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CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016

CHILDREN OF WAR – Photo-Journalism Awards 2016
Youtube Version -
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PowerPoint version showing winning entries
plus other dramatic war photos.
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0 children of war ver2 PPS


Youtube Version -
(To follow)
PowerPoint version showing winning entries,
together with other dramatic war photos.
Click the link below to download.
0 children of war ver2 PPS
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CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016 (see appendix)
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By Bernie V. Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author alone.
from sheer shock
some of the children of war are tear-less
their faces have no emotions
but deep inside a hurricane rages
and they ask the wind
why are they killing us?
and the wind has no answer
except a deep long moan


Here are events which prove US and Russia are committing genocide, which is escalating the Syrian proxy war for their vested geopolitical interests. The US keeps saying Syria and Russia are guilty of ‘war crimes’ in eastern Aleppo, but they are themselves guilty in their airstrikes in Deir-Ezzor.


The US agenda is to dethrone the pro-Russian Shiite regime of Assad and replace it with a pro-US Sunni one in preparation for the invasion of Shiite Iran. The Russian agenda is to keep Syria Shiite as buffer for Shiite Iran, which is in turn a buffer for Russia itself. That is the overall geopolitics.


The Syrian Proxy War is therefore a Sunni-Shiite conflict regionally, and a US-Russia conflict globally. The US is secretly hesitant to neutralize the Sunni-based ISIS because they can potentially help dethrone the Shiites. Once the Shiite are dethroned, then the US can run after ISIS. It is Afghanistan all over again – first a US ally, then a US enemy.


The UN condemns Russia-Syria war crimes but is silent on US-UK war crimes, a double standard that affects its integrity as a fair world organization. The US in fact controls sectors of the UN Security Council through discreet threats against non-pro-US members.


Rapid Escalation of Syrian Proxy War


First, the US bombed a Syrian position near Deir-Ezzor, which controls a vital road junction during the ceasefire. They killed more than 60 Syrian troops, their real target. ISIS moved in quickly into the vacuum with a rapid ground attack. US said it was friendly fire, but it was obviously deliberate. The propaganda war between East and West is full of conflicting misinformation, leaving the public ignorant. Media is the tool for vested interests, not for truth. Only social media can bridge the information gap.


In retaliation for Deir-Ezzor, Russia sent its carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with 24 strike aircraft and 30 helicopter gunships to the Syrian coast. Iranian media released an unconfirmed report that Russia destroyed a “foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers”. (Source – veteranstoday.com-russian-kill). Russia and Syria also conducted airstrikes on a humanitarian-aid convoy to deny aid for the rebels, which aid was really meant for beleaguered civilians. This vicious war crime was tagged by rebels as a ‘scorched-earth’ campaign.


Both US and Russia went through the motion of a ceasefire for the media, but had no intention of following it, revealing their hypocrisy. Both  are guilty of genocide. The heavens cry out for vengeance for the massacre of innocent Syrians. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
it is easy to see that the Lord has abandoned us
and hard to see that we have abandoned Him
it is easy to blame terrorists killing our civilians
and hard to blame ourselves killing their civilians
the Lord permits terrorists
to send His message to us as in 9/11
not to americans alone but to humankind
for our sins of pride and greed
the twin tower of babel
is the same as the twin tower of new york
the message is crystal clear
return to the Lord or face His wrath
CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016
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prophecy – THE AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT WILL BE THE LAST * Marian message Bohol earthquake 2013

MARIAN MESSAGE FROM BOHOL The Great Earthquake of 2013
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By Bernie Lopez
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are those of the author alone.
Please send this to Hillary and Donald. Baba Vanga Pandeva (1911-1996), a blind Bulgarian visionary, tagged as “the Nostradamus of the Balkans”, prophesied the great tsunami of 2004 in Malaysia-Indonesia, the fall of the Twin Towers of New York IN 2001, and the sinking of a Russian nuclear submarine in August of 2000, according to author Jady Kyle. Other predictions include –
  • 2016. The African-American president would be the last.
  • 2016. Muslims will invade Europe, which may be related to the flood of refugees currently streaming.
  • 2018. China will rise as the new super-power as the US declines.
  • 2018. New sources of energy will be discovered in the planet of Venus.
  • 2023. There will be major changes in the Earth’s orbit. This may trigger massive climate change on a planetary scale resulting in millions dying.
  • 2025. The population of Europe will disappear as a result of wars.
  • 2033. Water levels will rise due to melting of the polar caps.
  • 2043. A great Islamic war in Syria will culminate in the fall of Rome, and a Caliphate would rise.
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Vanga
The Great Earthquake of 2013
On October 15, 2013, at 15:00 hour, on the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, a powerful earthquake, 7.2 on the Richter scale, rocked the islands of Bohol and Cebu in the Philippines for 15 seconds. In Bohol, in that short time, 15-odd centuries-old churches were destroyed, some totally, some partially, a first-ever in the history of the Philippine Church. Note the number 15. 
if God extinguished His own houses of prayer
in the Bohol-Cebu earthquake of 2013
in the Marian month of October
what message are we missing?
never in the entire half a millennium history
of the Philipppine Catholic Church
has so many churches been destroyed
in such a concentrated area in such a short time
what message is there in this bizarre cataclysm?
bohol has a strong Marian devotion
one bohol priest says it is a warning, a wake-up call
a bohol bishop says it is a message of hope and unification
Message from the Vatican
Immediately after the earthquake, Pope Francis dispatched a statue of Our Lady of Fatima to the earthquake area, which subsequently reached Samar and Leyte, which were devastated by Yolanda (Hainan), the strongest-ever storm of human history. This is a Papal message of hope for the survivors of these two mega-disasters. 
A Wake-up Call
Why would the Lord destroy a dozen of the oldest and most culturally-precious of our churches? A Bolhanon friend says the Lord must be very angry because of the thriving flesh trade in our tourism centers in Bohol and Cebu? That is one theory. Have we somehow desecrated His houses of prayer that He has chosen to destroy them? Why was the Santo Nino church in Cebu City, a pilgrimage center drawing millions of devotees nationwide, destroyed?
Does the Lord’s message go something like this “Bato lang yang mga simbahang sinira Ko. Gusto Ko ang puso at dasal niyo, hindi ang mga gusaling pang-dasal.” (The many churches I destroyed are nothing to Me. They are mere stones. I want your hearts and prayers, not your buildings of prayer.) The Bohol message brings to mind the Biblical Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah.
A Message of Hope
In the town of Loon, where the church was completely razed to the ground, a Marian devotee, citing that the statue of Our Lady of Light (Nuestra Senora de la Luz) was intact (see photo), said that the people saw that it was a ‘message of light’ from Our Lady – do not be afraid; recover your faith. The people saw God’s mercy rather than His wrath. 
In the town of Albuquerque, the church of Sta. Monica escaped the wrath of the earthquake. The dozens of ancient crude wooden posts one-foot in diameter, holding the entire ceiling withstood the tremor (see photos.) I asked the guide what kind of wood it was. “No one knows”, he said, “not even the priests or historians I asked”. The Romanesque archs were also perfectly done that they did not crumble. Perhaps it is the mysterious dignum wood, reported by friars of old to be a protector from disaster, revered in folklore as a powerful amulet (anting-anting), a wood so strong that nails bend and saws are useless. (More on dignum – inquirer-article / dignum-krus). Sta. Monica is famous for intricate altar carvings and ancient ceiling paintings.
In April 2016, in response to the Papal call, endorsed by Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, a small Marian group from Manila, which requested anonymity, distributed 12,000 rosaries to six of the ten parishes of the most devastated churches through the Catholic Women’s League (CWL). The rosaries were to be distributed to the mothers of families. The goal was to promote the family rosary to avert future disasters. The Marian group has given some 40,000 rosaries, the first batches personally blest by Pope Francis during his visit here, to disaster areas in Samar, Leyte, and Batanes. 
Clearly, Our Lady is talking to us thru Pope Francis and Cardinal Tagle and the disasters, to the people of Bohol and to the entire nation. For we are the only Christian nation in Asia, the beacon of Marian devotion, which relays her messages of light and of darkness to the entire chaotic planet.
Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Philippine Daily Inquirer contributing columnist-feature writer, Filipino senior columnist in the last 20 years, radio-TV broadcaster, documentary producer-director, and former Ateneo University professor.
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return to Me with your whole heart
with fasting and weeping and mourning
rend your hearts not your garments
return to Me your Lord your God
for gracious and merciful am I, slow to anger
rich in kindness, relenting in punishment
Joel 2:12-13
there will be blood and fire and columns of smoke
the sun will be turned into darkness, the moon into blood
at My coming, on that great and terrible day
all who call on My name shall be saved
in Mount Zion, there will be remnants
in Jerusalem survivors of My choosing
Joel 3:1-5
MAP ABOVE. Ten Bohol churches out of 15 (in yellow), razed to the ground by the 2013 earthquake, received 12,000 rosaries in April, 2016 to encourage prayer to avert future disasters.
Loon church. Earthquake icon remnants.
Loon church. Totally ravaged, but restored quickly.
Loon church. The intact Nuestra Senora de la Luz (Our Lady of Light).
Maribojoc church, totally destroyed, without roof or walls to this day. (April 2016).
Sta. Monica Church. Earthquake-proof pillars made of ancient mysterious hardwood.
Santa Monica church. Intricate antique wood carvings adorn Mary Immaculate.
Sta. Monica church. Restoration artisan.
Clarin church. Feverish restoration.amdg
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Assad rules 20% of Syria * ME-wide Sunni-Shiite war * 2 maps tell it all

Two demographic maps tell it all.
eastwind journals 189
By Bernie Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer contributing columnist
it is easy to see that the Lord has abandoned us
and hard to see that we have abandoned Him
it is easy to blame terrorists killing our civilians
and hard to blame ourselves killing their civilians
the Lord permits terrorists
to send His message to us as in 9/11
not to americans alone but to humankind
of our sins of pride and greed
9/11 was the second tower of babel
the message of sodom and gomorrah
and the babylonian exile are all the same
return to the Lord or face His wrath
there is a demon in the holiest of saints
there is an angel in the vilest of sinners
inside you, a violent battle rages
between good and evil
whichever wins shapes your destiny
as the world shrinks rapidly
together, all of us
arabs, asians, africans, americans
soldiers, terrorists, common folk, leaders
mold the destiny of the entire planet
The Endless Civil War Turned Proxy


As the map below shows, Assad’s government forces (red) control a mere 20%, the rebels 55% (gray), ISIL 10% (black), and the Kurds 15% (yellow). But why is Assad so confident he will win? Obviously, because Russia is behind him. But are Assad and Russia really making a dent? The same is asked of the US, UK, and France about their arbitrary airstrikes, which kill civilians and, in turn, radicalize immigrants to employ home-grown terror in revenge?

Source – Institute for the Study of War, as reported by Al Jazeera.

The dirty game of arbitrary airstrikes (by US, UK, France, Russia) based on questionable intel is not working at all. Bombing hospitals and civilian areas fuel global terrorism. The airstrikes are helping ISIL. The more airstrikes, the more civilians killed, the faster ISIL global Internet recruitment grows, the faster immigrants are radicalized into home-grown terrorists, the more civilians at the heart of Western cities killed. An eye for an eye. Kill civilians in revenge for civilians killed. Russia, UK, US, France – they are all the same, warriors without brains, insensitive to Syrian civilians, sensitive only to their own vested geopolitical interests.
After the massacre in Paris, the knee jerk reaction of the French government was to bomb targets in Syria based on unverified US intel, killing more civilians than terrorists. This kind of emotion-based vendetta strategy from people in high places is scandalously naïve.
ISIL controls a mere 15% but they are regarded with fear, because they often have the initiative and psychological edge. Everyone is ganging up on them, but they are dug in deep, entrenched, over-armed, over-funded, ready to die – Aleppo, Palmyra, Mosul in Iraq, you name it. In attacking ISIL strongholds, Assad employs saturation bombings, with no regard for civilians. Assad destroys half of the buildings of the entire town. They induce famine, then they clamor for a ceasefire to feed the hungry. When Assad retakes an ISIL-held town, there is nothing left except hungry mutilated civilians or dead ones. Then when the smoke has cleared, they leave a ghost town. It is sadly not a victory, just a massacre.
The rebel forces who control 60% of Syria are slow and weak, fragmented and uncoordinated, and lack logistics and arms. They also need a charismatic leader to unite all factions. The Kurds are the true warriors who can face ISIL squarely. But they too need help. The war in Syria is a game of troops, not of warplanes.
ISIL controls two thin corridors forming an “X”, but these are not prone to being cut off, because they are deep in rebel territory. Their turf widens in the north, but they are sandwiched by the Kurds on both sides. On closer look, ISIL also has a ‘counter-pincer’ towards Kobane. In the west, there are two large areas (striped) contested by ISIL and Assad. ISIL wants to drive the Assad forces to the sea and Lebanese border. Aleppo, where the Assad forces are eye-to-eye with ISIL, is the immediate flashpoint, strategically critical for both. But even If Aleppo falls to Assad, the war will be protracted.
The local wars in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria are but manifestations of a deeper expanding regional war encompassing the entire Middle East, a war essentially between Sunnis and Shiites. There are two catalysts to the escalating Middle East conflict 1) the Sunni-Shiite factor defying coexistence, and 2) the proxy-war factor, where powerful outsiders join the fray for vested geopolitical interests.
The second map below gives a satellite view of the Middle East with the majority Shiites (green) contained in a monolithic area of Iran and Iraq, surrounded on all sides by majority Sunnis (blue). They are in fact inextricably intertwined in the entire Middle East, the key ingredient to an escalating protracted proxy war which may eventually trigger World War III.

The map insinuates that the war in Syria, just like in the entire Middle East, is a Sunni-Shiite conflict. Syria is 15% to 20% Shiite, and 75% Sunni (see pie graph). The Syrian rebels are essentially led by the majority Sunnis opposing the oppressive minority Shiite regime of Assad. In Iraq, it was the opposite, the majority Shiites opposed the oppressive minority Sunni regime of Saddam.
The demographics of the highly-fragmented Syrian rebel groups, foreign and local, is complex and elusive due to rapid changes in political alliances. Foreign Sunni rebels include ISIL and Al Qaeda. Local Sunni rebels includes Jabhat Fatah al-Sham. The ‘rebel coalition’, dominated by Sunnis with sprinklings of Shiite, was split when one group boycotted the 2014 Geneva talks.


The Russian Perspective
Russia supports Shiite Assad in fear that if Syria falls into Sunni hands, Shiite Iran is the next to fall, when Syria-Iraq becomes a staging point for a US invasion. Pro-Russian antI-US Iran is the last powerful buffer to the Russian border. Nations east of Iran are too small and weak to form a buffer. Russia will risk World War III in the name of survival 1) to save Iran from becoming pro-Western, and 2) to prevent NATO missiles in Poland and the Balkans, so close to its borders.

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