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PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA * A 7-day 80-km walk

eastwind journals
The 7-day 80-km hike.
No tent, no umbrella, just a sleeping bag,
beach sandals, and a 1.5-kilo backpack.
By Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger / ex- Inquirer columnist / healing ministry
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This is dedicated to the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) slugging it out there in the midst of a pandemic, hesitating to stay for the bread (if the job is still there) or to return home to the family. You are our heroes. Before the pandemic, OFWs were the largest dollar earner for the Philippines.


This is an excerpt from the book Wings and Wanderlust, the Art of Discovering Your Inner Self, a true story of the daring adventure of a Filipino Programmer in New York turned drifter, hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers for 3 years across Western Europe and North Africa. More than a travelogue, it is a guide to discovering one’s inner self. I called my daring adventure eastwind, the wind from the east. The time – early 80s.


For me, New York City was a ‘spiritual desert’. It was good only if you wanted to make a pile, or pursue a career. Not me. I was looking for something else, more spiritual, more of adventure. A drifter (free spirit is a better term) has no place in the big city. So, after a year, I fled and embarked on eastwind.


After six months on the road from Brussels to Canary Islands on a frenzied pace, I hit Lisbon like a lightning bolt. It was time to stop soaring and start gliding. I embarked on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Fatima, a 7-day 80-kilometer hike from Lisbon. This was the time to pray that I could “find myself” somehow. Eastwind was motivated not so much by adventure but by a feeling of absurdity. I needed a spiritual oasis somewhere in the vastness.


to be idle is not evil
you must be empty so you can be filled
nothingness complements fullness
they are cosmic partners
like yin and yang
like light and darkness
yielding shadows and shapes
when no thoughts enter your mind
you discern your true self
you become aware of your fullness
when the pool water is smooth as a mirror
you begin to discern your cosmic self
which you may have never seen before
Day One
To walk 80 kilometers, I had to travel super-light with a backpack of less than 1.5 kilos. I had beach sandals, no tent, no umbrella. It drizzled only once on Day 4. My guardian angel made sure. I had candles instead of flashlight, a map, and a wine skin bag full of milk.


I took the bus to the outskirts of Lisbon. As I walked north, the city gradually faded; the traffic vanished; the noise dwindled. I was tired at the end of day 1, but it was good for the soul. I slept in the open air always, except Day 4, anywhere convenient in the farm fields.


Day Two
On Day 2, I was in the purity and magic of the Portuguese country­side. Suddenly, there were quaint villages. The road narrowed but never ended.


I prayed the rosary about 4 times a day. I did about 2 kilo­meters per hour, or one kilometer in 20 to 30 minutes. I walked about 5 to 6 hours or 10 kilometers a day, minus rest and lunch, from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon. I hiked the 80 kilometers to Fatima in seven days.


Day Three
I awoke near an empty village plaza, not a soul. I brushed my teeth in a quaint fountain, as if it were my hotel suite. I did not take breakfast until nine. I bought provisions in small village stores, fresh fruits, bread, tomatoes, sausages, and occasional canned sardines, a luxury item.


Entering another village, a bunch of children ran to greet me. They were all shouting “Peregrino, peregrino” (pilgrim). They crowded each other, giggling and staring at me. They suddenly dis­persed into a nearby orchard, and came back with 2 kilos of peaches. I could only take half a kilo. An old woman came out of a house, shouting at the children. They stole the peaches, I guessed. I waved and smiled at her. Her anger dissipated into a smile. I had to eat them right away because they were getting heavy. The children followed me to the edge of the village. They were singing and shouting and I felt embarrassed because people would come out of their houses and stare. After the village, the silence screamed at me.


Day Four
In the late afternoon of Day 4, it started drizzling. I saw a sheep shed. It smelled a bit of sheep shit, but I had no choice. The farmer let me sleep there. I remem­bered Jesus born in a manger inside such a sheep shed. Imagine, the Creator of the Universe born on itchy dried grass in a smelly shed. It was a mind-boggling thought – the humility of the Creator. Now I prayed to Him to guide me, not so much to Fatima as I knew the way, but to the chaotic world out there waiting for me.


Day 5
On Day 5, I spent the night under an olive tree on top of a knoll. I could see the panorama of the valley below, olive trees all around, reminding me of Gethsemani. There was a stone fence down below twisting and turning, vanishing into the bluish mist. It looked like a paint­ing. The faint peal of sheep bells made my skin hair stand on edge. I wondered if the bells were tolling for me, not for the end but for the beginning of my life.


It was here that Our Lady of Fatima gave me the gift of inner peace. It was overwhelming. I was almost in tears. It was my ‘reward’, her way of showing her pres­ence. The moment was intense and magical. I can never forget that feeling because it is so clear to this day, so overpowering, and so rare in a lifetime full of schedules and tasks and storms and whirlwinds.
inner peace may not always be a gift
you may have to earn it
when you finally find it
you will discover it was built into your soul
long before you were born
when you were crafted in a super-nova
billions of years ago
you just have to make it come out
somewhere sometime somehow
otherwise life is absurd


Day Six
On day 6, my pace was faster to make it to Fatima by day 7. There it was at a distance, the gothic spires reaching up to the heavens. I reached Fatima at night, and ended up sleeping outside the giant portals of the church. Every hour, until dawn, the huge bells rang and echoed in my soul. I could hardly sleep.


Day Seven
At the crack of dawn of day 7, I was up, afraid the early church goers might see me sprawled at the door step of the church. Everything was grey and misty. At a dis­tance, I dis­cerned a crowd. It was an early out­door Mass near where they had a spring of the miraculous water that had cured thousands of people in the last few decades. After Mass, I put some water from the spring on my forehead. That was the end of the pil­grimage. I was not expecting any miracles.


I discovered later, my 4 rosaries a day were powerful. I was to be a writer for the Lord two decades later. After the pilgrimage, I was no longer worried about “finding myself”. My self-discovery would come in His time, not mine. I knew eastwind would end in a nice way. I lost my worries at Fatima. I would later on write many articles on Fatima.


It was strange. I could go from total dark­ness to blinding light without flinching. Life on the road was a pendulum swing, from the chaos of Las Palmas to the serenity of the Papagayo cave, from passion with Vicky to prayer at Fatima, from total solitude in Madrid to total immer­sion in Andorra, from bonding with Filipino sailors in Athens to hitchhiking with two blond Swedes in Copenhagen, from being a janitor in Amsterdam to being a systems analyst in Eindhoven. Thank you, guardian angel, for the serendipity. Please give it as a gift to the OFWs to find themselves.


Request for the book by email to Sent via courier.


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FLATTENING THE GLOBAL CURVE * 7 reasons why it is elusive

Seven Reasons Why it is Elusive
The Pandemic Vicious Cycle
eastwind journals
By Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger / retired Inquirer columnist / healing ministry
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‘Exponential increase’ in mathematics means rapid acceleration. It is not additive but multiplicative. As of April 5, 2020, the global statisics are – 3.6 million coronavirus positives and 251,000 deaths. An early mathematical prediction said there would be 250,000 deaths by end of May, which many pooh-poohed as ridiculous. It is now only the start of April. It is only now people are waking up to the dark reality of rapid acceleration.
Is it possible, if we fail to flatten the curve dramatically worldwide, there may be a million deaths by June, based on exponential mathematics applied on historical data? God have mercy on us, especially the US at the top of the list. As of April 5, the US has 1.2 million coronavirus positives and 69,000 deaths, about 25% to 30% of global totals. Is a protracted pandemic worse than a nuclear war in terms of casualties?
Seven reasons why it is hard to flatten the global curve –
Invisible infections from asymptomatic people;
Invisible infections from cured people being infected again due to the virus going ‘dormant’ rather than completely eradicated;
Invisible infections from people who lie that they are not infected or escape checkpoints in fear of quarantine;
Premature lifting of lockdowns to address individual and corporate financial survivals;
For Third World nations, massive repatriation of overseas workers defying quarantine logistics; the 30,000 or so Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) itching to go home may be a low estimate out of the millions; right now, the estimate is 1,700 arrivals per day on the average;
Too much geopolitical finger-pointing hampering health efforts;
Social unrest due to severe police-state practices triggered by rising quarantine violations, as the curve sharpens.
It is a global all-or-nothing. If only 5 out of, say, 150 nations flatten the national curves, it is not good enough. The spread will persist and increase. There must be CRITICAL MASS in flattening national curves to achieve a flattened global curve. In other words, we are all in this together in a shrinking planet, and, as humankind, we need to get our act together on a global scale. It is a test of Mankind’s ability to deal with himself in the face of a global crisis.


eastwind verses
332 pandemic vicious circle

313 judgement day
326B global call to prayer

314 psalm 51

329 prayer for America

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ECQ Notes and Updates * The OFW Dilemma * US Death Toll Soars * Singapore’s Viral Explosian

eastwind journals
By Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger / retired Inquirer columnist / healing ministry
Facebook “Bernie V Lopez” / “Eastwind Journals”
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There were about 30,000 arrests of violators of quarantine as of April 21. I wonder what they will do with them. Put them in a crowded jail in violation of quarantine? Mass arrests may induce more virus infections than the violations themselves. Dilemma of Pasaways versus Pulis.


The DILG told LGUs not to implement their staggered grocery-market shopping schedule, similar to the color-coding scheme based on the quarantine ID no. The move would induce more social distancing problems.


Real time global statistics by Infographics of Channel News Asia shows 40k US deaths as of April 22. DZMM says this is double of the figure 5 days ago and may double again to 80k in another 5 days or April 27. WRONG!!! IT MAY QUADRUPLE according to exponential mathematics to 160k. By the end of May, it may jump to less than a million. Without substantial remedies and effective interventions on a massive scale, the US death toll may soar to circa 2 million by July, pessimistically. Let us pray for America and the world.


In the next few weeks, the US pandemic casualties may easily dwarf the total of US casualties in World Wars I and II, the Korean, Vietnamese and Afghanistan Wars combined. The US has been waging wars across the globe continuously since 9/11, killing tens of thousands of civilians in indiscriminate bombings with very little of its own casualties, just a few pilots or unpiloted drones. Suddenly, this powerful nations, the lone superpower for decades, is helpless. Is this God’s plan to bring a powerful nation down to its knees? Suddenly, a silent invisible enemy is more powerful than a nuclear multiple warhead. The wars the US exports has boomeranged into a ‘war’ at home, from the cities down to the backyards of remote towns.


Singapore’s COVID test of unique persons (not repeat tests) is around 10,500 per million population. Philippines is 44 and Indonesia 65. The more tests you conduct, the more COVID infection cases you will uncover. If you are short on test kits, a lot of invisible infection may be happening and you don’t know until it explodes. In other words, if you are late in detection due to lack test kits, there may be a surge. So far, with the help of the Philippine Red Cross under Dick Gordon, the testing bottle neck bottleneck is slowly being decongested.


Singapore, a model in effective virus control, suddenly has the virus going viral within a compound of Bangladesh construction workers, living in crowded 20-per-room dorms. They were not on lockdown, so hundreds were infected in a single day. The government however is implementing strict lockdown.


OFW dilemma. The flood of OFWs coming home after many OFW deaths in the UK is worrying the government. There is fear of logistics breakdown and infections soaring. There is not enough budget for the promised free food in quarantine areas. An OFW complained that he had to buy his drinking water and soap. The government is telling the OFWs that maybe it is better not to come home first at this time. The ten million or so OFWs worldwide bringing home $30 million or so a year are suddenly on a crash dive.


Global calls to daily prayers. 1) Three Our Fathers for Our Lady of Medjugorje to intercede for us to the Lord to stop the pandemic. Every 3pm Philippine time. 2) Holy Rosary upon request of Pope Francis. Every 9pm Vatican time. You can pray anywhere anytime. Prayers are the ultimate solution to the pandemic. Bernie V. Lopez,


eastwind verses
a15 when you offer pain

p124 children of the light



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Pope Francis Leadership Restored by Pandemic * ‘Papal Heresy’ and the Amazon Synod

Refuting ‘Papal Heresy’ and the Amazon Synod Issue
eastwind journals
By Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger / retired Inquirer columnist / healing ministry
Facebook “Bernie Lopez” / “Eastwind Journals”
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Before the pandemic, Pope Francis was the subject of criticism from all sides, especially on the issue of “Papal Heresy” and the Amazon Synod. He was mostly silent and hardly fought back. In some cases, he reacted and did something about it, but he never issued rebuttals. He just kept on going with his duties as the Vicar of Christ in silence. In the onslaught of Media, his credibility eroded rapidly. He was in the middle of a global storm.


The pandemic changed all that. Suddenly, everyone turned to his leadership. The criticisms vanished. Suddenly, he reached the eye of the storm. Suddenly, he was on the spot. Suddenly, everybody responded to his global calls to prayer. The pandemic was indeed a wake-up call to prayer on a massive global scale. His Urbi et Orbi Homily went viral (link shown below). His leadership as the Vicar of Christ in a chaotic planet was restored in the blink of an eye. In his Easter Mass, the Vatican was empty. But ironically, millions were listening online.
Refuting ‘Papal Heresy’ and the Amazon Synod


This is a raging theological issue among Conservatives and Liberals. The Conservatives consider the presence of a pagan statue in the Vatican as a ‘desecration’. The Liberals argue that there is a subtle racism against ‘pagans’ by the Conservatives. The liberal view is that IT WAS NOT BRINGING PAGANISM TO THE CHURCH BUT BRINGING THE CHURCH TO THE PAGANS.


The root cause of the crisis in the Church today revolves around the never-ending war between Conservatives and Liberals. It is better to be fence-sitters in this complex irreconcilable war.


In a complex 20-page open letter, 18 signatories, mostly editors and academicians who were not an authority on Theology and Church dogma, together with some prelates, issued a vague and unfounded accusation against Pope Francis of the ‘crime’ of ‘heresy’. It is possible that many signed without reading the fine print. The signature is possibly still ongoing.


A Life Site News article, which cited the letter, did not describe the exact nature of the ‘crime’, and used vague accusations; for example, the Pope’s “positions (are) contrary to the faith”. No evidence was given on the ‘heresy’ except this 20-page document, which used dogmatic jargon so hard for ordinary readers to understand. Thus, it was labelled by Papal defenders as black propaganda against the Pope.


The letter cited “Amorsi Laetitia 295 where Pope John Paul II issued a statement on ‘the law of gradualness’. The letter simply pitted the words of the two Popes against each other, who were both NOT exercising their rights to ‘infallibility’. It was actually the OPINION of the open letter that the two papal statements were contradictory without showing how and why, without revealing the statements themselves in detail, and finally concluding Pope John Paul II was right and Pope Francis wrong and heretical. All the 20 points ‘proving’ heresy in the letter are questionable and vague.


The goal of Media, traditional or social, Catholic or non-Catholic, is to go viral, to achieve visibility to millions of readers. Many are prone to shoot from the hip, forgetting the fact that their arguments can be subtly flawed in their haste to publish. Many forget their mission to evangelize. Indeed, many, especially in Social Media, are instruments of the devil without knowing it.


Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Then you will be handed over to be persecuted. Many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other. Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.
Matthew 24:10-14 (excerpts).
beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing
snakes in red robes
demons in white robes
with wings and halos
learn to discern truth and falsehood
sincerity and deception
hidden in eloquence and smiles
pray to the Holy Spirit
for the wisdom of discernment
in our troubled world





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