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Pintig Pinoy (Filipino Pulse) * The Psychic Mechanic & Boatman * eastwind

PINTIG PINOY (Filipino Pulse)
The Psychic Mechanic and Boatman, True Stories
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By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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My expat brother Resti (not his real name), who was a self-taught mechanic, was visiting me from the States. He had perfected the art of tune-up using books. We visited my friend Monching (not his real name) at his talyer (motor repair shop) in Mandaluyong. He was in the middle of tuning up a Lamborgini, a rare expensive Italian sports car. Conversation is reconstructed.
RESTI – Nice car.
MONCHING – Spark plugs alone cost 64,000 pesos. 4,000 pesos each times 16 spark plugs.
RESTI – Wow. That much.
MONCHING – There are only two to three Lamborginis in the entire Philippines. This is one of them. I bought it dirt cheap from the owner because he owed me a lot of money for repairing his fleet of cars. But I regret buying it. 
RESTI – Why?
MONCHING – Super-expenisve spare parts, not available. Takes months to get it by order. Gas consumption is crazy. Rev the car for 5 seconds and you consume half a liter of gas. It will cost me ten liters just adjusting the timing-idling. 
ME – That’s an exaggeration, of course.
RESTI – (Bragging) In the States, we have a machine which can measure exactly the optimum mix of oxygen and gas. You should get one. 
MONCHING – (Annoyed by the unsolicited advice.) I don’t need it.
RESTI – Well, how do you adjust timing-idling then?
MONCHING – Come closer under the hood. Do you hear the engine?
RESTI – Absolutely.
MONCHING – We know the proper oxygen-gas mix simply by listening. Listen.
Monching revs up and lets go, then listens. He adjusts the timing-idling. He revs up again and readjusts after listening. After a few tries, the engine is purring nicely.
RESTI – Wow. Amazing. Give me five, bro.
MONCHING – Here in the Philippines, we don’t have expensive gadgets. We learn to use our psychic. We communicate to the engine rather than watch a VU meter from a machine. We listen. It is strange that we have invented many hi-tech gadgets, but fail to realize that sometimes no machine can beat the human psychic.
I have endless stories about the Pinoy psyche, what I call Pintig Pinoy, at the grassroots level. Read the next story below.
I met Rusty (not his real name), an American tourist, in a beer pub along Burgos St. in Makati. Conversation is reconstructed. 
RUSTY – You know I have a very high regard for Filipinos after I met a boatman.
ME – Really? Tell me about it.
RUSTY – I’m a scuba diver. In Mindoro, I hired a boatman to bring me to a diving site, which he knew about like the back of his hand. 
ME – You can’t dive alone. That’s a rule. Always dive with a companion.
RUSTY – Precisely. My diving companion was the boatman.
ME – But he has no scuba gear. He can’t dive with you.
RUSTY – Yes he can. I asked him if he can dive. He said since he was a kid. I asked him where his scuba gear was. He pointed to his wooden goggles, and displayed a single plywood fin. I said to myself, this I gotta see. We went to a dive site and he told me to get in the water and he would follow. So I did, and waited curiously for him to follow. I was amazed how he could move faster in his single crude plywood fin than I with my pair of high-class rubber fins. 
ME – Let me explain. Fishermen use it everywhere. It’s shaped like a giant pingpong racket. On the ‘handle’, there are strips of rubber so you can put it on like a giant slipper.
RUSTY – Amazing ingenious but simple gadget, lo-tech Filipino versus hi-tech American. It’s a simple motion. He pulls on the fin with his leg and it easily follows. Then he pushes on it, as if ‘stepping’ on the water, transporting him forward at tremendous speed. He can do three steps per second. He can easily beat me in a race. 
ME – How about oxygen? He has no scuba tank.
RUSTY – This was a complete surprise for me. I waited for him to run out of air. I expected him to go up for air, but instead he went down to the anchor, which was an LPG tank full of oxygen. That was his oxygen tank. He gulped some air and continued his dive. Wow. Ingenious. 
ME – But he can’t go very far.
RUSTY – Whatever. Still it’s a stroke of native genius. I was wondering about his googles. If it is made of wood, water would easily leak in. He explained to me that it is carved with precision to fit his face, so no leak. It is improvised with rubber strips and rubber bands. They waterproof the transparent glass or plastic with resin. Tell me why I should not idolize the Filipino, who are poor materially but are rich spiritually. 
Deep into the night, I told him about other ingenious fisherman’s gadget from my experience in my grassroots immersion as a journalist, until we could drink beer no more. It is amazing how we Filipinos can sometimes take for granted our genius, our ability to improvise, to make something out of nothing.
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by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Blogger/Columnist-Journalist-Broadcaster, 35 years / Healing Ministry, 27 years
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Pilgrimage Across the Universe * Featuring the Hubble Space Photos

Featuring NASA’s Hubble Space Photos
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by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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The Hubble Space Photos of NASA were a giant leap in discovering the Universe. Before that, our puny cameras from Earth were blurred by the atmosphere. Suddenly, cameras from outer space could reveal the awesome details of God’s Creation.


eastwind Youtube Documentaries shown below deferred for later.

01 – Meditating on the universe – a tour of galaxies. Narration by Fr. James Reuter, SJ.

02 – New space discoveries – neutrinos, SDSS, cosmic void, big bang theory, blackholes, galactic superclusters.
03 – Cosmology 101. Basics Principles of the Cosmos – galaxies, nebulas.





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SPIRITUAL CAUSES OF CANCER * A True Story * eastwind

A True Story
eastwind journals
by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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This story was related by Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM of the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry. She is a renowned cancer-healer for the Lord. 
Rica (not her true name) visited Sister Raquel to be prayed over, in the hope of being healed of her Stage 2 breast cancer. She had a strong faith and was confident she would get healed. A week after the visit, she called up Sister and told her she still was not getting healed. Sister told her to visit again. Sister could discern Rica had a deeper problem. (Conversation below is reconstructed.)
SISTER – There must be a reason why you are not getting healed. Tell me, what’s wrong. 
RICA – (In tears.) My husband has a mistress. Imagine, after 30 years of marriage, he would do this, when we are old and our children are grown-ups. I hate him.
SISTER – You must forgive him. 
RICA – Never, Sister. I’d rather die than forgive him.
SISTER – Well, it might come to that. You have to forgive in order to get healed. That’s the way the Lord wants it. You must clean your spirit before He cleans your body. 
RICA – My cancer was detected two weeks after I discovered he had a mistress.
SISTER –Obviously your cancer was cause by your ill feelings. Extreme hatred can cause cancer. Rica, there is a storm inside you whick casued the cancer.
RICA – (More tears.) I am sorry, Sister, I cannot forgive him. He destroyed our family.
Rica went home dejected. She could not forgive. After a year, she called sister again. This time her breast cancer elevated to Stage 4. Her breasts hardened like stone. There were lesions with a foul smell. 
RICA – Sister, I think I am ready to forgive.
SISTER – Are you sure? 
RICA – (Tears once more.) No, sister, I am not sure. I am trying to forgive.
SISTER – Let’s pray together so the Lord can help you forgive. 
As they prayed, Rica stopped crying. She suddenly became peaceful and calm. She smiled at sister.
RICA – Thank you, sister. 
SISTER – Don’t thank me. Thank the One who healed you.
RICA – You mean I am healed? 
SISTER – I don’t know. You tell me.
RICA – Thank you, Jesus. 
After a week, Rica called up sister and told her her breast cancer was suddenly and mysteriously and completely gone, according to lab results and her doctor, who was completely shocked.
This author has written a book entitled HEALING STORIES OF SISTER RAQUEL, soon to be released. It is a compilation of stories she told the author.
In the book, Sister Raquel writes –
During the few years of my ministry as an instrument of Jesus for healing, I began to realize that, aside from physi­cal poisons and genetic defects that cause diseases and physi­cal and mental discomforts, there are also social and psycho­logical poisons in our own homes and in society that pre-dispose us to illnesses by creating certain attitudes and feelings within us.
Heart disease, suicide, mental illness, or cancer can be correlated to psychological factors. We can even be disposed to accidents psychologically. Almost all, if not all sicknesses and bodily discomforts have psychological anteced­ents.
LIFE PATTERNS and ATTITUDES can predispose us to various types of diseases.
Some doctors I have met say many of them are now beginning to regard the emotional realities in the lives of their patients. They begin to look beyond the question of chemical poisons and consider the possibility of PSYCHOLOGICAL POISONS.
To go against lifelong emotional habits can be extremely difficult for most people. This is an advice that we have to give to the sick:
By Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM
Pass to friends via link – http://www.sisterraquel.com/2018/09/spiritual 
by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Facebook Page – ‘Eastwind Journals
Blogger/Columnist-Journalist-Broadcaster, 35 years / Healing Ministry, 27 years
Inquirer * Business World * Manila Times * Manila Chronicle * Radio Veritas
Healing Ministry of Srs. Raquel/Gloria, RVM * for healing inquiries send email
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A compilation of healing stories told to the author by Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, a renowned cancer-healer for the Lord.
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Book No. 3
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RARE PINOY CUISINE – Pinaupong Kambing (sitting goat) * eastwind

Pinaupong Kambing (Sitting Goat)
eastwind journals
by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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Pinoys know about Pinaupong Manok (sitting chicken), a popular ethnic dish where a whole chicken is made to sit on top of a bed of salt in a pot as it cooks slowly in its own drippings, resulting in very tender juicy meat, better for some reason than if you pressure cook it. 
In my travels to remote places as a journalist, I immersed myself with the Ivatans, ancient boat people of Batanes, the last northern group of islands in the Philippine archipelago. Batanes is very different from the rest of the country, mimicking the pristine Scottish landscape. Batanes is hit directly by a third to half of the average 20 to 25 typhoons passing every year thru the Philippines, Asia’ typhoon corridor. Since pre-Hispanic days, the Ivatans build their houses like a Romanesque church, with thick 3- to 4-foot walls to withstand the severest storms.
795 jpeg batanes home


The Ivatans have an out-of-the-box variation, using a young goat instead of a chicken, a type of pulutan (appetizer for drinkers). It is relatively new and unknown but gaining popularity. It is called Pinaupong Kambing (sitting goat).
After removing the blood, the hair of a whole baby goat is burned out with a burning stick until only the skin is left half-cooked. This is scraped until the skin is white. The shaved goat is made to sit on a large plate in front of the drinkers, who peel off portions of the skin with a knife. They dip the half-cooked skin in vinegar with chili, garlic, and salt, as they drink away. They consume only the skin until it is a skinless goat. Try it, you will like it, including daring non-pinoys. 
When they are finished drinking, the guts of the goat are removed, and it is chopped into pieces for a traditional kaldereta (special pinoy goat stew).
by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Facebook Page – ‘Eastwind Journals
Blogger/Columnist-Journalist-Broadcaster, 35 years / Healing Ministry, 27 years
Inquirer * Business World * Manila Times * Manila Chronicle * Radio Veritas
Healing Ministry of Srs. Raquel/Gloria, RVM * for healing inquiries send email
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