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eastwind journals 55 – QUO VADIS POPE FRANCIS

eastwind journals 55


This article reflects the personal views of the auther
and not of the healing ministry.


By Bernie Lopez


Now that the dust of celebrations and euphoria over the Papal interregnum has somewhat settled down, there is a need for the Papacy to face squarely and immediately the emerging Church crisis. His major pronouncements on focus on the poor, planned dialogues with nations such as China, and with the Jews and the Muslims, are most welcome, but there is a deeper concern which needs urgency, namely the emerging Church crisis, which will be the litmus test of his reign.


Upon ascending the throne, Pope Francis faced a whirlwind of both praises and criticisms in the global media and the Internet. The praises included his being down to earth, able to commute without security, love of the poor, and so on. But the criticisms dwarf the praises by far – his controversial past in Argentina, his alleged ties with the oppressive military regime, which carried out murders of leftists whose children became deparecidos (the ‘disappeared’), presumably brainwashed on the regime’s ideology in secret camps, alleged cover-up and non-disclosure of the regime’s crimes, and so on.


Papal experts and journalists have mentioned indisputable evidence of corroboration, but others argue that there is a lack of proof. Because these accusations are within a gray area of being conclusive and inconclusive, it is better for us to perhaps defer judgment, not to cast the first stone, and give Pope Francis a chance to prove his mettle. Even before he can move, his hands have been tied by these avalanche of accusations.


For in truth, the core issue, the urgent concern, is the Church in crisis, not the Pope in crisis. Let us keep that in mind. It is easy to be distracted by a secondary issue. Of course the crisis of the Church and that of the Pope are intertwined. But we need to make a distinction. They are not the same. The question is not so much – ‘quo vadis, Pope Francis’, but ‘quo vadis Catholic Church’. Can the Church withstand the onslaught of the 21st century, the rapid evolution of global forces, conflicts, growth, decline, wars?


Let us define the Church in crisis. As featured in a previous article (‘We Need a Radical Pope’, written before Pope Francis was selected –, the current Church crisis is trilateral – leadership, corruption, and spirituality. Leadership is now in the hands of the new Pope, so we just have to wait and see how he performs.  The crisis of corruption revolves around the Curia, especially the handling of the Vatican Bank, which is relatively a matter of political will and a strategy for inner cleansing. Let us assume Pope Francis can perform in this political arena. Actually, corruption goes beyond the Curia. It is in dioceses across the planet. It is a big job for the Pope. We need a new Counter-Reformation. (Read previous article, “Towards a New Counter-Reformation” –


But the crisis of spirituality, which revolves around the thorny issue of pedophile priests, about which Pope Benedict XVI and cardinals and bishops have been accused of cover-up, is the single greatest thorn that will be the litmus test for Pope Francis. Here lies the essence of the Church in a long-term crisis. (Read previous article on pedophilia, “‘Pedophile Crisis in the Church’ –


Radical reforms are needed in this area, which worries many who look on Pope Francis as a ‘conservative’. Will he sweep this issue under the rug, which was the accusation against Pope Benedict XVI. If he does, he will go down as quickly as his predecessor. Will he make compromises that will degrade the effectivity of solutions?


The nature of these ‘radical reforms’ may perhaps include exposing and punishing the criminals, which means publishing a list of pedophile priests, which will not be easy for a conservative Pope. But it will save the Church from the accusation of cover up, and ‘participating in pedophile crimes’.


Punishment may require not moving the pedophile priests to new remote locations where they can continue their crimes, but letting them serve their jail sentence just like the rest of non-priest pedophiles, or somehow neutralizing their capability for more crimes. Some are talking of excommunication, but others say we cannot go back to the days of the Inquisition, when thousands of priests were executed on mere suspicion. Again, this is not easy for the Pope. What choice does he have? He must seek inspiration from the Holy Spirit to be creative enough to deal with this dilemma.


Where is the Pope going and where is the Church he is leading going? These are the questions which we have to pray over intensely, while we wait for an answer in the next few months.
eastwind journals28 Mar 2013 06:03 pm

eastwind journals 54 – WE NEED A RADICAL POPE

eastwind journals


This article reflects the personal views of the author
and not of the healing ministry


The Thorny ‘Pedophile Crisis’
By Bernie Lopez,


Note. This article was written before the selection of Pope Francis, and posted after he assumed the throne.


We do not need a “trapo” (tradional Pope) who will plunge the Church into further ruin. What we urgently need today is a Pope with a vision and guts to institute radical changes. The era of authority and secrecy is no longer relevant. The era of open-ness and ecumenism is needed to cope with our rapidly changing society, to institute a revolutionary and appropriate theology of the faithful focused on the bottom, not on the top, to stem the crisis facing the Church today.
Rev. Hans Kuhn, outspoken critic of the Papacy, articulates this clearly. He is calling for “a revolution from below to unseat the Pope and force radical reform at the Vatican.” He is “appealing to priests and churchgoers to confront the Catholic hierarchy, which is corrupt, lacking credibility and apathetic to the real concerns of the church’s members.” He termed the unconditional allegiance to the Pope demanded of bishops, who become ‘yes men’, akin to that of generals of Hitler. He says ecumanalism has been replaced by obedience for ‘political expediency’, and Pope Benedict’s theology remained in the Middle Ages, “the same as that of the Council of Nicea held in 325”. (Sources –; and


However, Kuhn’s ‘revolution from below’ can better be realized with a revolution from the top, namely a radical Pope who can face squarely with courage and political will the growing tide of corruption and clerical abuses. It is like Patton’s pincer movement, a revolution from top and below. The ‘unseating’ Kuhn suggests is no longer a problem. Pope Benedict has resigned, paving the way for a new 21st century Counter-Reformation.


Who are the candidates for this position? Cardinals Timothy Dolan and Sean O’Malley are two possibilities. They are the vocal critics of Cardinal Roger Malony of Los Angeles, who is accused of being a pedophile-priest protector.


The Church crisis is trilateral – leadership, spirituality, and corruption. In leadership, a Youtube of Pope Benedict XVI snobbed by German cardinals demonstrates the seriousness of the leadership crisis in the Papacy, the loss of confidence and credibility. This video is a very painful scene of a potential schism. The English and Spanish versions vanished, perhaps victims of censorship, but this Russian version persists. There is no need for the narration. The footage speaks for itself.


The crisis of spirituality revolves around the thorny issue of pedophile priests, about which Pope Benedict XVI has been accused of cover-up. Today, there are thousands of priests worldwide guilty of sex crimes, and thousands of court cases. The trend is intensifying on a global scale. The issue of pedophile priests is now an erupting volcano.


At the core of the controversy is Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, accused of cover-up to protect the image of the Church. He had the gall to say, “Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them (protestors)”, when he is the one who needs to seek forgiveness. This is how warped the perspectives of some cardinals are. Others under the gun presently as pedophile protectors include – Cardinals Sean Brady (Ireland), Godfried Danneels (Belgium), and Justin Rigali (Philadelphia). There are more. (Source –


These pedophile protectors have put primacy in saving the image of the Church over the punishment of heinous crimes. In their intent for the Church to save-face, it ironically lost-face. The pedophile protectors themselves also lost face. And they have, without intending it, spread pedophilia by sending these clerics somewhere else where they can continue their crimes.


Implied in the transfer to new parishes of pedophile clerics is a very serious and dangerous premise – that the Pope, cardinals, and bishops accused of cover up, justify, condone, and PARTICIPATE in these crimes. They are at the core of the Church crisis. Up there, Jesus is watching and perhaps He is in agony over what His apostles on earth are up to.


The most effective reforms to solve this crisis are simple – admit the crimes, admit humbly and bare the cover-up, hand the pedophiles over to the courts for trial and punishment. If they do not, they themselves are subject to court charges. The Pope and the cardinals are not above the law. Radical options include publishing the list of pedophile clerics, and re-instituting ex-communication for heinous crimes. Only this way can the Church dissipate a deepening crisis. There are three virtues needed – humility, justice, and truth. For Truth shall set the Church free from the burden of sin. Unpunished pedophile priests are catalyzing the proliferation of both schism and atheism. It is bad karma. Non-Catholic Christian sects are mushrooming rapidly.


The Church is losing a lot of ground rapidly. The atheists are screaming that it is the beginning of the end for the Church. Not so. It is the beginning of deep reforms. The rock that Jesus handed over to Peter will prevail until the end of time. We just have to make deep incisions to remove the cancer.


Let us not pretend to be good Catholics by defending or keeping secret the dark features of the Church. As good Catholics, we are duty bound to expose and reform them. Our silence is a sin of omission. Let it all come out to bring back the Light. The key to effective reforms is not to defend the Papacy but to expose and criticize it, as Kuhn did. Only this way can we solve the crisis, this 21st century Reformation that needs a new radical Counter-Reformation based on Humility, Truth and Justice. And our prayers must go hand in hand with reforms, for His ways are not our ways, and we need to ask for His help and to discern His will.


Healing Ministry Inspirationals




before they even call
I have answered
isaiah 65:24
before they even pray
I have granted their prayer
before they even speak
I have heard their plea
from your mother’s womb
I have known you
with every breath you make
I am with you
with every yearning of your troubled heart
I bring you peace
I am the wind on windless days
pushing your sail towards shore


The Lord reigns in cyberspace.
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prayer request bulletin 97 – March 26, 2013

March 26, 2013
The very fact that you request for prayers is a form of prayer. It is an expression of faith because it implies you know He listens. Your prayer request will also be more effective if you pray for others by reading thru this bulletin. Praying for others is praying for yourself a hundred fold.


The Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for each and every request in this bulletin, published regularly at Subscribe as member to get it automatically and to receive all inspirational materials as they are posted.
Print this out, put in your wallet and say this prayer everyday. After the prayer, say 5 Hail Mary’s and do a good deed. Offer this and all your pains as atonement for sins to pre-empt disasters. Say this prayer daily or weekly.


We have seen Your hand, O Lord, manifested in floods, typhoons, earthquakes. These are, like in Noah’s Ark or Sodom and Gomorrah, related to our sins. We ask for Your mercy and forgiveness, Lord, for our sins and the sins of the world. We consecrate ourselves to Your Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Joseph, and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo. Amen.
We are gathered in Jesus’ name in the internet. He is in our midst, on our keyboards, in our hearts at this very moment. Together, we are his global prayer army. We adore you, O Jesus, for You have redeemed the world. Let us pray.


I surrender myself to you totally, Lord. Whatever is Your will I accept. I offer myself to You for healing. You said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Heal me if it is Your will, as I prostrate myself here before You. Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen.
with Sister Raquel –
with Father Suarez –


Prayers are asked for a couple by the names of Danny and Tracy S. they thought they were buying a mobil home from a lady but the sheriff showed up yesterday and told them they had to leave the property right away and not to return. This lady took their $2000.00 dollars without telling them that she owed several months back rent on the lot and over two years of back taxes. The lady disappeared with their funds. She has blocked all of Danny and Tracy’s phone numbers and refuses to answer the phone when a different phone is used. Sense the mobil home is still in her name the park manager can’t let them stay there without being in danger of being in a law suit. As of now they are staying in a motel room but their funds for that will run out tomorrow morning. Please pray that the state police or someone else catches this woman before all their money is gone. They have nothing left after tomorrow morning and will be reduced to sleeping in their car with two children. Thanks for your prayers,
Thank You for all of your prayers for Danny and Tracy S. They finally managed to get in touch with the woman that took their money by sending her a message through face book. They got things ironed out and are now able to live in the mobil home as of last night. God gets all the credit for getting this mess cleaned up so this couple can start living a happy life in their new home. They told the lady if everyone would live up to their agreements no charges would be filed against her. She even paid for Tracy and her family to spend two nights in a motel room. It seems this woman just got out of prison a few months earlier and knew what would happen if charges was filed. The park manager is trying to work out things, and has gone far beyond anything his job as manager called for. God has answered many prayers by helping this young couple with their housing problems. Thank all of you for praying for them.
Dear Sis. Raquel,
I want to thank you and the prayer warriors for the prayers offered for a successful kidney transplant of my sister, Imelda. She is recovering well and what joy it was to celebrate Christmas and be with her without her week being punctuated with dialysis sessions. God is good and to Him be all the glory! God bless you and your ministry,
Prayers are timeless and are never too late. if you pray for a successful operation even after the operation, the Lord listens in advance. He knows ahead of time your prayers. We send this bulletin to other prayer groups. The more people pray, the more powerful our prayers.
Dear Sr Raquel, Bro Bernie, Co-Prayer Warriors,
Please pray for all the people i love specially my family. First, thanks to GOD, MAMA MARY, MOTHER IGNACIA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO, for all the blessings we received i.e. life, good health, complete family, stable job, friends. Also, for all our answered prayers and particularly blessings came to us unexpectedly.
Second, I pray for the following intentions:
1. Good health for me and my family. My mother to have food appetite, heal stomach & heart problem, Myself- normalize my hormone, get rid of my body GERD, Hypertension, HSV, Hep B, Autoimmune disease, hemorrhoid;
2. To have peace, strong family relations, increase understanding, self-control. Bless every corners of our home with love, unity, forgiveness;
3. To keep us away from accidents, misfortunes, bad persons, evil.  Not to involve in any anomaly, crimes, vices.
4. Give us peace of mind/heart, courage to face and handle all our problems/trials in life. 
5. Strengthen our faith and love in CHRIST. Do HIS will all the time;
6. Guide my nephews and nieces to become a good person with respect to family and others. To have strong faith and fear of GOD. To keep them away from vices, bad peers. Finish their studies, work hard to achieve their goals and dreams in life;
7. Help my brother and sisters to become responsible parents, work more hard to support schooling of their children, to become united as one happy family;
8. Melanie- good health & mind, teach to become good, responsible and defensive driver, guide to become a responsible, courteous & hardworking employee.  Keep away from anomaly, wrong company decision, investigation, suspension/termination. 9. Strengthen relationship with my co-workers to avoid misunderstanding especially to NDC. Help us to become united in making decision. May the higher authorities grant our petition to demand payment of OT charges from private companies so we can have additional source of income aside from salary;
10. No more natural calamities hit the Philippine and other countries;
Finally, thanks for all people who help me pray for the above intentions.
Dear Sr. Raquel:
I’m traveling on Wednesday to visit a friend who is dying – please pray for a peaceful death for Marj. Also, there is much I have to do before I leave, and an urgent financial need so my sister doesn’t risk losing her home. Please ask the Good Lord to look our way and help create a solution for this immediate problem before I leave to be with my friend. All of my efforts haven’t helped (yet), and I need His help. I don’t know what to do. Maybe the Holy Spirit can guide me? Thank you,
Praise be Jesus and Mary! Please help us pray for my father, ERNESTO A, he has nodules in his lungs and will have the biopsy results by thursday february 21, 2013. We are praying that it will be negative for cancer cells. Thank you very much! We need your help. May God bless you!
I’ve been lingering on chronic cervicitis for 2 years already and my doctor told me if this will not be treated there is a possibility that it will lead to cervical cancer. I always pray to God that I will be healed and become healthy again because I still have a young daughter and other dependents who needs me as well as our employees who rely on us for livelihood.  Please pray for my total healing in Jesus name.
Mabel C
Son is really discouraged and angry at God.  he is like Job…..God keeps taking and he keeps remaining faithful but right now he is so discouraged with everything in his life and it makes him moody. God bless
Dear Sister Raquel magandang hapon po sa inyo. Ako po si Evelyn kailangan ko po ang healing prayer nyo po. Dahil may bukol po ako sa sikmura ko. at kailangan ko po ng fanancial prayer healing din po. Naniniwala po ako ky papa Jesus, Mama Mary at ky Sto. Nino. na maririnig po ang kahilingan ko Amen.
Dear Sr. Raquel and the Prayer Warriors.
Good evening!  Please pray for Melissa who is having a problem in her studies now. May she will be able to overcome all these and be able to complete requirements and able to finish her studies. Thank you.
I humbly ask for prayers for my beloved parents. My father, Sonny, has been suffering for almost 5 years from early onset alzheimer’s disease. His condition has worsened in the past year but he is still functional. My mother, Sylvia, who is now the provider and head of our family has suddenly been ailed by her spinal arthritis causing her weakness to both her legs especially her right leg. Dear friends in God I humbly ask for help and prayers. Please pray for them. Thank you and God bless.
Paolo J
Please enclose me in your prayers. I have too many health issues! Please also pray for a healthy and happy relationship with the love of my life. Please pray for us, we really need God’s help. I trust in you Jesus. Amen.
Please pray for my husband to be healed of his alcoholism, for his conversion & for him to have the desire to find a job & that doors will be opened for him to get one.
Thank YOu,
Mary J.
Dear Friend in Christ,
Thank you for entrusting your prayer intentions to us.  Please know that we are remembering you and your special intentions for the complete physical and spiritual health and well being for you and your prayer intentions at our times of adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist, during daily Masses and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. We have entered the period of Lent, a time of penance and interior renewal to enable us to prepare for Easter.  We would be remiss if we did not say a few words to tickle the conscience and bring us closer to God.  God wants us to detach ourselves from the things of the earth and return to Him. Jesus is looking for a contrite heart within us, a heart that acknowledges its weaknesses and sins and is prepared to disencumber itself from them.  God wants from us a genuine sorrow for our sins, which we will manifest, above all by receiving the sacrament of reconciliation, and by doing small deeds of mortification and penance in reparation for our sins and the sins of the world.
We end with a quote from St. Therese, Story of a Soul, regarding that difficult word – mortification.   “My mortifications consisted of breaking my will, which was always ready to impose itself, to hold back a reply, to do little services without noting them, of not resting my back when I sat down, and so on.  It is through the practice of little nothings that I prepared myself to be the bride of Jesus.” May we be united together in prayer during this holy season of Lent as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus on the “via dolorosa”. God bless you,
FR. JOSEPH, MIC, director
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Several weeks ago I ask for prayers for a dear family friend that has cancer through out his body. His name is Paul S . I received a message a few moments ago that Paul is not doing well at all and is now bed fast. He has major brain changes and can no longer read or draw. Paul is very easily overwhelmed at the least bit of change. Paul is a God fearing man and ready to meet the Lord when the time comes. Please pray for Paul and his wife and family. Things have really been hard on them to watch Paul slowly loose his fight with cancer. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank You,
A few days ago I ask for prayers for Paul S and his wife and family. Paul was in the process of dying from cancer. Paul passed away this morning at 5:30 AM . Paul was a christian that loved the Lord and was ready to leave this world. I ask prayers for his family at this time. They loved Paul dearly and need our prayers as they face life without him. His wife and family have many hard decisions to make over the next several weeks. They must also find a place to move sense their housing was part of Paul’s job. Please hold them up in prayer.
Thomas O
Dear Sr Raquel
I fervently request for your prayers for my mother who at 72 years of age has been diagnosed as having an aneurysm and growth in the brain. We are praying for the best and safest solution to treat these conditions and for eventual healing from these conditions. I thank you in advance for this special request and for all the good works you have done. Truly with God nothing is impossible! May you continue to be blessed in your work! All the best,
Please pray for Shana Marie, so she can find compassion and forgiveness towards her husband Joey.  He has ask forgiveness many many times but her heart is like stone. She is also revengeful. Please pray for her complete heart meltdown.  She is hurting many others also because of her stubborness.  He is a good Catholic dad and she is now trying to keep his kids away.  Please pray that does not happen because it will destroy Joey   Please help Please!
Joeys Mom
Good Afternoon Sister,
We will add your prayer request to our daily list of prayer request! My God’s will be done. Peace,
Laura P
Hello Sister Raquel, Please add my family in your prayers that we all get along and within there heart they will learn to forgive, remove the hatred and anger. That the family feud will let go and soften their heart to embrace love and acceptance. Also pray for my daughter that she gets a job with good health benefit.. Thanks
Thank you for your prayer request. The Sisters of Mercy join you in praying for the best possible outcome.
Thank you very much for posting my prayer intention on the site, May I ask for more prayers?
1.  Please pray for me. I always have frequent allergy attacks, I am afraid, it’s asthma already. I have so much difficulty in breathing even if I take medications,
2. My husband stole money from my wallet. I caught him last week. I was really shocked, angry, and hurt. He also utters bad words to me all the time as It comes out  so natural for him. Pls pray for his healing. His name is Anthony Erick. God bless you always.
Dear Sr. Raquel,
I’m earnestly requesting your prayers for my husband, who is a Diabetic Type 2.  These last 3 months have resulted in his feet swelling with lesions due to lack of circulation to them.  The doctors have tried everything, but now portions of his feet are turning black and are so swollen he can’t wear shoes, and has to use a walker to get to the bathroom, with great pain. The specialists now say they will have to amputate both feet up to the knees, and also amputate his hands in the near future, as his circulation is so impaired. We are asking our dear Lord for a miracle in His great Mercy and Goodness, as we have no hope anymore for what the doctors have not been able to do. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you in this work of yours.
His name is Edwin Y. Sincerely,
Josephine Y
dear Sis. raquel,
please prayr for me its been a decade on my part praying to GOD to answer my prayers for a very much needed job for me to earn and Help support my family, its been a very very long time that GOD has not heared and answered by prAyers please help im ready in the verge of killing myself to end all my problems. Thank you.
Please pray for God’s healing grace for Richenette Marnilo – with stage 4 brain tumour
and Marlie De Vera – Breast Cancer – undergoing Chemotheraphy! God bless,
Albert Q
Invite you all to pray for Fr. Eugenio (60 years), a professor of Psychology in Roman Universities and a well known author of books in this field. After a fall in his room a month ago, he began to loose memory at a rapid speed, though at times he behaves very normal. His confreres and students are shocked and saddened. May the mercy of the Lord be on Fr. Eugenio and all those who suffer on behalf of him. Amen.
Fr. Joseph from Rome
Please keep us always happy and healthy. Protect us against any accidents, dreaded diseases like cancer or heart ailments. Please bless and guide my husband, I do not know if he is having an affair and I noticed that he has lost interest in me, I am very much in love with him and he says that the feeling is mutual and he would like to spend the rest of his life with me. But there is this doubt that I am feeling. Please also help me so that I will be able to fully trust him again. Please guide him to be faithful to me and to think first of the consequences that will happen to him because of some wrong actions that he will do or have done. Please help this other person who keeps texting me about my husband and the person that he is having an affair with. May he/she be enlightened and realize that it is useless to send text messages that will destroy the trust of a wife to his husband. Please help my husband find a permanent job where he will be happy and satisfied with all the benefits of the company.  Right now, he is a contract agent and is just earning on commission basis without any benefits, in the meantime, please help my husband so that he will be able to close big accounts in his present work as contract agent and so that we would in turn, be able to help other people especially our family, relatives and friends. Please keep us always healthy and help our relatives and friends. Despite our difficulties financially and in our marriage, I would like to thank God for all the blessings He has given us.
May I request prayers for peace in Sabah. May the Filipinos in Sabah realize that fighting is not the solution to their problem and that their aggression may escalate. How can a few people with limited resources invade and defeat a country’? If they really have a case, may they think of bringing it to court. I pray that these Filipinos be selfless and consider the effect of their actions to our country, our citizens and their region for their move may further bring misery to some of us since it may prevent peace in Mindanao and retard our economic growth (which will hopefully go down to the grassroots). 
Let us also pray for the innocent people in Sabah who are affected by the fighting. And may supporters from both sides refrain from retaliating which may further complicate the situation. Thank you,
We will keep these requests in our prayers God Bless each one
the poor clare nuns
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warrior
Please Help me pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that I will be able to take the Licensure examination for Teachers  this coming March 10, 2013. Please pray to God that I will be in good health and that i will pass examination with a good rating. This I ask and I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ thru the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, Mother Ignacia del spiritu santo and thru the prayer of sister raquel. Amen Thank you.
Please pray that my son-in-law Eric be accepted to the job he has applied for.  For good health too for me and the rest of the members of my family.  Prayers too for my early retirement, that I can work on this smoothly and may I be granted visa whether in the US or Canada. I want to thank God for making it possible for the recent visit to my aunt who is 90 yo.  She is still in good health except for the weak right knee.  We’re happy to see her after so many years (she’s in Negros) and enjoyed our get together there. I thank and praise God for this life.
Sister, Please pray for the healing of my nephew Jimboy with end stage renal disease, having 3x weekly dialysis; and also for the healing of my sister-in-law Edna with breasy cancer and is on chemotherapy. thank you,
sr. nelly
Dear Sr. Raquel,
Thank you for taking time reading this prayer request of my family. My husband’s US visa petition has been approved last November,Praise God! The immigration lawyer filed his “adjustment of status” 2-weeks ago and we are again requesting for your prayers for its approval. This is the most crucial part of his petition. Once approved, we & our children could be together again. Pls help us pray that God will bless this petition. More power to you & may the good Lord bless you. Thank you so much.
Baylon Family
Please pray for Eric Mcdonald. Eric needs Jesus. Please pray  for his salvation. Pray God will heal him and enfold him in God’s Love. Eric needs to know and experience God’s Love for himself. I know you believe in payer.Pray for Eric’s miracle…Pray that his life will be turned around.Pray Eric can and will experience New Life in Christ. Thank You,
Praise be Jesus and Mary ! I would like to request my co prayer warrior to pray for my petition to  Our Lord thru the intercession of Mama Mary for help with my financial problem regarding credit card debt .  Thank you.
Dear Pryer Warrior’ Sn Please pray for me. I habe been opereated on the left ear. The doctor’ s seem to see cancer and after operation, they told me, that there is some left, which they can not operate. Thank you!
Dear Sister Racquel,
Magandang araw po Sister. I was so thankful God gave me you when I was searching for someone to help our family. My sister-in-law Marilou Saribay Martinez,  is suffering from a third stage cervical cancer and did not reacted favorably on various chemo treatments. Though we eagerly wish her to see you in your Healing Center, we can’t afford to do so, as all her energy were drained-up and hurting by just getting-up from her bed. In this regard, may we beseech your intervention to bless her,  in the name if Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Virgin Mother Mary,  with just enough energy so that we could bring her safely to you Healing Clinic from our hometown in Balungao, Pangasinan. Our family were planning to temporarily rent a place for us to stay till she’s being healed in your center, so she could see you regularly on your healing schedules. Lastly, may I humbly request to please give her a ring on her residential number 075+5832308, and assure her that she will be healed and safe in the hands of our Lord Jesus and encourage her to come to your Healing Center for the complete healing. Sister Raquel, though with my very weak faith and how sinful I am, I do fervently believe, you can heal my sister-in-law. In behalf of our family, even before she’s healed, may we express our deep gratitude for listening to our petition for mercy for our sister. Your respectfully,
Horatio, OFW QATA
Dear Sister Raquel,
Would you kindly pray for my husband’s diabetic feet, they are so swollen and with lesions that won’t heal.  The doctor’s put him in the hospital yesterday because he can’t walk anymore and the redness is going up on leg.  They said they will have to amputate if nothing else can be done.  The cat scan show little or no blood supply to the feet through the smaller capillaries, and parts of the feet are turning black.  The hands are not in good condition either, they spoke of amputating them at a later date.
This is so urgent, but I trust your prayers and God’s mercy. He also has anemia and high blood sugar, they just put him on insulin.  His name is Edwin. We applied the prayer cloth with oil my daughter sent to us.  He got some relief the first night and could actually make it to the bathroom without any pain.  This hasn’t happened ever.  But the pain returned later, so I’m asking for a complete healing.
Thank you and God bless you Sister.
Would you kindly send some of the healing oil and prayer cloth?  My daughter sent us a small piece of the cloth and I would like some of the healing oil as well, if possible?  My husband is now in the hospital because his diabetic feet are so red and swollen (especially the right one) that he can’t walk any longer.  Doctor’s are trying to save the feet, but so far no improvement.  He is on morphine for pain killer. In addition the CAT scan has revealed a tumour on one of his kidneys.  We are asking the Dear Lord for a complete cure of his body.  He doesn’t drink or smoke. Thank you so much Sister, and may God bless you always.
Would you kindly pray for a healing for my husband’s diabetic feet?  He is now in the hospital for 3 days now and the doctors will amputate his right foot halfway up to his knee.  I am still asking the dear Lord for a miracle so this might be avoided, hoping against all hope. His blood count is falling for some unknown reason and he was given two blood transfusions last night.  The doctors are still trying to pinpoint the cause of the anemia and have been running all kinds of tests and CAT scans on him. They did find a small tumour on his kidney on top of everything else. Thank you for your prayers, Sisterm, and God bless you. Sincerely,
MaryAnn and Josephine Y
Dear Sr. Raquel, please help us pray that we will be able to have funds to pay for the
estate of our mother, Fortunata P. and that my brother Juan will be able to sell his property to a more worthy buyer. Please pray for our petitions to our Blessed Mama Mary’s intercession to her Son,Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
Blessings to all the “prayer warriors.” With  a humble heart I ask our prayer warriors to help me pray for the following intentions:
1. Spiritual conversion of my brothers and brother-in- law.
2. Spiritual conversion of my nephews and nieces and they will go back to Church and pray the rosary every day.
3.To guide and direct our newly formed Legion of Mary Group. That the parishioners of the Parish we are currently in will respond to the call of our Lady to help bring her son Jesus to the world.
4. Each and every member of our Alpha Ministry. 
5.Each and every member of our Bible Study group. Thank you,
Sr.Raquel and to Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry
Goodmorning!im the sister of Allan Mendoza!Please pray for my brother Allan Mendoza who is having a stage 4 lung  cancer.My brother is too much young to have this kind of disease!he have family already and have 2 small kids waiting him tp go home!please we need your prayers badly!I believe that all who gathers and ask for your miracles i know that our Lord  Jesus is ready and willing to help all who is need!I CLAIM LORD GOD that my brother will be cured from this pain!I know tutulungan tayo ni Lord Jesus!AMEN……..Plese Lord sent all your Saints and Angels para labanan ang sakit ni Allan M. Thank you po sa healing ministry for helping us to pray and seek God’s Help!
Dear Sister,
Please pray for me (Anggi Siagian), I have delusion of cakra and myself weird and trouble cause by law of attraction, I feel I cannot use my left brain that cause by cakra and law of attraction, I was hit my own head when I was angry with my mom, I have swollen nasal conchae, I have allergy, I have eyelets on the soles of my feet, ring finger on my left hand does not feel good. Thank you.
This is my illnesses, please pray for me (Anggi Siagian), I have delusion of cakra and
myself weird and trouble cause by law of attraction, I feel I cannot use my left brain that cause by cakra and law of attraction, I was hit my own head when I was angry with my mom, I have swollen nasal conchae, I have allergy, I have eyelets on the soles of my feet, ring finger on my left hand does not feel good. Thank you.
Dear Sister Raquel and team.
Appreciate if I can ask prayer for healing of the shoulders. I have high level of discomfort on the shoulders. While I seem to have full range of motion, it hurts and is very uncomfortable. Regards
Anthony S
Make your request short and do not post repeatedly as it results in confusion and double entries we cannot monitor.
English is better so non-Filipinos prayer warriors can understand your prayer requests.
Put a subject title “prayer request” to avoid being identified as a spam. ‘No subject’ are not read but deleted.
We protect the privacy of requesters. Email addresses and last names are not published. This does not change the efficacy of the prayers.
The ministry mainly accepts prayer requests from individuals. We cannot accept a large stream of requests from a single source which has its own prayer grouping and forwards requests to us automatically in one click. We prefer the requests to first be consolidated into one document and sent to us a single request.
The Lord sanctifies all who reads this bulletin, prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and readers. When you read this bulletin, you will realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Pain is an act of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to But first read about its history, healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-–blogsite-library-links/


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The Lord Heals in Cyberspace
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eastwind journals 53
this is a personal view of the author
and does not reflect that of the healing ministry
Kiblawan Mayor Diamante


Kiblawan Mayor Marivic Diamante and military officers admitted at a congressional hearing conducted by Rep. Teddy Baguilat at Koronadal that Glenstrata-SMI is funding the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) and the military operations in the Tampakan gold mine site, which were implicated by news reports in the ‘Tampakan massacre’. The wife and two sons of Daguil Capion were shot at point-blank range in that massacre. Capion is the B’laan chieftain leading the protest against Glenstrata-SM. The massacre indirectly implicates Glenstrata-SMI in the human rights violation, which can be used to nullify in court their newly-gotten ECC. The fund gives P9,000 per month for operations, P11,000 per month for gas, and P5,000 allowance for CAFGUs, presently 60 in number covering the towns of Kiblawan, Tampakan, and Columbio.


View the  Youtube on  the massacre – (The first version was censored by Youtube due to the goary crime scene.)


Bernie Lopez


renaissance of the heart


we have molded powerful tools
internet, satellites, robotics
yet we grope in the blinding light
we are smart but lack true wisdom
in our rapid development
in our frenzied technological milestones
we have sharpened our minds
but numbed our hearts
in our haste to progress and enrich materially
we have regressed and impoverished spiritually
we need a renaissance of the heart
a paradigm shift towards the spirit
we think we are moving forward
but in truth we move backward
we need to pause and soul-search
for the true goal close to our heart
we are regressing in our progress
excerpts from the book
“foodforthesoul – finding peace and healing in a frenzied world”
available at most national bookstore branches nationwide


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