title “prayer request” to avoid being identified as a spam. ‘No subject’ are sometimes not read but deleted.
We protect the privacy of requesters. Email addresses and last names are not published. This does not change the efficacy of the prayers.
The ministry mainly accepts prayer requests from individuals. We cannot accept a large stream of requests from a single source which has its own prayer grouping and forwards requests to us one by one. We cannot handle this kind of volume. We prefer the requests to first be consolidated into one document and sent to us a single request.
The Lord sanctifies all who reads this bulletin, prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and readers. When you read this bulletin, you will realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Pain is an act of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to sr.raquel.rvm@gmail.com. But first read about its history, healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-


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I surrender myself to you totally, Lord. Whatever is Your will I accept. I offer myself to You for healing. You said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Heal me if it is Your will, as I prostrate myself here before You. Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen.
People have been healed in the Youtube by saying a healing prayer
with Sister Raquel –
with Father Suarez –
We may be at the brink of a global war or a mega-disaster. Please pray for peace and against disasters by saying 3 Hail Marys to Our Lady of Fatima everyday as soon as you wake up. Make it a habit. In a month, your 90 Hail Marys goes a long way for world peace.


The Lord reigns and heals in cyberspace.
Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry11 Oct 2013 08:07 am

eastwind memoirs 04 – THE BEDOUIN GIRL

eastwind memoirs 04
The Bedouin Girl
By Bernie Lopez, eastwind@replyctr@gmail.com


The Filipino author hitchhiked 25,000 kilo­meters, drifting through 18 countries in Europe and North Africa for 3 years. This is a true story, dialogue reconstructed, excerpts from an upcoming book on the eastwind memoirs Wings and Wanderlust.


in spain, you could be jailed for smoking grass
but you can drink yourself to death on scotch
it is a beverage to them
in morocco, you could be jailed for drinking scotch
but you can smoke yourself blue on grass (keeff)
it is a cigarette to them


         Wings and wanderlust are partners. I took a boat from Algeciras in Spain to Ceuta in Morocco. Morocco marked the beginning of Phase Three of eastwind­, the great leap to the unknown. Experience made me seek the essentials and discard the peripherals. Fear of the unknown was replaced by the eagerness to take risks. Self confidence was the gateway to true adventure. Danger was antici­pated rather than avoided. I wanted to kiss the ground because it was my first time in Africa. But I decided not to make a fool of myself.




         I met a chubby California girl, Cherry (not her real name) who played fantastic American folk songs on her guitar. We became instant friends and ate dinner together often. Only, one time, she suddenly shooed me away. She pointed to someone coming, her big Moroccan boy friend who always got jealous and violent. He had a nasty look in his face and was approaching like a steam roller.
         I had two choices. I could run, but he might run after me. Or I could just stay put and keep my cool. Finally, I jumped for­ward to greet him with a big smile, “You must be Cherry’s boyfriend. She says you’re really cool.” The ice was broken. He shook my hands. Whew, close call.
         They spoke in perfect French. Cherry was my interpreter.
         “Tell him that I am a musician like you,” I told Cherry.
         “Where is your guitar?” the Moroccan asked.
         “Nope, no guitar.” I said nervously.
         “Let me hear you sing. Go get your guitar, darling,” he said to Cherry.
         A played a simply Filipino tune. Cherry applauded “Great, just great.”
         The Moroccan was impressed. It was Cherry who gave me the idea to travel with a guitar. I would buy one in Las Palmas soon. Cherry and I had long talks. I probed into her inner life. I was curious what women drifters were made of.
         “Aren’t you afraid of being raped here?” I asked. “I mean, I, a man, am afraid. What more you, a woman? It’s very dangerous travelling alone in Morocco even for a man.”
         “Not really. There’s a secret to it. As a woman who travels alone, there are creative ways to get by,” she bragged.
         “Really? Like how?”, I asked.
         “Like a Moroccan boy friend. I sleep with him but I don’t get raped. He protects me. In fact, he is too protective. He gets very jealous and violent. But that’s alright. Better than getting raped.”
         Cherry and I smoked a lot of hash with a Moroccan friend, Ahmed. After all, society condoned hash and it was part of the culture – the days of hash and roses. Of course, I realize Western and Filipino societies do not approve, with some exceptions. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
         Cherry and I never spent money on hash. Ahmed just brought the stuff. Ahmed was friendly to backpackers and that made me suspicious that he might be a pusher. I was warned to be careful of traps. They would give you some hash, then tell the police. Keeff was harsh crude grass, but hash was pure and stronger. Foreigners could be arrested for possession of hash, but not Moroccans.
         But I didn’t care. I smoked with Cherry and Ahmed anyway. It was not good to be too cautious on the road. On the road, danger was an end in itself, otherwise, why travel at all. Sometimes I sought danger instinctively. I wanted to go on the brink and find out what it’s like.
the taste of danger excites the soul
there is no logic to it, only excitement
you cannot intellectualize excitement
you have to live it
danger draws the adrenaline
to untrodden heights
which is food for the thirsty soul
desperate to escape the absurdity of life
         Cherry had been on the road for three long years. That was quite a feat, compared to my four months That made me respect her a lot, although sometimes I felt she was cheap giving her body to men only to get free food and a free place to stay and to avoid danger. But that was survival on the road for her. Who was I to judge her? Cherry stayed in the desert with the Bedouins for three whole months. She lived in a tent with nomadic Bedouins who travelled with their animals across the inhospi­table desert.
         I said “Wow, that was something. They didn’t rape you?”
         “Why do you always ask about rape? You think all people here are just into rape? Gad, you’re a racist. Are you obsessed with rape?” she was actually angry.
         “They didn’t?” I ignored her sarcasm.
         “They didn’t. They are one of the most beautiful people in the world. A Bedouin family took care of me like I was their own daughter. They loved me and I loved them. It was heaven in the desert. I loved the desert. And they were the true ancient nomads of the cruel desert, masters of the Sahara.”
         There was a pause, “Better than my own family.” she said as her eyes started getting wet.
         “Ah, so, that’s why you’re on the road. You’re escaping from your family.”
         “Yeah, why not. My alcoholic father would maul me and my mom when he was drunk.” she quipped.
         We fell silent as more tears came. Like I, running from a career and from New York, the spiritual desert, Cherry was running from her family, and ironically, she found refuge in another type of desert, a real one, the Sahara, and another type of family more loving. I told her about my New York caper and my kind of desert. We had something in com­mon. She held my hand and put her head on my shoulders. It felt good to have an instant friend on the road, a real friend, even just for now. A few days are like years if you have good friends. I looked around for her boy friend.
         “Don’t be afraid. He’s not around”, she laughed.
         “People become drifters because of pain, not because of dreams”, I told her.
         “Drifters become tough and numb. Look at me. I get a boy friend not because I love him but to protect myself. Kind of using him, isn’t it? But I learned more from the Bedouins in three months than from my entire four years of college back home.” she mused.
         “Theoretical wisdom is nothing compared to experiential wisdom. Drifting can open up and warm your heart, like the Bedouins did.” I retorted.
         “Yeah, you’re right. After the drought, the deluge.”
         “After the storm, the lull.”
         “Like a roller coaster ride, right?” her hand went up and down like a wave.
         Eastwind headed south, intrigued by the stories of the Bedouin girl, crossed the edge of the vast Sahara to Laayuoune in the Spanish Sahara, then a ship to Las Palmas in the Canaries, the winter paradise for Northerners.


you must jar your ordered life
if you are to really live
order is a form of disorder
if it enslaves the spirit
disorder challenges you
to improvise quickly by reflex
disorder fosters order and harmony
within your searching spirit
order can bore
just as disorder can excite
order can limit your vision
disorder can open up the horizon
a galaxy exemplifies
order within disorder



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