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prayer request bulletin 78- january 22 2012

prayer request bulletin 78 – January 21, 2012
Lord, say but the word
and my soul shall be healed
as i touch even just
the hem of His tunic
i am healed
matthew 9:20
the moment you compose
your prayer request on the keyboard
you are in reality praying
He hears the click of the keys
and the beat of your heart
The Lord sanctifies prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and anyone who reads this bulletin. Upon reading, you may realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Your pain and their pain are acts of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
The MOTHER IGNACIA PRAYER WARRIORS, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for all requests in this bulletin, published regularly at www.sisterraquel.com. Subscribe as member to get it automatically and to receive all inspirational materials as they are posted.
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Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
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For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to eastwind@motherignaciahealingministry.com But first read about its history, healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-
Prayer requests in English is better so non-Filipinos can understand them.
Put a subject title “prayer request” to avoid being identified as a spam. ‘No subject’ are not read but deleted.
We protect the privacy of requesters. Email addresses and last names are not published. This does not affect the efficacy of the prayers.
Make your requests short and do not post repeatedly as it results in confusion.
Dear Sr. Raquel and Bro. Bernie,
 I’m writing from Italy and this is actually not the first time. I’d like to thank you bec. I just remember last year begging you for prayers for my child born with mosaic down syndrome… she’s now almost 1 year old and has always been in good health and is reaching her dev’tal milestones properly… until now, we never had any serious health problems with her. My cousin in Manila also went to your Healing Center to ask for the Healing Oil and we still have it, I “annoint” myself, my child and my upcoming child in the womb everytime that we pray. I believe God has always been healing them and all of us everyday! Though in good health, it so happened that we discovered that my children (11 mos. and the one in the womb) has been slowing in physical growth lately, I know God has His purpose in everything but I still ask for your prayers that they may both recover… I’ll be having my ultrasound on tues. and blood test for my 11 month baby on jan.18… may everything be okay in God’s grace. Please also pray for my lola Lucing that the lump they saw in her colon can be defeated through medicine and not through chemoteraphy anymore; for my tito Erning and the rest of his family be safe and in good health always and they may have solution with the serious problem they are facing; for my 1 1/2 month old neice, Gwen, to be healed from all the infections and viruses she got; for all my loved ones and family that the Lord may grant all their prayer requests.  Again, thank you very much and may God bless you more and more!
Dear Sister Raquel and Bro Bernie,
Happy New Year! Thanks GOD my abdominal pain is now healed..Please continue to pray for me that my left heel will completely be healed and cured.I am still limping when I walk because it is still painful..I believe GOD is our special doctor and your are his instruments..Thank you and GOD bless us always.. Please also pray that my auntie Nena will be healed fro her liver cancer.
Pray for us sister,
Susan, Reynante, Rey Anthony, Angeljoy
Please pray for Matt B. who needs help desperately for addictions.  Please  pray that this is accomplished soon before it is too late.   Please pray for Joseph Francis that he will regain his sight and his health.   Please pray for Maureen Q. for strength.   Please pray for mary ann L. for good health and strength to be a  better  servant to Almighty God. Please pray for John E. W. for healing of back, hip and  leg. Please pray for Ray B. for healing of  addictions.
Dear Sr. Raquel and to all the prayer warriors,
 Happy New Year! Please continue to pray for my mom, Lucila O. for her complete healing due to grade 5 brain cancer. My family and I have surrendered everything in God’s healing hands. Please pray for my own family too. Let peace, love, forgiveness, patience and harmony reign in our hearts. God bless us all.
Good evening:
 Pray for me. I have trouble with my English. but I would try. After a surgery ten months ago I cannot close my right hand. Will you please send me the healing oil.? Thanks God bless you
Sister Rachel
Good morning I began my prayers yesterday. Im very happy because I m reading all the testimonies in the internet. Dont forget me in your prayers If possible send me the healing oil  Thanks
Carmen R
*I request your praying to Jesus Christ in the Holy Cross and Your Precious Blood, St. Benedict Abbot, Blessed Charles of  Foucauld, and St. Michael Archangel, for Hugo Spadafora (Deceased) and his family and relations, for Cristina Elizabet F and his family and relations, for Javier H. B. and his family and relations, for M.C.V.M.S., for M.C.A., for I.C., for L.R., for Julio Cesar G and his family and relations, and for Candela Sol Rodriguez (Deceased) and his family and relations. I request prayers to Jesus Christ for the convertion of Mariano S, for Roberto and relations, and Chabelita and his family and relations. Please, I suffer of demonic influences, originated in necromancy, black magic, and malignant esoterism, practiced’s in my beings, in my family, and in myself. I need your prayers to Christ for deliverance, and that send me blessed medals sacramentals, a relic, and deliverance prayers. Thank You. May God bless.
Io chiedo le vostre preghiere a Gesù Cristo in Santa Croce e la sua Preziosissimo Sangue, S. Benedetto abate, il Beato Carlo diFoucauld, e di San Michele Arcangelo, per Hugo Spadafora (Defunto) e la sua famiglia e relazioni, per Elizabet Cristina F e il suo famiglia e relazioni, per Javier HB e la sua famiglia e relazioni, per M.C.V.M.S., per M.C.A., per I.C., per L.R., per Julio Cesar Grassi e la sua famiglia e relazioni, e per Candela Sol Rodriguez (Defunta) e la sua famiglia e relazioni. Io chiedo preghiere a Gesù Cristo per la conversione di Mariano Si, per Roberto e relazioni, Chabelita P e la sua famiglia e relazioni. Per favore, io soffro di influenze demoniache, origine in negromanzia, magia nera, e l’esoterismo maligne, praticato nella mia esseri, nella mia famiglia e me stesso. Ho bisogno delle vostre preghiere a Cristo per la liberazione, e che inviarmi sacramentali medaglie benedette, una reliquia Santa, e le preghiere di liberazione. **Grazie. Che Dio benedica.*
Víctor Adolfo B
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warriors,Please help me get in through De La Salle University, University of Santo Tomas but especially Ateneo De Manila University. May God have mercy not only for me but also to my fellow peers who will be facing this ordeal soon. To those also who were recently been victims of calamities, may they find hope and faith still after their misfortunes during this new year. And may I accept God’s plans and decisions for me. Godspeed.
Lourdes A
Happy New year Sister Raquel and Brother Bernie,
I  wish you all the best for 2012 and years to come. And more prayer warriors to join the ministry!  Please include in your prayers  that the Lord will heal my good friend Gigi B from her stage one Breast Cancer.  She is down to her last three radiotherapy sessions. She is young and full of life and has a lot of good things to accomplish.  Thank you lord for healing my friend.
Caloy A
Hello my dear prayer warriors and Sis Raquel. I am also one of your prayer warriors. I would like to ask for healing. Last Dec 31 before the new year, I touched a small lump on my left breast. I was so afraid po.. I am using the healing oil that you sent for my Mom ( i have not mailed it to her) siguro po dahil ako ang gagamit. Please help me na sana po when i go for a mammogram ay wala na po itong bukol na ito at gumaling na po sa healing oil. All for the glory of God Amen.
janet lea
Dear Sister Raquel,
Kindly include in your prayers the full recovery of Greg C who suffered a stroke sometime last year. At present Greg can’t walk and talk due to brain damage. Kind regards,
Please pray for my healing from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and thyroid disease. Thank you for helping others. Sent from my iPhone
Hi sister,
Im Kathleen , I want to request a healing oil for me and my mom,   I hbe endometriosis and my mom hbe knee pain po. Pls pray for us.tnx po. Sent from my iPod
Please pray for my brother Arman.  He has lymphoma and has undergone his 10th chemo. Recently another tumor is found.  He will undergo another chemo using a stronger meds.  Please pray that there will be no critical complication and that he be healed completely. Amen
my name is jacqueline i would like prayer for healing of hypatitis c and diabetes and high blood pressure
dear sister raquel and bro. bernie,
please help me pray together with the prayer warriors: 
1.  for my son, working in singapore, whose boss is so badtempered and  verbally abusive  that makes him desperate with his job.  may the lord Jesus teach his boss how to treat his employees in humane manner
2.  for my married eldest daughter to get a good job early this year because her family is growing and her husbad’s earning is not enough for them
3.  for my other son to finish his studies and be free from illnesses
4.  for my husband to return to the Lord Jesus and to worship Him forever  thank you and may God bless us all!
Thank you very much for praying for me in the past! Please keep me (Nina) and Marc in your prayers for healing & reconciliation in our relationship and God’s miraculous favor to open career and academic doors. Also for financial blessings, which are very much needed at this time.  Thank you–God bless you
please pray for a healing of my uterus thank you
Please ,Mother pray for my husband.That his heart procedure will go well  and that through Jesus that he may not even have to have the procedure  or a stint or have anything done to his heart. He took a treadmill test  last week and all looked well except the cardiologist found an  abnormality in one of the lines on his stress test report. He called  this the “widow maker”line. This is an artery which he thinks may be  blocked. I love my husband so much. He is a good catholic and he loves  Jesus so much. We have been praying alot to our Lord about this and have  been praying your miracle prayer several times a day as well as the  miracle prayer of Father Rookey. We give our lives to Jesus and pray for  Him to bring us through this storm.I am changing my life and my husband  and I love our Lord so and wish to live for him. Please pray that satan  takes his foul hands off my husband’s heart. Thank you for reading this  and praying for my dear husband.I praise my Lord and know that he is  healing my husband’ s heart. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you.  May my faith be increased everyday so I can witness for my Lord and draw  ever closer to him and do good in this world for others.
Dear Sister Raquel and prayer warriors, Thank God for your prayers for  my husband who had a heart catherization today.  I had written earlier  to you requesting prayers.God was with us as he always is and he did not  have blockage in the main” widow maker” artery of his heart but he did  have 95% blockage in one of the branches that comes off that artery. The  doc said he will not die from this but he may have occasional pain from  this as he said my husband has angina and will need to take pills to  ease any angina pain if he experiences it. He will also have to take a  cholesterol lowering drug. The diagnosis could have been so much worse  because he did not have to have bypass or a stint,But I know our Lord  does nothing half way and I am asking that you pray to our Lord for a  complete healing of Morris’ heart.. His doctor today scheduled him for  an appointment with another heart doctor to check for arthrscholoris, I  am sorry I know this is mispelled, of an artery I believe to be in his  groin area.This appointment is scheduled for January 18. Please pray  this doctor will have to do nothing invasive. Please ask our sweet Jesus  to heal my husband. I love my husband so much .Please also ask my Lord  to help heal my emotional problems which may have contributed to the  stress on my husband’s heart. God bless you and thank you..We praise God  always and thank him for what he has already done for Morris and thank  you for your healing prayers.
Please pray for my brother William to be cured from cancer, for my mother to be cured from heart disease, for PS to be healed from mental & emotional illness, and for God to grant good health, long life, and favor to me and my entire family. Dear Jesus, please deliver us from all infirmity. I promise to do better, to love more, and serve you more diligently all the days of my life. Have mercy on us all and give us a brand new chance. I praise and thank you Lord. NA. Amen
Dearest Mother Ignacia and your Healing Ministry.
My name is Angelina C and I’m living here at California, I come across your name and your healing ministry at the internet. There and then I  listened and pray with you at the internet not to long ago. (Jan. 8, 2012) I heart fully asked your favor to please pray over me on my current illness (myeloma), to please help me pray that this bad cell that are in my body now will be washed away through your merciful and miraculous prayers and for me to regain back my perfect health. Mother my 2 kids are small and they need my assistance both physical, mental, spiritual and emotional guidance. We go to church every Sunday here at our church at St. Veronica.  Mother Ignacia I thank you so much for taking time to read my email and looking forward to hearing from you and your ministry. And just incase please give me your schedule so I can hear and pray with you, I would be free at night time at home.  Again Thank you so much and to your healing ministry. Take care, and God Bless. Always,
Please pray unceasingly and earnestly as I know you always do for the divine healing for Christine and Joseph. Maraming salamat po. To God be the glory. Praise the Lord Almighty. Thanks be to God.
Dear Sister Raquel,
We my father, mother, niece went to you healing center in bagombong caloocan last July and my father and mother stay there for 3 days in the month of August. my mothers name is Leonora R and she was operated because of Pancreatic cancer and she is diabetic. my father is Reynaldo R and he suffering from gastroenteritis and last December he was hospitalized because of mild stroke. and because this sister we are in financial difficulties please help pray that we surpass this trials and for God completely healed my parents because we wanted them to live longer. sister I’ve in deep depression because of what happening in our family there is a lot of stress, misunderstanding, hatred, envy, insecurity and selfishness most especially me sister there is fear, anxiety and helplessness in heart sometimes I ask God did he really love me because what happening in me is the opposite of what I’m praying for why God never answer my prayer. how will I know what his mission for me? or this is  the punishment of God because I leaved Legion of Mary? I know that I make a promise that I will continue serving him if ever he grant me a Job but I was not able to fulfill that promise because when I was in the legion of Mary and as a became an officer I wouldn’t able to do my duty so I leave the legion since then I never came back although I still have communication from other member of the legion of Mary was it wrong for me to leave the organization or should I return? please help me to decide.  I also would like to pray for this guy Ryan M I really love him may he continue to communicate with me and me the one for me to walk me the altar. attached is his picture. May I have a chance also to work abroad this year and my brother ryan for him to be successful in Jeda protect him in any danger also my brother allan and his wife , joseph may he find his special someone and my sister monina and her family all my relatives and friends.  
Request prayer for our friend penny who recently died of cancer..
First of all, I would like to thank God for this opportunity to share the desires of my heart to all of you. I ask of  you all to please pray for my family and for myself so that we may remain united and strong in faith. I also would like to ask for your prayers in so that God may give me the strength to overcome all the problems and endeavors in my life, may He grant me the wisdom, the courage to know His will and purpose for my life. May I be healed from all the pain, confusion, sorrow and all those physical, emotional and spiritual conflicts I have with myself so that I may serve God to the fullest of my capabilities. May God grant me peace of mind and may He guide me as I seek to serve Him more. May God help me in my struggles especially in my studies, may He help me go away from distractions and temptations. Be reminded that I am grateful for this too, and may the Almighty be with you all always.Through your prayers, may I live to serve God all the  days of my life. May God bless you all.
Could you please pray for my protection against the evil/ dark   forces-magic, curses, psychic/spiritual attacks, ill-wishers and for God to  remove the  darkness and negativity out of my life. I would like for you to pray  for  me Navi, my family  Pinky, Paul, Sunny and Shelly and relatives for  each of  us to get our memories and life restored and be freed from the magical  trap  that someone brought upon us and switched things around. May none of us will ever be the victims of the magical trap again. We’ve been attacked by  dark magic and are suffering from partial memory loss. I would like for you to  pray  for our recovery, restoration, and healing. May God restore  everything that  belongs to me. Please do pray for my mental, physical, emotional  strength, and  mental, physical, spiritual health and financial blessings. May  God set me free  from all of the pain I’m going through and fill my life with  his presence and  love. I have faith in the Lord, he won’t treat me unfair  or let someone steal my  life  and he will put an end to this. May God reveal  the truth about the mysterious events that took place and bring me  justice. Anyone who wishes me ill or any harm let God fill their heart with love towards me. Thank you for  taking the time praying for me and my loved ones.  I would like to ask for  forgiveness for all of my sins  from present and  past lives and ask for  redemption before the lord. Please add me on your  prayer list. May the good  always prevail over the evil. God bless everyone!  Sincerely,
Good morning.
Please include me in your prayers,  That I may be able to work properly from today until JAN 31,  For all the deadlines, for BIR and to focus on my studies on weekends. Thanks very much.
Hi, My name is Alexandria. I need help with overcoming anxiety. I have been suffering from this for about 5 years and nothing has really taken away the pain. I have anxieties related to the following issues: fear of judging others, fear of being judged by others, fear of not living a perfect life, fear of not achieving my goals, and fear of doing more harm than good in my lifetime. Please pray for me to find peace in my soul and in my life. I want nothing more than to live life and feel secure loved, wanted, and needed. I don’t want to focus on anything, except my own life. Thank you in advance for the help that you will provide me with.
Dear sister,
I would ask you to please pray for my health. I’m asking God for a healing, I have fibroids, one inside my uterus, and a cyst. I will have a hysterectomy this 26 of January 2012. I also ask you to please pray for my family’s conversion, my father with esquizofrenia for 40 years, my grandfather with cancer. Christian my good friend with aneurysm, for Rosa G with cancer, my sister in law  Liz H con lupus. Thank you for your prayers, I will keep you in my prayers too. Rosa L
Clifton, NJ
Jennifer and  I urgently need your prayers.  The worst possible thing happened, my grandbaby was taken by cps from our home following a fight instigated from a home helper with Jennifer.  The helper was the aggressor. (I was right there, and Lily was asleep napping never aware of any of it)  Jennifer has anger issues, she is severely depressed  with ADHD and PTSD, but she has always been a great mom to Lily.  Unfortunately too, I had just had surgery and after 5 hours they finally found my parathyroid tumor (PRAISE GOD).  I can barely speak, some sounds I can’t make at all.  My surgery was one week ago and they took Lily today saying I couldn’t take care of her.  Our hearts are broken and we can’t even think of living life without our precious baby.  Please pray that the baby is returned to us.  She has been a very well taken care of baby and greatly loved.  She has never been abused or neglected.  Please pray for us as we just can’t think of trying to face life without our most precious bundle of joy who we love so much and brings so much love and joy to our hearts. Thank you,   Dayna
I would like to request for prayers for the healing of Andy. Thank you.
Hi, Bernie.
 Would appreciate it if you can include the name of our niece, Maria Rita (Maini)  in the list for Prayers. She lives alone, we have no relatives in the area and she just got confined for pulmonary embolism at a hospital in Virginia.  May our Blessed Mother keep her company and may our Lord heal her physically and  spiritually. Thanks.
Linda AND Robert
Speedy recovery for THERESA, who undergone 2 surgeries (this month) of a mass cell that metastasize, on her right thigh & was diagnosed to be malignant.  CRISTINA, who is still recovering from spondylosis.  JESS & EMMY, spiritual deepening & physical health.  May God grant SHEILA & ISAAC, be healed from the hurts of the past, the pain of waiting for them to become one & release them from the bondage of sin, so that they may be able to present their hearts in the altar with a clean heart.  May God touch our whole being to be healed.
vince I /Sheila Marie B
Dear Sister Raquel,
My mother is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with stage 4 appendiceal cancer last June 2011. Then she had surgery and treatments. She also had naturopathic treatment that cleansed her body from toxins. Her recent colonoscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound, ctscan and other tests showed that the surgery and treatments were successful and that cancer has not metastasized and that she’s cleared. Her healing is a blessing and a miracle from God. However, my mother is still not coping with her fears, pain and depression. She always worries that the illness will come back. Although my mother has strong faith in God, sometimes I still hear her doubts and fears. She always cries. I no longer see her smile nor laugh. I believe that if she will be transformed psychologically and spiritually, she will be completely healed. I love my mother so much… please help us regain her spiritual and emotional strength. I want to bring her to your healing ministry. Please advise. Thank you sister. (My aunt Sister Tess Catacutan, RVM, principal of St. John the Baptist, Misamis Oriental informed me about your healing ministry.)
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A collaborative effort between the Robert M. Trammell Music Conservatory and the Sharon Wick School of Engineering at the University of Iowa. Amazingly, 97% of the machine’s components came from John Deere Industries and Irrigation Equipment of Bancroft, Iowa. Yes, farm equipment!. It took the team a combined 13,029 hours (6.26 years) of set-up, alignment, calibration, and tuning before filming this video but as you can see, it was WELL worth the effort. It is now on display in the Matthew Gerhard Alumni Hall at the University and is already slated to be donated to the Smithsonian.

eastwind journals14 Jan 2012 01:27 am


A day before the Black Nazarene procession in Quiapo, the President warned of bomb threats. Observers predicted that only a few would dare join the procession. It was the complete opposite. Never in the history of the Black Nazarene was there an ocean of devotees in the millions. It was also the longest procession, 22 hours from dawn to dawn, 9 hours longer than the usual. All four wheels of the carrosa broke down one by one. Ironically it stopped for a long time right at the heart of the Muslim enclave, an omen perhaps of the bond among common Muslims and Christians. People slept on the pavement, waiting for the Image to pass their street. When the local government wanted to make a short cut due to the delay, residents came out in droves to protest. Security forces suppressed cellphone signal to and from the Quiapo area, but there were no bombs.


There are two messages in this historic affair, one from the Nazarene, and the other from the Filipino devotees. The message from the devotees is a simple prayer, “We will never abandon you, Lord, Even amid the greatest trials You send us, we will always endure.” And the message from the Lord in return is just as simple, “I will never abandon you because you have not abandoned Me. I am the ocean, you are the rivers. Flow into Me as I flow back into you as rain that nourishes your fields. I am the vine. You are the branches. Abide in Me as I in you.”


Bernie Lopez redgate77@gmail.com
eastwind journals14 Jan 2012 01:16 am

eastwind journals 18 – INVADING IRAN the chicken and egg situation

eastwind journals 18
eastwind journals are the personal journalistic writings of Bernie Lopez, and are not part of the healing ministry. Any views or comments are his own and does not reflect those of the ministry.
The chicken and egg situation
The US unprecedented brinkmanship in the Middle East may be the final ingredient for the road to World War III. It is bent on forcing Iran to give up its peaceful nuclear program on mere suspicion of having nuclear weapons facilities. The IAEA, over which the US has a lot of influence, has reported not evidence but suspicions of nuclear weapons facilities, triggering false alarms that have led Israel, the US itself, and Iran to go on a warfooting amid exchanges of threats. Is Obama in fact looking for an excuse to invade Iran just as Bush did in Iraq on false charges of WMDs?


The standoff at the Straits of Hormuz is a chicken and egg situation. The US will not allow Iran to close the Straits, considering it an act of war. Iran will not allow US carriers in the Straits, threatening to attack the carrier if they do. US arrogance is not used to backing off in a confrontation, even if it is not within its territory, even if it is at fault. Iran is not going to backdown in its own backyard. Are we in the lull before the storm?


The gnawing question at present is – is the US provoking Iran into a war, with new rounds of sanctions inhibiting other nations to do business with Iran’s Central Bank? In reaction, Russia and Iran are dropping the US dollar and opting for their own currencies in their trade activities. The economic sanction can in fact boomerang, forcing Iran to sell oil and gas to the East rather than to the West. The US is actually imposing sanctions on itself, denying itself of precious energy at a time of declining sources. It is a form of energy suicide for the US and EU who need energy now more than ever, especially in the long harsher winters due to climate change. This will force the US to turn to military rather than diplomatic options in its despair for energy. The economic sanction can also be the beginning of more nations, to begin to abandon the dollar, especially in the Middle East.


Forty percent of global oil supplies pass through Hormuz. Its closure will dramatically affect global oil supply. As a result of the US sanctions, global oil prices have in fact started to climb up. The US cannot afford to have Hormuz closed. So if Iran does, it will be forced to invade Iran to open it up.


If this is the real purpose of the US, namely, to play provocateur, is this type of brinkmanship a product of the dominance of the hawks in both the Pentagon and the White House, which reflects the overconfidence of the superpower that it can prevail in any war? Who decides to make war? If it is not the American people, is it then those who run it, namely the Jewish-nominated banking and finance sector and the trigger-happy Pentagon? Yet, the US is not sure it can avoid the sinking of its Fifth Fleet in Iranian waters with the new type of Russian missiles Iran has. US brinkmanship is in truth illogical and dangerous.


The war games Iran has recently launched in the Persian Gulf are actually a psyche-war message that it will not back down in a confrontation with the US, and is strong enough to defend itself. The war games are intimidating the US further into a confrontation. In reaction, the US is amassing forces and weapons in Israel for a showdown. They are planning their own war games in reply to Iran’s. We are entering phase 2 of a possible Middle East war.


The US spent a whopping $1 trillion in the Iraq war, and a new war with the stronger Iran is predicted to double or even triple that expense. The US will overstretch its deficit spending that can be the last straw in a total implosion of the American economy. Ironically, Obama announced recently it will reduce by half a trillion dollars in ten years its defense spending. How can he say that, at the same time threaten to invade Iran? Obama says the US will stay away from ground troops and expensive protracted guerrilla wars, and will concentrate on air and naval power. Nobody wins without ground troops. To simply bomb Iran from air and sea and not use ground troops simply means a lot of Iranian civilian casualties but no occupation. It is in truth a form of genocide, which is cheaper and less casualties for America than a protracted occupation. America should procure energy by peaceful means, not by force.


A new factor will actually be in favor of Iran, namely, the new rearmament programs of Russia and China in the last ten years, who are implicity trade and energy partners of Iran. The shift of Communism towards Capitalism has left these two giants richer by far. And they are rapidly developing their armaments for a future confrontation with the US. China has built a Mach 10 missile that can take out US carriers anywhere in the world. The US has no known defense system against this lightning speed missile. As soon as you see them on radar, they are already in front of your nose. China has also built a stealth aircraft larger than that of the US, with longer range and more weapons in its belly. Iran is the beneficiary of arms from Russia and China, in case of a US invasion of Iran.


As for Russia, it has recently appropriated a staggering $640 billion for a massive ten-year rearmament program. Unlike China, Russia purchases rather than builds its own weaponry. It plans to buy armaments from France, Italy, and Israel. It especially is drooling over Israel’s unmanned drones, the weapon of the future.


So the big question is – will the US finally find the excuse to invade Iran as it did in Iraq? Such a war will polarize forces for and against the US towards World War III. World Wars I and II began with such polarizations. China and Russia will not sit idle in an invasion of Iran, and the US knows this, and is the single greatest factor in its hesitancy to invade. Many observers say the US will back down because there is just too many risks and unknowns in such a war with a foe so much stronger than Iraq, that is, if the kick-ass culture does not prevail in the White House. It is also possible that, in such a war, Iraq may side with Iran to protect the Islamic realm in the Middle East. The invasion of Iran will polarize the Islamic world.


Bernie Lopez
‘eastwind journals’
Opinyon Magazine, Jan 16, 2012

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