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AFTER PARIS, A HUMAN CRISIS? the enemy within

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By Bernie Lopez

Two global phenomena are unfolding towards a human crisis. First is the massive exodus of refugees from poor or war-torn countries to rich countries in Europe. In their midst may be terrorists. Second is the intensifying terror attacks in European capitals – Madrid (2004), London (2013), Paris (2015, Charlie Hebdo in January, 6 places on November 13). ISIS says next stop is Washington DC and New York City. An empty threat? A social meltdown in Europe is emerging. There is a two-way human migration, the larger Muslims to Europe and the lesser Jews to Israel.


The enemy is now irreversibly within, no longer out there who can be hit with drones. These ‘citizen terrorists’ are in our midst, in our daily lives. A new type of ‘war’ never before seen is evolving that can slowly destroy society from within. ISIS says it has 180 operatives in 20 cells all over Europe. The US reports 700 investigations of terror threats last year. France reports 500 jihadists who are French nationals.

Click photo to blow up. A WAKE UP CALL.

 Click photo to blow up. A WAKE UP CALL.

The recent Paris carnage marks the beginning of the end and has a biblical character. After Charlie Hebdo, about 800 Jews from France, upon invitation of Netanyahu, migrated to Israel. They were mostly from the business elite and brought with them billions of dollars. The massive capital flight will shrink the French economy and prop Israel into a world power.


The recent Paris carnage may double migration of Jews to Israel, the return to the promised land from the millennium-old diaspora or ‘scattering’ of the Chosen People, which started with the 500-year Babylonian exile, Jahweh’s punishment for His people for abandoning Him. Refugees swelling after they saw others welcomed with open arms by rich European countries, have recently reached avalanche proportion. The same will be true with the migration of Jews to Israel, if terrorist attacks against Jews continue. The Book of Revelation prophecies that when the scattered Chosen People return to their promised land, it marks the beginning of tribulations and the ‘end times’.


The humanitarian heart of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in welcoming refugees with open arms is slowly crumbling from a mutiny among her own people, who refuse to accept more refugees. The same is true with France, Spain, Italy, Britain, and the Netherlands in different intensities. There is now a reluctance, a hesitancy to be humanitarian, seeing the flood of refugees as the dam breaks. The refugee phenomenon is indeed dividing European governments into sort-of bureaucratic civil wars.


There is a growing fear that, among the refugees, especially from Syria, terrorists, especially IS members, can infiltrate host countries and intensify terrorist attacks. Even if the rich countries decide to close the gates now, it may be too late. Enough refugees in the millions have been accepted which are irreversible. It may become a terrible ‘war from within’ that will destroy the social order. Anarchy will reign at every nook and corner of the big cities. It would be worse than a tsunami killing hundreds of thousands.


IS has two recent milestones. First is Paris, 127 dead, 180 injured, France’s greatest tragedy since World War II, and Europe’s since the Madrid carnage in 2004. Second is the downing of a Russian commercial plane which killed hundreds in retaliation for the intense and effective Russian bombings of IS enclaves in Syria. IS is showing signs of despair. The more desperate they are, the more vicious and risky their vendettas are, as against France and Russia. The more it is cornered, the more it bares its fangs.


After the recent carnage in Paris, France will never be the same. The carnage elevates anti-terrorism into new unimaginable heights. The French ask – how can we possible install security in thousands of restaurant and night club city-wide? They will certainly do so at concert halls and sports arena, but will they matter? Terrorists will target new unguarded places another day when everyone is asleep. “Over-security” will simply harass the public, a form of victory for terrorists that they are able to agitate their enemies on a daily basis even in their absence. The intense news reports of the Paris carnage serve as an effective propaganda for IS to its followers worldwide . To them, it is a form of ‘victory’. They celebrate in silence as survivors weep.


Even if France retaliates successfully in Syria against IS, even if her allies the US, UK, and EU help, even if IS falls, terrorism is not solved entirely. Already, the anti-IS forces are mobilizing for a counter-attack. Russia, the other anti-IS nation, has a different agenda. Whereas the West wants the vicious Assad out, Russia wants him in, because if the West succeeds in replacing Shiite Assad with a Sunni ruler, the next step is to neutralize Shiite Iran, the ultimate goal of the US and Israel. If Assad is simply replaced by an opposition Shiite regime, they do not have a stepping stone towards Iran.


Russia will go to war for sure to defend Iran because it is the critical buffer for the Russian border. The Russians fear US ‘encirclement’. So it is easy to say that the Syrian war now may lead to World War III tomorrow, if Iran is eventually attacked.


World Wars are preceded by intense polarizations to two sides. In World War II, it was the US, UK, Europe, Russia versus Germany, Italy, Japan. Today, World War III is brewing with Russia, Iran, China versus US, UK, EU, Israel, fuelled by the Sunni-Shiite war Middle East-wide, which is a tool of the West to weaken the Arabs. The sequel “Is the US pro- or anti-IS” comes up next. (The author is a senior columnist in the last 20 years, a radio-TV broadcaster, a documentary producer-director, and a former Ateneo professor.

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JOHN WAYNE gunslinger peacemaker


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By Bernie Lopez
Excerpt from the book – Ten Wisdoms of the Lord’s Prayer.
Anecdote 2 page 13.
This has been blogged before as a separate article.
This is an anecdote on the power of prayer, lifted from an old western movie starring John Wayne circa 1950s (title unknown, dialogue reconstructed, script changed a little bit). A professional gunslinger (John Wayne as Matthew Perry), known in the entire West as the fastest gun of his time, a known vicious killer, wanders into the farm of John and his wife Jane.


MATTHEW – What’s happening here? Your animals and plants are dying.
JOHN – Our greedy neighbor kept the water all for himself.
MATTHEW – So what are you doing about it?
JANE – We are praying for the neighbor so that he may share his water.
MATTHEW – (Laughing). You cannot do it through prayer. You have to fight him, use force.
JANE – I think prayer is more effective than guns.
MATTHEW – Not in my world, lady. I’ll prove it to you. Let me pay this guy a visit.
JANE – Please, no guns, Mister.
MATTHEW – Let me handle this my way, Ma’am.


The irritated Matthew gallops to the neighbor’s farm. He sees three men, one who seems to be the boss, Fred, the neighbor, and two burly assistants.)


MATTHEW – Hey, you got more water than you need. You better share your water.
FRED – What’s it to you? Who might you be?
MATTHEW – Name’s Matthew Perry.
Matthew sees from the corner of his eye the two assistants drawing guns.
FRED – You better get along, Mister. You’re not wanted here.
ASSISTANT – Boss, Matthew Perry. You don’t recall who he is?
FRED – Oh, THE Matthew Perry, fastest gun this side of the west?
MATTHEW – Yup, that’s me.
BOSS – How do we know you’re not just some cheap impostor?
One of the two assistants draws a gun. Matthew beats him to the draw, hitting the assistant’s gun, which flies off.


ASSISTANT – It’s him alright, boss. I reckon.
MATTHEW – You reckon late, mister. I could have wiped you out, you know.
FRED – (Inspecting the saddle of the gunman). It’s him alright. It says here “M.P.”
MATTHEW – May I suggest you share your water a bit with your neighbors. Seems like you have plenty to spare. Why don’t you remove one plank (pointing to the mini-dam).
FRED – Hey, come on you two. Do it!
MATTHEW – I think two planks would be better.
FRED – Yes sir, Mr. Perry. Hey guys, make it quick.(As two planks are removed, water flows instantly.)
MATTHEW – Would you like to come with me, sir? I want you to meet your neighbor.
FRED – Do I have a choice?
MATTHEW – No. Look, if you’re scared, bring your gunman along.
FRED – No need. (They go on horseback to the next farm.)
MATTHEW – (To John and Jane). This here’s your nice neighbor who is sharing his water with you. (To Fred), You have something to say to them, Mister?
FRED – I am sorry for being greedy. It is my pleasure to share water with you.
JOHN – Thanks.
FRED – You’re welcome.
JANE – No thanks to you. Thanks to him. (pointing to Matthew). Say, what you got there on your neck? I would say that’s a pretty nasty boil, am I right?
FRED – Yeah. Been bothering me for weeks now.
MATTHEW – Ever since you kept the water to yourself, I bet.
JANE – I can fix that. You better get down.(They head for the house. Jane treats the boil.)
FRED – Appreciate it. Quite neighborly of you. Feels better already.
JANE – When you give, you get double, you know. That’s how life is.
MATTHEW – And if you don’t give, you lose double. Know what I mean?
JANE – Oh, while you’re here, I have something for you. (She disappears into the house quickly and comes out with two baskets). This pudding is my specialty.
FRED – Mighty nice of you, Ma’am. (To Matthew). Thank you for the lesson in sharing.
MATTHEW – No problem.
FRED – Sir. Would you like to have a big steak at my place tonight? As a token of goodwill.
MATTHEW – Don’t mind if I do. I haven’t had steak for a long while. (To John and Jane). Do you see what I mean? You have to use force to get justice. You have to fight for your rights. Guns are better than prayers. They don’t do you any good.
JANE – On the contrary, you see, the Lord sent you to us to bring us water. The Lord did it. He made you do it for us because we prayed.
MATTHEW – You mean, prayers are better than my gun?
JANE – Of course, Mister. You used fear to get your way. I used kindness to draw out my neighbor’s kindness. Now we are assured of water even if you’re long gone. Kindness for kindness, not force for force. If you look for war, you get it. If you look for peace, you get it.
MATTHEW – Well, I’ll be damned.
JOHN – No, son, you’ll be blest. Go your way. The Lord is now with you.
FRED – Gunmen have strange ways.
JOHN – The Lord has even stranger ways, my friend.


Fred and Matthew disappear. John and Fred become the best of friends. Matthew would visit them often and relish the steak dinners. And the water flowed to the dozen farms downstream. And there was peace in the valley only because someone prayed and understood the power of prayer. And there was prosperity only because everyone shared.


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BLIND RAGE the virtue of sensitivity

The Virtue of Sensitivity


eastwind journals 175

By Bernie Lopez
This is an excerpt from an upcoming book titled 100 Virtues, inspired by a true story.


What would make a gentle Palestinian woman, knowing the stone would not make a difference, go into a futile rage of tears?

In the annals of the Philippine-American War at the turn of the 19th century, the Muslim warrior, after an elaborate dawn ritual similar to the Kamikaze, would single-handedly attack the Americans armed only with a bolo. Even as the Americans rained 38-caliber bullets on him, he kept coming until he killed one or two Americans before he died. This was how the 45-caliber was invented. The Muslim warrior was spiritually focused on killing the enemy before his death. It is a sacred endeavor that defies logic.

Blind rage in our lives is similar, although there is no sacredness to it.  Often, blind rage makes us insensitive to what is really going on. We become numb and out of touch with reality. We live temporarily in another world, where anarchy and violence reign.

There was a teenage girl named Ruby who was in her senior year at a prestigious university. Ruby is the daughter of a powerful mayor, Reggie, who was feared by many. Ruby knocked at the door of the study of her dad. There was no reply, so Ruby went in and stood nervously in front of her dad.

I got something to tell you, dad.
Can it wait? I’m busy. The election campaign is in full swing.
(Defiantly) No, I’m sorry, it can’t wait.
(Slamming his pen against the desk). What is it?
I don’t know how to say it.
(Raising his voice.) Say it, say it. I don’t have time for this. You insist in talking to me, but you can’t say it. Make up your mind.
Okay, I’m sorry. Later. (Heading towards the door.)
No, no, no. Come back here, young lady. Say it. Say it. I’m all ears.
(Sobbing.) Dad, I’m pregnant.
From his seat, Reggie froze momentarily, then picked up his pen and threw it at Ruby, who quickly ducked. He stood up, rushed to her daughter, and pointed a finger, touching her nose. At every word, at every phrase of his blind rage, he pushed his finger against her nose. Ruby took it all without a word, without squirming. She stood her ground, but now her nose was bleeding. When the father saw the blood, he backed away a bit, but continued his tirade.
Two months before graduation? Great. Good work. Congratulations. Four years of time, effort and money wasted.
It was like this ….
I don’t want to hear it. Go upstairs, pack your clothes. You’re leaving right now for your grandma.
But dad, it is alright. I have a solution.
There is no solution. It’s all a problem. Pack your bags and go. Rudolf will take you.
There is no problem, dad. I got it all worked out.
(Screaming.) Go, go. Get out of my sight. You’re getting an abortion. You can’t destroy my political image this way. Go.
No, I’m not having an abortion. I want the baby.
You are getting an abortion, whether you like it or not. If I have to drug you and drag you, I will. You have no choice.
(Defiantly.) No way. This is my body, and I decide what happens to it.
It’s my political career. You can’t destroy my life with your wild lust. Get out of here.
I will go to Bishop Donovan.
He can’t help you. You are a whore, and I disown you. I will schedule the abortion to be done at grandma’s the day after tomorrow. Now, go, go, go. Don’t make me hit you. Just go.
Ruby trembled, weeping uncontrollably and left the study. In the evening, she was at her grandma’s, crying on her shoulder until she ran out of tears. The next day, in the dead of night, three ambulances came quietly. They moved equipment in silence into her grandma’s house. They were moving half a hospital in. There were two doctors and three nurses. Grandma was helpless to control the situation, even in her own house which her mayor-son was paying for.
(In a last ditch effort to avoid the abortion.) Son, this is not the way to do it. This is a heinous crime.
Ruby committed the heinous crime, not I.
Do you know what she told me?
I don’t wanna hear it, grandma.
We can contain the problem.
No, we can’t. I don’t wanna hear it.
For the second time, Reggie refused to listen, first to his daughter Ruby, and now to her grandma. Blind rage removed the virtue of sensitivity in him, and replaced it with blindness, numbness, and coldness.  Ruby did not resist. She was sedated, and the abortion took place quickly. The ambulance, towing back half a hospital, left in the darkness before dawn. Reggie left right after. In the dead silence, the dawn started to creep in, but the darkness remained in Ruby’s heart. A week after, Ruby lay on the floor of her bedroom dead. She poisoned herself.
Reggie was totally devastated. He could not sleep for weeks. He dropped his campaign activities and became recluse out of sheer guilt. At the height of his depression, he decided to visit Ruby’s grandmother.
It’s all my fault, mom. I killed my own daughter.
Yes, son, you killed her. I’m not going to comfort you. I will in fact make you feel more guilty. Go ahead, leave, because you won’t like what you’re gonna hear from me.
I can take it, mother. Go ahead. Crucify me. I deserve it.
Ruby poured her heart to me. I know the whole story. I was trying to tell you frantically but you were blind with rage. You were insensitive. You were out of touch from reality. You refused to listen. Your rage sapped away your sensitivity, your ability to see things as they were.
Go ahead, mom. Tell me.
First, Ruby talked to her school counsellor. He permitted her to finish her senior year and graduate since she was just one month pregnant and nobody in school would notice. Her pregnancy was to be kept secret by the school to let her graduate without shame.
(In tears.) My gosh. Stop, stop. I don’t wanna hear the rest.
The boy was her classmate and they loved each other like Romeo and Juliet.
The heck. Hear the rest, my stupid son. He promised to marry her later, after graduation, and after he gets a job.
I’m leaving.
(Facing him squarely.) No you’re not. It’s my turn to point a finger on your nose. This time, your nose will not bleed but your heart will. The boy promised to marry her later, after graduation, and after he gets a job. It was a perfect setup, a perfect solution. But you had to mess it up with your blind rage.
(Sobbing.) Rage is always blind. I’m sorry, mom.
Don’t say sorry to me. Say it to your dead daughter and to your unborn grandson. Say sorry to the Lord. Wallow in darkness.
I deserve it. I am a fool.
By the way, just to rub more salt on your wounds, not only did you lose a daughter, a grandson, and a son-in-law, you also lost your career. You dropped your campaign. Your political career is over.
Mother, I beg you, stop.
The boy was at the top of the graduating class, handsome, sharp, a leader. It was impossible for Ruby to not love and adore him. Do you know who was at second place? (Reggie did not respond.) (Grandma is In tears.) Ruby was the second placer. Your daughter was a genius, a leader, and as pretty as her grandma when I was younger. And now she’s dead. You killed her. Let that be in your conscience till you die.
Mother, I beg of you.
Did she not also beg? And did I not also beg? Did you not disown her? I am not disowning you. I’m not gonna go down to your level. But you now have to wallow in your bad karma.

Because of blind rage, Reggie lost everything, his career, his family. He became an alcohol. He lost all his wealth. He wanted to be poor to appease his guilt. It was a form of semi-suicide. But his guilt was not appeased. Poverty, in fact, intensified his guilt.

The virtue of sensitivity involves a powerful emotional quotient (EQ) or emotional intelligence. Reggie, in his blindness, was not even aware of his insensitivity. The virtue of sensitivity has layers or degrees. It is a constant battle in life to let your sensitivity reign.



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