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foodforthesoul MEDITATION POSTER05 May 2012 09:08 pm

poster 114 a/ Lord You are the wind b/ oh God of fire

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foodforthesoul PRAYER POEMS05 May 2012 08:55 pm

prayer80 – Lord be the mirror / remember you are dust

prayer 80
verse 043
Lord, be the Mirror
that we may see ourselves in You
and You in ourselves
be the Window
that we may look beyond ourselves
and see the beauty in others
be the Music
that we will hear in times of darkness
that will soothe our souls
be the Wind
on our sails as we head for home
into the warmth of Your Wings
be the fire
that moves our spirit
and kindles our energies
verse 086
remember that you are dust
and to dust you shall return
death is the absolute equalizer
equalizer of beauty, fame, intelligence
which shall all pass away
as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow
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The Lord reigns in cyberspace
eastwind journals04 May 2012 12:45 pm


eastwind journals 36
eastwind journals are the personal journalistic writings of Bernie Lopez, and are not part of the healing ministry. Any views or comments are his own and does not reflect those of the ministry.


There are observers who argue that the media and internet often portray an illusion of an overwhelmingly superior China in terms of new sophisticated weapons of war only to justify an arms build up in the US. This article is written even with that premise, with the possibility in mind that they are true or even half true, or false. The readers can make their own conclusions.


This is actually an old story way back in 2007. US naval officials were awestruck when a tiny 160-foot Song class Chinese submarine surfaced close to the 1,000-foot super-carrier USS Kitty Hawk. At that range, it could have easily launched torpedoes or missiles at the carrier. The carrier was surrounded by at least a dozen escort warships and at least two US submarines, all of which apparently were unable to detect it. The Song class submarine runs on very quiet electric motors during stealth operations, and uses diesel as fuel. A NATO source said American and NATO naval officials were re-thinking their naval strategies because of the incident.

When American diplomats asked why the Chinese were shadowing the US fleet, Beijing feigned ignorance and dismissed the affair as coincidence. The incident happened between southern Japan and Taiwan, during US naval exercises. Was China sending a subtle signal to the Americans to stay away from their backyard?


China’s Missile Guidance System is American


Missile guidance technology was acquired by China from the LORAL Corporation with the apparent blessings of the Clinton Administration. For what reason, nobody knows.


A retired missile expert from the US Navy who claims he has handled Harpoon, Tomahawk, and ASROC missile systems, was shocked when he saw a video of missile fired 30 miles off the coast of California, a foreign type of ‘large cruise or ICBM missile’ launched from an underwater platform.


He said, “First I know it is a large missile because it did not exhibit the typical ‘corkscrewing’ trajectory … (which) tells me it is a Big Boy with a complete guidance system installed”, a ‘fire and forget’ missile where an internal guidance system takes over, not needing external guidance. Second, he was confident it was not ‘one of ours’, as the vapor trail was ‘dirty’, being brownish. US missiles clean fuel emitting a whitish-blue trail.


He wrote, “I bet the brass in Washington is freaked out big time, because, of what I know of our “defenses”, they should really have had a pretty good idea this thing was sitting there, and they should have been watching it, not only at that moment it broke the surface of the water and ignited our early warning dopplar should have picked it up, and relayed the info to NORAD, and the CAP units flying patrol over the country…”


He added that it was impossible to be an accidental launch because the protocol for launch are so complex, there is no ‘one red button’ to do it, requiring at least 5 people to do it.


The above Internet article, which is not sourced, was written by someone with a pen name of FC2-ANDREW/RET. It could be a hype from military personnel wanting to get public approval for more funds for more arns. On the other hand, it could be true.


The Chinese have come up with a super-missile with the staggering speed of Mach-10 and with a range of 3,000 miles. At this speed, it will be too late for radar screens of super-carriers and its escort of warships to detect and respond to the incoming missile.


The Chinese anti-carrier Dong Feng missile system DF-21D. There are no known US defense systems for missiles with this speed, as of this writing.


Chinese Star Wars


In January this year, China successfully conducted a missile test shooting down a satellite in orbit for the first time. In a controntation, such a destruction of key US satellites used for warfare can paralyze drones, missile systems, and communications networks in general.


China’s Nuke-proof Underground Fortresses


China today has deep underground fortresses where they keep about 1,500 warplanes safe from nuclear attack.


US Provocation triggered China’s Massive Defense Program


During the US-China confrontation over Taiwan in the 80s, the Americans resorted to a show of force by sending seven aircraft carriers near the shores of China’s mainland. They wanted to prove that Taiwan is the Cuba of the east, a bastion of American interest near the heart of the Dragon. The Chinese panicked. It was a blessing in disguise. They suddenly realized their military weaknesses right at their very shores. So they started doing their homework quietly. They quietly began a massive defense program unequalled in its entire history, focusing in neutralizing super-carriers and stealth submarines, and building nuke-proof fortresses


A German Clairvoyant Predicted a ‘Yellow Dragon’ in World War III


A German clairvoyant, Alois Irlmaier, who predicted in the 1950s a ‘Third World War’, said it will start in the Middle East, with big naval forces having a confrontation in the Mediterranean. But the actual fire will spark in the Balkans. Because of the killing of two men, “revenge comes from across the large water. The yellow dragon invades Alaska and Canada. And then it rains a yellow dust in a line.”


Given all these trends and developments, are we witnessing a new superpower rising and an old one falling?


Bernie Lopez
prayer request bulletin02 May 2012 05:59 pm

prayer request bulletin 81 – may 3 2012

prayer request bulletin 81 – May 2, 2012
the best preparation to healing
is to cleanse one’s spirit
forgiving others without question
surrendering one’s self to the will of the Lord
if He chooses to heal or not
once your spirit is healed this way
the healing of your body will follow
it is your prayer and your faith
that will make the Lord heal you
return to Him with purity of heart
and He will heal you
anger consumes
forgiveness heals
anger weakens
forgiveness strengthens
Lord, teach me to forgive
I surrender myself to You totally
whatever is your will, I accept
I offer myself to You to be healed
You said ask and it shall be given you
I am asking and praying hard right now Lord
with all my heart and all my soul
heal me if it is Your will
as i prostrate myself here before You
through the intercession of
our blessed Lady, St Joseph
and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo
say an Our Father, Hail Mary
and Glory Be three times.
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Say a healing prayer via Youtube with Father Suarez –

Glory to God. I have been using the oil for my illness as I have unsteady gait due to tb meningitis. God revealed that I’m gluten intolerant. I’m feeling so much better and I’m glad and thank God for everything. Praise God.
Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors
Hi! I’m Joy BR and I’m in need of your prayers. Last January 2012 I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer Stage III-B. From then on I started my external radiation for 28 sessions.  On my 21st session, I had my check up with my onco and he prepared me and my husband due to the fact that my tumor is slowly responding to external radiation. My Onco told us that he wanted me to undergo full blown chemo instead of the low dose chemo that is usually given in my case. After my external radiation my onco suggested that I have a 1 week rest period from treatment before my external radiation and chemo. During that week we visited Padre Pio Center in Libis and I prayed that Padre Pio intercede for me and for me to received the healing love of God. God is so good and Mama Mary is so merciful because during my internal radiation after a week of rest my onco was so surprised to see that my soccer ball like tumor reduced its sized and he can now  compared it to a finger tip. After my 4 internal radiations my Onco told me that I will no longer need to undergo chemo in any form and I have to be cancer free for 5 years in order to be totally healed. I’m now begging for your prayers for my continue healing and that may God embraced me with his healing love forever. God is so good that He allowed me to have cancer in order for me to witness His divine love.     Godbless us all and please pray for me. Thanks
O Jesus, I surrender myself to You totally. Whatever is Your will I accept, I offer myself to You to be healed. You said ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Please heal me if it is Your will, as i prostrate myself here before You.. Through the intercession of our blessed Lady, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen. 
Dear Rev. Mother
It is amazing and  touching and transforming from despair to hope, darkness to light with a desire  to wanting to live a Saintly life like when I read all about “Healing Ministry, Prayer Warriors, Healing Oil & Gold Dust (Gold Dust – I feel it is a message to  reconcile with Lord, people who have hurt you or you hate/angry with – reward from Lord is mercy, graces, pouring of Holy Spirit & His countless blessings). Our love and faith in the Lord got to be tremendous so as to enable us to be able to love &forgive all those who hurt us, hate us for the Love of Lord Jesus Christ. I praise God  for this Healing Ministry and pray from depth of my heart to bless this Ministry, all Prayer Warriors, and all those who request for prayers.  Pl. send me Healing Oil, Healing Prayer Card and Gold Dust (not for Gold sake – for healing sake.)    My son Joe/Mich are married for10 years, no  children, they are praying  for  gift of a child with a bleeding heart.  They both are praying for gift of a child with a bleeding heart since 10 yrs. I want this the above for them.    I am also suffering from severe lung infection since 4 years, I am unable to breath, at times I am too sick. My  husband is suffering from diabetes, high BP and also trembling of hands. Please dear Rev. Mother for the love of Jesus Christ help me in my desperate need.  I am suffering from severe lung infection for the last 4 yrs., at times I feel I am going  to die – breathless. I need healing spiritually & physically.I have followed your instructions in the “Healing guidelines” and have prepared totally to receive healing from the Lord thru’ your Ministry.  Awaiting eagerly for your favor.  Yours in  Christ,
hi Bernie–
Una, happy Easter. . .   Secondo, puede pa include sa prayers ng mga prayer brigades ni Sr Racquel the following sick persons:
– Henry R, cancer of the colon (widely metastasized)
– Gertrudis G, can’t walk (don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her)
– Anita T, totally blind and partly deaf from diabetes (has also affected her kidneys)
– Rodrigo C, cancer of the bone marrow
– Norma E, breast cancer
– Enrique D, colon cancer
Isama mo na rin ako: breast cancer. maraming salamat
To co-prayer warriors and Sr. Raquel,
Thank you for the blessings my family receives, truly God has His plans for us. I would like to request for prayers for the success of the operation for my daughter’s spinal column and abnormal blood vessels in April. It will be done abroad and I cannot be with her during the procedure. I believe she will be well as I continue to pray for her healing.   For my family, that we continue to recognize God’s love for us as we struggle for our day-to-day living. For the  temporal and spiritual healing to continue to touch us. We love you Jesus and Mama Mary.  
Dear Sister Raquel,
 I will include in my prayers all the requests below.  May I also request that you pray for me that I get completely healed from vertigo. We visited you and you prayed over my daughter who is suffering from depression. Please continue praying for her complete healing. That she be able to get back to work and become stable emotionally.  Thank you and my warm regards, Editha (your prayer warrior)
Dear Mother, please please pray for me as I have not been well I am going a bad time with depression and feeling very low. Thank you so much for this time
Dear Mother,
Please pray for my father,”Leo” who has hardening of valve, Hypertension and will be going for endoscopy very soon for his stomach/gastrich complain. He is 84 yrs. According to Doctor,  Heart operation is very high risk and  he is on medication only. Ask to pray for mercy and forgiveness whatever wrong done and .May the Lord Jesus our Divine Healer intercede for him who is  need of miraculous healing. Thank you lord. Thank you mother
Vilis – w F. A.
Dear Sister Racquel:
Please pray for my son Anton who is currently undergoing a legal battle with his former employers. Please help him win the case so justice may be
served. Thank you Jesus and  Mary.
Sister pls pray for my back pain, left side leg, re: nerve pain.
I would   like to request for healing now that my cyst was taken out. I’m still awaiting the result of the biopsy. Please, let the biopsy be benign, heal me of my other sickness. Also please also heal my mother Senica from her back and lower thigh pains. Remove all her pains and that our Lord giver her long life. May I also request for healing of Mayeth P.she has cancer, Gilda M. TB, Marmi A, cancer. Also please help my son Jonathan, that he can graduate this April, may our Lord touch the heart of his professor Mr. Aguilar to let him pass. I also ask for blessing and success of my business and that our Lord help us that we will be debt free. Right now we also have lots of loans, may we be blessed and hopefully, we find additional customers that we can improve our income.  Thank you so much and may God be praised
Dear Sr. Raquel,
We went to Mother Ignacia last wednesday, but you weren’t there, they informed us that you were at the mother house. We were welcomed there by Sr. Gloria. Since we were new there, we didn’t know what to expect, but we followed what they were doing, we made the holy hour, then mass, then Sr. Gloria prayed, then at 130pm we had our lunch. then at 3pm sr. Gloria lead the prayers and my husband was prayed over by her.   Sr. Raquel please pray for my husband. He has a nodule on his left mid lung field. It was discovered because he was undergoing a cp clearance because he had an operation on his right knee. The xray showed there was this nodule. Please beg Jesus Sr. Raquel to remove this nodule because before March 22 he’ll have his medical exam. I hope this nodule won’t appear on his xray because the doctors will not fit him for work. Please beg Jesus.  I hope we could see you when we go to Mother Ignacia on our next visit.  God bless you and we’ll pray for you. Thank you.  In Christ,
I lost my frontal teeth a few years ago-please pray for me that God may grant my request to get my front teeth back in Jesus name, Amen…  thank you very much,
Please pray to those people who are suffering from sickness. My name is Glenn P from Baguio City. Please pray for me that my heart problem will be healed through the healing power of Jesus. I was diagnosed with heart problem back when I was 14 years old and right now that I’m 24 years old still suffering from it. I know God has a plan for me that He will heal me soon. I believe in Him, I have faith with Jesus the Son of Mary. Hope that I will meet in Father Suarez soon. Please come to Baguio City to have a Healing Eucharist.
Dear Mother Ignacia Prayer Worriers:
 Please pray for me:
- my teeth do not match at all and twist my jaw painfully
- my body needs help, it is twisted also
- tooth ache, jaw, neck, hip, knee and ankle pain
- need help to forgive dentists
- need more income
- need faith in God that he will heal me
Thank you!!!
Elsbeth B
North Palm Beach, FL USA
Please, pray: That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me! That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happiness and love together! THAT GOD HELP DEJAN M. TO MAKE DISTANCE FROM PEOPLE WHO ENJOY IN DESTROYING RELATIONSHIPS. Thank you for all your prayers May God bless you always!
Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia
Please pray for the successful surgery and quick recovery of Dr.  Murphy’s father, who is having heart bypass surgery on April 10th and  for the comfort of his family that they may feel the presence of the  Lord and his comfort through this difficult time.  Pray that they are  all strengthened through this difficult time.
Please pray that our family  meeting  at 2:30 pm tuesday the 4th of April  with cps goes well and Jennifer and I get Lily  back soon and they back out of our lives and allow us to be reunited as a family.  Please pray for Jennifer’s complete healing and control of her anger (which is getting better…PRAISE GOD!)  Thank you all for your  prayers and pray we have the strength and constant presence of our Lord  and feel His peace through out this heartrending trials.
Please pray for my brother Okechukwu O ( Kota) that God will heal him and totally restore him. pray also that God will destroy any demonic power tormenting his life and destiny. Thank you for your prayers.
dear healing ministry,
im sharon rose T of bliss, lugait, misamis oriental, mindanao…  im 12yrs years married but until now, hindi pa ako nabuntis. gusto na namin mag asawa na   magkaroon na ng anak kahit isa man lang, but we do have one adopted 8yrs. old son,we love him so much…at gusto din nya na may kapatid na siya. the truth lies that, we want a baby with our own blood…   im asking to help us in our prayers that sooner this year mabuntis na sana ako…my husband work as an OFW, and will come home this may, sana mabuntis na agad ako by God’s grace…  pls, pls pray for us childless couples, IN JESUS NAME,AMEN. thank you in advance  for your prayers!
I would like to request prayer for the healing and complete recovery of Saling.  Thank you.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pray for my mother LEONORA because she’s diabetic she is taking insulin now. she suffering from  erratic changes of her sugar level. although she pancreatic cancer survivor but after her ultrasound result they found a tumor in her liver and ovary but the doctor want to make sure so she was recommended to be ct scan and we did and now we hope that her ct scan result will be the opposite of  her ultrasound  that she will be free of cancer or if there it will be curable and can be treated. Im also praying for my father complete recovery from his stroke may this situation may not affect him and will make him strong and faithful.  May I and my brothers and sister found strength in God may God give us chance to make our parents live longer.  please Bless and protect us.  
Please pray for Margaret W who has been battling pancreatic  cancer for  2 years. She will be having surgery Monday April 2nd to remove a  cancerous  tumor from her liver. Also please pray for her daughter Jen H. who is  also  hospitalized and deathly ill. Thank you dear friends in  Christ.
Please pray for Maureen Q for a very special  intention.
URGENT PRAYER  REQUEST! (For our beloved core team  member Margaret W)  For over 26 years, Margaret has  loved and worked with children with  cancer. One of the founders and developers  of a facility in Massachussets,  a home that helps children and  their families cope with childhood cancer.  Her dream was realized after she  lost her young son, Jason, to cancer.  Margaret can only be described as an  “earth angel” who has given herself  completely on this earth to serve sick  children. Her love, compassion and hope has  inspired all. Margaret was diagnosed  with pancreatic cancer 28 months ago,  and now is in a battle for her life at  Mass General in Boston. We ask all  of you to please pray for this dear suffering  soul who is true gift to all  of us.
Please pray for Rayond B. who is a very dedicated and holy man. He  works  for the Lord. Please lift him up in prayer for a healing of his critical   heart ailment. I Jesus’ holy name amen. – Please pray for Maureen Q for several urgent special  intentions. She  is a very diligent and hardworker for the Lord. Thank you and  God Bless you  all.
Please pray for Mark W for a successful surgery and recovery  for a
shoulder replacement. (4/26)   Please pray for Mary D for a happy  death and  that her son arrives in time.   Please pray for Marianne L.W. for special intentions.   Please pray for Br. Richard V.B. for physical healing and protection from   spiritual attack. – Roger De successful recovery from heart surgery   Karen  successful recovery from appendix  surgery   Marguerite B. strength and grace to hold her family together in  many  health trials   Matthew B. that he go into rehab and kick his  addictions   Ray B. that he have a successful recovery from heart  surgery
St Raphael community
Good Day Sister Gloria and Sister Racquel.
I am beatriz t, i saw sister gloria is healing in the abs-cbn news patrol and i checked your website, luckily i got to read that you accept prayer request so i am now taking the chance to ask for your help to pray for me, my sickness is within myself, i am now sufferring from a lot of trials especially with my relationships to my family especially to my father, there are a lot of misundertstandings because of the “sulsol” of the driver and our housemaid, it became bigger and bigger, whatever I say He will not believe, I am trying my best to understand Him pero tao din po ako na nahihinaan na din ng loob, kaya po dumudulog ako sa inyong tulong na sana po ay maipagdasal nyo po ang paggaling ng nagdurugo kong puso, na sana po ay matuto pa ko magpakumbaba, matutong magpatawad,at maging matatag pa sa lahat ng pagsubok na dadanasin ko, at sana po ipagdasal nyo rin po na makapasa ako sa inaaplyan ko pong trabaho pabalik ng saudi at nang makaipon po  ako para po sa pag migrate naming mag ina sa canada at nang makapagsimula na din po ng bagong buhay, alam ko po na pera ang hinahanap sa akin ng pamilya ko ngayun, nagsisiskap nmn po ako, kaya po gustung gusto ko na talaga magkatrabaho ulit para po makatulong na ulit sa kanila st makaramdam na pamilya din ako. maraming maraming salamat po. papasyal din po kami sa inyong church pag dumating na po ang mama ko this may. GOD BLESS,
Please pray for my father he is in semi comatose, please pray for his recovery. Lord please take away all the pain and sickness of my father please wake him up. i ask this thru Jesus name amen.
Dear Sis. Raquel,
I emailed you a month ago re my husband who has been suffering from severe, continuous headache for the past 20 years. We have consulted allmost all Neurologist and all the examinations and tests were normal but still the headache is there. It has affected his appetite and his gastointestinal tract. Please help him so the headache will disappear and he will be back to his old self again.  He is 76 years old , very active at the Knights of Columbus. We went already to Stanford Hospital, Palo Alto Medical Center, Los Angeles California presbyterian Hospital and in New York’s Beth Israel hospital. It was a miracle tho Sister coz the ff. day after my email, the intensity of his headache dropped to 4, the lowest coz it was always intensity 7, 8, 9 and 10. Sister we want to see you during your regular healing sessions there but he is very weak lately. we can go there Wed. after the Holy Week. He has severe back pains too. Sister Raquel. i believe in you and i know you were sent to us by our dear Lord to heal my husband. Thanks a lot,
Dra. A
Dear Sister Raquel, 
Thank you for including me in your prayers. I sent a prayer request two months ago. It seems that my condition is getting worst. I’ve been to different doctors but still they couldn’t find any problems with my laboratory tests. There is really something wrong in my head. There is something pumping into my head. It feels like riding in a boat. It sometimes ache. I think I have a brain tumor. I couldnt help myself anymore. I still have a 7 month old son and here I am, not in good condition. My family, friends, and doctors adviced me that it’s all in the mind. I am the only one who can heal myself. It is really killing me, Sister Raquel. I don’t know what’s going on inside my head. I’m totally depressed. I keep on crying. I pray but it seems that my prayers are not enough or maybe this is the payment of all my sins. Please continue praying for me. I really need your help badly. Thank you.
Mrs. Hopeless
please pray,  for the healing and curing of my skin condition and other physical problems.  and the healing and renewing of a relationship from 15 years ago.  thank you,
Thank you very much for your prayers!
 My closest brother, William, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He went into the hospital today with pneumonia, which is critical for him. He’s very afraid. Please pray for a miraculous cure from cancer (and pneumonia) for William.   With heartfelt thanks,
Dearest Sister Raquel, all Sisters, Bernie and all Prayer Warriors, Please keep praying with me for my health. I pray that i may be healed through Jesus & the help of Mama Mary. I am extremely burdened by severe ear ailments. And i have CFS (chronique fatigue syndrome). My life is really burdened by it. Please also pray for my partner’s health. That we both may heal and keep growing in Faith and Love. Thank you! Keep praying for you all, don’t lose hope,
Dear Sister Raquel, Bro Bernie and Prayer Warriors.
Please help me pray for my financial uplift. Business is really bad and we have a lot of debts and tuition fees to pay. I know the Lord hears my cry and He loves us so much that He gave His only Son for us. I trust in You Lord and I know I will overcome these problems. Thank you and may God bless us all.
Please pray for one-day old manuel Miguel aurora and his mom Katrina, my daughter, they have both an infection.
Dear Sr. Raquel,
Thank God, i found your website and thank you that He gave you for healing people. Pls pray for my husband’s pulmonary solitary nodule on his left lung that it will disappear. it was seen on his xray when he had his cp clearance done for his acl reconstruction, the doctor didn’t inform him about this because the company only referred to them the acl repair. Sister, pls pray for my husband. I love him and even ask God that i’ll be the one to suffer not my husband because he’s the one working, We have 3 kids and they are still too young. Pls sister, pls pray for us to Jesus and mama Mary through the intercession of St. Pio, Joseph, St. Anthony, Faustina, Philomena and all the saints. Pls beg God for His Mercy. Thank you Sister. May God bless you! In Christ,
Dear Sister Raquel RVM,
Please pray thru the intercession of Mama Mary and Mother Ignacia the speedy recovery and complete healing of my wife Letty’s illness. Praised be Jesus and Mary! Thank you so much and God bless!
Dear God, c/o Sister Raquel and the Prayer Warriors :
I am entreating You to help strengthen my faith. Many people have said “ask God’s help when you have diseases “. So, I need you too desperately. I pray You would soon cure my diseases especially hypertension and its causes. I vow to give my whole trust and love just for You. I might be unworthy, but it seems that there is nobody else for me to turn to but to You. I give up my life and everything else to You, they are all in Your hands. Also pray that other people with terminal diseases and parent Elizabeth CY to be set free from her diseases. My love to You is earnest and permit me to express my gratitude for the blessings.
Sister Racquel, Please pray for Doris, her leg is swelling and needs operation. Pray for me too, for the quick and correct court petition, for the release of my ACR-ICARD without any trouble. Praying for my family’s health and spiritual stability. In Jesus name Amen
dear sister raquel,
please pray for me..i’m suffering from cancer of the liver…i’m praying for the LORD ALMIGHTY to remove all the cancer cells in my body..and please pray for me that i will be healed completely physically and emotionally..thank you LORD FOR YOUR GLORY..
i just finished praying the healing prayer and rebirth.. it’s my first day and i felt good after i prayed..i know that i will be healed thru the Goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ with the intercession of MAMA MARY…In Jesus Name..amen
Please help my husband  close  big accounts in April and May 2012 so that he will be able to help his family and a lot of people. Keep us always safe and healthy and protect us against any dreaded disease or any accident  and keep our marriage intact and happy. Please help us to be financially independent and abundant.  Thank you for all the blessings that You have given us.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Good day.  I am Celestino Danilo R, asking for your healing prayers regarding pain in my both hands and both ankle in my feet.  My prayers, Lord teach me to forgive, I surrender myself to you, totally Whatever is your will I accept, I offer myself to you to be healed, You said you ask and it shall be given to you, I am asking and praying hard right now Lord with all my heart and with all my soul,heal me if it is your will,as i   prostrate myself here before you.. Through the intercession of our blessed Lady, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen…. 
Dear Sr Racquel, Bro Bernie, Co-Prayer Warriors,First, thanks for the unconditional love of almighty GOD to US despite we are sinners HE continuously guide us, showered with blessings, HE learn to forgive our sins, give HOPE and give LIFE as we able to wake every morning. Thanks to GOD. Second, i pray for all the people who are sick especially those who have no enough money to sustain their medicines or hospitalization. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST touch them and HEAL their illness. Give them healthy and strong body. In return, may this healed people learn to value the love and miracles of GOD. May this be the way to change them for a better person, share blessings to less fortunate, learn to forgive their offenders and become instrument of GOD to touch lives of  others. Sister, i pray for happiness, safety, peace, good health, abundance in my family. I pray that Mama may live longer and enjoy her life even she is in her 80′s. Guide me in my work that i can provide service to public in accordance to the existing rules and regulations. Also, guide me when i’m driving in order for me to be safe, my co-motorist and pedestrians. Give us wisdom so we can do our mission in accordance with your will. Finally, i pray for souls in purgatory, may eternal rest grant unto them and let perpetual light shine upon them may they rest in peace, including our beloved relatives, friends & enemies. Thank you
Dear Sister in Christ
Please include in your prayer my brother, James L who was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver just rcently. There is a water inside his stomach now and needs to be flushed out thru his urine passage. Pray also for God to forgive him for all the sins he has committed in the past.   God perform  a miracle inside his body. that his liver become healthy again free from fibrosis,  regenerate with healthy tissues, stop scarring of his liver and restore  strong immune system. May the Lord give him a chance to  have a better health and live a new life with the Lord. thank you very much God bless your ministry.      
Please,pray for Maricel L .My mother and family members feel afraid of her behavior towards us. She is missing her responsibility to be a good example for her still young daughters. Please pray that the Holy Spirit my reside in her.
Dear Sis Raquel,
Thank you for the opportunity God has given my daughter to work for 8 mos,  she is  jobless now.  Please pray for God’s guidance and providence on her,  she is about to enroll to continue her unfinished college degree. We want her to do the right thing through God’s mercy, may God -permit her to finish college and also a nice job that could provide for all her and her son’s needs.  May God truly bless her life. Amen
Please GOD unite me back with my love and bless me with my marriage to him, with our parents blessings and happiness. Please help me GOD . Please GOD you are my last hope. Please don’t let me down .Please GOD also bless all other people in this world who have faith in you.
Please pray for healing of eye floaters and polyp on roof of mouth.  Please pray for financial blessings to meet obligations.  Please pray for family peace and reconciliation in marriage. Pax Christi, Ave Maria!
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