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eastwind journals 28 – JESSICA SANCHES SIZZLES

eastwind journals 28
eastwind journals are the personal journalistic writings of Bernie Lopez, and are not part of the healing ministry. Any views or comments are his own and does not reflect those of the ministry.


Beats Whitney Houston on Youtube hits
Jessica Sanchez, a 16 year old Filipino American from San Diego, California was viewed by 40 million people on television during an American Idol telecast, when she sang ‘I Will Always Love You’.



Just to realize the immensity of it all, that is about a third of the Philippine population. If Jessica appeared say six times during American Idol elimination rounds, that is about 240 million viewers or quarter of a billion, about twice the Philippine population.


The original was sang by the late Whitney Houston, made famous by the  blockbuster movie ‘Bodyguard’ where she co-starred with Kevin Costner. On the Youtube, it took Whitney 24 days to get 6.6 million hits on that song. It took Jessica 12 days to get 5.7 million hits on the same song. Jessica beat Whitney’s record of 275,000 hits per day by almost double at 547,500 hits per day. Judge Jennifer Lopez was raving, almost in tears, watching Jessica sing.


The American audience of 40 million is a one shot deal. The Youtube global audience of 5.7 million is cumulative and still growing.The power of the Youtube is beginning to catch up to the power of Broadcast Media USA in terms of viewership. Size is the name of the media game.


In the blink of an eye, a new star is born, a super-nova of galactic proportions. From anonymity to fame, from total darkness to blinding light, Jessica is catapulted to the stratosphere beyond her own imagination.


Youtubes on Jessica –
Number of hits as of this writing, March 18, 2012.
‘I will always love you’ 5.7 million hits, awarded top 13
‘I surrender’, 5.1 million hits, with footage singing at five years old
‘Prayer’, 2.3 million hits, awarded top 24
‘Love You I Do, 993,000 hits, awarded top 12
American Idol telecast, 390,000 hits, final judgement


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eastwind journals
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eastwind journals 27 – IRAN STOPS ACCEPTING DOLLARS

eastwind journals 27
eastwind journals are the personal journalistic writings of Bernie Lopez, and are not part of the healing ministry. Any views or comments are his own and does not reflect those of the ministry.


Dramatic simulation video of US invasion of Iran
As of March 20, Iran will accept only gold or any currency except dollars for oil and gas purchases. India is completing a deal to pay in rupees or gold. Iran has an option to convert rupees to Indian goods. We are back to pre-colonial barter trade.


US-UK invaded Iraq and Lybia after they stopped accepting dollars. The US will make war to protect the dollar. The US may now want to invade Iran even if it is not ready to do so. The dollar case may remove all hesitation.


If the Indian case succeeds, Russia and Indonesia as sellers and China and India and Japan as buyers may start to abandon the dollar. Gold price will skyrocket and stabilize. America will make war everywhere. A tri-lateral Yuan-Yen-Ruble partnership agreement is not impossible as a temporary regional (if not global) currency to address a new oil crisis.


Iran is the third largest producer of oil worldwide. The EU, which gets half a million barrels a day from Iran, may be more affected than Iran who has other buyers in the east, once the sanction begins on July 1. A war in Iran will see oil prices skyrocketing worldwide, whether the Strait of Hormuz is disrupted or not. Even now, war jitters are making oil prices sizzle.


The US orchestrated a global media blitz before invading Iraq. Full length documentaries of Iraqi atrocities saturated American networks in a short period to instill hatred. False news of WMDs instilled fear on top of hatred. This blunted anti-ar protests in the US, until the cat got out.of the bag later, but it was too late.


In Iran, it is happening all over again. The US Treasury Department recently accused the Iran government of trafficking drugs. Before that, Iran was accused of supporting ‘terrorist nations’, and before that, of preparing to produce nuclear weapons, which is as untrue as the WMDs in Iraq. The IAEA todate has no hard evidence of Iran preparing to make nukes, only insinuations and suspicions. The plutonium enrichment the US and Israel fear is transparent and remains for peaceful purposes. Media plays a crucial role in wars. (Source –


Here is a dramatic simulation video from the Union of Concerned Scientists of  a US invasion of Iran – 3 million people killed instantly and a nuclear fallout as far as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.


Pentagon’s ‘Internal Look’ War Game
New York Times reports a Pentagon war game called ‘Internal Look’ simulating a scenario where Israel launches a pre-emptive strike on Iran without warning the US. Iran counter-strikes against Israel and US forces in the Persian Gulf, drawing the US into the conflict. Russia seizes Iranian oil fields to protect them from US occupation. The US sends six Army divisions to blunt the attack.


Israel believes Iran will not retaliate because it will invite direct US attack of its territory. Iran may be limited to a proxy war of indirect attacks. Butwar games have limits and do not know about the minds of Persian warriors when they are cornered. To appease protests, Israel military say Israel can easily bear the brunt of an Iranian counter-strike The beginnings of World War III will depend on Israel’s brinkmanship, based on fears of a nuclear Iran. This will take years to but we do not how itchy Israeli fingers are.


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eastwind journals
eastwind journals21 Mar 2012 03:19 am

eastwind journals 26 – REPLY TO STEPHEN HAWKING

You cannot disprove God based on a mere scientific theory
eastwind journals 26
by Bernie V. Lopez
Stepen Hawking, a celebrated British theoretical physicist and cosmologist, became controversial when he crossed the line from science to religion, and claimed that the Universe came from nothing and had no Creator.
He was a renowned professor at Cambridge for 30 years. His contributions in cosmology and quantum gravity catapulted him to fame in the global scientific community. He predicted that black holes emit radiation.
Hawking is almost completely paralyzed, having a spinal ailment of rapid progressive neuron deterioration called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He communicates through a speech generating device.
His book A Brief History of Time (1988), describing “the Universe in a Nutshell” became a best seller. It was however in his new book The Grand Design where he started veering away from science and making religious statements, which triggered mixed reactions, and undermined his credibility.
Hawking said that alien life exists based on a math model of probability. From the trillions of stars in the billions of galaxies, the chances of life elsewhere are almost beyond doubt. This is the problem with theoreticians. They tend to make conclusions about the reality of the physical world based on probability. You cannot prove alien life based merely on probability. Until we see real physical evidence and not mathematical, we simply do not know about alien life. It is this theoretical thinking that would be the downfall of Hawking.
In his bestseller, he suggested that the existence of God was unnecessary to explain the origin of the Universe. In his new book, and in subsequent media interviews, he clarifies that he does “not believe in a personal God”. He wrote, “The question is: is the way the universe began chosen by God for reasons we can’t understand, or was it determined by a law of science? I believe the second. Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing.”
Critic Mike Bradley replied “The basic flaw of the Hawking logic is in the area of proving the universe came from nothing. There is only theoretical support for the idea of virtual particles appearing spontaneously in a vacuum. A vacuum is not ‘nothing’. It is a ‘something’… the vacuum and those virtual particles would be subject to existing physical laws. Anything that begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause.”
Critics comment that Hawking perhaps was forcing through, in basketball jargon. He was exploiting his scientific fame to make a religious statement. But a religious statement from a scientist is instantly suspect. Some critics were not so kind, saying it was arrogance or even ignorance coming from a genius. But we should give Hawking the benefit of the doubt that he is truly simply sincere trying to theoretically prove there is no God.
The theoretical nature of Hawking’s proof that there is no God is based on his assumption that there was nothing before the big bang. If the big bang theory itself is in question, what more his nothingness theory. This is the problem with a noted scientist making religious conclusions from scientific theories.
At the very start of his new book, Hawking says “philosophy is dead” which triggered reactions from critics. He was implying that one can prove or disprove the existence of God from science alone. He said in 2010, “There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority [imposed dogma, faith], [as opposed to] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works.”
Hawking says philosophy is dead, then starts philosophizing guised as scientific proof. He says science is based on observation and reason. So is philosophy. It looks like Hawking, the famed theoretical physicist, is going beyond his turf.
Hawking explained that the M-theory (multi-universes as opposed to a single one) proves that the universe came from nothing. Critics said, a theory cannot be used as an argument to disprove God. This is also true for Chardin’s theory of the evolution of consciousness not being able to prove God. There is one more step after Chardin’s theory and that is faith. Faith requires a ‘leap’ from the logical and science frowns on things which are beyond logic. In fact, no one can prove or disprove God based on based on pure logic, based on science or religion. One ‘proves’ God from experience, which is unacceptable to scientists-atheists. That is why, a believer can never prove to the non-believer the existence of God.
It must be explained that opposing views of both Chardin and Hawking, just like Darwin’s evolution and Einsteins’s relativity, are all mere theories. Theories naturally evolve continuously and defy finality. Einstein’s theories are today being remodeled. His theory of relativity, a milestone, is constantly being ‘refined’ or clarified as we discover new cosmic phenomena that post-dates Einstein. In other words, the theory of relativity is a theory and is not final, meaning, subject to future changes. Theories are based on Man’s inferences of both physical and metaphysical realities, both science and religion. Thus, the theory of creation will rage endlessly. Chardin and Hawking will forever be acclaimed and condemned by religion and science.


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book excerpts – prayer 94 – RELATIONSHIPS BASED ON SPIRIT

foodforthesoul book excerpts
prayer 94




without trust, relationships are fear-based
you sign a contract to protect yourself
there is an accounting to the last cent
you are paid exactly what you are owed


with trust, relationships are love-based
there is no contract, no need to protect yourself
there is no accounting, only sharing
you are paid a hundred fold


relationships based on spirit
are free and flawless
relationships based on law
are fraught with danger


conversations with odette, surf, fr. kaloy


verses from the book ‘foodforthesoul’ by eastwind


the book is available by postal mail
philippines or abroad, request at
or in key National Book Store branches
or at Mother Ignacia Healing Center, Novaliches contact us

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