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eastwind journals 62 – THE ENEMY WITHIN boston bombing aftermath

eastwind journals 62
This article reflects the personal views of the author and not of the ministry.
THE ENEMY WITHIN boston bombing aftermath
By Bernie Lopez


After the Boston Bombing Affair, there is a need to do some deep reflection on what is really happening to our world today, and on the real causes of terrorism. Reflex reactions are not helping any. Catching culprits is half a solution.
The Boston bombing caused widespread fear, panic, and anger among Americans nationwide. There was a frenzy in the media and Internet. When the effect of a bombing on an entire nation can match the effect of the bomb itself, fear itself becomes the enemy. And when terrorists evolve from foreigners to American residents, the enemy is now within.


The American homeland security system has evolved by leaps and bounds since 9/11, growing tighter and tighter, until it has now become a form of terror in itself, a victory for the terrorists.




When the homeland security system starts to impose x-rays that could see through passengers, this is the enemy within. When they believe they have the right to look into personal emails and cellphone calls of every American to hunt suspected terrorists, when security attacks privacy without the consent of citizens, this is the enemy within.


The day after 9/11, every suitcase at every airport had to be opened and checked. At Kennedy Airport, when flights were finally restored, the line was three kilometers long. When the life of every American is disrupted, when he acquires negative feelings of bias, hatred, panic, and a neurotic fear and suspicion that every incident is a terrorist plot, that around the corner, a terrorist lurks, this is the enemy within.


Let us view the vicious circle. Step 1 is a devastating terrorist act. Step 2 is an over-reaction, a panic alert, a tighter security system, a long term effort to catch culprits, which is good, but it does not solve the problem. For example, the assassination of Bin Laden was less of a triumph over terrorism but more of an invitation to terrorism. Step 3 is a lull and a easing of tension. Step 4 is a new terrorist act when everyone is asleep months or years after. Step 5 is another over-reaction, an even tighter security system.


The problem is, in this vicious circle, the terrorist always has the initiative. No matter how sophisticated a security system is, it just sits there waiting for the enemy to move. Security becomes essentially reactive. The terrorist can wait forever, strike anywhere using new creative approaches and technologies away from new high-tech security measures. When security grows tighter, it then becomes part of the terror itself.


The Ultimate Causes of Terrorism
If you take a helicopter view, the ultimate causes of terrorism may have been American acts committed many years ago many miles away. The first step is for Americans to see the connection. There is a history and a geopolitical factor in every terrorist act.


An American drone kills five terrorists and 25 innocent civilians. Sure, they get their target but the collateral damage becomes the enemy. This catalyzes terrorism not immediately but in the long term. It exists in the heart not only of the survivors and the relatives of the victims but also of the entire nation. The US drones today are in fact ‘radicalizing’ (an anti-terrorism word) not only the entire Middle East, but loyalists within America. Vengeance is then executed somewhere in an obscure American city after 5 years. An eye for an eye. Innocent civilians for innocent civilians. The Allies bombed Berlin because the Germans bombed London. Beyond other motives, Hiroshima was a subconscious response to Pearl Harbor.


Few see the connection of ultimate causes, and even if they do, the terror itself blinds them into fear and anger. Was 9/11 triggered by the existence of American military presence in the heart of Islam (Dar Ul Islam) which started two decades ago? Many Americans do not see the connection. One must think beyond the terror act and catching the culprits, and have a sense of history. The Guantanamo tortures, the alliance with nuclear Israel, the clandestine surveillance by stealth aircraft in Iran, the stealth-sub probes along the China coastline, all affect not only terrorism, but future wars. They are ‘pre-terrorism acts’.


At the heart of terrorism is American militarism. The Americans will risk a nuclear confrontation when the enemy is at their door step, as in the Cuban crisis, the Kennedy-Kruschev confrontasi. Yet they are doing the same abroad today, military bases in the Middle East, invasions on the pretext of WMDs, encirclement of Russia and China. There is no choice but to have a radical reaction, as Americans had in Cuba. American militarism is inviting conflict and terror, triggering consequent global arms escalation, which will someday usher in World War III.


The Solution to Terrorism


There are no hard and fast rules, but if the causes to terrorism span decades and involve events across the entire planet, mainly American militarism, the first step towards a solution is awareness of ultimate causes, which should dispel bias, hatred, and vengeance. The second step is stopping the vicious circle. It may involve American initiative and goodwill, hopefully triggering a positive response from enemies of America. Both Americans and Arabs have to somehow replace an-eye-for-an-eye with goodwill-for-goodwill. But this is so hard to do if you are bleeding, or full of anger and hatred from the memory of a carnage a decade ago. The history of wars through the millennia proves this human dilemma.
[The author has been a senior columnist for various papers in the last 20 years, radio-TV broadcaster, freelance TV documentary producer, university professor, healing ministry blogsite manager. Reactions to eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com]


Ministry Inspirationals


the ten commandments of inner peace


In the old days, I would take a fast refreshing jeepney ride in the evening from Governor Forbes along Dapitan to Quiapo for ten centavos, arrive at Ma Mon Luk in five minutes, and buy a huge tasty siopao for a peso. Life was simpler and there was always time.


Today, I would take the same ride in the evening for seven pesos, breathe a lot of carbon monoxide before I arrive in 30 minutes, if I was lucky, and buy siopao half the size, with more starch than meat at quadruple the price. It is an economic principle – life degrades fast as population grows fast.


In the 60s, with a P300 salary, one could hang out with friends for beer three times a week and have extra money for mundane purchases. Today, a salary of P20,000 is too small for basic necessities. Life has become expensive and complex.


We are also victims of chemically mass-produced food. In the old days, cancer was rare. Today, it kills more per day than in World War II. Expensive ‘effective’ medicine are discontinued after being discovered to be cancer-causing ten years after they are released in the market.


We are all victims of a fast-shrinkng world. Time is getting cramped. We are so busy yet so bored. Half of our lives is spent on endless traffic and queues. We may not know it, but we are going into an uncontrollable tailspin.


There is so much to do and we have no time, yet we really have done nothing meaningful or substantial. We work twice as hard for half the money. We wallow in ever-increasing tasks that make us cold unthinking robots. Globalization and Internet have changed our lives. Just getting the news from the newspaper or from television, we realize how much conflict and chaos are percolating everywhere.


In the old days, one could quietly sneak into a church and say a prayer. Today, there is no or little time for prayer.


So how do we cope with chaos in our lives? We need to step back from the rush and the crowds. Here are some unsolicited prescriptions –


start feeling and stop thinking;
create an inner garden where you can take a retreat from the world and be by yourself, where time is not important, where you can rest from making money that buys less and less, where you can stop worrying; where you can enjoy simple beautiful things like sunsets or music or your grandson;
be more spiritual and less material, find time to pray; the Lord will help you;
be simple, stick to the basics in terms of material needs; cheaper shoes, cellphones, five shirts is enough, some have 4 dozens, more than half unused;
be frugal, eat less, more vegetables and fruits than meat, do not over-eat, don’t overspend, live within your means, tear your credit cards;
remove yourself from all communication devices when you are in your inner garden; it takes time for waves to die down in a swimming pool after the last swimmer has gone; achieve the wave-less mirror-like pool in your mind; give it time, it is not instant; it is hard to forget problems even for a while;
find meaning somehow and avoid absurdity or irrelevance;
love and relate to people; make them a source of joy to cater to, talk to, dialogue with, share with; make your day by giving to someone;
be gentle to yourself and to others; get angry less, be more patient, anger clogs your aortic valves; gentleness unclogs them; laugh at the obnoxious and arrogant, don’t let them give you ulcers, or should I say, don’t give yourself ulcers because of them; who are they to make your life miserable;
be humble when people insult or castigate you, whether you are to blame or not; you will find that it feels good and refreshing in the end to be humble; when arrogance becomes a habit, it is a disease, it can even cause cancer.
In all there are just a few magic words –
the three S’s – simplicity, sharing, sensitivity.
This is how to cope with
the ever-increasing chaos the world offers you.


fight the chaos from without
with the harmony from within




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The Lord reigns in cyberspace.
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eastwind journals 61 – EARTH DAY TRILOGY

eastwind journals

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In celebration of Earth Day, the Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. (EDNPI) is launching three articles, which highlights its Earth Day programs.
Article No. 1
A Magical Water System that Runs on Gravity
Ram Pump Part 1
Except for installation and first-time equipment costs, this magical water system called a Ram Pump, runs on sheer gravitational energy, no electricity, no fuel, no pollution, with minimal operational and maintenance cost. The system has very little moving parts. It yields cheap water in rural areas, and the target is logically the poor upland communities without access to water for household use and backyard gardening.


It is an ingenious and simple principle. Here is how it works. The set of photos below (courtesy of www.aidfi.org, or watch it on Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWqDurunnK8) shows the stages of bringing up water to higher ground using sheer hydraulic pressure.
(Photo 1) Not all places can have a ram pump. The physical situation of the stream or river is a requirement, having enough downstream force. The water must be clean enough for household use. To achieve this, the intake from the river must be higher than the pump system to force water into it. (Photos 2 and 3) The downstream force of the river or stream water is collected into a chamber, which closes a waste valve.


(Photos 4 and 5) When the waste valve closes, pressure builds up in the lower chamber, forcing a second vertical valve to open, which lets out water into an upper pressure chamber. (Photos 6 and 7) When pressure builds in the upper chamber, the vertical valve is closed, forcing the water through the delivery pipe to a water tank on the upper ground, then to a system of community faucets (Photo 8). While this is happening, pressure is reduced in the lower chamber, which opens the waste valve and again the process is repeated.


The impact of this simple magical technology on marginal communities is so awesome! It changes their lives and their lifestyles. Take for example a small community of 24 households of Aetas in Matalangao, Bagac in Bataan, target beneficiaries of Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. (EDNPI) in its Agos (flow) Ram Pump Project. The Aetas do not have to go down to the river to wash their clothes. They do not have to bring up water for household use on a daily basis up a steep incline, which is extremely slippery during the rainy season. They can now bathe in the privacy of their homes, consume water at will for cooking, laundry, and cleaning. Before the arrival of Agos, they scrimped on water consumption to save on the effort to bring it up. Now, it is free flowing.


This translates into a cleaner more hygienic home, less prone to diseases. More important, the impact on food security is tremendous. All of a sudden, they can plant vegetables in nearby fields of the upper slopes even in the dry season, in other words, all year round. There is food self-reliance for a community with little capability to generate cash. Also, since children do not have to fetch water from the river below, they have more time for study and play.


Cocacola, which is a water consumer, believes so much in water as life’s eternal treasure, that it has decided to sponsor a nationwide program, adopting the Ram Pump system. Coke has sought the help of a green NGO, Earth Day Network Philippines Inc. (EDNPI), to proliferate the Ram Pump to marginal communities across the nation through the Agos project. EDNPI’s Agos is one of three key projects that will be highlighted in the upcoming Earth Day Celebrations scheduled for April 22, 2013.


Photo 1. Physical requirements.

Photo 2. Water enters the chamber.

Photo 3. Pressure closes waste valve.

Photo 4. Pressure builds up in lower chamber.

Photo 5. Vertical valve opens.

Photo 6. Pressure builds up in upper chamber.

Photo 7. Vertical valve closes, forcing water upward through the delivery pipe.

Photo 8. Lowered pressure opens side valve and the process is repeated.

Article No. 2
Raising Green Consciousness
Ram Pump Part 2


In view of the upcoming Earth Day celebrations on April 22, the goal of raising environmental awareness is once again in focus. This goal for green advocates, such as Earth Day Network Philippines Inc. (EDNPI), to inspire everyone, including marginal and tribal Filipino communities, has always been a great challenge.


The frustration over awareness-building efforts is due to many factors. For one, there can be gaps between teacher and students, social, intellectual and cultural gaps. Target audiences may not be motivated to listen or act because their preoccupation is to fill their empty stomachs. This communication problem is critical value formation essential to green advocacy. If a green project is related to the stomach, communication becomes easier, which is what happened.


Suddenly, EDNPI stumbles on a magic formula to solve the communication problem through one of its green projects, the Agos (flow) Ram Pump Project. The goal of Agos is not anything grand or ambitious. It simply aims to provide free flowing water to marginal communities, which will change their lives dramatically. The Ram Pump system requires no electricity, driven by sheer gravity. The project is so simple to implement, requiring little funds, that EDNPI will have constructed Ram Pumps at amazing speed in 41 communities nationwide by May this year, within 5 short months since it started in November 2011. At an average of 70 households per community, this translates into a total of 2,100 families or 15,500 persons serviced within less than a year. This is an amazing feat because we have been struggling for decades to provide water to the poor at such gargantuan costs, multi-million peso loans in infrastructure, and at such long gestation periods.


More than just economics is the more critical value formation for marginal communities, the green awareness they have to learn. Binggirl Clemente, project trustee, says that something awesome happened. The communities, from their own experience, gradually formed their own deep realization, as articulated by the Barangay Captain of Malalay in Cebu, “You know this water project is really great, but there is something even greater. You gave us not just water but also the gift of environmental awareness.”


Binggirl explains how environmental awareness was achieved so easily and so fast once the water project was in place. On their own, communities started realizing that the precious water was interconnected to their environment, to their lives. And the reward for them was awesome. All of a sudden, they had better lives, more food, better health. This beginning of a deeper and broader environmental consciousness came from the beneficiaries themselves. It was a gradual realization, a was wisdom from experience, not from theory from lectures.


The Agos project had a requirement for the community to first organize their own People’s Organization (PO) and have a legal name, then to attend a training seminar on solid waste management. The Ram Pump cannot be set up until they practice solid waste management. That was the carrot on the stick. As designed by EDNPI founder and green icon, the late Odette Alcantara, the seminar began with the basics of the “man-nature synergy”, namely, the primary elements – LAHAT (everything) – lupa (earth) – araw (sun) – hangin (air) – ako (I) – tubig (water) in that order. Their lives and their ways were tied up to everything in their surroundings and to all their everyday activities – keeping the river waters clean, having a proper solid waste management system. Man and Nature was inseperable and interconnected.


That was in theory. But it was not until they got the water, stopped polluting the river as source of water, planted trees to avoid erosion, recycled their waste, that they understood in practice this cosmic principle of the man-nature dialogue. That’s the difference. You can talk the whole day in a seminar and they fall asleep. But when you give them water, they are suddenly awakened to the magical idea that the green Earth has to be respected and nurtured if you want it to sustain you.


And the beauty of it all is – that green awareness is sustainable. It is forever. They will pass it on to their children as a modus vivendi, who will pass it on to the next generations to come. It becomes part of the culture forever. As mentioned earlier, the Agos project is sponsored by Cocacola.


So for students of Development Communications, the lesson is so simple that it is right in front of our noses. There are two ways of communicating – talk to them until your saliva dries up, or show them until their faces light up. In other words, there is theoretical wisdom which can be boring and there is experiential wisdom which is exciting. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


Article No. 3
“There’s a Better Way”
Paradigm shift in green advocacy


Presently, there are big gaps between the government and non-government sectors, which inhibit better governance and advocacy. They do not see eye to eye. One is accusing the other of misdeeds. They have somehow acquired the modus operandi of not talking to each other, and believe they can work on their own. This is true for the many issues of today, on environment, energy, agriculture, agrarian reform, defense, and so on


For non-government, advocacy becomes mostly exposing the corruption or inefficiency of government. For government, it is mostly defending themselves from accusations. Both are distracted from their true visions and goals. It becomes a state of war and the losers are the Filipino people.


Bert Guevara, Country Coordinator of Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. (EDNPI) reveals that there is now an ongoing paradigm shift in green advocacy. Realizing the counter-productive environment of war, Bert says, “There is a better way”. EDNPI leads a host of NGOs shifting from war to cooperation, and achieving a more productive alliance of government and non-government sectors in plans and projects.


As advocated by the late Odette Alcantara, EDNPI founder, Bert says there are four key sectors for collaboration – Church/faith, business, government, and civil society, all serving the common Tao. Bert says, “The old way is mostly “kanya-kanya (to each his own). They don’t even talk to each other. They regard each other with suspicion. Kalimutan muna yung tirahan (forget criticisms for now). EDNPI’s mission is to fill the vacuum”.


Odette pioneered the paradigm shift in EDNPI reforestation efforts by establishing cooperation with the DENR, a former ‘arch-enemy’, which provided the seeds, LGUs, who became ‘co-advocates’, harnessing free labor from communities and schools, and the AFP, which provided logistics such as transports, and even aircraft for aerial seeding. The power of cooperation meant a massive successful reforestation effort. The end result was more goals achieved by all four sectors. Bert argues that these goals coincide, which all aim to serve the Filipino people. Institutional teamwork works wonders.


Bert sites the value of relationship-building in another EDNPI project, the “Earth Day Ecology Fair”, where all four sectors meet and work together. SM will feature the fair in ALL its 46 malls nationwide. The focus will be at the SM Megamall, April 16 and 17. At other malls, the fair could go on for a week, depending on mall managers, who have a free hand. The fair will be held in an existing exhibit area of every SM mall, where eco-friendly products, ideas, and advocacies will be put forward.


The DENR will bring in the PENROs and CENROs, and existing local eco-conscious organizations, and invite ecology experts as speakers. Project sponsors from the Private Sector will have a chance to put forward their eco-friendly products and services. Major sponsors include Holcim, Smart, Unilever, and Maynilad. SM will bring in Hypermart with organic products and Ace Hardware with eco-friendly tools. At the Megamall, EDNPI will feature eco-labeling firms, which documents for consumers green products. Each mall will have its own creative program. The fair will be a venue for the four sectors to compare notes, share assets, and brew up new eco-projects together.


Together with La Liga Policy Institute and other NGOs, EDNPI is also set to meet with the DENR to recommend points for its 2014 budget. Projects of EDNPI and other NGOs can be built in, less funds to raise, more time for advocacies, easier procurement of government permits and licenses, better chances of success with DENR logistics support. Bert adds, “These new brand of green NGOs are not adversarial to DENR, but they also are not ‘yes men’.


Bert has a dream for EDNPI’s Total (solid waste) Recovery Program, “If all four sectors work together, and if government is convinced to get rid of dumping garbage in landfills, everything (solid waste) can be recovered so easily down to the barangay level”.


On the ban on plastic bags, Bert says that we seem to have the wrong approach of banning before getting alternatives. We can replace imported paper bags if we set up small Filipino firms everywhere to make them before we impose the ban, that is, if our bayong is not sellable because they are expensive. We catalyze green jobs in the process. Green economics must consider the livelihood factor for Filipinos. Bert adds, “This way we are more pro-consumer and pro-green-jobs all at once”.


Bert points out that charcoal from trees could have been banned only after getting alternatives, such as the shift to green charcoal from agri-waste. ‘Production forests’ of fast growing ipil-ipil and kakawati can also be used for green charcoal expansion. Green regulations must not disrupt livelihood but increase it. DENR’s National Green Plan can catalyze the setup of large green charcoal firms in strategic agri-bound places. They can appropriate budget to let the private sector, NGOs and POs run these. If Church organizations can also pitch in, making the partnership of all 4 sectors. Coal from agri-waste is a form of renewable energy that will save our forests. There is a better way. And that way is the synergy of the four sectors. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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prayer request bulletin23 Apr 2013 06:51 am

prayer request bulletin #99 – April 23, 2013

April 24, 2013
The very fact that you request for prayers is a form of prayer. It is an expression of faith because it implies you know He listens. Your prayer request will also be more effective if you pray for others by reading thru this bulletin. Praying for others is praying for yourself a hundred fold.


The Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for each and every request in this bulletin, published regularly at www.sisterraquel.com. Subscribe as member to get it automatically and to receive all inspirational materials as they are posted.
Print this out, put in your wallet and say this prayer everyday. After the prayer, say 5 Hail Mary’s and do a good deed. Offer this and all your pains as atonement for sins to pre-empt disasters. Say this prayer daily or weekly.


We have seen Your hand, O Lord, manifested in floods, typhoons, earthquakes. These are, like in Noah’s Ark or Sodom and Gomorrah, related to our sins. We ask for Your mercy and forgiveness, Lord, for our sins and the sins of the world. We consecrate ourselves to Your Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Joseph, and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo. Amen.
OUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS sr.raquel.rvm@gmail.com
DISCARD THE OLD ADDRESS (eastwind@motherignaciahealingministry.com)
We are gathered in Jesus’ name in the internet. He is in our midst, on our keyboards, in our hearts at this very moment. Together, we are his global prayer army. We adore you, O Jesus, for You have redeemed the world. Let us pray.


I surrender myself to you totally, Lord. Whatever is Your will I accept. I offer myself to You for healing. You said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Heal me if it is Your will, as I prostrate myself here before You. Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen.
with Sister Raquel –
with Father Suarez –


Dear Prayer Warriors,
Thank you for your prayers. My daughter has overcome all the trials.  She is happy and moving on with her life.
Prayers are timeless and are never too late. if you pray for a successful operation even after the operation, the Lord listens in advance. He knows ahead of time your prayers. We send this bulletin to other prayer groups. The more people pray, the more powerful our prayers.
For my son David who is an addict and does not seem to be able to stop. We are at a loss how to help him since he does speak ‘truth.’ As parents, we need clear direction.  He also  has made a mess with his finances. We ask for prayers for his grandfather who has allowed him to live with him temporarily. We are asking of a miracle to save my son’s soul.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pray for my mother-in-law, Mercedes, who will be having a bypass surgery of the stomach to remove obstruction and at the same time relove pancraetic tumor. May she be able to recover fast. Thank you fellow prayer warriors.
Please pray for my son Justin C as he battles leukemia. Please pray that he may have hope, patience, courage and strength to go through this trial is his young life. In Blessed Mother Mary and Jesus our Saviour’s name. Amen. Thank you,
Dear Sister Raquel,
May our Lord God continue to bless your ministry and be of blessing to many. Thank you so much po for praying for our mom and for all the prayer warriors for all the prayers. She had celebrated her 66th birthday last March 26th, 2013. And that’s  a great blessing for us. She’s still in ICU and kagabi po sabi ng pamangkin ko, malaki daw po ang improvement ni mommy namin sabi daw po ng doctor nya. I am also praying for God’s favor be with you and your ministry and so with all the nurses, doctors , families, relatives, friends and all loved ones who are helping and praying for us, for mom. May we request for your ministry’s intercession and prayer for continuous healing of our mom in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Thanks you so much sister..Thank you LOrd! Sincerely,
Hi Sister. Thank you for praying for my intentions…and for healing my daughter when she was 7. Greetings of Peace! Please pray for me and my daughter Chiara Marie
1) I have difficulty breathing for many weeks already. I think I have asthma already. The asthma was actually triggered by the intrigues caused by an officemate and the failure of my daughter to pass in the 3 major universities including La Salle where we can get  a discount for I am employed in a La Salle institution.
2.) The nurse also informed me earlier that my ECG results are not okay. I think the asthma caused this because I have chest pains when I breath. Please pray hard. Nahihirapan po ako.
3) Chiara Marie is very stressed. her ultimate dream was to enter Ateneo, but failed. Worse, the next option was La Salle, she also failed. I feel so sad for her. She is very stressed.
4) Please pray for Erick. He is very generous in saying bad words. He always belittles me and Chiara Marie. He has mellowed after 18 years na walang humpay na dasal ng Santa Clara, lately pati Pink sisters at Carmelites, but the violence is still there. 
Dear Sr Raquel,
Please join me in my prayers for my daughter Martina who has learning disabilities, is very shy and has poor vision (eyesight). Let us all pray to God that she will be in good health and that she will succeed in school. She has a low self-esteem so please God make her more confident. This I ask and I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and through the prayers of Sister Raquel. Please help her Sister I beg you. Amen. Thank you Sister Raquel
GOD BLESS Sis Raquel and your congregation. I would like to ask po for your prayers. I have a friend who used my name in the insurance agency, under my code, and when I demanded that she pay for the taxes for the commission that she got, she told me she was offended that i dont trust her. i confided to my co-agents and upon knowing it, she threatened me and called me evil and foul words. I got so hurt because I trusted her, I almost attempted to end my life but said sorry to God. Its almost payment time, comes April 15, but i still hear no words from her, she never said sorry for what she said. I cannot pay the thousands of taxes because we dont have money.. I don’t know what to do. Please pray for me and for her that she may be enlightened. I trust GOD that everything will be ok.  Thanks so much my dearest sisters. I hope to visit your congregation and i pledge to support your congregation as part of my tithing. Please tell me how. Agyamanak po
Dear Sr. Raquel and Prayer Warriors
1.Please pray for me and my other friends who took the March 10, 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers that the Lord will include my name our name if the LET passers that will be released soon this April.
2. Please include also in your prayer the healing of my mother for her chronic cough due to her asthma. I’m praying for the healing and good health of my mother Geneva.
3. Please pray also for my sister Rosette  for her enlightenment that she may learn to swallow her pride and live her life in a positive way.
4. Please pray also for my sister Catherine  who will be coming home from Dubai this coming May 4 together with my brod in law and nephew. I pray for their good health and safe travel. Thank you. These I pray in Jesus Name Amen.
Dear Sister Raquel.
Please pray for the complete healing of my mama maripel of her breast cancer, may the holy hands of Jesus Christ touch her and she will received the healing power amen.
Dear Sister Racquel,
Recently, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer and it already metastases into my liver & kidney. According to the doctor my cancer is already at stage 4. Except for various lab test, no medical procedures i.e. operation or chemotheraphy has been done yet to treat my cancer. I do believe in the power of prayer and i know that our Lord is guiding me and will help me heal my sickness. Sister Racquel, I would like to request for your intercession to our Lord Jesus Christ and to Mama Mary to help me completely heal my cancer. I promise to visit your center soonest to be physically present during the healing session. Sister Racquel, please include me in your prayers that my cancer be cured. I do believe that there’s nothing impossible to our Lord. Thank you Sister Racquel and may God Bless you and Sister Gloria and the whole RVM congregation. Amen,
Sister Raquel sumasamo po ako sa panginoong Diyos at sa iyo  sana po gumaling po ang aking nanay sa iyo pong tuong may sakt  siya Tumor Lymphoma and pangalan nya po ay si Albina. birthday po nya ay Dec. 17, 1937. Sa ngalan ng ating Panginoong si Hesus aming po hinihiling po ang kagalingan saking ina. Amen. Gumagalang
Emotional healing for my daughter who is angry about old family issues.  Please bring peace and joy into her life
My husband is diabetic and has high BP since May last year.  He has had two heart failures and has been on medication ever since. His condition is getting worse as can be seen on the attached Cardiology scan. I am requesting for prayers for him to get well because I know that nothing is impossible with God.
Fridah, Zambia
Dear Sr. Raquel,
I have been struggling with this negative and bad attitude i have. I always get angry and hurt my family, others and myself. i am already ashamed to go to church because of me being so bad. I am not a good christian and i am a bad example to everyone. I no longer have friends and everyone don’t like me. I no longer want to eat and care for myself. My being bipolar has been worsened, it seems i am already possessed. I am already weak, my brain is killing me. I really need prayers and enlightenment. Thank you.
We met with a mediator for a couple of hours today..it was tense at times but not the majority of the time…the mediator drew up a schedule of parenting time(pretty much split 50-50) and we need to discuss it and get back to her…nothing set in stone … neither of us are crazy about the schedule but I guess it is a start…thanks for your prayers..we will be meeting in a week and a half to discuss again …. On another note-my wife is leaving tomorrow (not going alone) for another week to Arizona…please pray that’s God’s Will is done with that…and for me to take care of our boys and the business and a big bunch of other stuff…thanks,
Thank you for your prayer request. The Sisters of Mercy join you in praying for the best possible outcome. Beginning June 24, 2009, we’d like to invite you to begin posting your prayers to our public prayer request blog where we can all share our requests publicly and pray together as a Mercy community. To access the blog, please visit, http://www.sistersofmercy.org/prayer_request . All are welcome to participate and requests are posted immediately on our public website. Please make note of our blog policy posted on the blog. We require that all posts are appropriate for the prayer request blog and that they respect the privacy of those who need prayer. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts. Thank you again for reaching out to us. We continue to hold you in prayer.
The Sisters of Mercy
Dear Sister,
Please pray for the conversion and back to the Church for Dennis. Also for him to be healed of his kidney disease. Also for Anne to be met with a good Godfearing spouse.
Thank you.
Sister, I wrote previously and I hope you can continue praying for my papa. He was told to have aneurysm of the aorta. He is almost 80, physically and financially, we can’t afford an operation. And having it or not havin it, both fatal. We surrender everything to our Lord, we pray for papas complete healing , pls help us pray for this. Thank you for replying to my first mail Sister. One in faith,
Healing prayer request for my son Domenic with a disease effecting his brain for which there  is no cure. Please pray for healing that this disease does not progress and that his brain will function. Thank you.
Dear Sr. Raquel,
Please pray for my son and me so that: we recover our hair, cure the skin, ears, eye, gums, get rid of social phobia and deal with people in a right way, that my son gets a good wife, education, job. Please pray for Juan Manuel who has mental problems.
Thanks for prayers
please pray for my siblings to find peace in Jesus. Also, pray for my son for his health.
Jennifer L
Dear Friend,
We have received your pray request…..and a wonderful, heartfelt prayer it is. It will be added to The Prayer Bucket. Please take a moment everyday and pray for all the prayers in The Prayer Bucket. The more people “rowing the boat” the better.
I (SM) personally ask you to pray for me to our god, our heavenly father for approval of my permanent residency status. I have applied for the same since 2010 and since then submitting all the documents and facing all the question asked by the embassy. The process of approval is in last stage. Pray with me that all the person dealing with the documents turns the result in my favor. I pray that God for his greater glory blesses my efforts and approves my permanent residency of Canada, and I may reach to Toronto at the earliest.
Dear Sister Raquel and all the Prayer Warriors.
I need your healing touch on my daughter who has been having problems with her ovaries and has been in and out of hospital. At the moment her ovaries are swollen and is in a lot of pain and cannot retain any food as she is throwing up and this is from a cyst on her ovaries in the past. Please heal and touch her with prayers and with the intercession of our Blessed Mother and the help from our Loving Lord Jesus so the doctors are able to treat her accordingly.  The doctor also advised us in the hospital  that she is pregnant and it is just the very early stages, Praise be to God!!! as they are married almost 10 years and finally God has blessed her with a child.  Dear St Raquel please pray that her ovaries heal completely and that she is strong and well through out her pregnancy, carries full term and is blessed with a healthy child and without any further  complications or problems. Please pray for her and her husband Peter that they will be good parents with them as role models to the child that God has blessed them with. I shall remember all others who are afflicted in many different ways in my prayers that God hears them mercifully and comes to their aid. Thanks to you and the prayer warriors and may Our Mother and the Divine Mercy bless you and your Ministry.
Dale, Perth – Australia
It is my first time requesting a prayer for my 82 year old sister who is presently in a rehab for excruciating pain due to several fractures of her back, spinal stenosis, and severe arthritis.  Her name is Phyllis.  God Bless you for all you do.  Please pray for her healing so that she can someday go back to her home.
Dear Sister Raquel and fellow prayer warriors,
Please pray for the restoration of my marriage & family … that my husband will withdraw all legal action against me for good, and return home to me and our children permanently. Please pray also for his conversion. Thank you & God Bless
Please pray for my 12 year old son who’s having IBS, chronic stomach pain, he has been out of school a lot.  He’s depressed and feeling miserable. Thank you so much! God Bless!
Please pray for my grandfather Peter Anthony who is suffering from Lung cancer .
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warriors,
Please include my brother Jun in your prayers for his physical healing. He has been experiencing an excruciating pain on his neck and arms for months now which prevented him from doing his tasks at work well. He is currently being treated by his doctor and even tried an acupuncture treatment, but these do not seem to help greatly. Maraming salamat po. Yours in Christ,
A.L.M., GA, U.S.A.
Dear Sr. Raquel,
Good day! How are you Sister? I hope you’re fine & well. Thank you for taking time reading my email today. Sister, I would like to request again prayers for my husband’s adjustment of status in the U.S. if this will be approved, our family could be together again. We have already exhausted our financial resources in his petition & today he received a letter that his petition was put on hold for further request of evidence. Please pray for us that we may be able to surpass this trial & that he his petition be granted. Thank you Sister & may the good Lord bless you.
My baby sister who is 47 years old with 2 children and a wonderful husband is back in hospital and just had her 5th surgery in 8 months.  Please  say a prayer for her (Barb) because she needs a donor heart.  She is in serious condition and has been since July. She has had 2 heart pumps put in her chest to keep her alive. Her blood clots and clogs up the pumps.  She needs to get healthier within a few months to be even put on the heart recipient list. Thank you very much. Your sister in Christ,
Hello need prayer for conception and carrying to delivery a healthy bouncy baby or babies in Jesus Name, I got medicine from doctor and believing God im pregnant and I conceived and no miscarry, no pain or health problems or high risk in Jesus Name healthy thru out pregnancy, no swelling, bloating or constipation healthy healed and whole. And for my marriage to be strong and loving in Jesus Name, I pray. Linda and Curtis both healed of stomach pain and eye issues and happy and true love and compassion,  thank u and Gods Blessings
For World Peace. I pray for world peace to be achieved very soon and for it to last forever, and I ask for this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen. I pray for all the prayer intentions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to be fully realized soon and forever, and I ask for all of this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen. Dear Sister Raquel, please include these two prayer requests with the other ones that you pray for, and please share these prayer requests with everyone! Thanks! With Love,
Leo S, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I am requesting healing prayer for guido my 4 year old son that was diagnosed with epilepsy a year ago. He is on medication but still has seizures.. I know he is in God hands … Thanks so much
Dear Rev. Father,
Pl. pray for me.  On 15th April at 9 am. my  left eye cataract operation. From childhood my right eye has only 20 % sight. Now my left  eye which has sight being operated. Pl. do pray to the Lord God, may be merciful to me, the surgery may be successful and sight restored for the Glory of God. May God Bless you. Yours in Christ,
I’m in real need of prayer.I have been suffering for more than two years with an undiagnosed breathing disorder.I feel day and night like im suffocating and i cant get a full breath of air.I have spent thousands on doctors and medications and nothing has worked. A few days ago i took a turn for the worst and ive become allergic to my home yet i have no where else to go so im stuck here. Im suffering so much that im in complete despair! I dont know how to go on living with this much suffering. Please pray for a healing for me as im feeling suicidal. Please heal me Jesus im desperate Amen
Dear Sister Raquel,
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our LOrd. I am here in Tarlac City to be with my mom since APril 7,2013. Thank God for the safe trip from Canada. For 8 days of being beside her in the hospital (jecson MEdical Center), I’ve seen all the pains and her struggles everyday. Chest pains, dialysis, suctions of the phlegm every now and then if she has chest pains..I believe that God is with us..and these pains I offer unto Him.. It’s really hurting to see her when she’s in pain..thank God to all the nurses and doctors who are attending to her everyday and the support of the family.. We are planning to transfer her to V. Luna hospital. AS of now, we are really in need also of the financial support. We are mortgaging some of our properties to support her hospital needs. I believe GOd will provide all our needs and thank God for all those who are supporting us and helping us in various ways. Sister Raquel..i offer these prayer requests for my mom and for the family, and guidance also for all the decisions we will make. Thanks for your message and all the intercessions. Praying for GOd’s favor to your ministry in return. Sincerely,
Janet M, mom’s name: milagros o
Please help me pray for healing of my chronic kidneys.  I know God does not usually do it but if he wills it, it will be done.  Thank you so much.
Dear Sr. Raquel and all the Prayer Warriors,
Pls. pray for my 2- month old grandniece Jorgina as she has a twisted stomach, always in pain. Through these prayers, we hope she will be cured and would not need to undergo an operation. She is too tiny for such procedure. Lord, please help us! THANK YOU!
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eastwind journals21 Apr 2013 05:57 pm

eastwind journals 60 – CRIMINAL CHARGES VS PHILEX renewed operations questioned

eastwind journals 60


Renewed operations questioned
By Bernie Lopez


The Philex disaster that leaked 21 million metric tons (mmt) of tailings is the greatest mining disaster in Philippine history. Yet it is only ‘half-way’. The tailings are still concentrated upstream of the San Roque Dam. If heavy rains or a typhoon will clog up San Roque, and eventually break it, that disaster may become the biggest worldwide. It may take one year or ten, no one knows. There is mounting clamor for criminal charges versus Philex but no one has taken the lead. The Congress and Senate environment committees should investigate.
Recently, in spite of mounting evidence of criminal negligence, MGB allowed Philex to resume operations to get enough tailings to coat the surface of the corroding dam no. 3 to prevent an even bigger disaster, its total collapse that would spill 140 mmt. Whether true or just an alibi, we have a dilemma at hand.


(Author’s note. Philex failed to grant a requested interview to this author, who has been critical in past articles, the same with a private group which had said earlier that Philex management is liable for criminal negligence. Refusing interviews with media is understandable because of the fear of more criticisms, but this could eventually create information gaps which may work against Philex interest. This article is based on an interview of Mines and Geodetic Bureau (MGB) Chief Leo Jasareno.)


Jasareno said that when MGB charged Philex with ‘negligence’, it appealed the case with the DENR, where it sits currently, gathering dust. The Cordillera communities, demanding total Philex pullout, view resumption of operations as rubbing salt on their wounds. Engineer Virgel Aniceto of Katribu asks why does the government insist in renewing operations when “All of the three Philex dams had leaked without exception”?


Here is hard evidence of criminal negligence by Philex management, that the raising of the dam walls by 5 meters at a time when the life of the dam was at its end, and the dam was at its fullest, caused the rupture of the underwater outflow pipe when rains reached 150mm. See more technical details –
Evidence of criminal negligence.
Powerpoint version http://www.sisterraquel.com/2013/04/eastwind-journals-59
Youtube version http://youtu.be/lDrM-xtZW4g
Click photo to view blow up. Data source – Boquiren.
Philex was accused of scrimping by failing to build a new dam no. 4 in advance , which would take a few years. They just decided to use the already-full dam no. 3 anyway so income will not be disrupted. Philex was accused in news articles of ‘greed’ and ‘mismanagement’.


According to Jasareno, when it was slapped a fine of P1 billion penalty by MGB, Philex initially refused to pay, claiming it was force majeure. This was rejected by MGB. Philex then admitted it was culpable and liable when it agreed to pay in installments, again rejected by MGB, requiring full payment. Philex requested to use the penalty fee for rehabilitation. MGB again refused. Finally, Philex paid in full with a single P1-billion cheque, showing that the financial situation of the MVP empire is awesome.


Renewed operations questioned


The renewed operations of Philex, approved DENR’s MGB and EMB thru its Pollution Adjudication Board (PAB), was met with an avalanche of angry protests from NGOs and Cordillera communities, branding its goal to save dam no. 3 as a ‘lie’, and an ‘alibi’. Not being able to get inputs from Philex, this author interviewed Jasareno, who said that Philex warned MGB that if tailings were not put into dam no. 3, the water could undermine the secondary dike, and may eventually cause a major rupture, spilling a staggering 140 mmt of tailings into the Balog and Agno Rivers, once heavy rains come.


Jasareno clarified that dam no. 3 is not just a tailings dam, but a major catchment basin for all surrounding rainwater. Such a mega-disaster would be seven times of the last spill, already the largest so far in Philippine history. This will paralyze San Roque dam, a major supplier of power to the Luzon grid and of irrigation water to thousands of hectares of Pangasinan farmlands. This will also increase Philex cost for rehabilitation ten-fold.


The designed capacity of dam no. 3 is 142 mmt. Since 21 mmt was released in the first spill in August 2012, why is 140 mmt still sitting there today after the spill? Any math student will tell you that 140 + 21 = 161 mmt (this varies with the figure of 103 mmt based on Boquiren’s study, shown in the above photo). Either way, it is still way beyond the capacity of dam no. 3, proving criminal negligence.


Jasareno explained why MGB approved renewed operations. See photo below, based on Jasareno’s original sketch. He said, the first spill undermined 15% of the secondary dike, and the water is now dangerously scouring its surface. The Philex-MGB solution is to line the scoured surface with tailings to prevent it from being undermined by the water. They need 3.5 mmt of tailings to do this.


Philex says it would take them 3 years to pump the already-spilt tailings from downstream with pumps and manual labor, which contradicts an earlier claim that their four imported super-pumps would do the job before the rainy season, strengthening the case of ‘alibi’ mentioned by NGOs. MGB allowed Philex to renew operations for four months to quickly do the job. Whether MGB was fooled into allowing this or the danger is real is not known. Philex started operations on April 5, and Jasareno said they have achieved 300,000 tons of tailings as of this writing (April 19), or about 8.6% of target.
Click this photo to view blow-up. Data source – MGB
Jasareno said that it is better to risk a second breach at another point of the outflow pipe near the first, the lesser evil, than have the entire dam crumble. He says there are two 40-meter cement plugs along this pipe leading to the Balog River. He just hopes if there is a second breach, those two plugs would hold.


Freeze the output of renewed operations


It was suggested that the output or income from renewed operations should be frozen. The money can be used for future spills. Jasareno said that he will refer this to Sec. Paje. If Philex is sincere to solve the threat of a total dam collapse, and its purpose is not additional income, as NGOs claim, it should agree to the freeze. The freeze is not covered by the FTAA and  is not confiscatory because it is an emergency solution to potential danger, not a renewed mining operation per se. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


See the impact of a mining disaster in Italy compared to a potential one in Xsrata-SMI’s gold mine project in Tampakan, South Cotabato, which would be ten times of the Philex disaster.
KILLER DAM part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoYTNEli8gA
KILLER DAM part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf3dPuY-Ul8
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the knowledge of God
is different from
the experience of God
one is from the heart
where all is crystal clear
the other is from the mind
where proof is elusive


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