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This was culled from an email message in the Internet. There are dozens of versions. Portions quoted in the related Youtube are highlighted in BOLD RED CAPS. The Youtube link is –

Regardless of whatever Creed or Religion, it is better to be prepared and  be in good terms with GOD,…who created us;  for we never know when we will be leaving this world…..


The Church has given permission to reveal to the people the last part of the message. The Blessed Virgin appeared to three children in Fatima , Portugal , in 1917…….. this is a proven fact; one of these children was Lucia, (died 2-13-05).

She was a cloistered nun, and lived in a monastery in Portugal. Lucia disclosed the message for the first time;  to Pope Pius Xll  who, after reading , sealed it and stored it away without making it public. Later Pope John XXIII read it and, in the same manner as his predecessor, he kept it out of the public eye because he knew that once revealed; it would bring desperation and panic to mankind.

But now the time has come, and PERMISSION HAS BEEN GRANTED from Pope John Paul II  to reveal it to the children of God;…….. . …….. not to create panic, but to make God’s people aware of this important message and be prepared.

The Virgin told Lucia: ‘Go, my child, and tell the world what will come to pass during the 1950′s – 2000′s. Men are not practicing the Commandments that God has given us. Evil is governing the world and is harvesting hate and resentment  all over. Men will  fabricate mortal weapons that will destroy the world in  minutes!…. .. where half of the human race will be destroyed. The war will begin against Rome , and there will be conflicts amongst religious orders…… …..

God will allow all natural phenomena like smoke, hail, cold, water, fire, floods, earthquakes, winds and inclement weather to slowly batter the planet.

These happenings will come to pass before the year 2012.!!!! “For those who don’t/won’t believe….. . . this is the time….. Your beloved mother told you: -……….those lacking charity towards others, in words & deeds and those who do not love their neighbour like my beloved Son has loved you all ……. cannot survive! They will wish to have died.

God will punish severely those who do not believe in him, those who despise him and those who did not have time for him.” ‘I call upon all of  you to come to my son Jesus Christ. God will help the world, but all of those who do not show fidelity and loyalty will be destroyed!’

Father Agustin, who lives in Fatima , said that Pope Paul VI gave him permission to visit Sister Lucia,a cloistered nun (she did not leave the monastery nor was allowed to receive any visitors). Father Agustin said that she received him greatly overwhelmed and told him: ‘Father, Our Lady is very sad because nobody is interested in her prophecy of 1917,  though the righteous are walking through a narrow path, the evil ones are walking through an ample road that is leading them straight to their destruction! Believe me, Father, the punishment will come very soon.  ’Many souls will be lost and many nations will disappear from the earth.

But, in the middle of all these, if men reflect, pray and practice sincerity, good deeds, kindness and respect, the world can be saved……. . .. However, if men persist with evil ways….greed, hatred, selfish acts, rivalry, and rif, the world will be lost forever!. The time has come for all  to pass on the message of our Blessed Lady to their families, friends, and to the entire world.

Continue praying, make penitence and sacrifices. We are close to the last minute of the last day and the catastrophes are near. Due to this, many that were far from the Church will return to the open arms of the Church of Jesus Christ.

The joining of the churches will result in ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH; …….. ENGLAND , RUSSIA , CHINA , JEWS, BUDDHISTS, MUSLIMS, HINDUS,PROTESTANTS, ETC….. All will return believing and worshipping God our Creator, in his beloved Son and in Blessed Mother Virgin Mary.’



This war will destroy everything; darkness will fall over us for 72 hours (3 days) and the one third of humanity that survives this obscurity and sacrifice, will commence to live a new era; they will be good people.


On a very cold night, 10 MINUTES BEFORE MIDNIGHT, A GREAT QUAKE WILL SHAKE THE EARTH  FOR 8 HOURS. This will be the third signal that God Is, who governs the earth. The righteous and those who propagate the faith and the message of the Lady of   Fatima is : ‘ONE SHOULD NOT FEAR, DO NOT BE AFRAID’.



Bow your heads, kneel down and ask God for forgiveness.  Because, only what is good and is not under the power of evil will survive the catastrophe. In order for you to prepare and remain alive and safe, I will give you the following signs: ANGUISH….. … AND IN A SHORT PERIOD THE EARTHQUAKE WILL COMMENCE… THE EARTH WILL SHAKE…..

The  shake will be so violent THAT WILL MOVE THE EARTH 23 DEGREES AND THEN IT WILL RETURN IT TO ITS NORMAL POSITION. THEN, TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE DARKNESS WILL COVER THE ENTIRE PLANET…. ALL THE EVIL SPIRITS WILL BE MINGLING AROUND AND FREE, DOING HARM to all those souls that did not want to listen to this message and those who did not want to repent.

To the faithful souls, remember to LIGHT THE BLESSED CANDLES, PREPARE A SACRED ALTAR WITH A CRUCIFIX in order to communicate with GOD and implore for His infinite mercy…. All will be dark; and IN THE SKY A GREAT MYSTIC CROSS WILL APPEAR to remind us the price that his beloved Son had to pay for our redemption.. …

In the house THE ONLY THING THAT CAN GIVE LIGHT WILL BE THE HOLY CANDLES... Once lit, nothing will put them off until the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS ARE OVER.  ALSO, YOU SHOULD HAVE HOLY WATER THAT SHOULD BE SPRINKLED ABUNDANTLY ON WINDOWS AND DOORS. The Lord will protect the property of the chosen ones…. Kneel down before the powerful cross of my beloved Son, pray the Rosary and after each Hail Mary YOU MUST PRAY THE FOLLOWING:

‘Oh God forgive us our sins, preserve us from the fires of hell, take all souls to heaven, especially those who are in more need of thy mercy. Blessed Virgin Mary, protect us, we love you, save us and save the world’.

Pray 5 Creeds and  the Rosary which is the secret to my immaculate Heart. All those who believe in my words go and take the message to everyone, DO NOT FEAR!  FEAR NOTHING DURING THE LORD’S GREAT DAY. Talk to all, now that there is time. Those who keep quiet will be responsible for all those souls who will perish in ignorance. All those who pray humbly the rosary will have the protection of heaven. Those who are bound to die, I will help them die in peace, and they will be holy when they enter the other world.

I wish all my children to attend mass every first Friday and every first Saturday of each month; to confess and receive Holy Communion; and in doing so, save the world from its TOTAL DESTRUCTION. ..!!

When the earth shakes no more, those who still do not believe in our Lord will perish in a horrible way:- The wind will bring gas and it will disperse it everywhere, then the sun
will rise.

Maybe you will survive this catastrophe. Do not forget that GOD’S PUNISHMENT IS HOLY AND ONCE IT HAS STARTED YOU SHOULD NOT LOOK OUTSIDE, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE !!!! GOD DOES NOT WANT ANY OF HIS GOOD CHILDREN TO SEE WHEN HE PUNISHES THE SINNERS….. ……… …. All this encompasses with the  writings of the Holy scriptures.. …. Read on the New Testament: Lucas  21, 5:121, 12:19, 20:20, 29:33   Letters of St Paul 3 – 8 – 14 Isaiah 40, 1:5:9. You must understand that God allows all this to happen. The Pope and Bishops are now awaiting another message that speaks about repentance and prayer. Please remember that God’s words are not a threat, ………. but good news….. Please reproduce these pages and send them to all you know so we all can have the opportunity to repent and be saved.

We do not know if those receiving this message believe or not in GOD,….but just think that, if you are receiving this message it is for a good reason!!.. from God who created us and loves us so much!

Our Creator is giving us the chance to be saved, no matter  what religion or creed we may be. If you don’t believe in this message, at least send it to others, it costs you nothing. To all those receiving it, they can have the opportunity to judge and decide for themselves. Remember, we can avoid a great deal of evil if we practice the Commandments that Our Loving Father God gave us…. Just 10 simple ways, that if we all put into practice we can obtain God’s pardon. Amen.

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prayer request bulletin 109 – august 16 2013

August 16, 2013

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The very fact that you request for prayers is a form of prayer. It is an expression of faith because it implies you know He listens. Your prayer request will also be more effective if you pray for others by reading thru this bulletin. Praying for others is praying for yourself a hundred fold.


The Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for each and every request in this bulletin, published regularly at Subscribe as member to get it automatically and to receive all inspirational materials as they are posted. Apologies for late publication. We work in batches in our spare time on a voluntary basis.
Prayers are timeless and are never too late. If we pray for a successful operation even after the operation, the Lord listens in advance. He knows ahead of time our prayers. We send this bulletin to other prayer groups. The more people pray, the more powerful our prayers.
The Philippine Church has a current campaign for an Act of Consecration of our nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to be recited by all Filipinos, to attain peace and avert disasters at a time of increasing confusion and conflicts. Consecration means surrender of one’s life, an act of total oblation.


Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, we take this time, as a nation, and as individuals, to consecrate ourselves to Your Immaculate Heart in the name of Jesus, your Son. We dedicate and offer our lives and our nation to Jesus through you. We surrender ourselves to His will through you, Oh Blessed Virgin of Fatima. We ask you to intercede for us to achieve peace. Protect us from sickness, disasters, wars and all forms of evil that is plaguing the world today. We ask you to intercede for us to your Son for the forgiveness of sins, reparation for sins, and conversion of sinners. In return, dear Jesus and Mary, we resolve, as a nation and as individuals, to atone for our sins and those of others by giving ourselves to others, especially the poor and the sick, sharing our wealth, no matter how meager, and avoiding to offend You, Lord . Through Our Lady of Fatima, to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. To you be all honor and glory. Amen. (Say 5 Hail Marys.)
We are gathered in Jesus’ name in the internet. He is in our midst, on our keyboards, in our hearts at this very moment. Together, we are his global prayer army. We adore you, O Jesus, for You have redeemed the world. Let us pray.


I surrender myself to you totally, Lord. Whatever is Your will I accept. I offer myself to You for healing. You said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Heal me if it is Your will, as I prostrate myself here before You. Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen.
with Sister Raquel –
with Father Suarez –




Hello Sister,
I would like to thank you very much for the development of the treatments my brother has been undergoing. He had 4 chemotherapy, many radiations and bone builder infusion once a month and last week his Oncologist stated that his lungs is improving due to chemotherapy and radiations. Fr. Val will continue his chemotherapy and all other treatments and now his body pain is lessened, no more nightmares and hiccups. It is really very powerful Sister, thank you for the healing prayer for him and may you continue to pray for total healing for my brother Val who is still in Canada. I have to inform you too that my husband Richard’s cancer is now in Stage 3 and not anymore Stage 4. The treatment is also helpful along with the healing prayers. Reiterating my gratitude for the continuous healing prayers for both my brother priest Val and my husband Richard and to all the cancer patients as well as cancer survivors and caregivers like me and my sisters Jennifer R. and Grace Y. More power to you Sister and to Sister Ignacia’s healing power. My warmest regards,


dear sister raquel and all the prayer warriors,
i want to thank you for all the answered prayers i have recieved thru this blog.That God is indeed a great God. that praying for others is really an effective way to pray for our personal concern. what i am so thankfull  about  is that by joining me in my concern to have a job again has been granted. God has touch a friend to give back to me the job i have lost 2 years ago. with warm welcome from my old office mates.Thank you Jesus i am really that grateful to God and to all who prayed with me..amen


Thank you sr. Raquel for your continuous prayers for my son Cohen, doing so much better. I am also feeling greatly better. Keep me in your continuous prayers for my health, inner peace and walk with Christ.  Older son Trenton to keep away from wrong relationship with neighbours granddaughter.  For Trenton to give up all bad habits and walk closely with the Lord.  Cohen to pass with good symbols final year at school and Trenton in his studies.  Battling to find a baker in bakery business dependent on business to take care of overheads.  Pray for all my problems at work. Pray for Sally and Charlene with breast cancer. God Bless
gd evening po. I’m writing on behalf of Andy who has colon cancer. Please pray for his complete healing.  At this point in time, his hemoglobin is low so he cannot have his chemo session.  He has been prescribed an injection to increase his hemoglobin. We also pray for spiritual strength, that of his family, to see them through these trying moments, and God’s provision for his medical expenses.  In Jesus’name, through Mama Mary’s intercession, and the prayer warriors,  we pray. thank you.
Sister Raquel,
Im really bothered and saddened about our everyday situation. Thinking that my mother is terminally sick. I want her to have peace and get rid of her hatred. No matter how i want to promote goodness in our family we always fall apart and end up fighting… and so troubled here living in this kind of situation. I want her to be healed. Pls help me pray for her. And that i can continue to help her financially. And help my sisters as well in their schooling. Especially shes entering college next year. I am d only one supporting their needs. Since we dont have ffather
Peace… Please help me pray fir my mother who s suffering for her cancer 2 years now since we stopped her medicatuon due to financial reasons. Please include my mom in your prayers… I am her daughter Sheeny Q. I am alone supporting my moms needs and to my younger sisters.. I worked hard but cannot be enough to meet our needs. SO IM RELYING FOR PRAYERS from you sister raquel. That my mom could experience healing someday. Thank u sister. GOD BLESS U.
Pl. pray for conversion/transformation of Jude, Naomi & Mel to participate in the Holy Eucharistic Mass, make peace with Jesus & receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, Amen. Pl. Jesus give your strength. health, courage & confidence for RJF to fulfill the duties/responsibilities of two people’s work in the office, he is fully exhausted, immerse him in your merciful heart with all his superiors & colleagues, shortfalls, sinfulness to holiness & burden of his workload, Amen
For our son, Adam, 32, for salvation and deliverance from marijuana addiction, porn addiction, gambling addiction and cigarette addiction. for his two children under 4 and their mother.  They lived together for about 4 years but it was extremely toxic.  She kicked him out the end of April. He is present in his children’s lives and always there for the three of them.  It costs $1000 each a month for rent, etc. they are both under great financial stress. Please pray for them in Jesus’ Name.
Dear Sister Raquel,
I ask for the Prayer Warriors on this site to please pray for the recovery of my father Juan from ashma attack and could hardly breathe, and for his intestinal organs and acid reflux eased up and be healthy and strong again. THANK YOU for your prayers, my father is home now although weak but recovering at 88 yrs. old this is a gift from God through Mama Mary’s intercession. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS.
Wedding this week of my grand daughter, unfortunately my son chose this week to have her brother’s car scrapped because he had been out of college for one month and had no job yet…..should make for great family photos…only transportation my grandson had….please don’t let all this nonsense effect the happy day Lauren deserves.
Could you please pray for me for total healing? 15 years of chronic illness-Fibromyalgia-optic neuritis with nerve damage to eye-progressive neurological symptoms with all over numbness, burning, neuropathy pain, insomnia-jerking/twitching,  weakness, dizzy, balance issues, coordination heart palpitations. pelvic pain, endometriosis painful uterus/ovaries…… I have tried everything to get well healthy diets, exercise, mediation and prayer -many therapies,  I take such good care of this body , this holy temple. I am weary and in pain and have little quality of life anymore. Blessings,
Please pray for my sister, Phyllis.  She broke her back in March and she is still in rehab and unable to walk.  She is confined to a wheelchair and needs a miracle to return to her home and live independently.  She is 82 years old.
For my son-law who might have melanoma that God would heal him and heal every cells of his body that the Most Precious Blood of our Lord cover him from the top of his head to the tip of his toe So that he may feel the healing and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I claim this healing for my son-in-law in Jesus Amen. He is suppose To see the Dr on July 17 and I ask for all the prayers to give him the Strength whatever the will of The Lord for him.
Dear Sister,
I am Frederick Francis T. from Malaysia. I desperately request a healing prayer for our mother who is suffering from acute stomach ulcer so that she may be healed by the power of our Lord and her ulcer may not be transform into cancer. Thank you for your prayer and may god bless us. Brother in Christ,
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pray to Jesus to grant me the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, and to heal me completely of Restless Mind Syndrome and  to open my mind to understand the Scriptures.
Please pray for Greg. M that the Lord may bless him and guide his heart to make the right decision which is fitting with God’s will, that his heart be filled with love. Pray that God strengthens him, gives him the courage to follow his heart, and bless him with the gift of faith. Also pray that his relationship with Andrea is blessed and leads to a happy marriage.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pray for Naty Y., who is undergoing her first chemotherapy on colon cancer.  She was just operated recently. We hope she would be free of cancer cells. Thank you po,
Please pray for Rachel. She attended university and was traumatized by roommates last year and is now suffering from depression.
please pray for my son Mathew & I as we do for your intentions with our H.M. Mary.
Dear Sr. Raquel and Prayer Warriors:
Thank you for always praying with us. I hope you will continue to help us in our prayer request. I am requesting for prayer of the Following:
1. for the world that it may recover from Global economic Crisis.
2. that the Good Lord will grant knowledge and wisdom that the doctors will already discover sure treatment of HIV/AIDS just like the leprosy and TV.
3. that there will be less typhoon coming this year and that  the Lord will spare our countries from any calamities.
4. for our seamen for their good health and safety.
5. for the Lord’s guidance about my job that I am currently applying. I need a job. I am praying to the Lord if that teaching job is for me i hope i will not encounter any problem during my job application.
6. that God will bless the relationship i have now with Lance J. and that he will come this August from Australia to meet me and my family. I also pray that God will bless his family with good health and that the weather will be good when he comes this August 2013.
These I ask in Jesus Name thru the intercession of St. Joseph, Blessed Mother and Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo. Amen. Thank you.
Please pray for my uncle Rafael D. who is sick with a gastric tumor. May the Lord heal him and be his strength. Thank you very much !
Dear Sr. Raquel and prayer warriors,
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had chemo a year ago but now after my check up the Ca125 result shoot up to above normal. I’m also concerned about the nodule in my breast. Please pray for my healing, I don’t want to go to chemo or operation again. Thank you so much.
For Derm L. who has 8 heart blockages and for Richard M. with aggressive cancer. Heavenly Father, we ask Your healing power to be poured forth on these Your children, in Jesus Name. We ask for Your peace, Lord, and healing of spirit, soul and body.  We stand in the gap for them and ask Your mercy and thank you that You always hear and answer us when we ask in faith.
For the priests of our Corner Brook/Labrador diocese who are moving today to different parishes – that the transition will be a blessing to them. For Lucas, that his white blood cells will be restored so that he can have the bone treatment of part of his leg that doctors want to do to kill the cancer cells. For Mary D. in hospital after an earlier stroke, having further tests.
Thank you for your prayer request. The Sisters of Mercy join you in praying for the best possible outcome. Beginning June 24, 2009, we’d like to invite you to begin posting your prayers to our public prayer request blog where we can all share our requests publicly and pray together as a Mercy community. To access the blog, please visit, . All are welcome to participate and requests are posted immediately on our public website. Please make note of our blog policy posted on the blog. We require that all posts are appropriate for the prayer request blog and that they respect the privacy of those who need prayer. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts. Thank you again for reaching out to the Sisters of Mercy. We continue to hold you in prayer.
Please pray for Dale and Clarissa to find full time, secure, gainful, secure, employment soon, so they can use their talents, support themselves, and build a future together, get married, start a family and help each other grow in holiness and love. Please pray for the Lord to bless their relationship to His Glory.  Please also pray for their inner healing of any wounds in their hearts or blocks in their lives. Please pray for an increase of Faith, Hope, Love and discernment of God’s Will. Please pray for Hildegard for peace, inner healing and joy. Please pray for Gilbert for healing of Parkinson’s and inner healing.  Please pray for a blessing on  their marriage. Thank you so much!
Please pray for me and my family for a financial breakthrough, which will enable us to meet and satisfy our pressing obligations. I ask these blessings and consider it done in the name of Yeshua. Amen and Amen
Hi, Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow for our 4th Marital Mediation Meeting (custody,visitation), etc..I am sure it may be a little tense because it is getting down to the nuts and bolts of details…and I am sure Brenda will have a few surprises to throw at me…please pray for my lawyer Ritchie and that God’s Will is done…thanks, Marco
P.S. On Monday,Jul 1st, in a different court, Judge V. will be ruling on a Motion I put in to dismiss an action against me..please also pray that God’s Will is done in that case also. Thank you…
P.P.S. All of your intentions are in my Glorious Mysteries Rosary every single day…thanks..
Dear Sis Racquel,
Please include me in your prayers, im worried about my dreams muddy flood. i have health problems now. I have Angiomylipoma and Complex fluid cyst on my left kidney and stone on my right kidney. im suffering of emotional problems also. Im very thankful for including me in your prayers.
Dear Sis Raquel,
Pls pray for healing for  my Mom ‘Corazon’. I ask these blessings through Christ our Lord. Amen. God bless po…
Please pray for our staffs na mga intrigero at walang magawa sa buhay nila at nakikialam sa buhay ng iba, pagliwanagin mo po ang isipan nila at naway suertehin at umasenso sila sa buhay .  Alisin mo sa kanila ang ingit. God Bless them. Amen
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer warriors,
Last April 5 from Canada my husband Glenn went to the Philippines by himself for a two month vacation. At first I was so upset when I learned that its going to be 2 months but what could I do he already booked and had plane tickets. He came back June 5 and I learned that he had an affair with a much younger woman 31 single mom while my husband is 54. I was so mad and upset and until now they still have communications and my husband said the woman is pregnant. Please I really need your prayers I’m living like in hell now, I asked my husband if he really love her  set me free. But my husband said he loves me more than her. Please pray that this relationship will stop and that woman I don’t know what he did to my husband bec, he fell from her. Their relationship is against God’s law please ..please I need your prayer and the name of the woman is Mitch M. Thank you very much Sister and to all warriors who will help me through your prayers. More power and God bless us all!!!
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warriors, I need your help in praying for my friend Wadi. She is a pre school teacher who is wrongly accused of violence against a student. The child lied to his parents that teacher Wadi hit him. The parents filed a case against her in court and if found guilty, she may be imprisoned. I know Wadi so well and know she could never hurt anyone, especially a child. Please pray she will be cleared of the charge. I really need your prayers. Likewise, please pray for my son Dennis who was laid off from his job six months ago. Please pray with me that he finds a new permanent job. Thank you so much, Sister and my fellow Prayer Warriors.
Healing Pray for my physical and spiritual healing.Also for an increase of faith and forgiveness of sin. For Unity and Christ’s love in Patrick’s family. Thank you and God bless you.
Dear Sr. Raquel ,
My daughter in-law Sherry Lyn is scheduled for an operation of her left ovary on Sunday..Please pray that she will have a safe and successful  operation and that she will still be able to bear a child even with one ovary left. I believe in the power of ABBA our Lord Jesus that nothing is impossible according to His will. Thank you and GOD bless always!
sister I really am in dire need of prayers I am in so much pain with my neck and am due surgery on Tuesday morning I am having so many financial issues do to this pain and disc surgery and bone spurs that I worry about being homeless I cant work with this illness and I have no family .. please pray for me and for someone that I know who was diagnosed with stomach and esophagus cancer and now checking to see if its in his bones ……..  I worry about my elder years when I am older because there is nothing that I have to look forward too please remember me thank you and for my friend who I know that hasn’t contacted me and I need to know if they are okay from where they are god bless and thank yo u
Please pray for two women, one eloped and we have not heard from her for two years
and for another, who is pregnant and not married.  That God would make good come out of
these two serious situations.  Thank you !
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The Lord sanctifies all who reads this bulletin, prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and readers. When you read this bulletin, you will realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Pain is an act of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to But first read about its history, healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-–blogsite-library-links/


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eastwind journals 72 – CHEMICAL VS ORGANIC MEDICINE

eastwind journals 72
Bernie Lopez,
The views in this article are the author’s alone.


There are two extremes in our health concerns today. First is the unreliability of giant pharmaceutical firms who release new chemical medicine with FDA approval, then withdraw it years later because of incidences of cancer or other negative effects. They are in a hurry to make huge profits and shorten the time period to study negative effects. Once health becomes an enterprise, there is bound to be this problem. Health is a mission and an advocacy prior to profits.

 The second extreme, on the other hand, is the unreliability of alternative organic-based medicine. At times, the magic effect of a new wonder medicine is exaggerated. A lot of unsubtantiated claims are made. Simple magnets are packaged well and sold at exorbitant prices. It is the same problem of health becoming an enterprise. Health scams are on both sides of the fence. (see health tips at the end).




But there is a tight-rope walk in this dilemma, the idea of balancing. Of course, you need antibiotics from pharma giants in emergency situations. So you have no choice. But remember that antibiotics affects your immunity system and changes your body chemistry, and also have negative effects. So be careful. Do not just jump into it at the slightest cold. Never overdose. Turn to known effective herbs. For example, chewing fresh oregano leaves as a decongestant, if you can find some, is cheaper, more effective, and has less negative effects than chemical medicine. It is a bit bitter but so what. Suffer and get well.


Pharma firms have med-reps or detail men who give free samples of new drugs to doctors, who are updated on new drugs this way. But the trend of new more-and-more-powerful antibiotics through the years, being used for simple ailments is dangerous. The firms and salesmen push us towards new more potent drugs for profit. We are unsuspecting victims who simply say yes, being ignorant of the scientific facts, unless we take time to do research or read fine prints of medical literature. Super-powerful antibiotics are good at times and dangerous at times.


Case 1. Organic medicine for high blood pressure.


My mother had been taking chemical medicine for her high blood pressure for many years that she started developing tolerance. She needed higher dosage in time, and had to shift to other brands to solve the tolerance problem. I brought her to a Catholic nun who was both a doctor of western medicine, an herbologist and an acupuncturist all at the same time.


She told us to harvest the wild makahiya, (I cannot find the scientific name as of now; it is a wild tropical weed). The plant’s leaves closes when you touch them. We made a tea of roots, stem, and leaves. It was so effective that my mother was able to reduce her chemical medicine by half combined with this organic option. We started harvesting it in bulk, making tea in large quantities and making ice cubes to last for weeks. Soon, we finished off the wild makahiya in nearby vacant lots of the entire subdivision. Soon, we were replanting them in our garden, and farming them. So problem no. 1 for herbal medicine is availability.


The nun gave us a second alternative, the black seed of the malunggay tree. My mother tried a few of them, not knowing about potency or dosage. It was so powerful that instantly her blood pressure plunged to dangerous levels. So problem no. 2 is the measure of potency and dosage. Most often there are dosage recommendations, but if not subjected to laboratory analysis, they could be arbitrary and unreliable. The option is to use the trial-and-error method, starting with very low dosage. Still, there are risks, but this may be a better option if the organic medicine is so effective, while its chemical equivalent has known side effects. So you have to make an educated decision based on facts and research.


Case no. 2. Massage for arthritis and gout.
The Philippines is blest with an ancient form of medicine revolving around the manghihilot or masseur/masseuse. However, this is not an ordinary ‘masseur’. This thousand-year-old practice involves scientifically unproven but effective part-psychic-part-scientific wisdom, where the manghihilot takes your wrist pulse and instantly knows where you have a sprain, painful hardened nerves due to being subjected to cold, arthritic or gout areas, etc.


For nerves, the cure involves slow massage of the hardened nerves until the coldness is somehow removed. For sprain, it is a slow massage of the sprained area to relax tense muscles and tendons until in one sudden click, the sprain is put back in place, with no anesthesia. For a swollen sprained ankle, the manghihilot would tell the patient to bite on a pillow because it could be painful. But remember, your sprain is gone instantly. In a few hours, the swelling will subside by itself. In extreme cases, a patient has to be massaged twice. Indeed, the manghihilot could at times easily beat an expert reflexologist for certain types of ailments.


A friend of mine recalls that his cousin who arrived from the states had a sprained knee. She went to several doctors, to a therapist, and was subjected to all kinds of expensive western type therapy in vain. My friend brought her to a manghihilot, and in 15 minutes, for the tenth of the price of all her previous therapies, she was healed. Advantage no. 1 for ancient therapy is instant effective cures. Advantage no. 2 is the extremely cheap costs. There are thousands of manghihilot all over the Philippines, but be careful of fake ones. A real one would have a long line of patients. The practice of the manghihilot is normally handed down orally to direct relatives such as sons or nephews. Without the manghihilot, millions of poor Filipinos will go unhealed.


Case no. 3. Organic versus chemical medicine for spine ailment.
My mother used to buy an expensive prescribed tablet, which cost a fortune and had to be taken for long periods like years, to strengthen the cartilage of her spine, which naturally and inevitably degrades due to aging. After taking it for months, she decided to finally read the literature. She discovered there was an active ingredient in the tablet which comes from the cartilage of chicken feet. So she discontinued the tablet and bought kilos and kilos of chicken feet which she ate daily. Chicken feet is a Filipino and Chinese delicacy. She saved thousands of pesos.


It is not known however if the dish is effective, just as much as it may not be known how effective the tablet really is, as the pharma firm may claim. But being organic, it is a scientific guess that chicken feet is cheaper and effective, no matter what the scientific arguments of the pharma firm are. There are unknowns from both ends.


The point in solving the dilemma of chemical versus organic medicine is to be discreet and discriminating and sensitive to scams in dealing with both extremes. Know and learn health science even as an amateur. Be informed of trends and new cures, but do not take it on face value. Be able to discern unsubstantiated claims versus effective cures, not just discern, but read read read. And be conscious that pharma firms are so powerful, they have the ability to suppress the wisdom of organic medicine in the media, many times in partnership with government regulatory agencies such as the FDA. In the US, FDA suppressed organic food farming in behalf of the big food multinationals, who were being threatened by the massive shift into organics.


Here are three organic medicine options for you.
health tip no. 1 – anti-cancer anti-uric diet
health tip no. 2 – unclogging the heart
health tip no. 3 – therapy for arthritis
health article – moringa (malunggay) magic


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when elijah told elisah
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elisah slaughtered his oxen
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he later attained perfection
only after he knew about love
for there are no more limits to flight
when one has achieved love
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Anecdote 27
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A French adventurer buys a pristine island off Mindoro
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eastwind journals 71 – MORINGA MAGIC the lowly malunggay

eastwind journals 71
The lowly malunggay is an herbal wonder


by Bernardo V. Lopez,


When I saw the locally-made malunggay tablet produced by the Zero Waste Recycling Movement of the Philippines Foundation, Inc., I was surprised. Nita Abaquin started talking like a machine gun, explaining the nutrient magic of malunggay. When she showed me an expensive well-packaged malunggay-based ‘dietary supplement’ imported from the US, I was even more surprised. Instantly, I thought how much we take for granted our treasures because they have been with us since prehistory. We have been eating malunggay since we were kids, the leaves, the fruits (if you are Ilocano). Then the foreigner discovers our treasure we ignore and pedestals it. We learn about the treasure value only after they have embellished it in their Western way.


The magic of malunggay, scientific name Moringa Oleifera Lamk, as explained by Nita, begins with vitamin and mineral content. Gram for gram, malunggay has seven time the vitamin C in orange, four times the vitamin A in carrots, four times the calcium and two times the protein in milk, and three times the potassium in banana. No wonder, it is considered by herbalists as an anti-cancer drug, both in terms of cure and prevention.


In terms of prevention, many Western doctors who are cancer experts prescribe massive doses of vitamins to their cancer patients. The lowly malunggay leaf you find everywhere is virtually a cheap multi-vitamin. In tablet form, it is affordable at seven pesos each. In leaf form, it is almost as free as the air we breathe. Vitamins play a role in boosting the immunity system, that is why malunggay is a cancer drug. The key to cancer cure is strengthening the immunity system to fight the cancer cells, which is more effective than chemotherapy, which destroys good and bad cells and lowers the immunity system, and other forms of invasive cancer-curing interventions.


Malunggay contains ‘cytoclinin plant hormones’ which induce cell division, growth and delays aging of cells. It is not only an anti-cancer agent on the cellular level, it is a youth serum because of these anti-aging properties for humans. Cytoclinin is found in malunggay ‘a thousand times more than in any other known plant’, according to a Bio Life Magazine report.


BIONET gives us loads of information about malunggay. For the childless, please be informed that malunggay increases the sperm count. Malunggay prevents inflammation of the breast caused by the blocking of the milk ducts while a mother is lactating. It has an ‘anti-bacterial action’ agent called peptide, which are molecules composed of two or more amino acids, the protein building blocks that can destroy the cell membrane of many infectious bacteria, especially the common staphylococcus aureus found in babies’ noses.


The malunggay seed is a powerful organic medicinal concentrate. It is 40% oil and has anti-oxidant properties for those with heart ailment. You can actually take the hard black seed in its raw form like a pill if you have high blood pressure problem, but you have to know the dosage because this is powerful stuff. It is better and cheaper by far than some of the expensive Western anti-cholesterol pills.


The seed is used to heal asthma, cancer, circulatory or endocure disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramps, sexual transmitted diseases, boils, urinary problems. And guess what, on top of all that, it is a relaxant for epilepsy and, according to the University of Florida, it can cure chronic inflammation due to estrogen deficiency. It yields post-menopausal aid to women who are vulnerable to degenerative conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and alzhimers disease. They won’t call you ‘Al’ anymore if you eat malunggay. If ground, the malunggay seed powder is an organic water purifier. Everyday, they find out more things the organic magical malunggay can do that expensive inorganic medicine cannot.


No wonder, there are moves for the commercial planting of malunggay to rival that of Jathropa by pharmacy multinationals if only for the magical seed oil, considered by pharmacists as an emerging cure-all. Jathropa oil is for motoring. Malunggay seeds are also as much a bio-fuel source as Jathropa seeds, and at the same time food and medicine. If Jathropa has its numbers that entice people to plant it, let me give the malunggay numbers in commercial planting. Income potential for 9 hectares is P218,000 to P521,000 per year based on P20 per kilo of seed. This translates into P24,000 to P58,000 per hectare per year, which can rival other cash crops. There will be buyers as the international demand from pharmacy multinational is increasing ten fold today. You do not have to depend on single buyer who can command price, such as in Jathropa. A 3,000-hectare malunggay hacienda can employ 10,000 people and convert idle agri-land into a productive enterprise.


And because malunggay is food, its socio-economic value for a poor country is tremendous. Its subsistence and health value is critical to the poor. If you have a backyard malunggay fence, you not only have free vegetable everyday even if you are poor, you also prevent future cancer and heart disease, you clean your kidney and your blood, and you do not need expensive imported medicine.