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Lenten Cyber-Prayers that have Healed
By Bernie Lopez


Three Youtube videos with music by the
Ateneo College Glee Club, conductor Joel Navarro


many people with terminal ailments
have been healed in the airwaves
and in the Youtube
when the mother of a child
who could not walk since birth
placed his picture against the TV screen
as father suarez said a healing prayer
the child walked instantly as shown on camera
nothing is impossible for the Lord
the Lord reigns in cyberspace
Bacnotan Church Healings
Fr. Fernando Suarez in action, cinema verite
Lenten Music 1) “Bukas Palad”, 2) “Tanging Yaman”
as i touch even just
the hem of His tunic
i am healed
matthew 9:20
Healing Prayer
This Youtube healing prayer of Fr. Fernando Suarez
has healed many in cyberspace. Pray with him and be healed.
Lenten Music “Dirait-on”
you are a mirror of the other
and the other a mirror of you
you see your beauty
mirrored by the other
inside you you see nothing
inside the other you see
the mysteries of the vast universe
beyond your wildest dreams
such is the principle of love
Prayer on the Universe
Narration by Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ
Spectacular Hubble space photos
Lenten Music 1) “The Prayer”, 2) “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi”


The grandeur of Trifid Nebula manifests the awesome power and glory of our Creator, who sculptured the vast Universe. It is located in the Constellation Sagittarius. Its brightest star is Epsilon Sagittarii, about 260 light years away. Compared to the length of the ‘known universe’of 30 billion light years, Trifid is a stone’s throw away. Hubble space photo.


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lenten music – lenten verses

Lenten Music – Lenten Verses
eastwind memoirs 12
by Bernie V. Lopez


Lenten Music Filipiniana


paghahandog ng sarili / Music by Jandi Arboleda and Manoling Francisco, S.J.
Arranged by Francisco X.Z. Reyes, Sung by vinzfalken.


dirait-on / morten lauridsen


panalangin sa pagiging bukas palad


hindi kita malilimutan
version 1 basil valdez
version 2 pilita corales


Bukas palad ministry songs PLAY LIST


Lenten Verses
when you enter the dark forest
good and bad things lurk
to make and break your soul
take the chance, you will not regret it
darkness and light will encompass you
make the Lord your beacon
for He is the Light in your darkness
gather strength in His grace
and everything will fall into place
beyond your imagination


page 3 – Excerpt from the book
The Art of Discovering Your Inner Self
At the age of 26, I left New York to embark on an adventure of a lifetime that I dubbed eastwind, hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers for 3 long years, drifting through 18 countries in Europe and North Africa. Here are verses that flowed from eastwind taken from that book.




when sand and sea converge
when strangers on the road dialogue
unexpected unimaginable undisciplined
beauty condenses
surreal spontaneous sensuous


page 146


the oak resists, the symbol of strength
the bamboo yields, the symbol of weakness
but when the hurricane comes
the oak falls and the bamboo stands
be as strong as the oak
and supple as the bamboo
be as wise as the serpent
and gentle as the dove
be in the Lord always
during passing storms


page 104
love is never blind
lovers can see totally
love is seeing who you are
mirrored in the other




To order the book
Wings and Wanderlust – the Art of Discovering Your Inner Self
email request to eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Send the book as gift to friends anywhere in the Philippines
Php450 all postal charges included
You will receive it via JRS in 2 to 3 days, no credit card needed.
Read other past book excerpts and anecdotes


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THE POWER OF HUMAN CONVERGENCE – the internet implosion

The Internet Implosion
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Think. Today we have perhaps about 2.5 billion songs in Youtube at the tips of our fingers visited by perhaps about 10 billion people worldwide every single day. This is expanding like the big bang every minute. If you were a paraplegic who cannot move around, the whole world of music is at your fingertips, old music, modern, rock, jazz, broadway, anything that suits your ‘weird’ demanding taste. All you need is an ipod, ipad, tab, whatever, a pair of cheap earphones, and the universe is yours. If you are home, and not disturbing anyone, buy a good set of speakers and fill the room with your music.
Philippine Daily Inquirer link –


eastwind journals 156
By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.


Internet is making copyright almost obsolete. In this emerging e-World, there is a new paradigm – SHARING NOT OWNING, not entrepreneurial but spiritual. This is the new renaissance, an imploding converging human consciousness defying time and space, defying all of past human history, a super-nova implosion in ten micro-seconds never before seen.


The powerful Youtube search engine will bring you to any song, any singer, ever since recording was invented a century ago. It will also bring you to 20-odd related songs by the artist or by the title. If you have nothing to do, and are totally bored, you can weave and soar through the labyrinth of music the whole day until you are drunk with joy. Depression will vanish at the click of a mouse. You can click the ‘playlist’ of a singer, and the music will go on for an hour, while you eat, work, read. All this is in the comfort of home or discomfort of a retirement hospice.

If I were a paraplegic, instead of moping in a dark corner of the retirement home, I would ask the nurse to bring me to the knoll and leave me there with my music for sunset. I would tell her, “Leave me. Come back in two hours.” I would go home energized and happy.


Man has reached a point in time when he can heal boredom and depression on a global scale, and replace these with happiness and inner peace. Internet has the power to heal wounded souls, and make lost souls re-discover themselves. Perhaps 10,000 people worked together to reach this human feat of total global music access – programmers, web developers, musicians, full orchestras, employees of server firms, etc. THAT IS THE POWER OF HUMAN CONVERGENCE. 10,000 professionals building a complex powerful tool like the Youtube to serve 10 billion people. Human consciousness converges totally through the Internet.
Think. You are student with an assignment to research on a weird topic such as ‘low-orbit satellites’ or ‘submersible robots’. The powerful Google search engine will list for you all websites which have even just a word of search key. When I once asked my students to research on the mafia, a student eagerly raised her hand and read from her Blackberry through a web link the entire history of the mafia that went back to Lucky Luciano and Eliot Ness. I let her read for 20 minutes, and the entire class absorbed so much in such a short time. Wow. That’s what I call instant learning. And I was just sitting there passively in silence. The Internet was my co-professor. Any grade school kid can learn about adult things like cosmology, super-black-holes at the center of the galaxy having in its grip on a trillion stars, complete with high resolution Hubble space photos.


You are a budding entrepreneur. At the tips of your finger, you can find products sold anywhere in the world, old, new, upcoming, and even read detailed technical specs. You can buy instantly in e-stores like E-bay and Amazon. The package arrives in just a few days at your gate. Cyberspace has made time and space almost obsolete. You did not even leave the house. You helped alleviate traffic. THE INTERNET IS THE ABSOLUTE AGENT FOR HUMAN CONVERGENCE. The Internet has also made hundreds of young people millionaires overnight. Internet games alone are a trillion dollar industry.


Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, was a Jesuit paleontologist who expounded on the magic of human convergence. Like Darwin, he was condemned by the Church for his theories of evolution. His books were banned. His superiors told him to shut up or be excommunicated. Later, after his death, the inconsistent Church turned around 180 degrees, proclaiming him as one of the greatest theologians of the century for his insights into the evolution of human consciousness.


in death, as in an ocean
all our slow or swift diminishments
flow out and merge (towards You, Lord)


Teilhard de Dhardin


Lord, we are the streams and rivers
which were once tiny raindrops
that You have crafted in the heavens
You are the ocean into which we rivulets flow
we tiny rivulets converge in big rivers and deltas
which expand and merge with the sea, with You Lord
our destinies are intertwined
all of creation merges and converges towards You


If Darwin expounded on physical evolution, Chardin went beyond, expounding on the evolution of human consciousness which was a sequel to Darwin’s biological evolution. Chardin said that human consciousness, like the single cell evolving into the complex human brain, has a convergence and a divergence – divergence into the evils of the Internet, hacking, promoting pedophilia, corporate and military espionage, cyber wars; convergence into the good points of sharing, information access. The possibilities are vast and limitless, whether for good or for evil. You can now make love via Skype, if you knew how to.


Chardin, the paleontologist-turned-philosopher, explained that HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS WILL CONTINUOUSLY EVOLVE AND EVENTUALLY CONVERGE TO CHRIST. ALL OF CREATION IS ‘CHRISTO-CENTRIC’. This profound insight awed modern-day theologians. All of a sudden, Chardin jarred the Church theologians with a simple single theorem – the universe goes back to the Creator, that is a primeval cosmic principle.


Today, Chardin’s theory of the convergence of human consciousness is exemplified by the Internet, people holding hands across the planet, sharing, exchanging, learning. The Internet can bring a new spiritual renaissance, if we do it right. The Internet super-nova is in motion, one galactic implosion never before seen in human history. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


ptolemy said the earth
was the center of the universe
copernicus said it was the sun
the old astronomers said
it was a black hole at the core of the milky way
the sun is a mere speck in the galaxy
the new astronomers said
there is no center
our galaxy is a mere dot
among billions of others
there are trillions of stars
in each of the billions of galaxies
human consciousness is limited
to the ‘known universe’
of 32 billion light years
beyond, light from the edge of the universe
has not yet reached us
we still do not know what is out there
pioneer cosmologists now pose
that there are other universes
parallel to ours, ‘multiverses’
there are dark matter and dark energy
permeating the universe
new forms of energy are being discovered
einstein said the universe has no center
if one travelled on a straight line
one would be back where he started
chardin said Jesus is the center of the universe
into which all of human consciousness
will eventually converge
the views of einstein and chardin
are one and the same
it is the merging of the physical
and the metaphysical
everything flows from and into Him
Who permeates all that is


YOYOMA’S WEEPING CELLO – elgar cello concerto
1st movement
2nd movement
3rd movement
4th movement
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MILF Terrorist Connections
eastwind journals 155


By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author alone.


Exodus is the operations to take out Marwan, a key bomb expert responsible for the killings of hundreds in Mindanao in the last few years. Exodus reveals deep geopolitical implications that the Americans were not only involved but that they, not the Filipinos, masterminded the killing of Marwan. What are the points leading to this conclusion?
  • Marwan was a prime target of the US anti-terrorist operations, evident from the high price on his head of $6 million, as admitted by political consultant’ Marcus Allen Frishman.
  • Frishman was demanding for the bounty, admitting he passed the information about Marwan to the US State Department. This implies that the State Department and the White House were fully aware of the Marwan case and Exodus from the onset.
  • Marwan told his brother Ramat Andhir, detained in California, that the US was using Orion spy planes and Predator drones in Mindanao operations, according to records of the US District Court of Northern California. The urgency for the US to take out Marwan was because he was feeding critical intelligence information to the global terrorist network through his brother.
  • First, Napenas admitted that the US were involved in ‘technical intelligence’ in locating Marwan. Second, American soldiers participating in joint exercises were seen on Mindanao TV assisting in the retrieval of corpses. Third, the finger of Marwan was probably given to the American soldiers, which ended up with the FBI for DNA verification. It was critical for the Americans to verify that Marwan was dead, to stop the intelligence leak.
Filipinos, whether Malacanag, the military, or even the investigating committees, are too scared to admit that the Americans may have masterminded the Marwan affair, due to American pressures. The Americans know they are guilty of illegal and unconstitutional activities. The Constitution prohibits foreign troops from engaging in Philippine soil.


MILF Terrorist Connections


Malaysian-born Marwan comes from the transnational terrorist organization JI or Jemaah Islamiyah, with cells in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. JI has direct links to al-Queda. Marwan’s presence in the Philippines reveals the covert links of JI to MILF. “In addition to al-Qaeda the group (JI) is also thought to have links to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front[7]”.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jemaah_Islamiyah). This is also hinted by the joint MILF-BIFF operations to take out the killers of their prized bomb expert Marwan, whom they were protecting.


“Despite peace negotiations and the cease-fire agreement, the MILF attacked government troops in Maguindanao resulting in at least twenty-three deaths in January 2005. The combined armies of the MILF and Abu Sayyaf were involved in days of fighting which necessitated government troops using heavy artillery to engage rebel forces. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moro_Islamic_Liberation_Front


Let us not call a spade a clover. Once MILF links to terrorist organizations have been established (JI, Al Queda, Abu Sayyaf), they no longer have a right to participate in peace talks. Terrorist protectors become themselves terrorists. Yet, Congress wants to revise rather than abolish the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), wherein the MILF will have a major role. They will be armed by the government as part of the Bangsamoro Army and the Bangsamoro Police. Will the government arm and talk peace with terrorists ? If they do, they will be condoning and inducing terrorism, and endangering Filipinos. Peace talks with terrorists is madness. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


there will be blood and fire
the sun will be turned into darkness
the moon into blood
on the great and terrible day of My coming
all who call on My name shall be saved


Joel 3:1-5


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