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announcement 08 – HEALING OIL GUIDELINES



This document is for the sick who may want to request for healing oil from the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry. To understand fully the healing power of the oil, and to avoid the superstition that the oil itself heals, one must first read its history. Jesus alone heals. Sister Raquel and the oil she uses on the sick are mere bridges to the Lord. Jesus will heal you only if you have the faith, only if you pray hard and ask Him, and only if He feels it will be for your good. The oil is a mere sacramental, meaning, a physical object through which Jesus heals you.


One day before the deadly typhoon Ondoy, the worst flood in Manila’s history, as Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, opened the locked gate of the adoration chapel at 6 a.m. at the Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Novaliches, she saw oil scattered all over the floor. No one else has the key to the chapel, so no one could have entered. Strangely, the oil was scattered not randomly but in an orderly fashion. The oil appeared in nine straight lines following the center of the rows of marble tiles from the back to the altar. Sister Raquel says this represents nine years that the Lord has given Mankind to return to His fold. The tabernacle lamp at the altar area overflowed and formed a small lake on the floor (see photos). The oil appeared several times several times in the year 2009.


Sister Raquel collected the oil on the floor with a towel, and used it for healing the sick during the healing sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with amazing results. Many were healed instantly, one from brain tumor, another from cancer of the breast, and many others. That is why it is now called ‘healing oil’, even if it does not really heal. Jesus heals those who use the oil in prayer. Since the original oil has dried up, Sister Raquel replenishes the lamp from which she gets the oil, blesses it, and gives it to the sick who ask for it for healing.


The oil is available for free if you go to the healing center or if you request by email. Send your email requests to or Give your postal address and it is sent to you by postal mail, any place you are in the world. You will get a woolen cloth saturated with about 25 drops of the oil in a small zip lock. Sister Raquel suggests you place the oil cloth in a bottle and add some more oil to it, perhaps baby oil, so it becomes more plentiful for you to share it with others, especially the sick. The first thing you do upon receiving the oil is to pray to Jesus to put His grace and mercy into oil so you will be healed. Say a Hail Mary and invoke the intercession of Our Lady and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, the founder of the RVM order, to which healings at the center are attribute. If you give oil to a sick friend, first pray with her in the same way before you give the oil. So it is Jesus you are passing around, not just the oil. If you share the oil with the sick, you participate in and become part of the healing ministry, and God will bless you for that, and heal you.


So like the five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish, you can multiply the oil and share with others who are hungry for His healing. Buy or cut up woolen cloth, a dropper, and small zip lock bags to give to others. You can also use small bottles but make sure they are sealed tight so the oil does not leak out. Give only to people who ask for it. Never initiate the giving. Let it come from them to ask for it once you have told them the story of the oil. Give them a photo copy of this document for their guideline. Always pray before rubbing the oil on the part of your body which ails you. You can dip a finger or a cloth to apply the oil, continuing to pray as you rub.


Subscribe as member at Sister Raquel’s blog site to automatically receive inspirational and prayer materials the ministry sends out regularly to its members. You can also request for prayers from the Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors through the same email given above. Sister Raquel believes the healing oil is a message from the God of Wrath (disasters like Ondoy) for our sins, and from the God of Mercy (healing of the sick) for repentance from our sins. All He wants is for us to return to His fold with prayer, good works, patience, forgiveness, love for others. You are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to the center for healing. Schedules, directions are in the blog site.

Links to Youtubes, articles, and a Powerpoint about the healing oil –

05 – POWERPOINT – TYPHOON ONDOY a wake up call
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health tips 05
Some basic facts about Alzheimer and brain health will help us get a proper perspective and dispel myths and false expectations. Here are some of the latest research data on Alzheimer –


  • Todate, Alzheimer is still essentially a mystery to medical science.
  • The known root causes for Alzheimer are old age, where brain cells start to deteriorate; and heredity, namely, genes that are passed on, both of which are beyond our control.
  • There are no known clinical cures yet, only approaches towards prevention.
  • In theory, the causes of Alzheimer, which begin 20 to 30 years before its occurrence, include, on the physical side, drug and alcohol abuse; side-effects from medicine; lack of brain food; and on the spiritual or psychosomatic side, depression, loneliness, anxiety, anger, deep-seated desire for vengeance, idleness, quarrels and bad relationships.
  • But the greatest catalyst to Alzheimer according to medical circles is chronic pain, whether physical or spiritual, namely continued depression or extreme continuous physical pain. There are however exceptions where Alzheimer sets in early even for people who did not experience such chronic pain.
  • New findings reveal that the brain and heart are closely interconnected. A healthy heart enhances a healthy brain, and vice versa. Food for the heart are also food for the brain.
The known approaches to being ‘brain healthy’ and preventing or delaying Alzheimer are simply the exact opposite of its causes, as mentioned above, plus other new findings from research institutions, namely –
  • yes to brain-enhancing food; no to brain-damaging food; whatever they are based on your research;
  • no to negative spirituality as mentioned above;
  • yes to positive spirituality, the exact opposite, namely – peace of mind, happiness, patience, calmness, forgiveness, sincerity, and believe it or not, love;
  • yes to socially active; good friends, good relationships, laughter and good humor, no to idleness, loneliness, introspection, and bad moods;
  • yes to physical exercise, no to laziness, lethargy, and to an imbalance of mental and physical activities;
  • yes to mental exercise and activities, crossword puzzles, continuous non-stop reading of books, research activity on topics that interests you (learn internet research, where data is magically at the tip of your finger);
  • activities that enhance spirituality – helping others, teaching, yoga, meditation and prayer, learning new things and searching for new discoveries, travel, leadership, team activities;
  • lifestyle plays a major role in brain health and heart health;
  • protection from head injuries, helmets in sports and on motorbikes.
These recommendations are condensed nutshell items you need to expand and realize in your lives. You do not need a book to be brain healthy. You do not need detailed primers. In our age, there is an obsession for detailed primers which give pointers one by one. The pointers are so basic and few. Everything you need to know is so simple and obvious, and is given above. These things have been staring you in the face all your life. You just are somehow blind to them or have avoided them for some reasons.


The most important and basic thing to remember is –


brain health, heart health, spiritual health
and the food we take
are all inextricably intertwined
and forever hopelessly inter-related
food for the heart, food for the brain
are also foodforthesoul
destroy one and we destroy the others
strengthen one and we strengthen the others


That is the essential. Everything else is peripheral. All you have to do is internalize the items mentioned above, and apply to your daily lives, in everything you do and think about every minute of your day. Start today, and be a man of the world physically and spiritually in an age on a tailspin, an age of conflicts, chaos, self-survival, and scams. You can do it.


bernie lopez


Below are out-of-the-box health tips from the healing ministry. Pass the links to your friends who are seeking physical or spiritual healing, people in despair due to terminal diseases or broken relationships.


01 Therapy for arthritis
02 Unclogging the heart
03 Anti-cancer anti-uric diet
04 Moringa magic
05 Alzheimer and brain health
06 Browse through the healing ministry archives
07 Say a healing prayer with Sister Raquel
with Father Suarez


The Lord heals in cyberspace.
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eastwind journals 11 – RUSSIA DUMPS DOLLARS

eastwind journals 11
eastwind journals are the personal journalistic writings of Bernie Lopez, and are not part of the healing ministry. Any views or comments are his own and does not reflect those of the ministry.
As the US wallows in unemployment and EU nations begin to have debt problems one by one, Russia and China are taking advantage of the vacuum to move in, even though they are not themselves exempt from the global economic decline. China has established the biggest mining ventures in Afghanistan, and is moving into the Latin American countries. Russia has its own shopping spree with former satellites, buying a bank in Austria and another soon in Czechoslovakia. And Gazprom is rapidly expanding its energy clientele.
The goal is to get rid of dollars before it soon implodes. The new Russian and Chinese strategy is to convert their dollars into assets.
Whereas Russia’s investments in former satellites in Eastern Europe totaled $2.4 billion from 1991 to 2008, according to UNCTAD reports, new investments in the last three years have soared to $2.8 billion. Old grudges of satellites against Russia are being shelved in favor of new economic partnerships. The fear of the US and Europe is for the Russia-China tandem, with Iran as a protégé on the side to form an energy triumvirate, to dominate the global energy sector. Russian global energy giant Gazprom supplies 25% of gas to Western Europe. The percentage in Eastern Europe is even higher. Bulgaria and Slovakia gets 90% of its gas from Gazprom. With climate change yielding harsher winters, the supply-demand curve starts to wobble in favor of Russia and Iran, the second big gas supplier.
Russia’s largest state-run bank Sberbank bought out the Eastern European division of an Austrian Bank. Another state-run bank is courting Czech magnate Petr Kellner to buy 10% into Czech credit agencies. Bloomberg reports that Russia is eyeing rail-cargo businesses in Poland and Slovakia. Russia is also looking into buying into a Baltic refinery in Gdansk. The shopping spree are moves which can make or break Russian economics. With a global recession looming, will the expansions of Russia and China give growth or will they become giant disasters? Nobody knows.
Political science has a principle that a balance of power breeds peace and a lone superior force breeds wars. The US, being the sole superpower in terms of arms superiority, is still the greatest destabilizer of global peace through energy wars in the Middle East, and the arming of allies like Israel. The China-Russia economic partnership, however, acts as a second force that somewhat moves towards a balance of power. But it may be an uneasy kind of peace as China and Russia are frantically bridging the weapons gap, towards a future major confrontation after all the escalation.
bernie lopez
eastwind journals
Opinyon Magazine, Dec 5, 2011
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eastwind journals 10
eastwind journals are the personal journalistic writings of Bernie Lopez, and are not part of the healing ministry. Any views or comments are his own and does not reflect those of the ministry.
The IAEA is to blame for renewed tensions in the Middle East through false alarms. Ever since Yukiya Amano became director, the IAEA has been reporting ‘suspicions’ rather than evidence on Iran’s nuclear program, triggering undue panic and anger.
After the last misleading IAEA report, Israel threatened to attack Iran’s plutonium plant. Iran threatened to take out Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the Negev Desert, if attacked. Also, Obama announced plans to expand its Defend Shield in Poland and Turkey, to contain Iran. Russia retaliates with plans to put missiles in its western border. France and Britain are thinking of new undue sanctions.
All this is because of a misleading IAEA report. The IAEA, a purported UN agency for peace, is inducing escalation and war in the Middle East through false alarms.
“Iran’s progress has been mostly in the form of research, rather than any actual infrastructure. The (IAEA) report, which suggested that Iran could have the capacity to develop nuclear weapons, actually revealed little new information about the nuclear program. The report was mainly based on information already known to Western intelligence agencies. It did not reveal the sort of new evidence of immediate danger …” (The Christian Science Monitor).
It was the language of the IAEA report rather than new evidence that resulted in a series of threats and counter-threats between the US and Russia, and between Israel and Iran.
Israel threatened to take down Iran’s plutonium enrichment plant in Parchin near Teheran, which are actually open and not clandestine, and which were declared earlier as peaceful energy projects. In reaction, Iran, if attacked, threatened to target a NATO defense shield in Kurecic, Turkey, 700 km. from the Iranian border, which aim to protect Israel from Iranian missiles if war breaks out. Iran further revealed US plans to expand its defense shields to other Arab countries, which would force Iran to seek counter-escalation.
“If Israel fires a missile at our nuclear facilities or vital installations, it should know that Israel’s nuclear centers (in Dimona in the Negev desert) will be the target of our missiles” says a senior Iran military officer. (ISNA news agency). Soon after, Israel quieted down from its threats, perhaps realizing its knee-jerk reaction was because of the insidious IAEA report.
Obama also announced new plans for a defense shield of interceptor missiles in Poland by 2020 and radars in the Czech Republic, in reaction to the IAEA report. Russia announced countered with plans to place Iskander missiles in Kalngrad near the border with Poland and Lithuania, and to upgrade warheads capable of piercing NATO defense shields. The Iskander could also be placed at Russia’s border with Georgia and Turkey. IAEA will cause the next Middle East war.
The IAEA report also triggered sanctions against Iran through the boycott of its oil and petrochemical industries, which is actually a boomerang. Iran will simply shift its sale of energy to the East, and deny it to the West, at a time when the West needs in most. London also cut all ties of British banks with Iran. Teheran, in retaliation, plans to downgrade diplomatic relations with London. These sanctions are useless psyche-war tactics which hurt all sides. The threat to cut off the Iranian Central Bank from the international banking community is another boomerang. This would force Iran clients to make a choice of doing business either with Iran or with the US. In an energy crisis, these clients might prefer Iran.
All this heightened conflicts are the doing of the IAEA which has been crying ‘wolf’ in all its reports ever since Yukiya Amano became its director. Amano, by instilling a war mood across the Middle East, is to blame if new geopolitical upheavals erupt.
bernie lopez
‘eastwind journals’
Opinyon Magazine, dec 5, 2011

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