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1- The Wisdom of Ancient People
    A nun and a native take a hike in a rainforest.
2- An FOB Nurse in New York
    Of paper tigers and real tigers.
3- Fish Head Soup
    Food for the cat, food for table.
4- You Can Fool Some But You Can’t Fool All
     The Wild Boar Hunt.
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By Bernie Lopez
1- The Wisdom of Ancient People
ancient people nurture  the earth
modern people rape the earth
A Catholic nun employed an Aeta guide to take a long one-day hike from Baler, Quezon, heading north across the eastern seaboard of the Sierra, a remote place where rainforests met the pristine shores of the Pacific. At one point, they took a rest and the Aeta guide looked around for something to eat. He found some wild bananas, and they had a sumptuous lunch. The sister then said, “Take some more bananas”. The Aeta said, “I am sorry, sister, we have a rule in the forest, you take only what you can eat.”


That is how ancient people established synergy with Mother Nature, something mass-production-oriented civilized society has forgotten. Expand this banana story to the story of mining multinationals leaving the earth poisoned and you will understand the big picture of how Man can self-destruct soon.


2- An FOB Nurse in New York


Therese was a Filipino nurse in a New York City hospital. Fresh off the boat (FOB), she was scared and defensive in a new culture she knew nothing about. The doctors saw this right away. They would ask her to get coffee for them. Therese obliged politely. Everybody was happy. After a year, Therese started to adapt to the New York culture. So, one day, when a doctor asked her to get coffee, she said very gently with a smile, “Get it yourself.” No doctor ever asked her again. In New York, if you show you are weak, people step on you. Many have developed a defence mechanism of pretending to be strong, so people do not step on them. So New York has bred a lot of paper tigers. But once in a while, New York breeds real tigers like Therese.
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3- Fish Head Soup


Imelda is a Filipino nurse In Rotterdam in the Netherlands. When she goes to market, she notices that the fish vendor dumps all the fish head, large or small, in one corner. So she asks, “What do you do with those?” The vendor replies, “We throw them away.” She says with a big smile, “Do you think you could give me one large one for my cat?” The vendor says, “Sure”. Imelda hates cats. She makes a sumptuous fish head soup garnished with lemon that can make you crazy.


So, every week, Imelda says to the vendor with a smile, “For my cat.” And the vendor says “Sure”. The word spreads around like wild fire, and Filipino nurses start to get free fish heads. After awhile, the fish vendor gets wise, and starts to sell the fish heads, in the principle of the law of supply and demand. Filipino nurses do not mind buying the fish head at a tenth of the price of fillet. Everybody happy is the best marketing principle. But Imelda is different. Her smile has captivated the vendor. She still gets her fish head free. (excerpt from the book Wings and Wanderlust, the Art of Discovering Your Inner Self, a three-year trek across Europe, email author to order the book).


4- Wild Boar Hunt


Tilik in Mindoro in the Philippines became a tourist destination overnight. Japanese war veterans went to Tilik by the droves to hunt for wild boar in the nearby rainforest, which was, at that time, still intact. It was a favourite past time, an obsession of Japanese ex-soldiers. And so Tilik grew rich by leaps and bounds. A five star hotel rose quickly, like a mushroom overnight.


But alas, the tourism people were running out of wild boars. The Filipinos got together to strategize. They found a brilliant solution. While a Japanese veteran was out hunting, accompanied by a Filipino guide, another Filipino lurked at a pre-agreed destination and released a white hybrid pig painted black to look like a wild boar. The Japanese hunter did not bother to inspect his catch. He just told the guide to have it brought to the hotel and cooked for the dinner table.


This went on for about a year, tourism salvaged by Filipino ‘ingenuity’, until a Japanese Catholic nun arrived. She immediately saw the scheme, went home, exposed the scam in a Japanese magazine, killing the thriving million-peso-a-year tourism industry of Tilik in the blink of an eye. Today, the five star is a ghost hotel. You can fool some, but you can’t fool all. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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GLOBAL HUMAN IMPLOSION LOOMS – 60 million refugees worldwide

60 Million Refugees Worldwide and Increasing
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By Bernie Lopez

The UNHCR predicted a swelling of refugees in the EU to 850,000 for 2015. Recently, however, it changed its mind, saying it is more like 1.4 million. That is almost double. There are a staggering 60 million refugees worldwide today, the equivalent of a small nation. And if that doubles in a few years, the planet may start to implode and humanity self-destruct. War among nations may evolve into war within nations, more vicious, more devastating. Social cancer in the form of anarchy may consume affluent nations from within. It is the law of equilibrium. Heat seeks cold. Poverty seeks affluence. We are in an era of tribulations, in a word from the Book of Revelation.
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The sudden asymptotic increase of refugees in a very short time is attributed to two factors. First is the band wagon factor. When people mutilated by war or poverty see other people leave and are accepted in affluent nations like German or Britain, they also want to leave. Even debt-ridden Greece is a target. The effect is mind boggling. Refugees increase exponentially from a handful to an uncontrollable hoard. Second, despair and increasing intolerable conditions force them to take the risk. They become braver, more daring, willing to face hardship, even death, in their suffering and despair.


We are entering an era in human history never seen before – a massive implosion, an uncontrollable unpredictable humanitarian crisis. At the start, rich nations welcome the refugees with open arms. But as the waves become tidal, their sympathies turn into fear of something they can no longer control, from red carpet to rejection. The thought that Syrian refugees are infiltrated by ISIS suicide bombers is scary. The current massive influx of refugees from poor and war torn nations will dramatically change the fiber of society itself in the affluent host countries. When refugees reach a critical mass within a host country, the socio-economic possibilities are unpredictable. Anarchy can sprout quickly in the streets. The war is no longer between nations but within nations.


If it seems Man is ‘self-destructing’, the culprits are obvious – greed, insensitivity, vengeance, hatred, corruption, all the forces of darkness in our hearts overwhelming the forces of light. Perhaps we need a moral revolution, a painful spiritual cleansing, a going back to basics. Yet, it seems we are being drawn into a powerful vortex yet unseen, and we are helpless.
Sources of maps and data.
Return from Diaspora
There is a second facet to the human implosion, the return from diaspora. Diaspora comes from the Greek word for scattering or dispersal. Biblically, it refers to Jews living outside of Israel. After the Babylonian exile, the punishment on the Jews for abandoning God, they were scattered across the earth. To this day, remnants of that diaspora is everywhere. There are Jews in Spain, Iran, France, across all of Eastern Europe and Russia, across North and South America, as far as Ethiopia and North Africa.
Paradoxically, the Jews, who have been persecuted for centuries by both Christians and Muslims, participated in major Christian and Muslim renaissances. Paradoxically, today, Jews influence large portions of businesses in these countries. In the US, they control Hollywood, media, and Wall Street. When a series of bombing rocked France, Netanyahu told the French Jews to come home to Israel. 800 French Jews, mostly rich, went to Israel, triggering a massive capital flight of billions of dollars. French Premier Hollande pleaded with Netanyahu to stop his campaign, for he knew, if this went haywire, the entire economy of France was at stake. Relate this to the entire EU and you may have an EU economic meltdown, making Israel richer and more powerful ten fold.
There are Biblical prophecies which say that the return of the Jews from the diaspora marks the beginning of tribulations, ushering in the ‘end times’, mentioned in the Book of Revelation. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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3 RAINBOWS OF HOPE – Noah, 9/11, Yolanda

3 RAINBOWS OF HOPE – Noah, 9/11, Yolanda

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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author alone.


A day before the 14th anniversary of 9/11, a rainbow shone brilliantly across Manhattan. (Photograph by Ben Sturner; source – 9/11-rainbow-of-hope).


It was the same rainbow that Noah saw after the flood, symbol of hope, symbol of the God of wrath turned into the God of mercy by Man’s prayers and atonement.


behold I shall rescue them
from oppression in the north
I shall gather them from the ends of the earth
the blind and the lame in their midst
and the mothers with child
they shall all return as one vast nation
they departed in tears but I shall console and guide them
I shall lead them to brooks on level ground
so that none shall stumble
for I am the Lord God of all


Jeremiah 31:8-9


It was the same rainbow a day after Yolanda. Archbishop John Du was in tears, viewing from the ruins of his residence atop a hill the valley below, which looked like ground zero of a nuclear blast. Before the storm the night before, praying the rosary with some priests amid a deadly calm, he was thanking Mama Mary for sparing them. On the fifth mystery of the rosary, Yolanda came like an angel of death.


In tears, the archbishop asked Mama Mary why she abandoned him, as he viewed the thousands of corpses on the yard of his cathedral, which were dumped there by people because they believed it was sacred ground. It was the very cathedral whose roof flew away like paper, the very cathedral Pope Francis yearned to visit.


The morning after the strongest super-typhoon of human history, Archbishop Du, in tears, saw the same rainbow with the same message to Noah and to the people of Manhattan. It was total hope after total despair, blinding light after deep darkness. Seeing that rainbow, he decided to tell the people of Tacloban the message of hope. He is launching the devotion to Our Lady of Hope on the second year anniversary of Yolanda on November 8, 2015.
Statue of Our Lady of Hope, done by the Michelangelo of the Philippines, Willie Layug of San Fernando, Pampanga. Our Lady is dressed in Filipino garb, the Holy Child reaching out to another child, a Yolanda survivor, at her feet.


Pope Francis poised to embrace Our Lady of Hope during his visit at the Palo Cathedral, while saying “Ah la Madonna, la Madonna.


This article was written on the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, September 20, 2015. News spread like wildfire in the Internet that, a day before, the eyes of the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes opened and closed several times. True or not to doubters and believers, we should all be aware that we may now be entering an era of tribulations prophesied in the book of Revelation, an era of cataclysms triggered by global warming, an era of protracted wars sending hundreds of thousands of refugees that is now creating a human crisis never before seen. Yet the rainbow of hope will always be there to uplift us in the darkness and despair of our lives.


I am the Lord, there is no other
I give you strength although you know Me not
I do these things so that all men
from east to west may know I alone am Lord
I create light and darkness, refuge and suffering
I, the Lord, do all these things
I send My justice like soft rain from the sky
to quench the parched earth
and bring salvation to all


Isaiah 45:5-8
After years of opposition from bishops and priests, the case rests finally. Prelates and nuns who proclaimed the devotion to Our Lady, Mediatrix of Grace, where transferred to other parishes.
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ETHNOCIDE MINDANAO-WIDE lumads an endangered species

Lumads an Endangered Species
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By Bernie Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer Columnist


Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author alone.


we are not mere numbers
in a crowded world
we are created for greater things
to love and be loved


Mother Teresa


It has actually been happening for the last decade, but now, it has reached massive proportions, yet the general public is not aware of the depth of the problem, this ongoing ethnocide Mindanao-wide.


Lingling Maranan Claver writes, “From Bukidnon, Davao, Surigao del Sur to other parts of Mindanao, the Lumad indigenous communities are being killed and driven out of their lands by the Army and their militias.” Claver’s data is the tip of the iceberg, if you consult some Lumad federations who know. If we are to make an inventory of massacres in the last decade, we will be shocked.


The AFP does not believe in due process, courts, investigations, hard evidence. It relies on intelligence information which can be true or hearsay, verified or unverified, spurious, or questionable. They have no time to find out the real truth. Then they deny allegations that they are using paramilitary forces and/or ragtag groups to do the killing for them while they sit back innocently and relax in their camps. This strategy has been going on everywhere in Mindanao in the last two decades.


It is a bizarre social phenomenon. Here is how a massacre begins. The AFP runs after the NPA. The NPA hides in a remote Lumad village. This is not even a ‘red area’, just a guerrilla ‘path’ for mobile NPA units. The NPA practices propaganda but not everywhere. They just want a meal. They convince  the Lumads to join them. There are two scenarios for the Lumads, which show very clearly their dilemma, caught in a war they are not really a part of.


First scenario is – some Lumads are convinced to join the NPA because, either the AFP is killing them off as alleged NPA supporters, or businessmen or powerful politicians grab their lands. If Lumads say no to the NPA, they may be considered as AFP assets and informers. Mining companies or large agribusinesses employ AFP elements or retirees to harass Lumads to give up their lands. They brand them as NPA supporters as an excuse to drive them off their ancestral lands. They entice hungry Lumads with minimum-wage salaries and convince them to join anti-NPA paramilitary units. Even pseudo-NGOs are used as fronts by foreign multinationals to access ancestral lands for development with only trickle down benefits to the Lumads. Finally, they prop pseudo-chieftains to split the Lumads. There is no choice, in the name of survival, but to fight back by joining the NPA.


Second scenario is some are convinced to join the AFP in fear of threats of being accused of and massacred as NPA supporters or informers, if you say no to the AFP. In the end, the Lumads are split into two and end up killing each other, while the AFP and NPA sit back and relax. It is a bloody proxy war. Some join the NPA, and become AFP targets. Some join the AFP and become NPA targets. This is the evolution of a new kind of ethnocide.


The Lumads are the target of both AFP and NPA propaganda. They are hounded consistently until they side with one or the other. It is a tug of war between AFP and NPA and they are the rope. There is no such thing as neutral in a war. Slowly, neutrality, the only salvation for the Lumads, disappears. War splits the Lumads into three camps, pro-NPA, pro-AFP, and neutral. Majority want to stay neutral but they are being forced to side with one or the other. As AFP massacres continue, the number of pro-NPA Lumads grow. It is now a vicious circle. Damn if they do and damn if they don’t.


As propaganda and AFP-NPA encounters intensify, the AFP then treats the Lumad village as a ‘red area’ and massacres the entire village, including women and children. This is the evolution of the ongoing ethnocide Mindanao-wide. The Lumads are caught forever in an ongoing war between AFP and NPA.


The greatest problem of Lumads in Mindanao today, their utter dilemma is two fold. First, they are forever caught in an insurgency war they are not really a part of. Second, they are rapidly losing their ancestral lands to powerful forces. The Lumads are an endangered species.


Inday Espina-Varona sent a letter to President Aquino (excerpts shown below) dated September 4 entitled “They are killing teachers and children, Mr. President.” (Source – http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/blogs/opinions/09/04/15/theyre-killing-teachers-and-children-mr-president. There is no news if this letter has fallen on deaf ears. Aquino is more concerned with having the BBL approved for his ‘legacy’. It will heighten the massacre of Lumads and the loss of their lands to Muslims in BBL areas. This has actually been happening for the last few years, even without the BBL. All is quiet in Malacanang. Varona’s pleas fall on deaf ears.


The letter cites the now famous ALCADEV. The AFP, whether based on spurious or real intelligence data, has identified it as a ‘red school’. A ragtag Lumad group called Magahat Bagani assassinated ALCADEV director Ernesto Samarca. The AFP denied any links with the group. When the AFP was attacked in the media, it started an Internet campaign denouncing ALCADEV as ‘red’. The AFP said there was a feud between rival Manobo clans. Of course there was a feud, but did the AFP induce it by splitting the Manobos? DepEd is proud of ALCADEV as a model in grassroots education. Will the constant AFP raids of ALCADEV end up with the massacre of children?


The solution is simple. Demilitarize war zones. Ask the AFP and NPA to both get out of Lumad lands. If they do, there will be peace. Tell the foreign multinationals, the mining firms which use rogue tactics to back off. The solution is LEAVE THE LUMADS ALONE, easier said than done in our ever-shrinking planet of greed and violence.


Mr. President, the blood of Lumads is on your hands. You cannot be indifferent or silent. If you are, that is your legacy as much as the politics-based BBL, which seeks Muslim votes for the elections. Please tell the AFP to stand down. Please send emissaries to the NPA to do the same. Stop the blood bath induced by outsiders. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


Letter to the President


“Dear President Aquino, It’s hard to believe a man who still regularly shares the pain of his father’s murder can be silent in the face of our Lumad children’s nightmare. You felt horror and rage on the assassination of your father, Ninoy. I am sure you can empathize with a 15-year old Manobo boy from Sitio Mando, Barangay Mendis, Pangantucan, Bukidnon. He didn’t just hear of the murders of his kin, Mr. President. He actually begged soldiers to spare their lives, appealing that his father, brothers and cousins be jailed if, indeed, they had done anything wrong. His father was 70 and blind; his brothers 20 and 19 years old. One of his cousins was 13 years old; the other was 17. He begged the soldiers, Mr. President. And they shot father, brothers and cousins, one by one.

“Maybe you were told (by) soldiers (that they) had slain New People’s Army rebels in an encounter. Well, here are the identities of the slain “rebels.” Herminio Samia, 70; sons Joebert, 20, and Emir, 19, and relatives Norman, 13, and Elmer, 17: a blind senior citizen; two children; two very young adults.

“The NPA is engaged in guerrilla warfare. How can a blind 70-year old man be a guerrilla? They were all kin, Mr. President. Please scour intelligence reports. It’s rare – possibly unheard of — to have an entire family in one guerrilla unit. You see, villagers say the actual encounter with rebels happened kilometers away.”

when doors and windows are shut
leaving you in utter darkness and despair
whisper a prayer to the Lord of hope
who will open up cracks to let His Light in





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